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ICR2016 Technical Program

Aug. 9 Morning
Slot start end duration Room 1A Room 1B Room 2A Room 2B Room 2C Room 2D Room 2E Room 2F Room 3A Room 3B Room 3C Room 3D Room 3E
10:00 10:20 20m Opening
Plenary: J. Vermant "Interfacial Rheology : from the Oil-field to the Human Cell"
10:20 11:10 50m
Chair: K. Urayama
11:10 11:30 20m Coffee break
5. Homogeneous 7. Computational 14. Experimental Method 6. Heterogeneous & Self- 12. Surfactants, 10. Suspensions, Colloids, 10. Suspensions, Colloids, 16. Food Rheology 4. Microfluidics 9. Dynamic/Static Gels 2. Non-Newtonian Fluid 2. Non-Newtonian Fluid 13. Surface, Interface,
Polymeric Systems Rheology & Analysis assembling Polymeric Emulsions, and Foams and Granular Materials and Granular Materials and Rubbers Mechanics Mechanics and Thin Films
Systems Chair: R. Gupta Chair: A. Shen
Chair: E. van Ruymbeke Chair: S. Shanbhag Chair: K. Cho Chair: L. Walker Chair: M. Cloitre Chair: A. Lindner Chair: K. Nakajima Chair: S. Tamano Chair: I. Frigaard Chair: K. Tanaka
Chair: R. Graham Keynote Keynote
Keynote 5116: R. Khare "Rheology Keynote Keynote 5296: A. Nelson Keynote 5818: J. Stokes 5401: P. Fischer Keynote 5576: A. Morozov "A 5460: G. McKinley Keynote
D1M1 11:30 11:50 20m 5118: Q. Huang "Polymer of Neat and Polymer 5575: K. Hyun 5001: H. Goldansaz 5138: T. Inoue "Linear "Extending Yield-stress 5019: R. Tanner "Multiscale Rheology "Microfluidics of Complex 5099: C. Creton "Fracture Low-dimensional Model of "Ligament Mediated 5214: A. Ma "The
Melts and Solutions in Modified Asphalt from "Characterization of "Correlating Dynamics Viscoelasticity of Fluid Paradigms" "Roughness and Rheology and Tribology of Slippery Fluids: Spatially Resolved Properties of Multiple Viscoelastic Turbulence" Fragmentation of Rheology of Carbon
Extensional Flow: from Molecular Simulations" Polymeric Materials and Microstructure of Wormlike Micelles in Non-colloidal Polymers and Soft Optical-rheology and Networks Elastomers" Viscoelastic Liquids" Nanotubes at an Air-Water
Steady State to Fracture" under LAOS Flow by FT- Entangled Supramolecular Revisited" Suspensions" Materials: Advancing Small Angle Scattering" Interface"
rheology" Networks" Food Oral Processing and
5473: K. Moorthi 5526: G. Cui "Structure, 5030: G. McKenna 5183: E. Soares 5607: C. Patrascu
"Atomistic Simulations Dynamics and "Structural Recovery "Developing Time in "Elasticity Influence on the
of Physical Properties of Rheological Response of Kinetics in Colloidal Viscoelastic Turbulent Break-up of Coalescent
D1M2 11:50 12:10 20m Polyolefin Melts" Supramolecular Polymers Dispersions" Flows by Direct Numerical Opposed Jets Immersed in
Based on Reversible End- Simulations" a Viscous Liquid"
to-end Links"

5562: N. Alvarez "Effect 5236: A. Baba "A 5208: C. Reynolds Keynote 5542: L. Porcar 5020: A. Townsend 5330: S. Murphy 5227: D. Takagi 5599: C. Tzoumanekas 5456: G. Mompean "On Keynote 5206: M. van den Berg
of Chain Flexibility on Quantitative Connection "Large Amplitude 5368: G. Peters "Multiple "Concentration Gradient in "Simulations of a Heavy "Simulating Food "Instability of a Micellar "Molecular Modelling of the Polymer Coil-stretch 5406: B. Mena "Nonlinear Dilatational
Non-linear Extensional between Full-atom and Oscillatory Shear Phases & Multiple Shear Banding Wormlike Ball Falling through a Mastication by Applying Membrane in a T-shaped Cavitation, Deformation Mechanism in Turbulent "Experimental Study of the Rheology of Anisotropic
Response of Linear Bead-spring Models of Rheology of Monodisperse Morphologies in IPP" Micellar Solutions Sheared Suspension" Integrated Compression Microchannel" and Fracture in Model Viscoelastic Channel Deformation and Breakup Particles at Air/Water
D1M3 12:10 12:30 20m Polymer Melts" Polymers" Polybutadiene and Revealed by Spatially cancelled sheardecompression Polyethylene Networks" Flows: Statistical and of Deformable Droplets Interfaces"
Polyisoprene Rubbers" Resolved 1-2 Shear Cycles Using a Rotational Tensor Investigation" Rising in Non-Newtonian
SANS" Rheometer" Fluids"

5268: F. Bossard "Chain 5274: D. Rodrigue "Fatigue 5523: K. Weigandt 5415: C. Park "Existence 5037: S. Pieper "Layer- 5253: M. Stading 5012: C. Balan "Shear 5091: Y. Morishita 5564: R. Martins "On the 5498: H. Zhang "Interfacial
Conformation and Behavior of Polylactic "MicroRheoSANS for of Double Peaks in the formation of Non-colloidal "Rheology for Safe Banding Formation in "Contributions of Evaluation of a Root-k- Rheology of Corn
Relaxation Dynamics Acid Analyzed from the the Characterization of Elastic Stress in the Suspensions in a Parallel Swallowing - Modification Vicinity of Micro-patterned Nonlinear Viscoelasticity type Transformation for Fibre Gum at Air/Water
of PS Polymer within Fourier Transform of Their Structure in Complex Oscillatory Shear Flow of Plate Rheometer under of Fluid Foods for Patients Surfaces" on the Crack Growth of the Conformation Tensor Interfaces"
D1M4 12:30 12:50 20m Electrospun Nanofibers" Stress Response" Fluids at High Shear Rate" Hard Sphere Suspensions" Steady Shear" with Dysphagia" Filled Elastomers" Applied to Turbulent
Channel Flows of FENE-P

12:50 14:10 1h20m Lunch Break

Aug. 9 Afternoon
Slot start end duration Room 1A Room 1B Room 2A Room 2B Room 2C Room 2D Room 2E Room 2F Room 3A Room 3B Room 3C Room 3D Room 3E
Plenary: K. Tanaka "Relaxation Behavior of Polymer Chains at Solid Interfaces"
14:10 15:00 50m
Chair: O. Urakawa
15:00 15:20 20m Coffee break
5. Homogeneous 7. Computational 14. Experimental Method 6. Heterogeneous & Self- 12. Surfactants, 10. Suspensions, Colloids, 10. Suspensions, Colloids, 16. Food Rheology 4. Microfluidics 9. Dynamic/Static Gels 2. Non-Newtonian Fluid 2. Non-Newtonian Fluid 13. Surface, Interface,
Polymeric Systems Rheology & Analysis assembling Polymeric Emulsions, and Foams and Granular Materials and Granular Materials and Rubbers Mechanics Mechanics and Thin Films
Systems Chair: M. Stading Chair: D. Takagi
Chair: D. Read Chair: N. Arai Chair: Y. Joshi Chair: P. Erni Chair: R. Bonnecaze Chair: R. Seto Chair: C. Creton Chair: A. Morozov Chair: I. Karimfazli Chair: A. Ma
Chair: G. Peters 5259: T. Nicholson 5303: F. del Giudice
5264: J.Takimoto Keynote 5579: C. Dessi "Large 5130: M. Calabrese "The 5479: G. Petekidis 5046: S. Jesinghausen "Rheological "Relaxation Time of Dilute 5588: K. Nakajima "Nano- 5092: N. Xu "Dynamic 5556: J. Dinic "Thinning 5318: S. Huang
D1A1 15:20 15:40 20m "Simulation Study of 5143: M. Mller Amplitude Oscillatory 5083: S. Wingstrand Effects of Branching in "Microscopic Mechanisms "Rheo PIV in Rectangular Characterization of Polymer Solutions: a scale Viscoelasticity and Energy Analysis on the and Pinch-off Dynamics of "Correlation between
Rotation of Polymer "Dynamics of Copolymer Extension on Silica- "Crystallization of Worm-like Micelles on in Yielding of Attractive Channel Flows: Slip and Thickened Fluids Used Microfluidic Approach" Measurement on Rubbers Viscosity Transitions with Polymer Solutions" Microstructure and
Chains under Fast Shear Systems in Equilibrium filled Styrene-butadiene Branched Polymers Nonlinear Flow Properties" Colloidal Glasses during Concentration Profiles for the Management of by Nano-palpation AFM" Increasing Temperature Microrheology of Microgel
Flow" and under Shear" Rubbers" in Uniaxial Extension Start-up Shear" of Non Brownian Dysphagia" under Shear for Dilute Monolayers at the Water/
before and after the Stress Suspensions" CTAC Surfactant Oil Interface"
Overshoot" Solutions"

