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Submitted by:
Farhana Nazi Reg. No. 14119

Saima Rizwan Reg. No. 14153

Urooj Qasim Reg. No. 16476

Zainab Yousuf Reg. No. 16483

Submitted to:
Mr. Azhar Nisar Cdr (R) PN

Submission Date:

16th MAY, 2012


Letter of Transmittal.. 5

Executive Summary.. 6

Preface.... 7


About the authors.. 9

Assessors comments.. 10

CHAPTER I Aims and objectives of study.11

CHAPTER II History of 5s.......................................................12

CHAPTER III Important of 5S in hotels. 13

CHAPTER IV Obstacles during the study.14

CHAPTER V Approaches to the study15

CHAPTER VI Methodology...16-19

CHAPTER VII 5S application in Sheraton.19-22

CHAPTER VIII 5S application in Avari Tower..23-24

CHAPTER XI 5S application in PC....25-26

CHAPTER X Before and after application of 5S

In Marriott27-31

CHAPTER XI Before and after application

Of 5S in Sheraton and PC32-34

CHAPTER XII Benefits after the application of 5S .35

CHAPTER XIII Conclusions...35


Literature Review ....36

Bibliography .. .37


Appendices 39


Appendix A: Questionnaire ....39

Appendix B: Contribution of responsibility

Among group members..40

Appendix C: Why 5S ...41

Appendix D: 5S in International Hotel ..42

Appendix E: Customer Ratings ....43

Appendix F: Organogram .44-46

Letter of Transmittal
21st March, 2012

Mr. Azhar Nisar,

Lecturer of Total Quality Management,
Bahria University,
13 National Stadium Road,
Karachi Campus,
Karachi, Pakistan.

Subject: Report Submission

Respected Sir,

We have the pleasure in forwarding to you the TQM Report on the 5S APPLICATION IN 5
STAR HOTEL in Pakistan as a project report for this semester (BBA-7th Semester).

The report is submitted in accordance with the format provided including requirements of
application of learned theory in the project with provision of own analysis in order to furnish you
with research report about the application of the 5S APPLICATION IN 5- STAR HOTELS

We have synchronized our efforts and time in order to put forward the report proving to be up to
the mark as in to fulfill the real objective of this project i.e. to be able to apply learned
knowledge in the practical world and understand the correlation in between. However, if any
clarification is needed further, we will be obligate to come forward for the same. Kindly accept
our piece of work.

Farhana Nazi,
Saima Rizwan,
Urooj Qasim,
Zainab Yousuf.

BBA-7A Morning,
Bahria University (Karachi Campus)
Karachi, Pakistan. Enclosure: Final Report


This report provides description and analysis of 5S application in the industry of hotels. In this
report, brief history of 5s is presented and then the importance of 5S is highlights in 5-star hotels
as for being one of the important key drivers to reduce wastes, increase customer satisfaction and
employee satisfaction and motivation.

This report has touched different dimensions which belong to the topic such as, a brief account
of the hotels background is presented, nature, objectives and aims of the report, obstacles that we
have faced during study, data analysis, sources, references and finally conclusion.

We have presented data analysis of four different 5-star hotels namely, Avari Tower, Sheraton,
Pearl Continental and Marriott.

The purpose of this project was to understand the 5S application in practical life and how it can
be improved. This report aims at understanding how 5S application has its impact on hotels

In the end; an attempt has been to enable every reader will be able to have a comprehensive view
of the application of 5S application in the 5 star hotels.
We were given the opportunity to learn much about practical application in various hotels.

We feel that this knowledge will be helpful in future work terms, and in our careers.


A key tool in lean manufacturing is the 5S housekeeping and it is applied in manufacturing and
also service industry. 5S application is not just bout to industries and service sector; it can also
apply in our daily lifes to maintain a clean environment. For example: we can apply 5S in our
kitchen, room and in every area of home to maintain a clean environment. 5s requires individual
enthusiasm about cleaning and maintaining his things on the contrary traditional housekeeping
only done occasionally on special events whenever guest arrived or any special events.

The benefit of 5s is that whenever we want to find anything, it will be easy to find if we arrange
everything in a systematic manner, which reduces occurring of any delays.

We can all maintain 5S in our home, offices by just removing unnecessary things arrange
necessary things in a systematic manner, cleaning, standardizing and make it as a habit.

5S is very useful in kitchen. I have observed in my home, my mother pick out all necessary
utensils and all food items for cooking on one counter and place these items in such a manner
that it would allow easy access to her at the time of cooking. After cooking she uses to clean all
tins of sugar, salt and utensils and then put these things in cabinet/cupboard. This requires large
efforts but when you apply it, than you come to know about the benefits of 5S!!!!! REALLY!!!!


Starting with the name of ALLAH the most beneficent and the most merciful
whose blessings are abundant and favors are unlimited.

Without His support, we could not have accomplished this project.

We take immense pleasure in thanking Mr. Azhar Nisar, our respected
Course Instructor for providing us with the opportunity to apply our concepts
learned from theory in the way through which actual operations have been
carried out in the real business world and at the same time for continuous
guidance and counseling to make this project reach its completion and at the
same time be up to the mark.

We wish to express our deep sense of gratitude to Pearl Continental

Mr.Saeed Akram, Mr. Zaheer khatib Sheraton and MR. Saad Abbasi Avari
tower for his able guidance and useful suggestions, which helped us in
completing the project work along with provision of opportunity of
experiencing the subject matter in the real business context.

Finally, yet importantly, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our
beloved parents for their blessings, our friends/classmates for their help and
wishes for the successful completion of this project along with thanking each
other for each hand of help and cooperation.

Farhana Nazi

Saima Rizwan

Urooj Qasim

Zainab Yousuf



ZAINAB YOUSUF did her matriculation from PECHS PUBLIC SCHOOL and inter from
ST.JOSEPH GIRLS COLLEGE. Later she joined BAHRIA UNIVERSITY to attain the degree
of bachelor in business administration.


