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Question Bank CAD/CAM

1. List out various codes used for CNC programming as per ISO standards and explain
how they should be used.
2. Write short notes on: a) Absolute and incremental programming
b) interpolation c) dwell d) modal G-codes
3. Make a part program for the component shown below. Give a sketch showing the
axes, set point and coordinates of points used by the program.

4. Explain the concept of Computer Aided Part Programming. What are the
Advantages and limitations of using automatic programming system?

5.What is meant by a post processor? Explain with help of a sketch the working
Scheme of APT programming system.

6. What do you understand by Group Technology? What are its advantages and
7. Write short notes on a) component codification b) production flow analysis.
Discuss the steps involved in implementing group technology in an organisation.

8. Explain how Computer Aided Process Planning is implemented in a manufacturing


9. Differentiate between retrieval type and generation type CAPP.

10. What are the components of an AGV? Describe a few types of AGVs and a few
methods how AGVs are guided.
11. How can Robots be applied for material handling? List out different types of
Robots and explain how each of them is different from the others.
12. Explain the concept of an FMS. What are the benefits of using FMS in

13. Discuss various Tool Management systems used in manufacturing.

14. Write short notes on i) MRP ii) Just in Time iii) lean manufacturing
15. Explain the concept of Computer Integrated manufacturing. What benefits can be
expected from such a system.

14. Describe a Coordinate measuring machine. Explain different methods of

measuring distances accurately in modern manufacturing.