5229: A. Kotula "Flow- 5584: R. Ewoldt "Non- 5561: J. Kornfield 5476: J. Cardiel 5521: J. Baller 5398: A. Singh "Stokesian 5530: M. Miura "Crisp 5482: S. Vanapalli 5158: X. Wang 5250: S. Tamano 5512: A. Mizukoshi
induced Crystallization of integer Asymptotic "Molecular Architecture "Formation of Crystal-like "Characteristic Length Dynamics Simulation Texture Evaluation of "Microfluidic Viscometers "Segmental Dynamics in "Turbulence Structures at "Experimental Study of
Polyethylene as Probed by Scaling of a Thixotropic- and Flow-induced Structures and Branched Scales of Brownian of Shear-rate Dependent Porous Foods by Acoustic with Encodable Range of Telechelic Polybutadiene Maximum Drag Reduction Motion for Tiny Bubbles
Simultaneous Rheology, viscoelastic Model Crystallization" Networks from Nonionic Relaxation in Nanoparticle Rheology in Bounded Flow Emission Measurement Shear Rates" / Clay Nanocomposites in Boundary Layer Flow in the Continuous Flow
D1A2 15:40 16:00 20m Raman Spectroscopy, and in Large-amplitude Spherical Micelles" Suspensions" of Dense Suspensions" and Uniaxial Compression Characterized by Time- with Surfactant Injection" Channel under Pressure- cancelled
Optical Microscopy" Oscillatory Shear" Test" resolved Rheometry and oscillating Field"
Solid State 1H NMR

5288: T. Shahid "Dynamic 5119: J. Swan "New 5653: Y. Luo "Creep 5239: A. Jabbarzadeh 5230: S. Lerouge "Shear- 5539: R. Andrade 5429: M. Hermes 5197: G. Della Valle 5170: X. Dong Keynote 5450: J. Tsamopoulos 5434: M. Pepicelli
Dilution Exponent in Methods for Rapid Experimental Study on "Crystallization of banding in Wormlike "Structure Development "Unsteady Flow and "Rheology for the Design "Synergistic Effect of 5140: S. Muller "Settling " "Cuspicious" Bubbles "Interfacial Dilatational
Monodisperse Entangled Calculation of Thermal Reinforced Concrete Particulate and Bulk Micelles: Beware of in Concentrated Colloidal Particle Migration in and Processing of Wheat Nanofiller Geometry of a Sphere in Wormlike in Plastic Fluids with Rheology: Radial Trough"
D1A3 16:00 16:20 20m Polymer Solutions" Forces in Coarse Grained Frame Structure after Fire" Polymers" Elastic Instabilities" Suspensions under Dense, Non-Brownian Flour Dough and Bread and Shear Flow on the Micellar Fluids" Elasticity"
Simulations of Complex Uniaxial Extensional Suspensions" Enriched with Fibers" Morphology Evolution in
Fluids" Flow" SSBR/LPI/Filler Ternary
5432: J. Horinaka 5064: K. Hagita "Coarse 5137: A. Franck "TTS, 5408: J. Kim 5063: A. Adams Keynote 5049: F. Bossler "Fractal 5203: A. Raymundo 5198: S. Kawahara 5573: B. Blackwell "Yield- 5089: N. Rabiah "Protein
"Rheological Properties of Grained MD Study of How do Shift Factors "Crystallization-driven "Concentration and 5583: J. Harden "Rheo- Dimensions of Capillary "Impact of Chlorella "Mechanical Properties of stress Fluid Drop Impact Release from Contact
Concentrated Solutions of Weissenberg Number Depend on the Shift Ordering and Self- Temperature Dependence XPCS Studies of Shear- Force Induced Particle Vulgaris Addition on Natural Rubber with Silica- on Heated Surfaces" Lenses Monitored by
D1A4 16:20 16:40 20m Polysaccharides in Ionic Dependence of 2D Algorithm?" assembling in Bottlebrush of Strain Hardening in induced Rejuvenation and Networks Determined from Rheology Wheat Dough nanomatrix Structure" Interfacial Viscoelasticity"
Liquids" Scattering Patterns of Polymers" Step Shear in CTAB/NaSal Nano-plasticity in Soft Rheology and Confocal Properties"
Polymer Melts under Shear Surfactant Solutions" Glassy Materials" Microscopy"
5528: A. Takano 5596: H. Morita "Analysis 5195: G. Choong 5073: B. Yavitt "Linear 5186: R. Sureshkumar 5231: A. Lindner "Droplet 5205: I. de Sousa "Changes 5540: P. Junkong 5215: M. Cromer 5062: M. Renardy 5610: M Gottlieb
"Preparation and of the Structure and "A Method for the Viscoelastic Behavior "Structure, Dynamics Detachment of Granular in Food Complex Systems "Characteristics of "Concentration "Thixotropic Yield Stress "Interfacial Rheology
Viscoelastic Properties of Dynamics of Filler Filled Determination and of Bottlebrush Block and Rheology of Cationic Suspensions" Stabilize by Animal and Homogeneously Fluctuations in Polymer Fluids as a Limit of of Block Copolymers
a Series of Model Poly(n- Materials Using Coarse- Correction of the Effect of Copolymers" Surfactant Micelles and Vegetable Proteins Induced Dispersed In Situ Silica Solutions under General Viscoelasticity" -Dilatation, Shear and
D1A5 16:40 17:00 20m alkyl styrene)s" grained Simulations" Thermal Degradation on Micelle-nanoparticle by Thermal Processing" Filled Peroxide Cross- Linear Flow" Relaxation Experiments"
the Viscoelastic Properties Solutions: a Molecular linked Natural Rubber
of Degradable Polymers" Dynamics Study" Nanocomposite"

