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26562 Federal Register / Vol. 77, No.

87 / Friday, May 4, 2012 / Notices

also contain the docket number of this the DOT West Building, 1200 New Burden Estimate: The estimated
request, [USCG 20120077], and must Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC burden has decreased from 2,692 hours
be received by June 4, 2012. We will 20590, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., to 1,116 hours a year.
post all comments received, without Monday through Friday, except Federal Authority: The Paperwork Reduction Act
change, to holidays. of 1995; 44 U.S.C. Chapter 35, as amended.
They will include any personal OIRA posts its decisions on ICRs
information you provide. We have an online at Dated: April 27, 2012.
agreement with DOT to use their DMF. do/PRAMain after the comment period R.E. Day,
Please see the Privacy Act paragraph for each ICR. An OMB Notice of Action Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard, Assistant
below. on each ICR will become available via Commandant for Command, Control,
a hyperlink in the OMB Control Communications, Computers and
Submitting Comments Information Technology.
Numbers: 16250014 and 16250088.
If you submit a comment, please [FR Doc. 201210751 Filed 5312; 8:45 am]
include the docket number [USCG Privacy Act BILLING CODE 911004P
20120077], indicate the specific Anyone can search the electronic
section of the document to which each form of comments received in dockets
comment applies, providing a reason for by the name of the individual DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND
each comment. You may submit your submitting the comment (or signing the SECURITY
comments and material online (via comment, if submitted on behalf of an, by fax, association, business, labor union, etc.). Coast Guard
mail, or hand delivery, but please use You may review a Privacy Act statement
only one of these means. If you submit [USCG20111106]
regarding Coast Guard public dockets in
a comment online via the January 17, 2008, issue of the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Dynamic, it will be Federal Register (73 FR 3316). Positioning Guidance
considered received by the Coast Guard
when you successfully transmit the Previous Request for Comments AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS.
comment. If you fax, hand deliver, or This request provides a 30-day ACTION:Notice of Recommended Interim
mail your comment, it will be comment period required by OIRA. The Voluntary Guidance.
considered as having been received by Coast Guard published the 60-day
the Coast Guard when it is received at notice (77 FR 9951, February 21, 2012) SUMMARY: On December 29, 2011, the
the DMF. We recommend you include required by 44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2). That Coast Guard published a notice of
your name, mailing address, an email Notice elicited no comments. availability and request for comments
address, or other contact information in regarding a draft policy letter on
the body of your document so that we Information Collection Requests Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems,
can contact you if we have questions 1. Title: Request for Designation and Emergency Disconnect Systems,
regarding your submission. Exemption of Oceanographic Research Blowout Preventers, and related training
You may submit comments and Vessels. and emergency procedures on a Mobile
material by electronic means, mail, fax, OMB Control Number: 16250014. Offshore Drilling Unit. We received
or delivery to the DMF at the address Type of Request: Revision of a comments both as submissions to the
under ADDRESSES, but please submit currently approved collection. docket and at a public meeting held on
them by only one means. To submit Respondents: Owners or operators of February 9, 2012, at Coast Guard
your comment online, go to http:// certain vessels. Abstract: This collection Headquarters. Based on the comments, and type USCG requires submission of specific received, the Coast Guard intends to
20120077 in the Keyword box. If information about a vessel in order for adjust the scope of the policy described
you submit your comments by mail or the vessel to be designated as an in that notice. The Coast Guard is
hand delivery, submit them in an Oceanographic Research Vessel (ORV). publishing this notice to recommend
unbound format, no larger than 8c by 11 Forms: None. interim voluntary DP system guidance
inches, suitable for copying and Burden Estimate: The estimated and recommend DP incident reporting
electronic filing. If you submit burden has increased from 35 hours to criteria.
comments by mail and would like to 51 hours a year.
know that they reached the Facility, 2. Title: Voyage Planning for Tank DATES: The policy outlined in this
please enclose a stamped, self-addressed Barge Transits in the Northeast United document is effective May 4, 2012.
postcard or envelope. We will consider States. ADDRESSES: Comments and material
all comments and material received OMB Control Number: 16250088. received from the public, as well as
during the comment period and will Type of Request: Revision of a documents mentioned in this preamble
address them accordingly. currently approved collection. as being available in the docket, are part
Respondents: Owners and operators of docket USCG20111106 and are
Viewing Comments and Documents of towing vessels. available for inspection or copying at
To view comments, as well as Abstract: The information collection the Docket Management Facility (M30),
documents mentioned in this Notice as requirement for a voyage plan serves as U.S. Department of Transportation,
being available in the docket, go to a preventive measure and assists in West Building Ground Floor, Room, click on the ensuring the successful execution and W12140, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE.,