UROOJ QASIM did her matriculation from AGA KHAN SCHOOL and passed her inter exam
from GULSHAN COLLEGE, later she joined BAHRIA UNIVERSITY to attain the degree of
bachelor in business administration.
SAIMA RIZWAN did her matriculation from Gulistan Shah Abdul Latif school and inter from
KHATOON PAKISTAN Collage. For the professional education he joined,
to earn degree in business administration

FARHANA NAZI did her matriculation from Usman Public School and passed her inter exam
from GULSHAN COLLEGE, later she joined BAHRIA UNIVERSITY to attain the degree of
bachelor in business administration

Assessors Comments
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10 | P a g e



1. To study how housekeeping is affecting 5-star hotels and how far efforts are made to avoid
mismanagement in order to satisfy customers.
2. To gain information and knowledge with respect to the importance of 5S Housekeeping
department in 5 star hotels and how it can help to achieve quality in hotels

1. To fulfill the requirement of our TQM course.

2. To know whether the customer is satisfied with the service that they provide.
3. To know how data is collected and conclusions are drawn using logic and unbiased
4. To gain knowledge for further research in the subject area.

11 | P a g e


A systematic approach to organizing, ordering & cleaning had its origins in post world war II
Japan, probably in the mid 1950s. At the time, Japanese manufacturing companies were forces
to produce with very few resources, so they developed a ship floor method to make every scrap
count while waste nothing. Originally, there were only four activities in the Japanese system.
These activities, each beginning with the letter S were:
i) Seiri ( cleaning up)
ii) Seiton (organizing)
iii) Seiso ( cleaning)
iv) Seikets ( systematic cleanliness)
Later, a fifth activity was added called Shitsuke (discipline), it completed the five elements that
are known as FIVE S. The 5S concept was popularized by Tail chi Ohno, who designed the
Toyota production system and Shigeo Shingo, the Japanese practioner who put forward the
concept of Poka Yoke. As the name implies it is a 5 step technique for changing the mindsets of
the staff & involving the entire organization in improvements. This methodology may appear to
be a housekeeping approach but it actually delivers much more. A simple yet powerful quality
practice 5S helps identifies and eliminate waste in a workplace. It also helps establish & maintain
a productive & quality environment in an organization. It forces companies to look at issues that
are often overlooked. When Japanese organization embark on a quality journey, typically they
commence with 5s development & then move on a higher methodology. In the manufacturing
world, 5S is used as a housekeeping tool while deploying Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).
The idea behind 5S, a workplace is clean & well laid out; the identification of waste is much
easier. Traditionally 5S methodology has been used in manufacturing companies, but service
organizations such as banks, hotels and courier services are now leveraging its power.
Today the 5S system retains its fundamental power to change the workplace & it involves
everyone in improvement. It also retains the five activities beginning with the letter s

12 | P a g e


What is 5S?
5S is a system of 5 core steps and a method developed for the organization and standardization
of any workplace, shop floor and office.

It is a prerequisite to the implementation of any other LEAN improvement method, i.e.

KANBAN, Preventive Maintenance (TPM), and Quality System (TQM), Standard Operating
Procedure (SOP).

5S is not merely about housekeeping, it is about the best applied practice to optimize
performance, provide workplace comfort, increase workplace safety, better space utilization,
promote cleanliness and ultimately improve discipline.

A methodology creating a workplace suited for visual control and Lean production.

5s is a fundamental, basic, systematic method from the productivity, security and quality,
improvement in all kinds of company. The 5s program is usually part of establishing a visual
workplace and focuses on having a visual order, cleanliness, organization and standardization
The importance of 5s is that it improves qualities, which prevents and reduce the errors, it has an
impact on productivity, which eliminates wastes, and it gives safety and reliability to an
organization by preventing accidents and breakdowns. The implementation of 5S in hotel
provides many benefits, some are below:
1. Comfort: The comforts must be regularly maintained and should be properly functioning
by implementing 5s. It is the duty of the housekeeping department to ensure comfort and
a welcoming atmosphere to the guests as well as strive to extend reliable and satisfactory
service from staffs of all departments.

2. Cleanliness and Hygiene: through 5s, housekeeping department ensure a high Ensure a
high standard of cleanliness in all areas. Clean and well maintain environment in
restaurant, reception create a favorable impression on the guest. Hygiene is maintained
especially in the wash rooms, toilets, pool changing room, health club, etc.

3. Privacy: The prime concern of any guest is privacy. Room windows are provided with
curtains. Windows could normally overlook good scenic view, away from the prying eyes
of others in the hotel or outside public. Housekeeping staffs ensure the privacy of the
guests and they are properly trained with proper procedures to enter the room.

4. Dcor: 5s is necessary to create a pleasant and classy ambience because it creates a good
impression on guest and it can only be possible through 5s rule and procedures. It is not a
13 | P a g e
one man job; it requires team efforts to look at each area to ensure the cleanliness in the
hotel. Housekeeping staff is mainly responsible for creating a pleasant atmosphere.



It would be suitable to briefly describe the obstacles that we have faced during our term report.
These are mentioned below:

1. We are assigned only for the inspection of few departments (for e.g.: reception, shopping
department and restaurant) which makes us for quick and fast decision.

2. There is limited secondary data available on five star hotels (there is lack of data which
limit the scope of our analysis) and it become a significant obstacles in finding a
meaningful relationship.
3. Due to lack of personal reference in five star hotels, there were difficulties which we
faced when we went to take an interview and due to this reason they did not give the
whole information which can be very useful to our study.
4. Time constraint has also limited our observation because housekeeping is a very wide
field whereas; we have analyzed only few aspects of housekeeping in which our report is
based on only few areas of housekeeping department.

5. The biggest obstacle that we faced was transportation problem and uncertain conditions
in city that made our research more difficult but we tried our best and didnt give up. The
locations of hotels were not favorable and getting permission from parents was also quite
difficult task.
6. Since the nature of the study, other fields of industries were neglected and only hotel
industry was studied.