19:00 21:00 2h Beer party @ Uzumasa Studio Park

Aug. 10 Morning
Slot start end duration Room 1A Room 1B Room 2A Room 2B Room 2C Room 2D Room 2E Room 2F Room 3A Room 3B Room 3C Room 3D Room 3E
Plenary: J. Brady "Dynamics and Rheology of Active Matter"
9:00 9:50 50m
Chair: T. Taniguchi
9:50 10:10 20m Coffee break
5. Homogeneous 7. Computational 14. Experimental Method 6. Heterogeneous & Self- 12. Surfactants, 10. Suspensions, Colloids, 10. Suspensions, Colloids, 16. Food Rheology 4. Microfluidics 2. Non-Newtonian Fluid 2. Non-Newtonian Fluid 13. Surface, Interface,
Polymeric Systems Rheology & Analysis assembling Polymeric Emulsions, and Foams and Granular Materials and Granular Materials Mechanics Mechanics and Thin Films
Systems Chair: M. Miura Chair: F. del Guidice
Chair: G. Ianniruberto Chair: T. Indei Chair: M. Abbasi Chair: T. Inoue Chair: G. Petekidis Chair: G. Ovarlez Chair: K. Sadeghy Chair: M. Cromer Chair: A. Shundo
Chair: J. Kornfield 5196: C. Leverrier 5066: N. Burshtein "Spiral
Keynote 5494: N. Arai "Self- 5222: A. Barbati "Probing 5292: E. Hernandez "Shear Keynote 5254: C. Liao "Understanding Vortex Instability in Cross- 5529: T. Phillips "The 5407: S. Mengran "A 5125: G. Christopher
D2M1 10:10 10:30 20m 5050: S. Fielding assembly of Janus Complex Fluids with Keynote Thickening-thinning 5477: E. del Gado "Experimental Study Rheological Behaviour slot Flow: Effect of Fluid cancelled Immersed Boundary Nonlinear Viscoelastic "Capillary Quadrupoles'
"Instability in Polymer Oligomers into Onion- Orthogonal Superposition 5287: P. Moldenaers Transition in Micellar "Flow of Jammed Soft Density-induced Wet of Soft Apple Cells Elasticity" Method for Fluid-structure Model for the Yielding of Effect on Microstructure of
Shear Flows: Bulk like Vesicles and Layered to Reveal Shear-rate- "Tuning the Phase Solutions" Solids: Microscopic Granular Segregation in a Suspensions according to Interaction Problems with Waxy Crude Oil" Aggregated Particle Laden
Shear Banding and Edge Transition ~Dissipative dependent Relaxation Separated Morphology Rearrangements and Thin Rotating Drum" Structural Parameters and an Oldroyd-B Fluid" Interfaces"
Fracture" Particle Dynamics Study~" Spectra" and Resulting Electrical Correlated Motion" Continuous Phase"
Conductivity of Carbon
5514: Y. Kobayashi 5580: D. Bohnsack Nanotube Filled Blends Keynote 5400: N. Jaensson 5605: S. Matsukawa 5102: L. Casanellas 9. Dynamic/Static Gels 5234: S. Xue Keynote 5191: C. Teng "The Altered
"Viscosity and Velocity "Facile Implementation of with a Random or Block 5544: P. Erni "Measuring "Simulations of Particles "Study on the Network "Stabilizing Effect of Shear and Rubbers "Development Length 5071: T. Burghelea "A Glass Transition Behavior
Profile of Janus Orthogonal Superposition Copolymer" Interfacial Rheology and in Viscoelastic Fluids Structures in Mixed Kappa Thinning on the Onset of for Fully Developed Microscopic Gibbs Field of Polymers Confined in
Nanoparticles Solution for of Small Strain Oscillation Micromechanics of Drops, under Shear: Particle and Iota Carrageenan Gels Purely Elastic Instabilities Chair: K. Saalwachter Laminar Channel Flow of Model for the Macroscopic Nanotubes"
Nanotube Flow" Shear on Steady or Capsules and Liquid Alignment and Rheology by Rheological and NMR in Serpentine Microflows" Viscoelastic Fluids" Yielding Behaviour of a
Oscillation Shear in Bridges with MEMS Force of Bidisperse Suspensions" Measurements" 5319: cancelled Viscoplastic Fluid"
D2M2 10:30 10:50 20m a Rotational Shear Sensors"
Rheometer" 5097: K. Urayama
"Nonlinear Stress-strain
Behavior of Elastomer
Foams Studied by Various
Types of Deformation"
5349: P. Olmsted "Shear 5537: J. Molina "Rheology 5252: T. Hirano 5290: G. Filippone 5190: T. Liu "The 5611: S. Hormozi 5430: K. Nishinari 5260: Y. Kim "Effect 5377: H. Jang "Effective 5549: V. Sharma "Domain
Banding : a New Approach of Colloidal Dispersions: "Evaluation of Secondary "Viscoelasticity and Universality of the Flow "Rheology of Dense "Modulating Rheology of Silica Particles in Viscosity of Non- and Rim Expansion
to Non-locality" a Direct Numerical Flow Effect in Parallel- Structure of a Co- Curve for Soft-particle Newtonian and Visco- of Alginates by Poly(ethylene oxide) Newtonian Fluids in Dynamics in Stratifying
Simulation Approach" plate Viscometer with continuous Blend Glasses" plastic Suspensions" Oligoguluronates" Solutions on the Complex Continuous Foam Films"
D2M3 10:50 11:10 20m Reservoir" Containing Interfacially- Rheological Properties cancelled Flows: Extended Metzner-
adsorbed Plate-like and Vortex Dynamics in a Otto Method"
Nanoparticles" Micro-contraction Channel
5008: S. Hatzikiriakos 5586: W. Hwang "Direct 5310: F. Aangenendt 5316: N. Demarquette 5474: R. Thompson 5281: N. Wagner 5447: D. Lootens "Non- 5566: L. Howarth 5155: R. Hidema 5574: F. Tournilhac 5378: W. Yang "A New 5251: I. Homma "A Study Keynote
"Surface Fractionation Numerical Simulations "Obtaining Mechanical "Tayloring of Dielectric "Emulsion Effects on the "Distinguishing Newtonian Flow of "Understanding Starch "Optimizing a Microfluidic "Multiple Welding of Long FENE Type Constitutive on Yield Behavior and 5364: P. Anderson "Particle
Effects on Slip of of Brownian Particle Properties of Temperature- and Mechanical Properties Rheology of a Waxy Crude Mechanisms of Concentrated Suspensions: Swelling Behavior and Device to Produce Double Fiber Epoxy Vitrimer Equation for Modeling Stress Relaxation of Alpha- Migration in Two-phase
Polydisperse Polymer Suspensions: Fluctuating sensitive Microgels of Nanocomposites of Oil" Shear Thickening in Scaling Laws" How it Impacts Functional Emulsions" Composites" Highly Nonlinear gels" Viscoelastic Flows"
D2M4 11:10 11:30 20m Melts" Hydrodynamics via Calorimetric Block Copolymers through Colloidal Dispersions: Properties of Food Dynamics of Semi-dilute
and Rheological Measurements" Morphology Control" Hydrodynamic, Systems" Polymer Solution in Planar
Characterization" Elastohydrodynamic, Contraction Flow"
Frictional and Dilational
Chair: G. McKinley Chair: T. Murashima 5443: M. Lilliman "The 5421: Y. Zhu "Flow- Chair: P. Fischer 5129: L. Archer "Origins 5041: M. Ellero "Shear- 5269: H. Tavakolipour 5369: B. Stoeber "Gel Chair: H. Winter Chair: J. Tsamopoulos Chair: S. Xue
Effect of Rheology on the induced Self-assembly of of Thermal Jamming in thinning of Non-colloidal "Rheology of Selected Formation in Thermally
5178: Y. Doi "Viscoelastic 5375: C. Aponte-Rivera Printability of Mortar" Nanofillers into Parallel 5356: H. Yamane "Green Self-suspended Hairy Suspensions" Traditional Grape Responsive Droplets Keynote 5335: J. Rothstein "The 5621: J. Lee "A Cahn-
Properties of Tadpole- "Hydrodynamically Stripe Structure in Polymer Polymer Chemistry : Nanoparticles" Molasses" and Gel-based Arrest of 5144: F. Meng Effect of Shear and Hilliard Regularization of
shaped and Dumbbell- Interacting Colloids inside Matrix" Approach to Artificial Spreading Droplets" "Rheological Response of a Extensional Deformation the "mu(I)" Rheology"
D2M5 11:30 11:50 20m shaped Polymers" a Spherical Cavity as a "Urushi" via Oxidative Transient Elastic Network on Liquid Transfer in
Model for Intracellular Polymerization of under Deformations" Gravure Printing of Non-
Transport: Hydrodynamic Cardanol in w/o Emulsion" Newtonian Fluids"
Entrainment and Active

5169: J. Prakash "Stretch- 5472: T. Fan "Continuum Chair: K. Cho 5499: Q. Zheng "Rheology 5185: R. Cardinaels 5379: M. Merola 5110: G. Chatt "How does 5467: K. Marshall 5438: M. Rehor "On the 5031: P. Coussot 5362: A. Luo "Towards
relaxation of DNA Modeling of Active and of Particle-filled Polymeric "Insights in Interacting "Rheological Response a Shear-thickening Fluid "Investigating Droplet- Response of Nonlinear "Rayleigh-Taylor Multiscale Models for
Molecules in Semidilute Passive Microrheology in 5524: F. Meyer "Extended Complex Systems" Droplets in Confined Shear of Star/Hard Sphere Flow? Finite-size Effect, breakup Dynamics for Viscoelastic Materials Instability in Viscoplastic the Rheology of Particle-
Solutions" Polymer Solutions" Material Characterization Flow: Experiments and 2D Mixtures across Their Non-local Rheology and Characterizing Low- in Creep and Stress Fluids: a Local, stabilised Interfaces"
D2M6 11:50 12:10 20m by Combining Mechanical Lubrication Analysis of State Diagram: the Flow Cooperativity" viscosity Elasticity" Relaxation Experiments in Catastrophic Process"
Rheometry with Other Interacting Rigid Particles" Roles of Softness and Lubricated Squeeze Flow
Analytical Techniques" Interpenetrability" Setting"

5103: S. Pan "Semidilute Keynote 5263: K. Kosaka 5383: J. Kim "Shear- 5446: A. Almusallam 5418: P. Nath "The Keynote 5277: K. Saalwchter 5313: X. Li "The 5141: I. Karimfazli "Flow 5202: D. Lee "Localised
DNA Solutions in Shear 5457: T. Indei "Coarse- "Extensional Rheometric induced Clustering of "Rheology of Polymer Dynamics of Nanoparticles 5139: R. Seto "How "Molecular Rheology on Behaviour of Non- of Viscoplastic Fluids due Flow and Temperature
Flow" grained Simulation of Evaluation of Ink Jet Inks Brownian Colloids in Blends Composed of Non- in Entangled Polymer do Discontinuous Shear Permanent and Transient Newtonian Lubricants on to Localized Heating" Control with Active
a Fluid Network of with the Capillary Breakup Associative Polymer Newtonian Components" Liquids" Thickening Suspensions Elastomers: NMR Thin Film Flows" Feedback System in
D2M7 12:10 12:30 20m Associating Polymers" Extensional Rheometer" Networks at Moderate Flow in a Wide Gap Investigations of Local Microchannels for
Peclet Number" Couette Cell?" Chain Deformation and Interfacial Dynamics of
Supramolecular Bond Immiscible Liquids"

5157: R. Prabhakar 5490: M. Kato 5487: P. Nantarajit 5370: H. Chu "Non- 5399: J. Zhao "Effect of 5525: I. Kumagai 5365: C. Macosko "Mixing
"Concentration "Simultaneous "Rheological equilibrium Stokes- Chemical and Physical "Buoyancy-driven Flows Viscoelastic Immiscible
Dependence of Coil- Measurement of Reaction Properties of Mixed Einstein Relation via Cross-linking Density on in a Deformable-gel Beads Liquids and Interfacial
-stretch Hysteresis in Force and Birefringence ysophosphatidylcholine Active Microrheology Mechanical Properties Layer: Spatio-temporal Agents to Create Porous
D2M8 12:30 12:50 20m Extensional Flows of on Two-dimensional cancelled and Phosphatidylcholine of Hydrodynamically of Self-healing Dual Pattern of Magma Polymer Structures"
Unentangled Polymer Opposing Jets Nozzle Aqueous Solutions Interacting Colloids" Crosslink Gels" Transport"
Solutions" Elongational Rheometer" and Water Continuous

