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Hong Kong
Norway What they say
Belgium Flander
Latvia Brazil Ghana
Austria India It is a unique experience that lasts a lifetime.
4 easy steps to finally realize
New Zealand
Mlodie Roy Fulfill your dreams!
your dream!
Mexico Ecuador AFS is the Rolls-Royce of
international programs
Fill out the preliminary form you can Malaysia Switzerland Financial Post
Finland Bolivia
find on our website at Japan Kenya Panama ...I know that Ive gained the motivation needed to
keep studying hard, ...thanks to this whole experience
Argentina China and the countless valuable lessons
Complete your online application Portugal Hungary I have learned ...
Germany Leo-Thomas Brylowski
Meet with one of our volunteers Paraguay
The kind of experiences that one has as an AFS
participant are exactly the kind of experiences that can
Participate in pre-departure
help us produce new leaders.
orientation & camp Dr. Vishakha N. Desai
President/CEO of Asia Society

Where will you go? and former AFS Participant

Certificate of Achievement
in Intercultural Learning South Africa Italy
Denmark Peru Australia
Costa Rica Egypt France
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Would you like to have an official Philippines Spain

document that attests to your year Tunisia United States
abroad to include with academic Thailand French Belgium
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Honduras Indonesia
AFS Interculture Canada
AFS offers the opportunity to obtain a Dominican Republic (514) 288-3282 / 1 800 361-7248
certificate in intercultural learning at the Venezuela
end of your year abroad.
An exchange year is not just a year of your
life, but a life time experience
within one year. Youth Programs Adult Programs Generous scholarships

Study abroad, learn a new language and Choose the program and destination that Because we think our programs should
discover a new culture! Get prepared for fit your goals and interests and live an be available to everyone, no matter their
an unforgettable adventure with AFS! experience of a lifetime! socio-economic status, we offer generous
scholarships to participants with financial
Spend a full academic year, semester or This program provides you with the needs.
trimester immersed in another culture opportunity to work in a community
while attending a local high school and organization, with accommodations either In order to complete our mission, we are
living with a host family. in a host family or at the work site. You will looking for motivated ambassadors and
also have the opportunity to participate in we believe financial standing should not
Who is AFS Make your summer matter! With its wide
choice of programs and destinations, AFS
local activities so that you can learn more
about the cultural and socio-economic
prevent anyone from participating in the
amazing, fulfilling AFS experience!
Interculture Canada programs focus on realities of your host country.
AFS Interculture Canada is an cultural immersion, community service or
international, voluntary, non-profit language study.
organization that provides intercultural
learning opportunities.

Over the last 60 years, over 400,000

have gone abroad. The network boasts This experience brought me incredible
souvenirs, a lot of self-confidence and
more than 42,000 active volunteers.
enabled me to grow as a person, which
gave me the possibility to meet many
lovely people and friends that will forever
stay in my heart.

Melodie Roy

AFS Interculture Canada

(514) 288-3282 / 1 800 361-7248