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Family App Logger Smartphone Se tup Guide

If you need assistance downloading, installing, or setting

up the app on your device, please contact us:


Phone: 877-647-1121 (9am-5pm)

Family App Logge r Se tup for Smartphone :

While on your android phone , click on the Family

App Logge r attachme nt file (familyapplogge r.apk)
from the e mail you re ce ive d from us

1. You will se e this scre e n whe n you ope n the e mail

attachme nt

2. Click on Install to install Family App Logge r

3. Wait for app to succe ssfully download onto your

de vice

4. You may need to turn Install Apps from

unknown sources? to YES in your devices
Settings Security. You may also need to
confirm that your Google Play services is not
disabled more information on Google Play
services can be found on page 7.

Phone Setup
5. Open the Family App Logge r
on your de vice .

6. Click My Mobile Device

Phone Setup - Ente r Study ID

7. Enter your study ID number that you received in an email from us

8. Click Complete Setup whe n finishe d e nte ring study ID

9. Wait until the e mail is se nt succe ssfully

10. Afte r the e mail is se nt, the app will turn to home page .

Completing Setup - Grant Data Logging Pe rmission

11.Afte r comple ting se tup,

you will be ne e d to
grant pe rmissions to
this app

12. Turn on usage

acce ss pe rmission for
Family App Logge r

Completing Setup - Grant Pe rmissions
13. Now re turn to the app, and you will be aske d to
grant two othe r pe rmissions. Click Allow.

*If you do not se e the se two prompts whe n you re -ope n the app, you
ne e d to grant the se pe rmissions unde r your de vice s Settings:

Grant Location Pe rmissions:

o Ope n your de vice 's Settings app
o Unde r "Pe rsonal," tap Location.
o At the top, tap the On/Off switch to turn Location On
o The n confirm Family App Loggers Location se rvice s is se t to ON or

Grant Photos/Me dia/File s Pe rmissions:

o Ope n your de vice 's Settings app
o Tap Apps or Application Manager
o Se le ct Family App Logger.
Family App Logge r ne e ds to acce ss the file syste m to log your usage . We ne e d o Scroll down to "Permissions."
this acce ss for distinguishing you from othe r study participants so that we can track o Confirm Pe rmission for "Photos/Media/Files" is ON or Enabled
whe the r the app is prope rly working on your phone and to allow the app to run in
the background. In this study, Family App Logge r will NOT acce ss or colle ct any
information on your phone othe r than app usage . 6
Completing Setup Disable Batte ry Optimization*
14. Confirm that all Batte ry optimization or Batte ry
saving fe ature s and/or Apps are Disabled or Off for
Family App Logger.

o Ope n your de vice 's Settings app

o Tap Battery
o At the top right, tap the Options me nu (thre e dots)
o Tap Battery optimization
o Tap the downward facing arrow
o The n tap All apps
o If Family App Logge r is liste d as optimizing batte ry use , the n tap Family
App Logger
o Turn off optimization by tapping Dont optimize

Please continue to the next page for more important

app information.

*Batte ry optimaztion is also known as Doze Mode 7

Family App Logger help and troubleshooting
Please keep your device turned on for the days that Family App Logger is running, if possible. The app
sends more complete data this way.

If you turn off your de vice or it runs out of batte ry, ple ase re -ope n the Family App Logge r app from your app
folde r whe n you turn your phone back on.

You should se e this icon at the top of your de vice whe n the Family App Logge r is succe ssfully running.

If you do not se e this icon, simply re -ope n Family App Logge r from your app folde r. You may ne e d to grant
or allow app pe rmissions again (page s 5 7 of the se instructions).

Your de vice must be running an Android ope rating syste m that is ve rsion 4.2 or late r

In orde r for the Family App Logge r to work, confirm Google Play se rvice is installe d and e nable d on your
de vice (s). To che ck Google Play se rvice on your de vice :

Go to Settings click Apps click Google Play service confirm that it is not disable d

If you do not have Google Play se rvice , you can download it he re : .com/store /apps/de tails? .android.gms