12:50 14:10 1h20m Lunch Break

Aug. 10 Afternoon
Slot start end duration Room 1A Room 1B Room 2A Room 2B Room 2C Room 2D Room 2E Room 2F Room 3A Room 3B Room 3C Room 3D Room 3E
Plenary: D. Read "Binary Blends of Entangled Polymers: When Two Seems Many More Than One"
14:10 15:00 50m
Chair: Y. Masubuchi
15:00 15:20 20m Coffee break
Shared Keynote for 7. Computational 14. Experimental Method 6. Heterogeneous & Self- 12. Surfactants, 10. Suspensions, Colloids, 10. Suspensions, Colloids, 4. Microfluidics 9. Dynamic/Static Gels 18. Industrial Rheology 2. Non-Newtonian Fluid 13. Surface, Interface,
5 Homogeneous Rheology & Analysis assembling Polymeric Emulsions, and Foams and Granular Materials and Granular Materials and Rubbers Mechanics and Thin Films
Polymeric Systems and 8 Systems Chair: A. Colin Chair: M. Sugimoto
Likhtman Session Chair: T. Taniguchi Chair: K. Hyun Chair: L. Li Chair: L. Archer Chair: G. McKenna Chair: K. Urayama Chair: J. Rothstein Chair: P. Anderson
Chair: P. Moldenaers Keynote Keynote
Chair: Z. Wang 5657: D. Grecov 5513: T. Kusuma "Lateral 5502: N. Yang Keynote 5504: P. Hbraud "Jet 5571: M. Carvalho 5079: A. Louhichi 5815: J. Soulages "Polymer 5478: K. Khechiba 5470: Y. Nagatsu
"Modeling of Flow- Force Microscopy Keynote "Microrheology of Typical 5213: C. Clasen "The Instability of a Shear- "Microscale Flow of "Viscoelasticity and Self- Modeling at ExxonMobil: "Subcritical Rayleigh- "Rheological
D2A1 15:20 15:40 20m induced Structure and Investigation of Friction Food Emulsion" Yielding of Microgel thickening Suspension of Complex Liquids through healing Efficiency of a Reaction Kinetics and Benard Convection of Measurements of Gel
5270: T. McLeish 5609: L. Walker "Impact
"The Most Surprising Rheology in Nematic between Micrometer-sized of Dispersed Particles on Suspensions in Solid Particles" Porous Media" Star Polymer Based on Computational Rheology" Carreau-Yasuda Fluids in a Produced by Chemical
Prediction: Enhancement Liquid Crystalline Particles" the Structure and Flow Confinements" Disulfide Bonding" Horizontal Porous Cavity" Reaction at Miscible
of Long Chain Stretch Materials between Two Mechanism of Block Liquid-liquid Interface
Times in Blends and Cylinders" Copolymer Micelle and Its Application to a
an Old Puzzle in Comb Solutions and Soft Solids" Reacting Flow with Gel
Melts" Production"
5224: Y. Cheny "The 5560: A. Vlker 5111: C. Mitrias "Direct 5396: A. Noro 5115: I. Frigaard "Critical 5505: R. Shimanaka
LS-STAG Immersed "Recent Advances in Numerical Simulation "Preparation and Pressure Drops for Yield "Application of FT
Boundary/Cut-cell Method Microrheology Based of a Bubble Suspension Mechanical Properties of Stress Fluids Flowing in Rheology on the Defect
D2A2 15:40 16:00 20m for Non-Newtonian Flows on Diffusing Wave in Small Amplitude cancelled Block Copolymer-based Fractures" Analysis of Polymer
and Heat Transfer in Spectroscopy" Oscillatory Shear Flow" Supramolecular Elastomers Composite"
Quasi-3D Geometries" via Hydrogen Bonding"

8. Likhtman Session 5136: P. Knechtges 5582: B. Rajaram 5495: T. Sato "Structure 5218: C. Lanos "Bubble in 5015: G. Ngele 5232: M. Otsuki "Shear 5458: H. Wyss "Shock 5175: T. Sun "Time- 5204: J. Sunder "Capillary 5098: S. De "Viscoelastic 5271: O. Pitois "Bubbles
"An Interface-tracking "Sample Dynamics during and Dynamics of a Yield Stress Fluid" "Rheology and Diffusion Modulus of Jammed Traps: Probing the temperature Superposition Rheometers Process Flow Simulations in a and Drops Protected by
5009: M. Wagner "The Approach to Viscoelastic Shear Rheometery: A Concentrated Aqueous Properties of Concentrated Frictional Grains" Elasticity and Permeability Principle to Fracture Optimization with Small Model Porous Media" Particulate Armors"
HMMSF Model for Free-surface Flows" Quantitative Analysis of Solutions of the Micelle Microgel Suspensions with of Porous Soft Objects in Behavior of Tough Material Quantities Using
D2A3 16:00 16:20 20m Monodisperse, Bidisperse, Rheo-Microscopy" Formed by an Amphiphilic Application to Filtration" Microfluidic Devices" and Self-healing Improved Measurement
and Polydisperse Linear Alternating Copolymer" Polyampholyte Hydrogels" Techniques"
Polymer Melts"

5173: O. Hassager 5096: B. Robertson 5081: M. Larsson "Using 5107: U. Handge 5475: S. Lee "Conductive 5585: H. Shewan 5228: R. Valette 5491: A. Machado 5069: M. Leocmach 5216: H. Uematsu Keynote 5072: D. Truzzolillo
"Stress Relaxation in "Theoretical Studies of DLS-microrheology and "Rheological and Polystyrene/Carbon "Viscoelastic Liquid- "Quantitative Predictions "Viscous Resuspension in "Ion Pairing Controls "Effect of Flow Induced 5360: J. Frec "Using "Off-equilibrium Surface
Binary Polymer Blends Extrudate Swell using Raman Spectroscopy to Dielectric Properties of Nanotube Microcellular like Behaviour of Soft of the mu(I) Rheology Pressure Driven Confined Rheological Properties Orientation of Carbon Slender Body Theory Tension in Driven
Investigated by Filament Molecular Constitutive Probe Self-assembly and Styrene-isoprene Triblock Foams via High Internal Particle Suspensions above in 2D and 3D Granular Flows of Suspension" of "Processionary" Nanofiber on the Capillary to Derive Constitutive Colloidal and Polymer
D2A4 16:20 16:40 20m Stretching Rheometry Equations and Comparison Gelation Mechanisms in Copolymers: Influence Phase Emulsion Random Close Packing Column Collapse: Scaling Polyelectrolyte Hydrogels" Extrusion Behaviors of Equations for Rod Suspensions"
and Small Angle Neutron to Experiment" Complex Fluids" of Block Sequence and Polymerization" and Below Jamming" Laws and Quasi-static vs. Polyethylene" Suspensions in Non-
Scattering" Molecular Weight" Inertial Regimes" Newtonian Fluids"

5465: E. van Ruymbeke Chair: Y. Masubuchi 5060: L. Josephson 5121: X. Li "Rheological 5023: F. Oppong Keynote 5017: R. Mangal "The 5275: G. Tomaiuolo 5242: N. Bharadwaj 5532: D. Curtis 5294: K. Verbeke
"Constraint Release "Passive Microrheology Analysis of Semi- "Rheology of Hydrophobin 5361: R. Winkler "Active Structure and Dynamics of "Red Blood Cell "A Strain Stiffening "Controlled Stress Parallel "Capillary Pinch-
Mechanisms of Star Chains 5386: N. Ebrahimi with Differential Dynamic interpenetrating Network (HFBII) Stabilized Foams" Colloids in Microchannel Polymer Nanocomposites" Viscoelasticity Affects Theory for Transient Superposition Rheometry: off around Individual
Moving in a Short Polymer "Comparison of Model Microscopy" PEO-PPO-PEO Triblock Flows" Drug Carrier Transport in Polymer Networks under A Novel Approach to Particles"
Matrix" Predictions of the MSF Copolymer Solution and Microcirculation" Asymptotically-nonlinear Informed Formulation"
D2A5 16:40 17:00 20m and Multimode Pom- Effect of Homopolymer on Oscillatory Shear"
pom Models for Uuniaxial the Gelation Behavior"
Elongational Viscosity of NO SESSION
Autoclave LDPEs"