read comments box, which will then completion of a voyage in the First Washington, DC 20590, between 9 a.m.
become highlighted in blue. In the Coast Guard District. This rule (33 CFR and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday,
Keyword box insert USCG2012 165.100) applies to primary towing except Federal holidays. You may also
0077 and click Search. Click the vessels engaged in towing certain tank find this docket on the Internet by going
Open Docket Folder in the Actions barges carrying petroleum oil in bulk as to, inserting
column. You may also visit the DMF in cargo. USCG20111106 in the Keyword
Room W12140 on the ground floor of Forms: None. box, and then clicking Search.

VerDate Mar<15>2010 15:20 May 03, 2012 Jkt 226001 PO 00000 Frm 00076 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\04MYN1.SGM 04MYN1
Federal Register / Vol. 77, No. 87 / Friday, May 4, 2012 / Notices 26563

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: If B. Immediate Areas of Concern believes that a dynamically positioned
you have questions on this notice, call As discussed in the draft policy letter MODU engaged in drilling should meet
Commander Joshua Reynolds, U.S. published with the notice of availability a minimum of Equipment Class 2 as
Coast Guard, Office of Design and on December 29, 2011, there have been defined in paragraph 2.2 of the Circular,
Engineering Standards, Human Element several DP incidents in the Gulf of Part 62 should be updated to make it
and Ship Design Division (CG5211), Mexico involving both DP system more directly applicable to U.S.
telephone (202) 3721355. If you have equipment failures and human error on dynamically positioned MODUs.
questions on viewing the docket, call MODUs. Because of the consequences Foreign flagged MODUs have several
Renee V. Wright, Program Manager, associated with a deepwater subsea options for compliance with coastal
Docket Operations, telephone 202366 spill, the Coast Guard believes DP state regulations in 33 CFR 143.207, one
9826. incidents on MODUs engaged in drilling of which is compliance with the 1979
represent the most immediate concern MODU Code (IMO Assembly Resolution
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: A.414(XI)). This Code does not contain
and chooses to address them first.
To ensure sufficient safety measures any standards applicable to DP systems.
I. General Although more recent versions of the
are developed, the Coast Guard needs to
A. Background and Intent To Publish improve its awareness of DP incidents MODU Code reference IMO circulars
Rule on MODUs. The existing regulations on with DP system guidelines, the Coast
the reporting of marine casualties have Guard has not yet adopted these Codes
Over the past several decades, the in its regulations. The Coast Guard is
proven ill-suited for reporting of DP
expansion of offshore exploration, considering adopting updated versions
related incidents, as they do not require
development and production into of the MODU code, including any DP
a MODU (either U.S. or foreign) to
deeper water has transformed an circulars referenced by these versions,
report DP incidents to the Coast Guard.
industry once characterized by and any DP related recommendations by
There are also reporting disparities
relatively simple, domestic shallow the NOSAC. These areas of concern are
between U.S. and foreign flagged
water fixed platforms and small likely to be the subject of a future
MODUs. For example, U.S. flagged
logistical vessels into an industry with rulemaking.
MODUs are required by 46 CFR 4.05 to
complex, international floating vessels report some equipment failures to the II. Interim Voluntary DP System
supplied and serviced by other large, Coast Guard, but there is confusion and Guidance
international multipurpose vessels. This ambiguity over how these requirements On July 7th, 2010, in response to a
has given rise to the use of DP as a apply to DP related incidents, and they request from the Coast Guard, NOSAC
practical means for keeping these do not apply to foreign flagged MODUs. issued the report Recommendations for
vessels within precise geographic limits. Some MODU vessel operators have Dynamic Positioning System Design and
Failure of a DP system on a vessel voluntarily reported some DP incidents Engineering, Operational and Training
conducting critical operations such as to the Coast Guard, but the Coast Guard Standards. The report contained draft
oil exploration and production could believes this practice is not universal. guidelines from the Marine Technology
have severe consequences including The Coast Guard is considering updates Society (MTS) Dynamic Positioning
loss of life, pollution, and property to its marine casualty reporting Committee, which the MTS has since
damage. This is particularly true for requirements, and will consider past completed. The Coast Guard has
Mobile Offshore Drilling Units recommendations, including public reviewed the guidance, referred to it
(MODUs), where a loss of position could comments on a notice of proposed when responding to known DP
result in a subsea spill and potentially rulemaking, Outer Continental Shelf incidents and found it to be
catastrophic environmental Activities, published on December 7, comprehensive and highly useful. Until
consequences. The Deepwater Horizon 1999 (64 FR 68416) and the the Coast Guard publishes a DP Rule,
incident demonstrated the serious recommendations of the National the Coast Guard recommends owners
challenges associated with subsea spill Offshore Advisory Committee (NOSAC) and operators of dynamically positioned
response. In a preliminary effort to subcommittee on incident reporting, MODUs (not leaseholders who contract
better understand critical systems, and will provide further opportunity for MODUs) operating on the U.S. Outer
training, and emergency procedures put public comment. Continental Shelf (OCS) voluntarily
Coast Guard regulations currently do follow guidance provided in the DP
in place to prevent or mitigate a loss of
not include specific DP system design Operations Guidance Prepared through
position on a dynamically positioned
and operating standards. In addition, the Dynamic Positioning Committee of
MODU and inform any related future
there is a disparity between the Marine Technology Society to aid in
rulemaking, the Coast Guard published requirements for U.S. and foreign the safe and effective management of DP
a notice in the Federal Register (76 FR flagged MODUs. For U.S. dynamically Operations, March 2012 Part 2
81957) requesting public comment on a positioned MODUs, the Coast Guard Appendix 1 (dynamically positioned
draft policy. We received comments views a DP system, as defined in MODUs), available at http://
both as submissions to the docket and International Maritime Organization
at a public meeting held on February 9, (IMO) Maritime Safety Committee dp_operations_guidance.cfm.
2012. The Coast Guard was encouraged Circular 645 paragraph 1.3.2, as a vital It is particularly important they
to publish a rule for areas where no system under our regulations in 46 CFR identify the DP Systems Critical
standard has been set and to consider part 62. While Part 62 contains a Activity Mode of Operation (CAMO)
industry standards and guidance when

