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A narrative text

1) use time expressions, to indicate the order of events, and help make
the narrative flow. Try not to be repetitive.

To move forward: when

After a while
As soon as

To describe atmosphere: as

To refer back in time: before ....... / after ........

By the time

I had a shower
I ate some breakfast
I read the newspaper
I took the car
I drove to school
I stopped at a petrol station
I filled up with petrol
I arrived at school at eight oclock

After I had a shower, I ate some breakfast. Then I read the newspaper. By
the time I had read the newspaper, it was time to go to school. I took the
car, then drove to school. Before getting to school, I filled up with petrol.
Finally, I arrived at school at eight oclock.
2) use past tenses:

. the past simple to move forward in time

. the past perfect to move back in time
. the past progressive to describe the atmosphere, the setting
. combine past progressive and past simple to point out

3) Describe your feelings:

grateful (agrat), thankful, relieved (alleujat), delighted (encatat)

with, glad (satisfet, no entusiasmat), pleased (satisfet), optimistic,
pessimistic, excited (emocionat), thrilled, nervous, calm, stirred, sad,
hopeless (desesperat), upset (enuig), fed up, disappointed
(desil.lusionat, decebut), ashamed (go red with shame), miserable.

I enjoyed myself very much / a lot
I had a good/nice/wonderful time
It was all great fun

5) typical mistakes:

- spelling: present participles( having, getting, writing, )

- spelling: past participles (had had, written) irregular verbs
- grammar: correct verb tense, correct use of auxiliaries,
interrogative and negative sentences, .
- punctuation: comma (Afterwards, Later, comma after clause with
time expression, When I was ten years old, I spent the night at my
friends house.
- word order: SVOC
vino my hermana My sister came
era un dia claro y frio It was a cold bright day
(the most specific closer to NOUN; order:size shape
colour origin material purpose + noun).
- vocabulary: check vocabulary. Do not invent words. Use the words
and expressions you feel more comfortable with.