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Sarah Fell

Professor Orr

CIED 1003

14 July 2017

Mullins Library Assignment

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Listen Up- Jumping Spiders Can Hear Airborne Sounds

Daniel M. Vahaba

Journal of Experimental Biology

February 2017

In the article Listen Up- Jumping Spiders Can Hear Airborne Sounds author, Daniel M.

Vahaba, explains how jumping spiders not only have a sense of sight but they also appear to

have a sense of sound. When a sound made by a lab chair caused a noticeable jump in the spider,

the authors of the study decided to test this theory. The authors made sure the spiders were on a

vibration free table and that the sounds were transmitted through the air. They wanted to make

sure the spiders werent feeling the sounds. The jumping spiders not only heard the sounds,

but they perceived low sounds as a threat, due to the fact that their predator, the wasp, has a low

scale buzzing sound when they fly. It is still not completely proven as to how spiders actually
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hear sound. Jumping spiders have tiny air-flow-detecting hair on their legs which that may

make it possible for them to translate the sound through their leg hair.


Time Management

Journal of Library Administration

Maggie Farrell


In the article Time Management author, Maggie Farrell, describes how leaders deal

with time management and realize that it is a critical fundamental tool in order to achieve

personal goals and higher work productivity within the group. The article was written in

response to the recent ruling regarding the FLSA and the treatment of overtime with exempt and

non exempt employees. With more employees eligible for overtime, time management becomes
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even more essential. The article references many important facets of time management. The

planning and goal setting processes are very important in time management. Communication and

sharing the organizations vision are also important components. Professional and leadership

development become more important as a leader moves up in management. The ability to

delegate also becomes a more important tool. With good time management skills, an employee

can become a more efficient and productive employee, thus eliminating the need for overtime



Social Media Is

Journal Article

Natalie Fenton

Fell 5

In the article Social Media Is author, Natalie Fenton, writes a poem like piece

describing how society has become consumed with the world of social media and technology.

She explains how different we perceive ourselves on social media, giving the example And

please dont tag me in that photo; Im sure I never looked like that. Todays people are obsessed

with creating an online persona and having that persona get as many likes as possible. People

in todays society have surrendered to having their privacy invaded, yet are afraid to upset

anyone by refusing to allow them access to their social media. Many companies are even using

this invasion of privacy to track likes and preferences of potential customers. Technology and

social media seems to be playing an all too crucial role in everyday life.