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1. Welcome to the English World Classroom rules

Practice new vocabulary Practice new vocabulary
Classroom rules and classroom Classroom actions
commands and gestures. commands and gestures.
New Friends Formal and informal ways to Practice new vocabulary Practice new vocabulary
Greetings and Leavings say Hello and Good-bye commands and gestures. commands and gestures.
Personal information Introducing yourself and Introductions; a radio iy sound (tea) Articles a, an, and the; this, these, it, The Beatles - Octopuss Garden Personal information cards
Phone numbers others; asking for and giving interview; conversations stressed syllables in they; plurals; yes-no where Adele Someone like you This is me!
2. Communicating in English
Addresses personal information. about personal words questions with be; prepositions of James Blunt Youre beautiful My favorite things
Lets get to know each other
E-mail addresses information. place: in, in front of, behind, on, next
Personal information
Ages to and under.
Adjectives to describe Describing personal and Descriptions of physical I sound (sit) The verb be: affirmative and Bruno Mars Just the way you are Where are you from?
3. All kinds of people
appearance and personality physical appearance; appearance; descriptions Stress in numbers negative statements, yes-no
What do they look like?
describing personality of personality Moving stress questions, short answers, and Wh-
Your personality
characteristics. characteristics. questions.
Hobbies and sports Talking about hobbies; Conversations about sound (yes)
4. Free time
describing sports hobbies and interests; a Falling and rising
What are your interests?
characteristics; discussing description of an unusual intonation
Whats sports do you like?
extreme sports. sport.
Family members; Talking about families; A description of a family; ey sound (day) Simple present statements with Barry Whites youre the first, the A typical day
characteristics of living discussing living conversations about best stress in sentences regular and irregular verbs; simple last, my everything
5. People arrangements and friends. arrangements; describing a friends. present yes-no and Wh questions; Wonderful world
Families Days of the week. good friend. time expressions: early, late, every The Beatles - Yellow submarine
Friends day, on Sundays, weekends, Three Degrees - When will I see you?
weekdays. The Cure - Friday Im in love

Currencies Talking about shopping Conversations about sound (hat) Possessives: adjectives our and their, Queen I want to break free Fashion show
Places to shop habits and preferences; shopping; descriptions of the most important word pronouns, names, and whose; The Beatles - Im looking through you What should I wear?
Clothing giving compliments; recent purchases; present continuous statements and
6. Money Ways to save money suggesting gifts; discussing interviews about spending yes-no questions; conjunctions and
Shopping and clothing Gifts spending habits and habits. and but; placement of adjectives
Saving and spending attitudes. before nouns.

Adjectives to describe trips. Describing past trips; taking Descriptions of trips; Review Simple past statements with regular Eric Clapton Wonderful tonight Your own country
7. Travel and tourism
Vacation activities a vacation survey; discussing conversations about travel and irregular verbs; simple past Its a really great place!
How was your trip?
Famous places famous places; talking about experiences. yes/no questions and short answers.
Travel near and far
Things to take on vacation things to take on a trip.
Food and drinks. Talking about food; Mealtime conversations; sound (cup) Some and any; count and noncount Louis Armstrong - Wonderful world What should I eat?
8. Food and drink Adjectives to describe food describing eating habits, descriptions of experiences Strong and weak nouns; specific and general nouns; The Beatles - Yellow submarine
Eating out Places to eat planning a meal; describing with unusual foods. pronunciations adverbs of frequency: always,
Food around the world traditional meals and usually, often, sometimes,
unusual foods. hardly ever, never
Types of movies and TV shows Discussing movies and TV Descriptions of movies; TV sound (a banana) Yes-no and Wh questions with do; Radio show
9. Entertainment
Adjectives to describe movies shows; taking a TV survey; shows segments. in unstressed syllables question: what kind; object
Lets see a movie!
and TV shows. planning a TV schedule. and words pronouns; modal verb would; verb to
Whats on TV tonight?
Can and cant verb
Topics Vocabulary Speaking Listening Pronunciation Grammar Songs Projects
Adjectives to describe a healthy Discussing healthy lifestyles; A radio show about health; r letter Have + noun; feel adjective; Gene Kelly singing in the rain The five best ways
10. Health lifestyle taking health and sleep habit a talk about sleep and r in unstressed syllables negative and positive adjectives; That really hurts!
A healthy lifestyle Healthy activities quizzes; discussing sleep and dreams. and words imperatives.
Sleep and dreams Phrases to describe sleep habits dreams Intonation in choice
questions with or
Ways to remember things. Talking about ways to Conversations about how sound (hot)
11. Self-improvement
Things people forget. remember things; discussing to remember things; a phrase groups
Improve your memory!
Problems and advice. problems and giving advice. radio show about
Good advice
problems and advice.
Prepositions of place and Asking and giving directions; Directions; descriptions of sound (ball) Prepositions of place: on, on the How do I get there?
12. In the city
directions. talking about cities; cities and their using stress and corner of, across from, next to, The perfect neighborhood
How to get there
Characteristics of cities. recommending places; characteristics. intonation to show a between; giving directions with
Plenty to do
Places to visit. planning a fun day out. contrast imperatives.
Holidays Talking about ways people Descriptions of holidays in ow sound (go) Simple past yes-no and Wh My favorite season.
13. Customs Ways to celebrate holidays. celebrate holidays; different countries; a linking vowel sounds questions, statements, and short Unusual celebrations
Holidays Expressions about manners and discussing and giving advice conversation comparing answers with regular and irregular
Good manners customs. about manners; comparing different costumes. verbs; past of be.
Types of famous people Talking about celebrities; A conversation about uw sound (too)
14. Famous people Words and expressions to taking a quiz about famous people. stress and pronouns
Celebrities describe celebrities and famous celebrities; discussing
Still famous people famous people from the
Furniture and things in homes Talking about typical and Descriptions of dream sound (book) Simple present short answers; there Dream home
15. Home, sweet home Types of homes unusual homes; describing homes; conversation or negative contractions is, there are; theres no, there isnt a,
My dream home Characteristics of home things in a home; taking a interview about unusual there are not, there arent any.
Unusual homes survey about home homes.
Games Talking about games; Descriptions of childhood Review Past tense; used to for habitual A personal profile
16. Then and now Types of fads sharing childhood memories; a conversation actions.
Childhood memories Toys memories; talking about about fads.
Fads and fashions Hairstyles and fashions fads; discussing whats in
and out of style.
Expressions about Talking about the past Conversations about past y sound (fine) Future with be going to and will;
17. The future
achievements and regrets. achievements and regrets; achievements and regrets; stress in compound and modals for necessity and suggestion:
Hopes and dreams
Expressions to describe talking about hopes and a conversation about timing must, need to (dont) have to,
The world in the future
predictions. dreams; making predictions; hopes for the future; a better, ought to, should (not).
discussing the perfect future news report from the
city. future.