14 | P a g e


Due to some limitations/obstacles we mentioned earlier, we found other possible alternatives to

do research on our report:

a) Interviews, questionnaires (email, in-person) and observations of the

officers/managers/employees in the Five Star Hotels regarding the 5S application.

b) The second alternative is to wholly depend on secondary data that is easily available on
internet etc.

c) The third and last option is that we can use both alternatives together.

We pick the option c, because of following reasons:

a) Secondary data saves time, efforts and expenses. It helps to make primary data collection
more specifies, since with the help of secondary data, now we are able to make out what
are the gaps and deficiencies and what additional information needs to be collected.

b) The accuracy of secondary data is not known and sometimes it may be outdated. For this
reason we took interview of such persons (managers) who have ability to provide
information which can be useful to us for our term report.

15 | P a g e


The aim here is to define how we conduct research, how the research is design, the data
collection and how we analyze procedure.


The Descriptive or Exploratory research was needed to analyze the data and to draw
understanding to from recommendations for improvement of the system. Data was available in
the form of Secondary data, journals, research reports and presentations on the topic, guidelines,
books and articles.

Subject: We choose four five star hotels for the purpose of conducting research on the
application of five S housekeeping in four major hotels. Two hotels (SHERATON AND PC)
located in some area and have very tough competition and other two (MARRIOTT AND
AVARI) are located at different areas. During our subject research we visited the selected
department that has assigned to us (restaurant, shopping area and reception) of every selected
hotel. We collected the data by interviewing the manager of housekeeping department and the
employees managing the housekeeping process. We also observed by our self that how they
maintain and sustain the 5S program. For observation we see that hotels are clean and tidy and
there is a peaceful environment.

In Sheraton, Zaheer Khatib gives very useful information to use which helps in making our
report. In Pearl Continental, Saeed Akram gives us precious time. Finally in Avari tower, Saad
Abbasi has shared his expertise about the whole process of housekeeping department. In
Marriott; fawad afzal khan gave us his precious time.

Primary and secondary research has been undertaken through questionnaire and survey forms as
per requirements. Primary data has been collected through face to face interviews; we also
conduct survey from selected peoples in order to know the customer ratings of our targeted
hotels, whereas secondary data will be gathered through magazines and internet. The study
carried out is under a systematic, objective and controlled condition


We have conducted exploratory and descriptive research.


In this research, researcher begins with ideas about the possible causes of phenomena and
explores a setting and phenomena. The exploratory work provides background information
needed to plan exploratory research.

16 | P a g e

In this research, researcher does not begin with hypothesis. It describes the present status of
people, attitudes and progress. It was done by collecting data which was needed for topic and by
describing the phenomena to form conclusion.


Some sources for collecting data are used to form hypothesis

a) Personal interviews
b) Questionnaire
c) Discussions
d) Articles

QUESTIONAREE: This method is very popular. First we make our questionnaire than we sent
it to the designated manager of hotels with a request to answer the question. They read the
questionnaire and give us an appointment to come and visit the department. Another type of
questionnaire survey we have conduct to know the customer rating on the basis of quality,
performance and clean environment etc

DISCUSSIONS/WORKSHOPS: First we set the time for discussion with our group members,
we went for taking an interview after that we discuss with each other that how we can apply 5S
in hotels

ARTICLES: We have selected few articles on our topic of 5S through internet. The names and
website are given in bibliography.

PERSONAL INTERVIEW: We first went to hotels to take an appointment than we visited

again to conduct an interview with managers who have the ability to describe the process and
benefits of 5S. Than we have visited the reception and restaurant that how they applying 5s in
practical and now we are able to analyze the application of 5s housekeeping.

SAMPLING: Cost is one main factor which prohibits in studying the entire sector of hotels. We
limit our research to four hotels, because it requires enough time and money to conduct the
interview. First we went for appointment after that we went to take an interview which also
involves transportation cost. Therefore we bound to only four hotels.
A) POPULATION: a population is defined as all members that are described by the
characteristics selected by the researcher.
The target population for our research report is segmented in to two categories:
The managers working in Marriott, Avari, pc and Sheraton

17 | P a g e
And group of people from which we conducted survey
Sample: A Sample is the representative of the population under study but is a part of
the total population.

B) SAMPLE SIZE: In this study, our sample of the population is 4 respondents that are
managers and 20 respondents from which we conducted survey.
C) SAMPLING TECHINIQUE: The non-probabilistic sampling was of concern in this
study. There are various types of Non-probabilistic techniques:
o Convenience Sampling.
o Snowball Sampling.
o Purposive Sampling.
o Quota Sampling.

In this study convenience sampling and snowball sampling were used.

D) UNIVERSE: In this study the universe is limited to managers of housekeeping

department of Marriott, PC, Sheraton and other personnel related to cleaning, maintaining
some assigned areas. In Sheraton they only give appointment of one manager of
housekeeping department, which limits our study to obtain more information. In Marriott
fawad afzal khan has enlightened us with knowledge about housekeeping department
finally in avari, Saad Abbasi has shared his expertise about the whole process of
housekeeping department.

RESEARCH TOOLS: In our research, we have used questionnaire, interview and observation
as an instrument for evaluating the four hotels. Questionnaire is based on the theory and most
questions are continuous in type. After the completion of visits we analyzed our questionnaire
and compared the remarks of all the group members that how we have collected data for four

INTERVIEW SCHEDULE: The questions asked from the respondents were given at
Appendix-I. However, as a result of face to face interview, we got detailed information about
their experiences and opinions. It is also effective for our report because it clarifies our
ambiguities due to face to face interview with designated manager.

FIELD WORK: The interviews were conducted between 26 to 29 March, 2012 and mostly
when the respondents had some relaxed time from their busy office schedule.
ORGANIZATION OF DATA: Research design, sample design and field work are under taken
to obtain the data that will yield desired information to draw inferences, conclusions,
We finally organized and arranged the data that we got from interview, questionnaire, and
articles on 5s.

