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Second Grade Rubric: Plants

Students Name _______________________

Skills Not Achieving Needs On Target Exceeds
1 Improvement 3 4
Topic No topic Topic is unclear Topic is clear and Topic is clear and information
information is centered is centered around a plant or
around a plant or question, includes subtopics
Picture No picture Detailed Picture Detailed picture with Detailed picture with labels and
labels multiple small pictures to
Content Contains few on topic Contains 5 or fewer on Contains at least 6 on Contains 10 or more on topic
facts topic facts topic facts facts
Research No research was used for Only one source was used At least 2 sources were 3 or more sources were used
poster for poster used for poster (book, for poster (book, website, news
website, news article) article)
Handwriting and
overall neatness
Proper punctuation Proper capitalization and Proper capitalization and Proper capitalization and Proper capitalization and
punctuation attempted punctuation present with punctuation with few punctuation with no mistakes
and capitalization many mistakes mistakes
Sentences are a Sentences are choppy and Sentences are simple but Complex sentences with All sentences varied and complex
sometimes do not make easy to read conjunctions that are that create interest when read
complete thought sense easy to read
Easy to read

Score: _____/28

Not Achieving Needs Improvement On Target Exceeds

12 or Below 13-16 17-22 23-28