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Date: Nov. 14, 2016

To: Christine McKittrick

From: Maria Stockinger

Director of Public Relations
Levi Straus & Co.
Battery Building, Office 1145
Ext. 1726

Subject: Improving internal communication

With over 12,5000 employees, 50,000 retail locations and five global offices, it is difficult to facilitate
world-wide communication amongst all of our employees. Due to the size of the company, face-to-face
communication is not attainable. Therefore, we need to facilitate virtual company-wide communication to
increase employee engagement.

Organizational media tactics, such as video messages, social networking, blogs, progress reports, research
kits and much more, have been found to make communication within a company more effective.
However, after carefully researching and analyzing our employees, we found that creating a company
blog, weekly video-newsletters and an internal social networking site would engage our employees and
improve internal communication.

Blogs allow for organizations to share information and knowledge, communicate company vision,
increase communication and boost company culture. Since we have a strong online presence, blogs are a
prime way to reach our employees. By periodically posting blogs from Charles Bergh and a range of
departments, it expedites communication to all levels of the company.

Secondly, we recommend sending out a weekly video-newsletter that will be posted on our intranet.
Newsletters allow for employees to stay updated on important happenings and can improve or maintain
employee morale. Studies have shown that video messages are highly impactful and since our employees
constantly receive e-mails, we recommend creating a newsletter that is more visually engaging than an e-
mail newsletter.

Lastly, we recommend creating an internal social networking site. Studies have shown that internal social
networking sites ease collaboration, create relationships among employees and create connections
between employees and their employers. Since the majority of our employees are young and have a
strong social media presence, creating an internal social networking site will allow for our employees to
freely communicate with each other despite geographical location or title.

Each of these tactics would contribute to the improvement of our internal communication issue, as well as
create a sense of community for employees.

Thank you.