18 | P a g e
We organized and arranged data into 3 steps
1) We conducted interview and asked questions to the officials in order to collect useful
information. The questionnaire was designed in a manner so they do not become
offensive to them and we can draw conclusion and recommendation from them easily.
2) We asked them about their historical data so we can analyze past and present differences.
3) We also gather information from HBR articles and videos on YouTube.


Sheraton Karachi Hotel is a contemporary accommodation that is located in the heart of the city's
business district. The Sheraton Karachi Hotel is 10 miles from the airport and only steps away
from Kemari Harbor, a popular attraction in the area. The hotel offers 407 guest rooms, all of
which have features such as wireless high-speed Internet access (for a daily fee), cable television,
blow dryer, slippers, robes, direct-dial telephone, voicemail, honor bar, tea and coffeemaker,
private balcony, free newspaper, security safe and data port. Some other conveniences that are
provided by the hotel include four full-service restaurants serving a diverse array of international
and local cuisines; 24-hour coffee shop; tennis courts; outdoor heated pool; wellness club with a
sauna, hot tub, steam bath,
gym and aerobics studio; event and meeting facilities; vehicle rental; business center; shopping
arcade; gift shop; florist and baggage storage.
Guest return to Sheraton because of its cleanliness- not the initial advertising efforts of the
hotel marketing department to attract guests with price, product and service features and
obviously it requires special consideration of how the housekeeping department fit in to the
marketing effort. These operational procedures like 5S and other concept have an enormous
impact on the financial position of the hotel. Guests who have a negative first experience a
messy lobby a dismal looking bathroom or worn bedding will not be impressed and we have
also seen where we went first time for visit, from entrance till the store room of the hotel is neat
and clean. They give full attention to make everything clean. Although the staff providing this
service do not necessarily interact directly with the public, the quality of their work is critical in
shaping guests/customers experience. They think that Other things such as security are
important but what guest really wants is to feel at home to feel comfortable

19 | P a g e
Customers expectations are higher now because more and more competition is there. They
experience that customers want their meals to be ready after few minutes of order.



(Shop of leather items)

Does a neat, clean, safe, orderly workplace make

everyones job easier? The answer is yes. The ability
to find things when needed makes everyones life
easier. If all salesman of shop have an easier time doing
their jobs, can we expect an improvement in workplace
efficiency? Again, we can answer in the affirmative.
Eliminating the time spent searching for things will
provide more time for the activities that really add
value and allow shopkeepers to satisfy their customers
in a cost-effective way.

These pictures gives a solid clue that Sheraton is more

fast in following 5S Application Seiton which means arranging systematically so you can
always get as you need. Belts and leather jackets are in a perfect order shown in the pictures.

20 | P a g e
(Capture at the shopping area of jewelry)

While a customer is making the buying decision, they want knowledgeable assistance
available when they want to buy any items.

Customers place a high value on accurate information and want to be served by employees who
know the product inside and out.

(Systematic arrangement of pearl necklaces at shop)

These pictures taken at Sheraton shopping area that shows jewelries are arranged and organized
in separate shelves for quick retrieval and the easiness for customer.

21 | P a g e
Application on Reception and Restaurant Area:
Just like the housewife at home, housekeeping in a hotel does the vacuuming, dusting, cleaning
up the bathroom, changes the linens, and everything to make the guest feel at home. The hotel is
your home away from home.

The House keeping department can be called the backbone of the industry because no one wants
to walk on a dirty floor that has not clean from the last 3 weeks. Everyone want a neat and fresh

(Reception area)

Sheraton Hotel has a 5 point rating which is highest

scores they got. They have very good reviews
nobody has really complained about them, if you want
people to come to a hotel it needs to be clean. It is
important for a hotel to have good
housekeeping practices. And Sheraton is doing much
good in cleaning as inspection.

Professional steam cleaners are being used in hotel on regular basis. They help a lot in
maintaining the neatness of the hotels and floor. They are used extensively in hotel kitchens.

22 | P a g e


The Avari portfolio of properties include, the award winning & recently renovated 5-star Avari
Towers in Karachi; the 5-star Avari Lahore, which has won six consecutive World Travel
Awards for the "Leading Hotel in Pakistan"; the historical and
legendary Beach Luxury Hotelin Karachi (in operation since 1948);
the cozy and comfortable Avari Xpress School Road Residence and
the Avari Xpress 7th Avenue Residence - both in Islamabad.

They implement 5S in restaurant in 5 steps:

SEIRI: Once the kitchen is closed, all food is sorting out, first and the
most important step is SEIRI removing the unnecessary items from the
workplace and removing the later
For eg chef is cooking meals and when these meals are completely cooked than all
ingredients of these meals or dishes which are not necessary will keep in cabinet of
kitchen. When guests have left the tables, the assign person for duty will
begin sorting out. This typically involves removing the use plates,
glasses, silverware, napkins and whatever other items are still on the table
and then arrange all new things in an ascending order. The assign person
will remove the tablecloth and throw it away if it is disposable or place it
with other laundry items if it needs to be cleaned. He will also wipe down
the table and chairs, as well as vacuuming and sweeping to get the floor
back to clean and ready condition. This step is necessary in removing
workplace clutter and freeing up valuable space in preparation for the next step.
The next step is ORGANIZAING, or the necessary item in the workplace. Chef
has a lot of pressure to complete his cooking in time because they have to serve
the meal immediately when customer offered. For this they have to put
extraordinary efforts. Chef plan their cooking in sequence they take out one
thing at time from the kitchen cabinet that is not far away and after using it, they
put it back in the cupboard in its place immediately and for maintaining these
arrange of items, there are some assign person who helps chef in giving and
picking these selected items. They also labeled the jars, bottles with names, so
that they can easy access to them immediately and no one will waste any time in
searching and retrieve the things.
Now they move on the third step which means cleaning dust and dirt from
kitchen by washing plates, glasses, frying pan, sweeping on the floor and then
moping on the floor to ensure that there will be no dirt. For this reason they use
multifunctional cleaning machine for removing dust, dirt and grime.

