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Verb forms
Past forms of verbs
Are you learning English?
Past simple of be
What mistakes do you make? I/he/she/it was
Do you know why you make them? we/you/they were
I/he/she/it wasnt
Test it, Fix it has the answers. we/you/they werent
Was I/he/she/it?
Were we/you/they?

Present forms of verbs Past simple of regular verbs

I/he/she/it/we/you/they worked
Present simple of be I/he/she/it/we/you/they didnt work
Im Did I/he/she/it/you/they work?
we/you/theyre Past simple of irregular verbs
Im not I/he/she/it/we/you/they went
he/she/it isnt I/he/she/it/we/you/they didnt go
we/you/they arent Did I/he/she/it/we/you/they go?
Am I?
Past continuous
Is he/she/it?
I/he/she/it was working
Are we/you/they?
we/you/they were working
Present simple I/he/she/it wasnt working
I/we/you/they work we/you/they werent working
he/she/it works Was I/he/she/it working?
I/we/you/they dont work Were we/you/they working?
he/she/it doesnt work
Present perfect simple
Do I/we/you/they work?
I/we/you/theyve worked
Does he/she/it work?
he/she/its worked
Present continuous I/we/you/they havent worked
Im working he/she/it hasnt worked
he/she/its working Have I/we/you/they worked?
we/you/theyre working Has he/she/it worked?
Im not working
Present perfect continuous
he/she/it isnt working
I/we/you/theyve been working
we/you/they arent working
he/she/its been working
Am I working?
I/we/you/they havent been working
Is he/she/it working?
he/she/it hasnt been working
Are we/you/they working?
Have I/we/you/they been working?
Has he/she/it been working?

Choose from these books to test and fix all your mistakes: Past perfect simple
I/he/she/it/we/you/theyd seen
Pre-intermediate Intermediate Upper-intermediate I/he/she/it/we/you/they hadnt seen
Grammar Grammar FCE: Use of English Had I/he/she/it/we/you/they seen?
Verbs and Tenses Verbs and Tenses Grammar for FCE
Vocabulary Vocabulary Past perfect continuous
Business Grammar I/he/she/it/we/you/theyd been working
Business Vocabulary I/he/she/it/we/you/they hadnt been working
Had I/he/she/it/we/you/they been working?

Kenna Bourke 2006