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TPACK Creating Assignment Template

Subject English

Grade Level Grade 2

Content Knowledge

Learning Objective The student will expand vocabulary when reading. a) Use
knowledge of homophones. b) Use knowledge of prefixes
and suffixes. c) Use knowledge of antonyms and synonyms.
d) Discuss meanings of words and develop vocabulary by
listening and reading a variety of texts. e) Use vocabulary
from other content areas
I want my class to go on to the website I have listed below
and they do not have to log into an account, they can just go
ahead and begin their assignment. I will assign groups to
work with one laptop and they will pick an activity to do. For
example, I will present each group a set of words that we
have worked on in class, then they can make a movie which
would be putting the words in sentences and filming each
other saying their sentence while using the correct word in
the correct form. The children will be creating the movie
together and then presenting their work to the class. The
teacher will be going around to each group making sure they
understand how this assignment is helping their reading skills
and being there for any other assistance. The students are
taking words that they have learned and know and putting
them in the correct form of sentence. with the teacher and
making it into a movie. They are deciding what the
characters look like and deciding the scenery as well and how

they can make everything a movie by the words they can

given. They can also use this website to help improve their
reading in and outside the classroom.

Technology 1. Laptop
2. The website called Into the Book
3. A projector to present their project.
4. Microphone to talk in their movie and to hear

how they are pronouncing the words from the

5. Sound effects in their movie to give it more of
a realistic feel.
Directions for Use 1. Go on the laptop and go onto Into the Book.
2. Click on student.
3. Click skip login.
4. Choose the activity from the options menu with the
astronaut on it to make a movie.
5. Each member in the group will make a scene in the
movie and say your line to get credit.
6. After everyone finishes, your group will present
your movie to the class.

Link to the example product

Before you submit, delete the explanatory text (the text in small italics).