After the first 3s are implemented, the last two are applied to maintain the new
setup. Now come to fourth step they set procedures for all employees workers to
23 | P a g e
follow the rules and procedures. They make checklist for evaluating daily,
monthly and after six years. It sets rules on where and how to store the file items
and how to borrow them and how to return to their proper places. The fifth step is
training and discipline. They train their employees to do work accordingly to
rules and procedures. We have observed that security in the hotel is well planned
and organized. Wi-Fi also works well. The staff attitude and service is of the
highest level. These are all the results of self discipline. They trained them in such a
way that employees will not repeat the old ways and habits of cleaning.

Everything on reception is well arranged and clean. We asked from reception how they apply on
5s he answered us that they have procedure of 5s for applying in specific area
1. First they sort out all unnecessary items for example: unwanted papers, useless
documents, unnecessary stationery etc.
2. They arrange all necessary items for their usage like they arrange all diaries, necessary
documents, seat for receptionist, and dial phone on its place which ensures that all items
are on its place.
3. After that some employees who are assigned for cleaning the reception area remove the
dust, dirt by sweeping on floor and cleaning the reception table seats with some chemical
which ensure that no dirt or any spot is present. After every few months management will
hire some persons to paint all areas where needed
4. . After all these three steps, management made some steps, procedures and checklist to
assess whether employees are implementing on these three steps or not. He told us that
the real challenge for management is to keep every department neat and clean. The fifth
and final step is training or self discipline
5. Employees particularly are thoroughly trained on the 5S principles and rules to facilitate
implementation and compliance. Discipline is instilled such that they do not revert to the
old ways and habits.


Why is a clean shop important?
A cluttered shop is an accident waiting to happen. Using good housekeeping practices to keep
the shop clean will help protect you from slips, trips, and falls that could result in serious
injuries. Its easier to be safe and productive when youre working in clean, organized
When we visit the shops of Sheraton and observe the environment, we noticed that they also
implementing 5S. They clean up all waste materials and spills before they accumulate in their
work area. Then they go to next step SEITON arranging all shops necessary items that are
needed. They sweep the shop area daily and whenever sawdust and debris build up. They kept air
hoses and electrical cords out of the way and stack materials in neat piles. They believe that
proper stacking makes the shop safer. Store equipment such as goggles and face shields in a safe
place where they wont be tripped over or damaged.

24 | P a g e

Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi - is a preferred choice for discerning corporate and leisure
travelers. Vibrant and progressive, it retains the warmth and the spirit of Pakistan, while offering
a variety of rooms, stylish restaurants and contemporary business
facilities, establishing itself as an undisputed, premier business hotel.
Whilst not forgetting that Karachi is the city of dreams, an all enveloping
sensory roller-coaster ride which leaves you delighted and inspired at the
same time. There is a lot more to this city than what meets the eye

Sorting and segregation, we separate the wanted ingredients from

unwanted ingredients. Not in the case of ingredients but in every case. In
this case more space is not demanded and the bad effects of unwanted
items are eliminated. In dining room, we first separate the broken glasses,
plates, spoons or anything that is being damaged due to mishaps from
necessary items like plates, glasses, table covers, chair seat covers
etc to free up valuable space. In this figure it has shown that it is
unnecessary item which creates clutter.
Self Arrangement of food item is very important. There are fewer
items that they store in refrigerators because they use FIFO in
restaurant. They arrange all table seats, all spoons, glasses, plates,
table covers, plants to make environment clean, arrange all meal
ingredients, and then they put mineral water bottles on tables of
dining hall to ensure that place for everything and everything in its
Spic and Span (Neat and clean) also plays vital role because
restaurant offers tissues for cleaning hands so they should be
properly designed. The crockery should be properly cleaned
because it will leave a great impression on customers if they
are clean. At the same time, customers would never come back
again if they see crockery unclean. Our restaurant aim is to
make environment comfortable and offer specialized service to
the guest. Housekeeping department determines to a large
extent whether guests are happy during stay. There is always
some ingredients that are not properly clean or not in a good
The STANDARD plays an important role in the reputation of
hotel/restaurant. One feels comfortable only in the environment
which is clean and well ordered so cleanliness is important for health
foremost also for well being. We keep the standards flexible to changes
and improvements. We make our standards known to all and displayed.
We go for single standard because dual standards create multiple results
which lead to conflict
Self discipline is also very important. Our management gives much
importance to it. We have proper rules and regulations and our employees
25 | P a g e
are expected to follow them. Self discipline brings improvement in our
restaurant without increasing the cost. We train our employees for this and
they know that punctuality is the backbone of 5s. They are required to
follow work instructions while communicating and serving customers

5S IN RECEPTION: They put suitable lights on wall, accent lighting and others. Receptionist
has appropriate seating to ensure every customer comfort and maintain professional. Open
reception desks are adopted in their hotel to maintain a healthy customer relationship and for
that slick look. Investing in the reception area of the hotel is a genius way to attract the clients
and keep them coming back to your hotel. The receptionists would allocate a room to the guest
and would arrange for an employee to help guests transport their luggage to their room if
needed. Another duty of the front desk staff is to receive any phone calls or packages that come
in and relay them to the appropriate guest. In Pearl Continental reception is well sorted, nothing
extra material is placed there, everything is in its place and well arranged. Its reception area is
attractive, clean and well lighted and has enough space and the storage capabilities.
Hotel front desk staff is friendly, caring, and helpful and maintain a professional appearance by
being well-dressed and neatly groomed to present a positive image. They also using a telephone
answering service and have centralized call centers to handle bookings, reservation changes and
customer care. When the need arises, they transfer high priority calls to hotel management for
quick action. This efficiency and Excellency in reception area show how they sustain the 5S.