Chair: D. Read 5541: T. Murashima Chair: Y. Joshi 5179: W. Yu "Medium 5420: S. Kulkarni 5453: P. Thareja "Rheology 5321: M. Kim "Two- Chair: F. Meng Chair: H. Uematsu Chair: T. Takahashi Chair: J. Vermant
"Multiscale Simulation Amplitude Oscillatory "Relationship between of Titania Nanoparticles- step Label Free
5285: J. Ramirez Based on Kernel Gradient 5039: C. Weis Shear of Olefin Multiblock Rheology and the in-Nematic Liquid Crystal Particle Separation in a 5618: M. Yasuda 5612: A. Beris "A 5278: J. Tajuelo "A High
"Fluctuations in the Free Method" "Characterization of Copolymer" Partitioning of Colloidal Suspensions" Microfluidic Device" Keynote "Application of Open Multiscale Tensorial Sensitivity Magnetic Trap
Number of Monomers per Heterogeneities and Particles in the Grain 5166: T. Katashima Type EMS System to Model for the Rheology of Driven Interfacial Shear
D2A6 17:00 17:20 20m Entanglement in the Doi- Dynamics in Aqueous, Boundaries of Lyotropic "Rheological Properties Molten Glass Viscosity Aggregating Thixotropic Rheometer"
Edwards Tube Model" Highly Concentrated Hexagonal Liquid of Associative Polymer Measurement" Colloidal Suspensions with
Colloidal Dispersions with Crystals" Networks Trapped in Yield Stress"
Passive Multi Particle Chemically Crosslinked
Tracking" Polymer Networks"
5431: D. Tsalikis 5543: J. Schieber 5522: G. Auernhammer Keynote 5010: S. Takatori "The 5603: F. Goharpey 5055: T. Kang "Dynamics 5654: M. Sugimoto 5374: Y. Sugihara Keynote
"Geometric Analysis "Complex Flow of "Single Particle Tracking 5084: M. Solomon Swim Pressure: Forces "Rheology of Highly of Janus Magnetic Particles "Interfacial Roughness "A Study on Flow- 5376: A. Shundo "Peculiar
of Ring-ring Threading Entangled Polymers by in Sheared Dry and "Associations in Bacterial and Stresses on Living Concentrated Bimodal in a Confined Shear Flow" and Slip Velocity between induced Anisotropic Frictional Properties of
Events in Melts of Ring Using a Stochastic Slip- Wet Granular Matter: A Exo-polysaccharides Materials" Nanosilica/PEG Immiscible Polymer Melts Shear Viscosity of Fiber Well-defined Surface
D2A7 17:20 17:40 20m Polymers and Their link Model and Smoothed- Confocal Microscopy Determine the Suspension" " Suspensions" Composed of Alkyl Loops"
Connection with the Slow particle Hydrodynamics" Study" Microrheology of
Relaxation Modes" Staphylococcal Biofilms"

5326: A. Valencia 5021: T. Taniguchi "Flows 5075: A. Wierschem 5428: T. Narita "Winter- 5237: T. Sato "Multi-scale 5301: T. Koshiba
"Assessment of of a Polymer Melt with a "Rotational Rheometer for Chambon Criterion for Simulations for Spinning "Configuration of Liquid
Linear and Non-linear Bimodal Molecular Weight Measurements at Narrow Physical Gelation of Process of Well-entangled Filament in Stretched
Rheological Theories Distribution in an Abrupt Gaps" a Flowable Transient Polymer Melt" Deformation of Mixtures
D2A8 17:40 18:00 20m using Monodisperse, Contraction and Expansion Network Studied by DWS of Particles and Water"
Bimodal and Polydisperse Channel ~Multiscale Microrheology"
Polystyrene Systems" Simulation Approach~"

5094: H. Rasmussen 5533: Q. Rao "Turning 5105: R. Castellani 5581: N. Holten-Andersen 5293: H. Winter "Transient 5466: Y. Otsuki 5485: T. Narumi "Transient
"Constant Interchain Tube Walking Sinkage of "Probing the Behavior "Bio-inspired Metal- Dynamics of Soft Solids "Viscoelastic Simulation Flow Responses of Carbon
Pressure Effect on Flow Tracked Mining Vehicle of an Industrial Polymer coordination Dynamics: Near the Gel Point" of Asymmetrical Fountain Nanotube Suspensions
D2A9 18:00 18:20 20m of Monodisperse Polymer Based on Compressive during Its Crystallization a Unique Tool for Flow of Polymer Melts " after a Shear Reversal" cancelled
Melts and Oligomer and Shearing Rheological with the Use of Different Engineering Soft Matter
Dilutions" Properties of Deep-sea Rheometry Tools" Mechanics"
5282: R. Graham 5455: A. Kabedev 5308: T. Saint-Martin 5486: T. Isaki "Analyses of 5363: K. Sadeghy 5414: H. Yoon
"Analyzing Time- "Stability of Lamellar "Linear and Non-linear Pelletize Process Behavior "Simulating Peristaltic "Viscoelastic and Unusual
dependent Homogeneous Structures of the Diblock- Rheology of Rigid of Polymer Melts" Flow of a Particle-Laden Stiffening Behaviors of
D2A10 18:20 18:40 20m Flows of Entangled Linear copolymer Films on a Polymer Networks of Bingham Fluid" Physical Vapor Deposited
Polymers" Substrate" a Giant Polysaccharide Nanometric Thin Se Films"
Crosslinked by Divalent
Aug. 12 Morning
Slot start end duration Room 1A Room 1B Room 2A Room 2B Room 2C Room 2D Room 2E Room 2F Room 3A Room 3B Room 3C Room 3D Room 3E
Plenary: K. Ahn "A New Perspective of Materials Processing: a Rheologists Viewpoint"
9:00 9:50 50m
Chair: Y. Matsumiya
9:50 10:10 20m Coffee break
8. Likhtman Session 1. Materials Processing 14. Experimental Method 6. Heterogeneous & Self- 15. Bio-related Rheology 10. Suspensions, Colloids, 19. General Rheology 5. Homogeneous 3. Complex Flow / 9. Dynamic/Static Gels 18. Industrial Rheology 2. Non-Newtonian Fluid 13. Surface, Interface,
& Analysis assembling Polymeric and Granular Materials Polymeric Systems Deformation and Rubbers Mechanics and Thin Films
Chair: R. Larson Chair: G. Peters Systems Chair: J. Pathak Chair: T. Shikata Chair: T. Isaki
Chair: R. Ewoldt Chair: N. Wagner Chair: R. Pasquino Chair: P. Scales Chair: T. Katashima Chair: S. Haward Chair: S. Hatzikiriakos
Keynote Keynote Chair: M. Solomon Keynote 5276: O. Urakawa Keynote
5076: D. Vlassopoulos 5441: K. Migler "Polymer 5109: G. Arnold "Impact 5149: N. Sasaki 5056: C. Lee "Controlling "Relationship between 5550: B. Li Keynote 5394: L. Li "Viscoelastic 5563: V. Calado 5410: I. Kwon "Particle 5372: H. Matsuno "Cell
D4M1 10:10 10:30 20m "Response of Polystyrene Physics of Materials of Relative Humidity on 5433: V. Boudara "Models "Morphology and Colloidal Interactions and Global and Segmental "Megasupramolecules" 5462: G. Ovarlez "Shear- Properties of Kappa- "Revisiting Wax Migration Simulation Adhesion on Thin Films of
Melts and Solutions with Extrusion 3D Printing" Rheological Behavior" for Entangled Telechelic Properties of DNA-cationic Dispersions by Anchored Dynamics of Poly(butylene induced Inhomogeneities carrageenan Hydrogels" Crystallization of Non-Newtonian Poly(vinyl ether-b-lactide)
the Same Number of Stars: Non-linear Rheology Surfactant Complex Polymers: Insights from oxide) Studied by in Yield Stress Fluids" Measurements in Crude Suspensions under Non- Copolymer"
Entanglements in Simple and Shear Banding" Materials in the Solid Multiscale Molecular Broadband Dielectric Oils" symmetric Flows"
Shear and Uniaxial State" Simulations" Spectroscopy"