failsafe concept that could be directly and ensure Well Specific Operating
developing the rule. The Coast Guard applied for an Equipment Class 1 DP Guideline (WSOGs) are developed for
agrees and intends to initiate a system, it does not have an equivalent operations at every well and location. A
rulemaking that addresses DP incident concept that directly applies to DP MODU attached to the seafloor of the
reporting requirements and minimum system reliability for Equipment Class 2 U.S. OCS should be operated in
DP system design and operating or 3 as discussed in paragraph 2 of the accordance with the appropriate WSOG.
standards. Circular. Because the Coast Guard The WSOG should clearly state which

VerDate Mar<15>2010 15:20 May 03, 2012 Jkt 226001 PO 00000 Frm 00077 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\04MYN1.SGM 04MYN1
26564 Federal Register / Vol. 77, No. 87 / Friday, May 4, 2012 / Notices

well operations are critical and require Registration: If you plan on attending comments received by the COAC, go to
the DP System configured in its CAMO via webcast, please register online at
for these operations. There will be two public comment
In addition to following the MTS DP ?w=76 by close-of-business on May 18, periods held during the meeting on May
Operations Guidance, MODU owners or 2012. Please feel free to share this 22, 2012. On-site speakers are requested
operators are encouraged to voluntarily information with interested members of to limit their comments to two (2)
report to the Coast Guard reactive your organizations or associations. If minutes or less to facilitate greater
changes of DP status from green to you plan on attending on-site, please participation. Contact the individual
red as described paragraph 4.11 using register either online at https:// listed below to register as a speaker.
the procedures listed in 46 CFR 4.05. or Please note that the public comment
by email to, or by period for on-site speakers may end
III. Authority fax to 2023254290 by close-of- before the time indicated on the
This document is issued under the business on May 18, 2012. schedule that is posted on the CBP web
authority of 5 U.S.C. 552(a), 43 U.S.C. If you have completed an online page at the time of the meeting.
1331, et seq., and 33 CFR 1.051. The webcast registration and wish to cancel Comments can also be made
guidance contained in this notice is not your registration, you may do so at electronically anytime during the COAC
a substitute for applicable legal https://apps/ meeting webcast, but please note that
requirements, nor is it itself a cancel.asp?w=76. webcast participants will not be able to
regulation. It is not intended to nor does If you have completed an online on- provide oral comments. Comments
it impose legally binding requirements site registration and wish to cancel your submitted electronically will be read
on any party. It represents the Coast registration, you may do so at https:// into the record during the two (2) public
Guards current thinking on this topic comment periods.
and may assist industry, mariners, the cancel.asp?w=75.
general public, and the Coast Guard, as ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held at Wanda Tate, Office of Trade Relations,
well as other Federal and State Hyatt Regency Savannah Hotel on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection,
regulators, in applying statutory and Historic Riverfront, Two West Bay 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Room
regulatory requirements. You can use an Street, Savannah, GA 31401, in 5.2A, Washington, DC 20229; telephone
alternative approach if the approach Ballroom A&B. All visitors report to the 2023441440; facsimile 2023254290.