5S IN SHOPPING AREA: Due to time constraint, we have only visited one

shop and his owner tells that how they apply 5s in shops.
SORT: First they sort out the unnecessary items and discard it which is useless.
For this step, they make a list of unnecessary items like wrappers,
useless documents, and trash. Sometimes customers come with their
eating items like fries, drinks and throw it in shops. These are all
unnecessary items.
SYSTEMATIC ARRANGEMENT: after disposing unwanted
items, second step is the place for everything and everything in its
place, like all selling products are arranger in a systematic manner.
SPIC AND SPAN: they assigned responsibilities to some personnel
to clean everything including all selling products. They used
chemicals (bras polish) to clean the products and floor with vacuums
and other machines. They also assigned some employees to paint the
walls if necessary. They have made schedule for cleaning to ensure
that no dist will remain after this step.
STANDARDIZED: After the first 3 steps, now it is the duty of every
employee to prevent steps for clutter; otherwise improvement from first 3 is lost.

26 | P a g e
Self discipline: Now everyone knows for what activity they are responsible and
how to do it and when to do it.


In these pictures, we can
clearly observe that SEITON
(systematic arrangement) is
not properly being followed in
the hotel. First we observed
that, the trolley is not at the
right place. And secondly,
news papers and broachers are
not well arranged there. Even
if we take a close looks out
there. It seems that this trolley
is not placed in hotel but in
some home.

In this picture, glasses are not

arranged properly which left
us the bad impression on us
because they are 5 stars hotel
and they should never
compromise in their


should be a proper arrangement of everything from a very big thing to the small thing. SEITON
should be applied properly in the hotel and should be checked daily if it this S of 5S is properly
implemented, because it will help them in a way that whenever they want anything they will get
that thing. Removing items to be discarded or held in an alternative location will create space.
This space will be visible and facilitate the alternative layout of the area. This is highly required

27 | P a g e
in the place where trolley is placed. The place for each
item should be clearly indicated. Items should be
arranged in a manner that promotes efficient work flow, In these two pictures, we
with equipment used most often being the most easily clearly assumed that they are
accessible. They should make cabinets, shelves, racks unnecessary items and they
self explanatory through identification aids in order to were placed there even no one
arrange things properly. out there was bothered to keep
them out from there. In
picture 1) if they think that its
a necessary thing for them
then still it is not at the right
place. It was highly visible
and everyone can see that.

In the second picture, empty

cans of Pepsi are totally
unnecessary items. They not
should be there. These things
are not even common in other
hotels. We were amazed to
see such thing or mistakes in 5
star hotels


Seiri is about distinguishing between the necessary and the unnecessary and get rid of that you
do not need. Seiri is badly needed in Marriott. All the unnecessary items we can see in the above
pictures. There should be strictly command given to employees who are involved in waste
reduction. There are 2 possibilities that we are assuming in picture1. If it is necessary for them,
then proper arrangement is recommended, they should place it at a different location where is
does not get visible. And if it is not necessary then they should eliminate it. Any work area
should only have the items needed to perform the work in the area. All other items should be
cleared (sorted out) from the work area as Pepsi empty cans. Other items may be deemed
necessary as in picture 1 but used infrequently and so an alternative location can be found. If the

28 | P a g e
operator needs a particular tool only once or twice a month then a 20-yard walk is not a problem
- especially if the space thus saved on the workbench helps to make the workplace more
productive, or helps address quality issues.

(SEISO) IS In picture 1, everything is so
RECOMMENDED badly placed in the
: refrigerator. We took a closer
look and we assumed that
Clean the workspace yogurt is there which is used
and all equipment, in making food for customers.
and keep it clean, tidy and organized Seiso is about And we can clearly assume
cleaning which is a very important factor. And every that they are not neat and
possible attention should be given to this because in clean even it can challenge a
restaurants it can create a health problem for customers hygiene factor. Bottles and
and for employees jugs are arranged in a manner
themselves. They that they can be easily broken
should establish and even they are kept upon
maintenance of clean each other.
environment as an
ongoing, continuous In picture 2, this machine is
program. Some time used for food production. But
should be set aside we can see something on this
for cleaning each machine and it clearly shows
day, or each shift. that it is not cleaned.
(We may have In picture 3, floor itself is very
cleaners who come in dirty. By looking only in the
a sweep office floors, pictures, its important to
and even clean the believe that we are talking
floor in a production about 5 star hotels. You can
area, but they do not see a plenty of dirt on floor. It
clean the production seems that this corner has not
equipment as we been cleaned since so long.
observed in picture 2.
there should be identification of who is responsible for
which areas. and who does what at which times and on
which days. Some of these happen before a shift begins, some during the shift and some at the
end. A key point is that maintaining cleanliness should be part of the daily work not an
occasional activity initiated when things get too messy. They should also make sure that

29 | P a g e
equipment needed to clean is always available, always ready for use. They should never
compromise whenever there is a concerned of customer health.


We talked them and they informed us that they have set rules and they are very much concerned
about the standard of their hotel. But what we observed is they have set the rules but they dont
follow them or they are not properly implemented. As we can see in all above pictures, there is
no standard. Seiketsu can be thought of as the means by which we maintain the first three pillars.
Those are not properly being maintained in this hotel. We recommend that work practices
should be consistent and standardized. Everyone should know exactly what his or her
responsibilities are for adhering to the first 3 S's.


We noticed that some of the employees working there were quite self disciplined and others were
totally opposite. Some employees were given proper training and some were not given training
thats why they were different from others. We recommend them to give training to all the
employees because it creates discrimination and most importantly those employees who are not
receiving training they can destroy the reputation of their hotel for their disciplinary actions.

In this way disciplined workplace can be created. They should Maintain and review standards.
Once the modification in the above 4 S's have been established. Maintain focus on the new way
and do not allow a gradual decline back to the old ways. They should continuously look for
improvement and better ways. When an issue arises such as a suggested improvement, a new
way of working, a new tool or a new output requirement, they should review the first 4 S's and
make changes as appropriate.



These pictures show the application of 5s housekeeping in certain areas or department of


30 | P a g e
31 | P a g e

Modifications required after the application of 5S in Sheraton Hotel:

(Taken at the shop of leather items)

Arranging things So It is Easy to Find and Easy to Use.