5162: T. Schweizer "Is 5617: A. Kulkarni 5547: E. Furst "Bond 5150: K. Fukao "Electrode 5359: G. Ducouret 5536: F. Descallar "Study 5132: E. Chaparian 5367: D. Kawaguchi
There a Commercial "Structure and Rheological Rupture Between Colloidal Polarization Process "Linear Rheology on Microscopic Rheology "Particle Sedimentation in "An Effect of Thermal
Partitioned Plate Properties of Star Particles in a Depletion and Glassy Dynamics in of Supramolecular of Kappa, Iota, and Mixed Yield-stress Fluids: Yield Molecular Motion on
D4M2 10:30 10:50 20m Rheometer?" Telechelic Poly(L-lactide) Gel" Thin Films of Polyamide Center-functionalized Carrageenan Gels by Limit Analysis" Carrier Formation
Ionomers" Random Copolymers" Poly(butylacrylate): Multiple Particle Tracking" Kinetics of Poly(3-
Application for New alkylthiophene) in Thin
Adhesive Materials" Films"
5352: B. Khomami 5128: C. McIlroy 5188: J. Plog "Rheology- 5315: G. Park "Stochastic 5146: T. Yamamoto 5040: Z. Varga "The 5297: Q. Chen "Boundaries 5104: R. Fournier 5366: H. Liu "Time- 5145: P. Martinoty 5637: M. Minale 5154: R. Chhabra "Effect 5235: X. Xu "A Variational
"Molecular Mechanism "Modelling Polymer Raman Spectroscopy: Simulation of Associating "Development of Particle Role of Hydrodynamic for Ionomers as Reversible "Reversible Covalent dependent Yielding "Mechanical Properties "Asphaltene Pseudophase of Severe Blockage on Method for Sliding Fluid
of Shear Banding in Deformation during 3D Tracking Polymer Telechelic Polymers" Method Based Model for Interactions in Colloidal Gels" Associative Polymers in Behavior and its of Aerogels and Xerogels Separation in a Heavy Hydrodynamics of a on Substrates"
Entangled Polymer Melts" Printing" Crystallization with Phototactic Microalgae Dispersions with Short- Water" Characterization of Waxy Derived from Low Crude Oil" Sphere in Bingham Plastic
D4M3 10:50 11:10 20m the Combination of a Suspensions" ranged Attraction and Crude Oils" Molecular-weight Media"
Rheometer and a Raman- Long-ranged Repulsion" Organogelators and from
microscope" Syndiotactic Polystyrene
Chair: S. Shanbhag 5000: M. Yamaguchi 5220: V. Rntzsch "Low- Keynote 5299: I. Jenkinson 5165: S. Sung "Relaxation Keynote 5283: A. Shabbir 5442: W. Liu "The Yield 5082: Y. Matsuda 5245: H. Teng "Effect Keynote 5122: S. Wakaki "Effect
"Control of Rheological field RheoNMR: A Novel 5059: T. Lodge "Rheology and Nano/ Behavior of Weakly 5123: J. Runt "Ionomer "Combining Extensional Attributed to Thixotropy" "Fabrication of Poly(L- of Rheometer Response 5373: T. Takahashi of Drying Process for
5309: G. Ianniruberto Responses under Uniaxial Combination of Rheology "Competition among Microfluidics around Non- Attractive Colloidal Gels Dynamics: Insights from Rheology and Fracture lactic acid) Gel Induced Characteristic on Yield "Anisotropic Viscosity Aggregation Orientation
"Shear Banding for a Fluid Stretching at Non- and 1H TD-NMR for Soft Gelation, Fibril Formation, living Particles and Living under Steady Shear Flow" Broadband Dielectric Mechanics to Probe Brittle by Complex Crystals with Stress of Crude Oil" for Rotation Direction in Film by Application
D4M4 11:10 11:30 20m Obeying Doi-Edwards isothermal Condition" Matter" and Phase Separation in Organisms in Natural Spectroscopy" Fracture in Ionomer Melts" Solvents and Solvent Sinusoidal Periodic Shear of Chromonic Liquid
Integral Equation" Cellulose Ethers" Waters" Exchange to Improve Its of a Wormlike Micellar Crystals"
Properties" Solution"

Keynote 5087: R. K. Gupta "Wet Chair: K. Hyun 5168: C. Oelschlaeger 5112: M. Tirumkudulu 5233: A. Baljon "A Chair: H. Suzuki 11. Solids and Glasses 5238: C. Weixiang 5167: X. Man "Ring to
5018: R. Larson "Tube Spinning of Microfibers by "Synthesis, Structural "Yielding in a Strongly Computational Study of "Analysis of Rheological Mountain Transition in
Model Failures for Star- Shear Precipitation" 5273: J. Covas "In- and Micromechanical Aggregated Colloidal the Nonlinear Rheology of 5515: Y. Seo Chair: S. Simon Properties of 100% Liquid Deposition Pattern of
linear Blends" process Rheo-optical Properties of 3D Gel: 2D Simulations and a Polymeric Gel" "Magnetorheology of CO2 Based Gel Fracturing Drying Droplets"
Characterization of Hyaluronic Acid/Collagen Theory" Core-shell Structured Fluid "
D4M5 11:30 11:50 20m
Polymer-based Systems Based Cryogel Scaffolds Carbonyl Iron/ Polystyrene Keynote
during Compounding and for Tissue Engineering" Foam Microparticles 5113: T. Divoux "Normal
Extrusion" Suspension with Enhanced Force Controlled Rheology
Stability" Applied to Hydrogels
5388: E. Zussman 5404: C. Hopkins 5427: S. Okamoto 5380: M. Kageshima 5371: M. Helgeson Chair: J. Runt 5468: T. Sakai "Effects 5598: F. Marchesini Chair: K. Yasuda 5051: O. Manero "The
"Electrospinnability of "Vibrating Wire "Particle Distortion of "Rheological Study of Cell "Probing the Structural of Network Connectivity "Construction of Oil Interface Diffusion in
High Amylose Starch in Rheometry" OBDD and OBDG in Sheet and Matrix Sheet Origin of Delayed Yielding 5531: N. Rakkapao and Concentration on Wells: Cement Rheology 5200: W. Sun "Aging Shear-banding Flows
Formic Acid" Thermoreversible Order- with Home-built Magnetic in Colloidal Gels" "Dielectric Relaxation Mechanical Properties of and Pressure Profiles after Behavior in Graphene of Wormlike Micellar
order Transition studied Indenter" and Ionic Conductivity of Polymer Gel" Pumping " Oxide / Polyethylene Solutions"
D4M6 11:50 12:10 20m by SAXS, SCFT and a Chitosan/Poly(ethylene cancelled Glycol Aqueous
Paracrystal Theory" oxide) Blend Doped with Suspensions Observed via
Potassium and Calcium Transient Normal Stress
Cations" Difference under Large
Amplitude Oscillatory
5077: Y. Masubuchi 5329: A. Tominaga 5633: G. Mrtensson 5444: P. Sotta "Rheological 5300: K. Furusawa "Study Keynote 5509: K. Kojio 5174: V. Kulichikhin 5488: M. Takenaka 5395: K. Cho "Analytical
"Comparison between the "Fluctuations of "Characterization of Behavior of Polyamides/ on Deformation Kinetics 5413: R. Zia "Mechanism of Ion "Extension Rheology of "Strain-induced Density Solutions of Nonlinear
Tube Model and the Multi- Mechanical Properties Jetting Fluids Using High Density Polyethylene of Engineered Tissues" "Gravitational Collapse of Conductivity of Carbonate Polymer Solutions over Fluctuations in Glassy Constitutive Equations
chain Slip-link Model" and Inner Structures Piezorheometry" Blends Close to Phase- Colloidal Gels" Oligomer-based the whole Concentration Materials" for Large Amplitude
D4M7 12:10 12:30 20m
in Injection Moldings inversion" Electrolytes with Various Range: from Fundamental Oscillatory Shear Flow"
Composed by Virgin and Chemical Structures" Science to Fiber Spinning"
Recycled Resin Blends"

5151: S. Sukumaran 5317: V. Mazzanti 5108: J. Luger "Fluidized 5249: H. Yi, "Sol-gel 5007: C. Wagner "A 5519: K. Tanaka "Micro- 5199: M. Bryan "Ram 5448: D. Long "Strain 5246: L. Leal
"Correlation between "Viscosity and Wall Slip Bed Rheology for Granular Transition of PBTTT Rheological Study of the gap Flow Behavior Extrusion of Solid Hardening of Glassy "Nonhomogeneous
Chains and Coarsegraining Measurements during Media" Revealed by Rheological Structure and Association and Micro-structure of Granular Soap, Models and Polymers : Theory and Flow Effects in Polymer
in Entangled Polymer Processing of Wood Flour and Light Scattering Dynamics of Mucin Gels" Electro-rheological Nano- Computations" Simulation" Solutions"
D4M8 12:30 12:50 20m Liquids" Filled Polypropylene" Measurements" suspensions"

12:50 14:20 1h 30m Lunch Break

Aug. 12 Afternoon
Slot start end duration Room 1A Room 1B Room 2A Room 2B Room 2C Room 2D Room 2E Room 2F Room 3A Room 3B Room 3C Room 3D Room 3E
8. Likhtman Session 1. Materials Processing Shared Keynote for 14. 6. Heterogeneous & Self- 15. Bio-related Rheology 10. Suspensions, Colloids, 19. General Rheology 3. Complex Flow / 11. Solids and Glasses 18. Industrial Rheology 2. Non-Newtonian Fluid 5. Homogeneous
Experimental Method assembling Polymeric and Granular Materials Deformation Mechanics Polymeric Systems
Chair: D. Vlassopoulos Chair: T. Kajiwara & Analysis and 17. Systems Chair: H. Zhang Chair: T. Uneyama Chair: D. Long Chair: E. Koos
Mechanics of Time- Chair: M. Helgeson Chair: S. Hormozi Chair: H. Jung Chair: J. Prakash
5334: Z. Wang "Multiscale 5587: J. Lu dependent Materials Chair: Q. Zheng 5409: A. Silva 5351: M. Naccache Keynote 5546: R. Powell "MRI-
Computer Simulation "Characterization of "Rheological 5459: P. Scales "Rheology of THF Hydrate 5650: Efrina "Area 5305: T. Voigtmann assisted Process Control 5389: A. Giacomin Keynote
D4A1 14:20 14:40 20m Studies of Microscopic Anisotropic Slip for Flows Chair: K. Cho 5324: S. Hooshyar "A Characterisation and "Deformation, Yield Slurries" Transformation during "History Dependent of High Solids Fiber "Convexity in Large- 5225: C. Schroeder "Single
Relaxation Dynamics over Fibrous Porous Media Two-fluid Model for Semi- Numerical Simulation of and Flow of Strongly Deformation of a Piece of Material Properties of Soft Suspensions for Energy amplitude Oscillatory Molecule Rheology
in Entangled Branched for Advanced Composites dilute Polymer Solutions Vitreous Humour Biofluid" Flocculated Suspensions in Japonica Cooked Rice" Glasses" Efficiency " Shear Loops" of Branched Polymers
Polymer Melts" Manufacturing" 5424: I. Emri to Study Shear Banding in Shear" and Large Amplitude
"Determination of Cylindrical Couette and Oscillatory Extension
Relaxation Modulus of Poiseuille Flows"
Time-dependent Materials
Using Radial Basis
5333: M. Shivokhin Keynote 5053: S. Yao "Molten 5047: L. Bni "Unravelling 5135: J. Fusier "Rheology 5520: E. Nishi 5201: K. Tanomura 5435: Y. Komoda 5120: X. Wang
Function Neural Network"
"The Effect of Constraint 5312: J. Maia "Improved Molding Time Dependence the Defense Mechanism of Well-controlled "Rheological Behavior "Observation of Rod-like "Characterization of the "Frequency-strain
Release Environment on Dispersive Mixing in of Inner Structure and of Hagfish Slime: a Flocculated Suspensions" and Foam Morphology of Liposomes in a Micro- Preparation Process of Separability in Filled
D4A2 14:40 15:00 20m Relaxation of End-to-end Extrusion via Novel Static Mechanical Property of Rheological Approach" Modified-ETFE" channel" Slurry for Li-ion Secondary Elastomers"
Vector of Linear Chains" Extensional Mixers" Amorphous Polystyrene" Battery Cathodes"

