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News from Cantrell Vol.

9 2017

Cantrell Makes Changes to
Turkey Heart and Liver Harvester

The biggest
is the Turkey
Heart and Liver
Harvester is now
Cantrells Turkey Heart and Liver Harvester is made with all stainless steel for
powered by an more durability.

electric drive Cantrell has made changes to its Turkey Heart

and Liver Harvester to improve durability and
also improve safety for the operator.
motor instead of The biggest improvement is the Turkey Heart
and Liver Harvester is now powered by an
being line driven. electric drive motor instead of being line
driven. This eliminates one gear box,
therefore eliminating wear points.
The Turkey Heart and Liver Harvester is made
of all stainless steel and USDA approved
plastics. The heavy duty components on the
equipment lead to increased durability. It is
The Turkey Heart and Liver
floor mounted for additional stability.
Harvester is now driven by an
electric motor. A lift system, which can be cranked up or
down, makes height adjustments easier to
accommodate all bird sizes. The versatile Turkey Heart and Liver Harvester
can also process large chickens. The harvester features two blades that are
easily adjusted.
Wing Segmenter Updated with New Stainless Steel Doors
We have recently made an Processors can cut tips,
important upgrade to our flats and drummettes at one
popular CWCS-8400 Wing location. The CWCS-8400 is
Segmenter as a result of capable of handling varying
our commitment to ongoing sizes of wings.
research and development.
When run in cone line
One of our most well-
operations, the only person
received machines, Cantrell
who touches the wing is the
has sold more than 150
employee who cuts it off the
Wing Segmenters in
bird. This is a labor savings
the first two-plus years
for processors. When
of production.
configured with a cone line,
The Cantrell Wing the track and shackles run
Segmenter now features in front of the employee
stainless steel doors which who hangs the wings in the
offer better visibility of shackle. The shackle line
machine operation and easy CWCS-8400 Wing Segmenter now features stainless steel doors. is routed overhead to the
access for adjustment. The cutting head of the machine,
stainless steel doors can be retrofitted to older machines. which solves the problem of transporting the wings away
from the cone line.
The Cantrell Wing Segmenter is capable of processing
up to 185 wings per minute on a processing line or as In an offline situation, Cantrells wing system can be loaded
a standalone application. The Wing Segmenter properly on both sides and configured with a cutting wheel on each
orients the wing at various line speeds for accuracy on each
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individual cut. The shackle transfer eliminates misfeeds.

Jeff Saunders Promoted to General Manager for

Engineering/Service/Parts Sales
Cantrell has promoted Jeff Saunders to General Manager for Engineering/
Service/Parts Sales.
Saunders joined Cantrell in 2013 as Manager of its Parts Department. He has nearly
30 years of poultry industry experience.
Jeff has done a great job leading our parts sales department for the last four years,
Cantrell General Manager Sales/Service/Engineering Dane Woods said. He has
worked closely with our customers and our Regional Sales Managers to develop
market opportunities for the Parts Sales Department.
Saunders began his career with Cantrell as a machinist in 1987 where he also worked
in sales and as a sales engineer. He returned to Cantrell after being employed as a
sales engineer, project manager, sales support manager and warehouse manager for
another poultry equipment company.
The Gainesville High graduate and his wife, Tammy, have two children, Jamie and Joy. Jeff Saunders has been Manager
of the Cantrell Parts Department
since 2013.
Maintenance Tip:
Wing Segmenter Sharpening Station Maintains Quality and Accuracy
It is important to ONLY use the Wing Segmenter Blade
Sharpening Station to sharpen the Wingtip and Drumette
blade to keep your Wing Segmenter performing at optimal
yields. The sharping station has been engineered to provide
the most acute sharpening angles and preset pivot points
to sharpen each blade for optimal performance. This precise
sharpening procedure also extends the life of these blades.
Please note: Sharpening these blades by hand or any other
method could permanently damage and alter the machines
performance and accuracy of cuts.
We have produced a video for the Wing Segmenter Blade
Sharpening Station that features an easy-to-follow,
step-by-step process of sharpening both the Wingtip and
Drumette blades.
The video can be viewed on the Cantrell website
( or you can request a DVD by
contacting our office at 770-536-3611 or

Cantrell Wing Segmenter, Model No. CWCS-8400
 ach Shift Change
- Check Blades for Obstructions.

- Check all Safety Devices for Proper Operation.
- Check Blades for Sharpness.

- Check Chain Tension.
- Check All Bolts for Tightness.

- Grease Idler Hub Bearings.

Every 6 Months
- Check Idler Bearings.
A preventive maintenance program ensures optimum life and performance with any equipment.
Cantrell Expands Research & Development Department
Cantrell has expanded its Research & Development Department, moving into a 3,800 square foot space at the
companys headquarters.
Our Research & Development team, led by Mike Fowler, is working to develop new, cost-effective processing
equipment and to continue improving existing products, Cantrell General Manager Finance/Operations Tony Rice
says. We have made significant investments in our R & D efforts, to develop new and innovative products to
benefit our customers operations.
As part of the expansion, Cantrell purchased a milling machine, plasma cutter, lathe, band saw and welding station.
We are always listening to the needs of our customers and the industry and focusing on finding processing
solutions for them, Fowler says.

Wing Segmenter Updated, continued from page 2

end, making it possible to double the cutting capacity to 340 wings per minute.
The Segmenter is designed to allow adjustments during operation and easy access for blade replacement. The
CWCS-8400 is energy efficient and the open design makes for easy cleaning.

Cantrell Supports Industry

and Customer Events

Georgia Poultry Federation Nights of Knights, Atlanta, GA

Mississippi Poultry Association Convention, Destin, FL
Process Expo, Chicago, IL

Louisiana Poultry Federation, Shreveport, LA
Kentucky Poultry Federation, Louisville, KY
Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri Processors Workshop, Fayetteville, AR

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