The second step of 5S is where we really start to make a difference to the efficiency and layout
of the working environment. We now need to decide exactly where things belong and provide a
clearly identified position for it. This is Seiton or "set in order", the second stage of 5S.

A photo of table is taken in a shop of sheraton to make it identifiable that all stuff must be kept
in such a way that things are in order. (e.g., piles of papers, cellphone). In this picture it is
clearly visible that there is a mess up of things on the table. And need to be systematically
arrange so that you just get the things when you need them with a lesser time.

5S Systematise is a study of efficiency. It is a question of how quickly you can get the things you
need and how quickly you can put them away. By applying 5S here, it can be imagined how neat
look it will give if things are arranged in a set of order. For example removing luggage from here
and placing them on the right place where they should be, keeping cell phone on the right place.

32 | P a g e
(Taken near the reception)

Seiso is about cleaning the workplace that all dust removed thoroughly. Clean and repaint floors,
remove grease, Dust, marks and so on. Eventually make the place look like new!

At this stage create a formalized cleaning schedule, who should do what, when, with what etc.
This should be posted in the area with the materials required. As time goes on the team should
consider what is causing the dirt, why is dust being deposited there, is the sweeping wrong, is
there a way to remove it automatically and so on.

Modifications required after application of 5S in

PC Hotel:

1 (inside the restaurant)

2 (crockery shelf)

33 | P a g e
Both pictures are taken in PC Hotel, it is a inside of restuarant where meal is prepared for

we observed that PC is applying 5S application but not maintaining it. It can be simply seen in
the picture one where glasses are just lying on the counter place and there is chances that dust
may go inside them.

Glasses in picture 1. should also have a proper place to keep them as it can be seen in picture 2.
there is a separate place for keeping stem-glasses and they are kept in a opposite direction to
prevent dust.

Segmentation provides a place for everything and allocates everything in its place.

Things need to be stored as close as possible to their point of use in a location that is both safe
and easy for the item to be retrieved.

But in the kitchen does it make sense to keep paper files with the water bottles?? Paper files may
easily get spoiled if water is spilled on them.

The team needs to think hard about what items are required and where, those items are used the
most, should be stored closest to the point of use, and those used the least can be further away.
Like the picture we taken of the sink depicts that crockery is just at the place where it must be
but papers files are at the wrong place they should be kept on some other cupboard particularly
made for it. All locations should be clearly identified, where things must be kept

Once this is done it will be clear exactly what belongs where, if anything is placed where it does
not belong it will be obvious. If anything is missing it will be obvious.

34 | P a g e
1. Neat and clean environment: This factor motivates customer to come for dine-in in 5 star
hotels because there is a huge amount of people who never wants to compromise in
quality so they prefer to eat in neat and clean environment. 5S helps to make your
environment tidy and clean

2. Avari towers emphasize that arrangement of things is very important in every

department. They mentioned that they arranged everything in a very specialized manner
so when there is a need for anything, they get thing immediately and when customers
are concerned regarding this, they dont have to wait and it reduce time delays

3. Avari tower management place greater emphasize on self discipline. They provide
training, workshops to their employees. Workers who are self discipline & well trained
interact positively with customer in return it builds a great image of their management.

4. Due to the proper application of 5s, it makes Sheraton customers to get their meal on

5. By implementing 5s in Sheraton, our hotel looks clean and tidy which gives crystal clear
message to customer about the safe and clean environment.

6. 5S helps to increase quality and decrease costs by reducing waste in shops.


Results obtained from our research shows that 5 stars hotels are not properly emphasizing on 5s
housekeeping in an absolute way. Seiso that is cleaning as an inspection is not applied in every
end of the hotel. Sheraton although have a good rating but somehow lack in discipline. Avari
maintains its standard outside as well as inside the hotel. We observed that Avari is the one in
which 5s is being properly implemented and workforce is also aware of 5s housekeeping. Their
attitude is also very positive and cooperative with customers. Sheraton and Marriott does agree
that they implement 5s but after proper observation we noticed that 5s is not being implemented
properly. One of the main mistakes of that they do not provide sufficient knowledge to their
employees about 5s.


5s housekeeping ifs followed in certain areas and departments whereas in other areas traditional
housekeeping is being followed.

1) We recommend them to implement 5s housekeeping in all the departments of hotels. All

employees should be trained enough so they can continuously work on improvement and
develop better ideas.

35 | P a g e
2) They should have critical eye on their workforce who is responsible for maintaining of 5s
housekeeping. Seiso is a very important factor in a field of hotels so the management
should do the best possible efforts to make the environment neat and clean. They have a
good standard and reputation in country; they should never compromise on quality that
can destroy their reputation and standard.
3) Proper implementation of 5s in hotel would make the hotel more attractive, productive,
and popular and standardized.
4) Workforce that is available in shopping areas and reception are not aware of 5s
housekeeping. We recommend them to provide an appropriate knowledge about 5s
housekeeping so they can implement it.
5) When hiring process takes place, we recommend them to ask question about 5s
housekeeping as well if their job is related to application of 5s. in this way . they would
know who is aware of 5s and they can have knowledgeable workforce. If they are not
aware of 5s, then proper training should be given.


This research report highlights the major impact of 5S in hotel industry has taken over the past
years and how with these impact the factor of quality of hotels have dramatically arose within the
industry itself.

The increase of globalization in hotel sector has open doors to increased competition amongst
different five star hotels working locally and internationally, all aiming towards grabbing more
customers and guests by attracting them. And obviously they will have to put in more efforts to
improve the quality of their service in terms of trustworthy, speed of delivering the service and
comfortable environment to satisfy their guests. For achieving greater quality, they held meetings
to discuss issues related to 5s and also how these 5S in every department will sustain. Obviously
for every concept or application of any concept will need time to becoming a sustainable
environment, similarly they also putting efforts to make more sustainable environment in every
area of hotel so that there will be greater customer satisfaction.

If customer satisfied with your service, meals, your friendly and clean environment than he will
not more thinks about where to go for dining out or for spending time on special events.

