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Eastern Quezon College

Gumaca, Quezon

July 24,2017

Acasian Hotel
Gumaca, Quezon

Dear Sir ;

A Pleasant Day Sir !

We are students from Eastern Quezon College, third year BSBA,major in Marketing.
We are going to conduct a Marketing Research, as a requirement in one of our
subjects, Marketing Research itself.

We are requesting for your approval as we had chose you company as a model in
conducting our Marketing Research. It would be great to work with you!

We are hoping for your compliance, and expect from us that we are going to give our
best for this task. Thank you very much!

Truly yours,

Anna Rose C. Vizarra

Joan Ecleo
Angelica Mahilom
(The Researchers)
Noted By:

Mr. Peter Andrew Regencia

Marketing Research Intructor

Mrs. Marites Tanada

BSBA Department Adviser

Mr. Arnel Pedro V. Rodelas

Approved by:

The Manager
Acasian Hotel