satisfies the requirements of the foyer of Ballroom A&B in the hotel. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Notice of
applicable statutes and regulations. For information on facilities or
this meeting is given under the Federal
Dated: April 27, 2012. services for individuals with disabilities
Advisory Committee Act, 5 U.S.C. App.
or to request special assistance at the
J.G. Lantz, (Pub. L. 92463). The COAC provides
meeting, contact Ms. Wanda Tate, Office
Director of Commercial Regulations and advice to the Secretary of Homeland
of Trade Relations, U.S. Customs and
Standards, U.S. Coast Guard. Security, the Secretary of the Treasury,
Border Protection at 2023441661 as
[FR Doc. 201210669 Filed 5212; 4:15 pm] and the Commissioner of U.S. Customs
soon as possible.
BILLING CODE 911004P To facilitate public participation, we and Border Protection (CBP) on matters
are inviting public comment on the pertaining to the commercial operations
issues to be considered by the of CBP and related functions within
DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND committee as listed in the Agenda DHS or the Department of the Treasury.
SECURITY section below. Agenda
Comments must be submitted in
U.S. Customs and Border Protection The COAC will hear from the
writing no later than May 14, 2012, and
[Docket No. USCBP20120018] must be identified by USCBP2012 following subcommittees on the topics
0018 and may be submitted by one of listed below and then will review,
Advisory Committee on Commercial the following methods: deliberate, and formulate
Operations of Customs and Border Federal eRulemaking Portal: http:// recommendations on how to proceed on
Protection (COAC) Follow the those topics:
instructions for submitting comments. The work of the Land Border
AGENCY: U.S. Customs and Border Email: Security Subcommittee:
Protection, Department of Homeland Include the docket number in the Recommendations on the expansion of
Security (DHS). subject line of the message. the CustomsTrade Partnership Against
ACTION: Committee Management; Notice Fax: 2023254290. Terrorism (CTPAT) Program and the
of Federal Advisory Committee Meeting. Mail: Ms. Wanda Tate, Office of National Strategy for Global Supply
Trade Relations, U.S. Customs and Chain Security.
SUMMARY: The Advisory Committee on Border Protection, 1300 Pennsylvania The work of the Trade Facilitation
Commercial Operations of Customs and Avenue NW., Room 5.2A, Washington, Subcommittee: Recommendations on
Border Protection (COAC) will meet on DC 20229. CBPs Trade Transformation initiatives.
May 22, 2012, in Savannah, GA. The Instructions: All submissions received The work of the One U.S.
meeting will be open to the public. As must include the words Department of Government at the Border
an alternative to on-site attendance, U.S. Homeland Security and the docket Subcommittee: Updates on
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) number for this action. Comments subcommittee discussions with the
will also offer a live webcast of the

received will be posted without Food and Drug Administration (FDA),

COAC meeting via the Internet. alteration at, the Environmental Protection Agency
DATES: COAC will meet on Tuesday, including any personal information (EPA), the Food Safety Inspection
May 22, 2012 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 provided. Do not submit personal Service (FSIS), and the Consumer
p.m. Please note that the meeting may information to this docket. Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
close early if the committee has Docket: For access to the docket to The work of the Role of the Broker
completed its business. read background documents or subcommittee: Recommendation to

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