5032: Y. Kwon "Relaxation 17. Mechanics of Time- 5291: L. Gu "Branching Keynote 5449: M. Liard 5496: L. Bravo-Anaya 5493: M. Du "The 5510: K. Takae "Large 5247: J. Jiang "Rheological Keynote 5142: N. Ruocco "Studies
of Linear and Ring dependent Materials of Polylactide-based 5358: J. Cooper-White "Flocculation of an "Calf-thymus DNA Complex Rheological Mechanical Response in Fingerprints of Time- 5323: M. Chun "Flow of Branch Point Motion
Rouse Chains undergoing Polyesters by Chain "Biomacromolecule Attractive Suspension Conformation in Solution Behavior of PVA Aqueous Orientational Glass" evolving Polymer-particle Behavior of Electrolytic and Chain Retraction in
Reversible End-association Chair: T. Sakai Extension" Addition Substantially under Shear" and its Rheological Solution" Interaction and Solgel Non-Newtonian Fluids Branched/Linear Polymer
and Dissociation" Changes the Flow Properties in the Dilute and Transition in Silver Pastes" with Bird-Carreau Model Blends using Rheo-SANS"
5331: S. Jamali Behaviour and Injectability Semi-dilute Regimes" in Curved Microchannels"
D4A3 15:00 15:20 20m "Microstructure, Rheology of Concentrated
and Heterogeneity in Mesenchymal Cell
Thixotropic Elasto-visco- Suspensions"
plastic Fluids"

Chair: Y. Masubuchi 5402: S. Kihara "Effect of 5332: M. Geri "Thermo- 5327: K. Schultz 5257: J. Lee "Nanoparticle Keynote 5106: R. Bonnecaze 5014: E. Narimissa "A
the High Pressure Fluid kinematic Memory and the "Microrheological Induced Gelation of 5256: T. Shikata "Pairwise Theory for Novel Hierarchical Multi-
5207: C. Liu "Molecular Mixing on Preparation of Thixotropic Elasto-visco- Characterization of a Colloidal Suspensions with "Temperature Dependent Relaxation of Soft-particle mode MSF Model for
Picture of Effective Local Polymer Nanocomposites plasticity of Waxy Crude Covalently Adaptable Highly Size Asymmetric Hydration/Dehydration Glasses" Long-chain Branched
D4A4 15:20 15:40 20m Concentration in Miscible Containing Carbon Oils" Hydrogel Pushed out of Particles" Behavior and Rheology cancelled cancelled Polymer Melts"
Polymer Blends" Nanotubes" Equilibrium" of Aqueous Solution of
Chemically Modified NO SESSION

5024: M. Tassieri "i-Rheo: 5006: K. Wilczyski 5445: P. de Souza Mendes 5337: R. Chen "Structure 5286: C. Leal "Living S. 5423: M. Matsubara Chair: G. Ovarlez 5597: Y. Joshi "Start-up Chair: T. Isaki Chair: T. Yamamoto Chair: F. Snijkers
Measuring the Materials' "Experimental and "Mechanical Behavior of and Tensile Properties of Aureus Bacteria Rheology" "Drastic Rheological Shear Flow of a Fluidity
Linear Viscoelastic Theoretical Study on Thixotropic and Elastic Cross-linked Pluronic- Change of Highly 5463: A. Maleki "Inverse Model: Prediction of Shear 5022: E. Koos "Highly 5426: A. Ushida "Pseudo- 5454: M. Abbasi
Properties 'in a step'!" Single Screw Extrusion of Yield-stress Materials" diacrylate Copolymers / Concentrated Micro- Bamboo Instabilities" Banding" Conductive, Printable laminarization of Several "Linear and Extensional
D4A5 15:40 16:00 20m Wood Plastic Composites" Ethylammonium Nitrate particle Suspension with Pastes from Capillary Types of Dilute Polymer Rheology of Comb
Ionoelastomers" the Addition of Small Suspensions" Solutions in Capillary Model Polystyrenes:
Amount of Nano-particles" Flows" from Sparsely to Highly-
branched Structures"

5011: S. Shanbhag 5100: N. Logi 5181: M. Aris- 5344: R. Zhang "Effect 5025: E. Hollenbeck 5594: K. Masuda Chair: S. Nobukawa 5480: H. Suzuki "Three- Chair: T. Voigtmann 5226: A. Narayanan 5192: K. Yasuda "Apparent 5182: F. Stadler
"Electromigration of DNA "Assessment of Structural Brosou "Viscoelastic of Non-planar Rings in "Contribution of "Aggregation/Dispersion dimensional Flow "Rheo-impedance of Slip Flow of Aqueous "Thermorheological
in Pluronic Gels" Changes and Rheological Rheology in the Melting the Hard Segments of Extracellular Proteinaceous of Fine Particles in 5223: M. Cziep "Effect Characteristics of Bulge 5606: S. Simon "Bulk Rheopectic Carbon Black Polymer Solution through Behavior of Polyolefins
Behavior of Potato and Pea and Crystallization Polyurethanes: from Single Fibers to the Adhesion of a Suspension under of Molecular Weight, Structure Observed in a and Shear Rheology Suspensions for Semi-solid a Microchannel" - a Reliable Probe to
Starches under Extrusion Domains: Application Chain to Macroscopic Uropathogenic Escherichia Elongational Flow" Polydispersity and Cavity Swept by a Visco- of Silica/Polystyrene Flow Batteries" Classifying Molecular
D4A6 16:00 16:20 20m
Conditions" to Polypropylene Property" Coli to Bladder Cells" Monomer of Linear elastic Fluid" Nanocomposites: Topography"
Copolymers" Homopolymer Melts on Reinforcement and
the Intrinsic Mechanical Dynamics"
Nonlinearity 3Q0 in
Tribute to Professor Alexei Chair: M. Yamaguchi 5209: C. Clarijs 5511: S. Sasaki "Melt 5086: C. Wagner "On 5036: R. Keunings 5003: W. Nakhle 5176: A. Soulis "Heat 5500: K. Kato 5248: C. Su "Rheological 5390: S. Hong "Mixing 5437: M. Cloitre "Unusual
Likhtman "Embrittlement of Viscosity of Poly(3- the Relationship between "Developments in the "Diffusion in Polymer Transfer by Elastic "Viscoelastic Properties of Features of PVA/Imogolite Enhancement in Rheology of Bottlebrush
5262: K. Taki Amorphous Polymers" hydroxybutyrate-co- Rheology, Microstructure Multiscale Modelling of Melts under SAOS" Turbulence: towards Polyrotaxane Glass" Nanotube Aqueous Microchannels by the Polymers in Aqueous
"Measurements of Effect 3-hydroxyhexanoate) and Nanoparticle Fibre Suspensions" a Microscopic Heat Solutions and Applications Flow Instability of Dilute Solutions and Colloidal
D4A7 16:20 16:40 20m of Screw Speed and Feed Having Different Penetration of Pulmonary Exchanger" with Electrospinning" Polymer Solution" Suspensions"
Rate on Filling Ratio in 3-hydroxyhexanoate Mucus"
Twin Screw Extruder" Content in the Bulk and
the Near-surface Region"

5391: T. Kajiwara 5211: H. Caelers "A 5557: S. Rathgeber "Impact 5093: P. Lettinga 5545: M. McCarthy 5004: Y. Shibata "Film 5045: Y. Hiejima 5114: P. Ballesta 5552: J. Kaschta "Long-
"Evaluation of Melt- Critical Note on the of Silver Nanoparticles on "Anomalous Response of "Online MRI-based Thickness and Coating "Rheo-Raman Study of "Viscoelastic Fluid Flow chain Branched Polylactide
mixing Performance Use of ISO 9080 for the Mechanical Properties Nematic Platelets under Rheometer" Instabilities in Reverse Uniaxial Deformation of in a Microscale Flow by Reactive Extrusion
D4A8 16:40 17:00 20m in a Twin-screw Polypropylenes" of Aquabacterium LAOStress and Strain Roll Coating at High Polyethylene Solids" Focusing Device" using a Multi-functional
Extruder -Experimental Biofilms" Revealed by 3D Rheo- Speeds and Small Roller Chain Extender for
Verification-" SAXS" Gaps" Biaxially Stretched Films"