Thus, it can be clearly witnessed as the hotel industry is evolving more and more emphasis is
being given to the quality of food, service at all levels for customer satisfaction is a must, that
can only be attained if the entire organization thinks and acts towards providing best quality
service in this era where cut throat competition exists.

36 | P a g e

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Management of Housekeeping Operations by Thomas Jones, page 47
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(STARWOOD HOTEL) (pc hotels)
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5S/VISUAL WORKPLACE HANDBOOK, March 2012, page 2-5

38 | P a g e



What do you understand about the concept of 5s housekeeping?

If yes, then how it is applied in your organization?
If no, then is there any reflection of this concept?
Which department takes the responsibility of housekeeping?
How can the applications of 5S management tool contribute quality housekeeping in your
How 5S is being used in the areas of reception? To what extend you think 5S is important?
If you dont implement 5S housekeeping in your hotel, then how it will affect your hotels
efficiency and productivity?
Do you provide any training to your employees for the implementation of 5S?
Tell us something about your reception, restaurant and shopping area and how do you
implement 5s in these areas?
Do you believe that 5S tools can help in achieving more high quality?
Do you believe that 5S tools can help you do better in the competition?

39 | P a g e

Responsibility and Work Contribution among the Group Members:

Urooj Qasim was accountable for organizing of the appointments with the managers of the
selected organizations: Sheraton and Pearl continental whereas farhana niazi for accountable
for organizing and conducting the interview from Marriott and avvari with the assistance of
other members.
Zainab Yousuf and Saima Rizwan were responsible for collecting information from the
source of internet on the topic of the report.
Zainab Yousuf and Urooj Qasim crafted out the questionnaire after the discussion.
Farhana Nazi, Urooj qasim and Saima Rizwan were accountable for exploring useful
information from the interview conducted and arrange them in an order.
Then all the members worked on the research report; each responsible for a particular
portion: saima rizwan for introduction of 5S and search on competition along with Literature
Review; zainab yousuf and urooj qasim for HOUSEKEEPING brief account and give a light
on 5s application in international hotels in relation to application of TQM Philosophy;
Farhana Nazi on Figures, Conclusion and Recommendations. Thus afterwards finishing of
report was achieved through final editing and formatting. All the members contributed equal
efforts and the final report taken place after the thorough research and discussion of all the 4

[Zainab Yousuf and Urooj Qasim acted as the group coordinators and all the members were
available to help each other out with each task to promote the team effort theme

40 | P a g e

5S is your tool to convert your current business issues into your future
business opportunities. Excel your competitive advantage by exposing and
freeing up your internal resources i.e. manpower, material, space,
equipment, etc.





Change the mindset of employees and facilitate continuous improvement.

Improve the efficiency of employees and make them more productive.
Eliminate time spent on non value added work affecting individual and workplace efficiency.
Create a robust foundation for future work in the quality arena.

It's definitely a good way to start ...

I definitely played the par 5s well.
With five par 5s out here, you've
definitely got to get them.


41 | P a g e



The Stafford has long been considered one of the finest hotels in the London. Located in the
heart of St James's, The Stafford London has an air of timelessness, where elegance and tradition
create a haven of calm away from London's busy streets. Stafford hotel is famous for its
American Bar, its St.James address and the warmth of its Edwardian dcor. All guest rooms are
individually decorated, reflecting the hotel origins as a private home. The quality philosophy at
company is guided by empowering people, adaptability to changing customer needs, passion for
new ideas and innovations, transparency, entrepreneurial spirit and openness. The hotel has
undertaken development initiatives of knowledge management, lean six sigma, six sigma plus
and 5S. They apply 5S in different departments of the hotel to maintain the clean environment.
They apply 5S tools in restaurant, bedrooms, shopping area, lobby and kitchen etc. Much has
been done to pressure the original style of these rooms including preservation of the original A-
beams on the upper floors. You can bet that no 18th-century horse ever slept with the
electronic safes, stereo system and quality furnishings that these room feature.
The Boston Park Plaza Hotel: They implement 5s to maintain clean and peaceful environment.
Hotel The hotels policy states, With the implementation of this sweeping cleaning program we
are setting an example not only for the hotel industry, but also for diverse businesses and for
individuals themselves. Through 5s they can identify every area where they can reduce waste
and eliminate waste which reduce costs and increase productivity.

DUKES HOTEL LONDON: Each well furnished guest room is decorated in the style of a
particular English Period. The main focus of these quality management practices is to develop a
knowledge base and long term partnership for sustained excellence. The company leadership
articulates a vision for doing the best for people and the society. This vision is translated into
guiding principles and leadership manifests its commitment to achieve strategic quality
objectives through allocation of appropriate resources and best working environment that nurture
and energize diverse workforce to achieve and sustain performance excellence.

THE HOTEL ON RIVINGTON: the contrast of a gleaming 2t story glass tower luxury hotel
of 19th century and early 21st century. From the floor to ceiling windows of guest room,
surrounded by amenities such as flat panel television, Japanese soaking tubs in the bathrooms
and Tempura pedicel mattresses, not only do you have incredible and unobstructed city views
but you also can look down on the shops of Orchard Street. The hotel management believes that
a clean and tidy workplace leads to greater well being and increased motivation and also hotel
image improves. Their workers regular clean toilettes so no dirt or any messy thing will remain
at place. People are the heart of its quality management philosophy and its employees make hotel
different from its competitors. Hotel management is focusing more and more on leadership,

42 | P a g e
employees feedback, customer satisfaction, good housekeeping and security of guests and



We have conducted a survey in university, malls and other places and we have asked from
people that where do you like to go and which hotels environment you like the most according
to 5S. Finally, we have reached on that point that approximately 20% votes goes to Marriott,
approximately 25% votes goes to Sheraton and approximately 20% votes goes to Pearl
Continental and 35% votes goes to Avari tower.



43 | P a g e










44 | P a g e











45 | P a g e








46 | P a g e