19:00 21:00 2h Congress Dinner @ the Westin Miyako Hotel

Aug. 13 Morning
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Plenary: J. Pathak "Crowded Globular Protein & Monoclonal Antibody Solution Rheology in the Bulk and at Interfaces: An Industry Scientists Objective Assessment of the Current State of the Field and Unsolved Problems"
9:00 9:50 50m
Chair: J. Cooper-White
9:50 10:10 20m Coffee break
1. Materials Processing 17. Mechanics of Time- 15. Bio-related Rheology 10. Suspensions, Colloids, 19. General Rheology 19. General Rheology 3. Complex Flow / 11. Solids and Glasses 18. Industrial Rheology 2. Non-Newtonian Fluid
dependent Materials and Granular Materials Deformation Mechanics
Chair: P. de Souza Mendes Chair: C. Wagner Chair: K. Fukao Chair: N. Rakkapao Chair: Y. Tanaka Chair: J. Maia
Chair: M. Nakada Chair: D. Vlassopoulos Chair: R. Hidema Chair: T. Narumi
5160: O. M. Kwon 5565: G. Pavlovskaya 5306: M. zen 5126: M. Cidade 5422: B. Vyas 5425: S. Tripathi
"Reduction of Percolation 5381: C. Skamniotis "A "Rheo-MR Histology of 5147: W. Burghardt "Correlating "Rheology as a Tool in 5527: E. Windhab "From "Microrheology of an "Rheological Properties 5042: S. Haward "Elastic
Thresholds in Poly(lactic Study of Canine Bite on Hyaluronic Acid Solutions "Orientation of a Dilute Crystallization Kinetics the Improvement of Grout Single Bubble Stress Aging Laponite Dispersion and Mixing Time Studies Instabilities in Planar
D5M1 10:10 10:30 20m acid)/graphene Starch Based Products" and Synovial Fluids from Multi-walled Carbon and Rheological Properties Injectability" Tensor Sensor to Complex in the Effective Time of High Internal Phase Elongational Flow of cancelled
Nanocomposites due to Healthy Joints." Nanotube Suspension in of Polyethylene Using Foam Rheology" Domain" Emulsions " Monodisperse Polymer
the Formation of Network Shear and Extensional a Newly Developed Solutions"
Structures by Electric Flow" Low-field RheoNMR
Fields" Combination"

5601: R. Kdr "Influence Keynote 5304: Z. Cai "Injectable 5189: M. Pilavtepe 5578: S. Nozaki "Local 5322: J. Aho "A 5592: S. Iwata 5068: Q. Xue "Processing 5620: H. Bui "Rheological 5382: T. Searle "A Purely 5. Homogeneous
of Processing Conditions 5258: T. Sakai "Simulation Fluid Hydrogel from "Microstructural Viscoelastic Function Study of Dissolution "Deformation and of Polymer Nanoparticles Evaluation of Some Skin Elastic Instability in an Polymeric Systems
on the Linear and of Physical Aging Chemically Crosslinked Heterogeneity and Broad Analysis of Isotactic and Recrystallization Birefringence Profile below Normal Glass Care Products" Oscillatory Channel Flow"
Nonlinear Oscillatory Phenomena by Using Hyaluronan as a Potential Bandwidth Viscoelastic Polypropylene by Dynamic of Ibuprofen in around a Vertically Aligned Transition Temperature" Chair: S. Sukumaran
Shear, Extensional and Molecular Dynamics Viscosupplementation Response of Dilute Clay Microbeam X-ray Pharmaceutical Polymeric Oblate Spheroid Bubble
Combined Dielectric- Method" Agent in Osteoarthritis Mineral Dispersions Diffraction Technique" Excipients Using a under Pressure Oscillating 5034: A. Santamaria
D5M2 10:30 10:50 20m rheological Properties Treatment" in Different Particle Combination of Rheology Field" "Homogeneous PVC/PBA
of Poly(ethylene-butyl Arrangements" and Microscopy" Random Copolymers:
acrilate)- Graphite from Basic to Applied
Nanoplatelets - Rheology"
Carbon Black Hybrid

5088: D. Flormann 5419: Y. Xu 5043: H. Choi 5589: Y. Song "Thickening 5417: K. Tokumitsu 5626: M. Scanlon 5117: A. Etrati 5164: F. Snijkers "Effects
"Normalized Influence "Microstructure Evolution "Magnetorheology of of the Immobilized "Mechanical and Thermal "Investigating the "Instabilities in Buoyant of Interchain Interactions
of Red Blood Cell of Nanocrystalline Pickering Emulsion Polymer Layer Using Properties of Poly(lactic Rheology of Wheat Flour Miscible Displacement of on the Viscoelasticity of
Aggregation on Blood Cellulose Aqueous Polymerized Magnetic Trace Amount of Amine acid) with Cellulose Dough with Low-intensity Shear-thinning Fluids" Amorphous Polyamides"
D5M3 10:50 11:10 20m Rheology" Suspension at Different Composite Particle and Its Role in Promoting Nanofiber Modified Ultrasound"
Ionic Strength and the Suspension" Gelation of Colloidal by Bisphenol fluorene
NO SESSION NO SESSION Effect on Its Rheological Nanocomposites" diglycidyl ether"

5255: Y. Nagafuchi 5538: B. Thomas 5483: S. Jatav "Effect of Chair: Q. Chen Chair: K. Kojio Chair: M. Takenaka 5619: N. Kurauchi Keynote 5095: Y. Takahashi
"Experimental and "Rheological Solvent pH on the Critical "Measurement of 5057: R. Poole "Transition "Dissolution Condition
Numerical Approaches for Characterisation of Gelation Behavior of the 5078: S. Nobukawa 5354: Y. Leong "Yield 5090: F. Auriemma Dissociation Process to Asymmetry in Pipe Flow of Cellulose into
Thermo-viscoelasticity of Incipient Blood Clots Colloidal Suspensions of "Mechanical and Optical Stress-microstructure of "Assessment of the of Amylose by EMS of Shear-thinning Fluids" Ionic Liquids and
Polyimide Resin" Formed in a Model HIT Laponite" Properties of Anti- Washed TiO2 Suspensions Crystallographic Model for Viscometer" Characterization of the
D5M4 11:10 11:30 20m
System: A Potential plasticized Polycarbonate" at the Point of Zero Initiation of Plastic Flow Solutions by Rheological
Biomarker for the Charge" in Random Copolymers of Measurement"
Detection of an Adverse Isotactic Polypropylene"
Reaction to Heparin
5156: Y. Hoshino 5622: K. Hawkins 5559: T. Walker 5171: T. Uneyama "Effect 5569: C. Wang "Effect of 5029: Y. Tanaka "Effect 5101: J. Zhang "Anaerobic 5295: Y. Matsumiya
"Simultaneous "Rheological "Dynamics of Magnetic of Cellular Structure on Xanthan Gum Viscosity on of Stretching on Enthalpy Digestion Influence on "Entanglement Length in
Measurement of Complex Measurements of Incipient Oblate Spheroids Compressive Behavior the Gelling Properties of Relaxation of Polystyrene Rheological Characteristics Miscible Blends of cis-
D5M5 11:30 11:50 20m Modulus and Viscoelastic Clots in Healthy and Suspended in Newtonian of Moderately Expanded Gelatin B/Xanthan Gum Film" of High-solid Municipal Polyisoprene and Poly(p-
Poisson's Ratio by Cycling Diseased Blood: A Fluids under Magnetic Low Density Polyethylene Mixtures" Sludge" tert-butylstyrene)"
Loading" Biomarker for Abnormal Field" Foams"
5384: A. Maiti "3D Printed 5217: R. Pasquino 5131: Y. Chen "Enhanced 5074: O. Laukkanen 5325: H. Watanabe
Cellular Solid Outperforms "Zeolites as Support for Polymer Transport in More "Rheological Analysis of "Nonlinear Stress
Traditional Stochastic Anti-inflammatory Drugs: Crowded Environments" the Glassy Dynamics of Relaxation of Miscible
D5M6 11:50 12:10 20m Foam in Long-term Release in Solution and in Bitumen and Comparison Polyisoprene/Poly(p-tert-
Mechanical Response" a Gel-like Fluid" with Simple Glass-forming butyl styrene) Blends in
Liquids" Pseudo-monodisperse
5067: M. Nakada 5345: A. Nisal 5241: S. Shin "Controlling
"Statistical Life "Mechanistic Shear Thinning Behavior
Time Prediction for Understanding of pH of Molten Mold Flux at
D5M7 12:10 12:30 20m Unidirectional CFRP under Dependent Gelation Casting Temperature"
Tensile Creep Loading" of Silk Fibroin Using
a Biosurfactant -
12:30 14:30 2h Farewell Lunch