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NCBTS Domain1, 2, 3, 7

Whats up Whats Up?

My Goals:

At the end of the activity, i should be able to;

a. Visit my cooperating school

b. Identify the school expectations
c. Familiarize myself with the facilities of the school
My Performance (How shall I be rated?)
5 4 3 2 1
outstanding Exceeds Meets Improvement Unacceptable
expectations expectation needed performance

My Tasks

My Activities

My Analysis

My Portfolio

Total Score: Average rating:

(Total score 5)
My Directions

To get to know my cooperating school better, I must do the following tasks:

Cagayan National
High School

School tour facilities

and resources

Discussion of the expectations of

Teacher Education
Institutions/Cooperating Schools

Orientation with the school principal

Visit the cooperating school

My Task

1. Based on the orientation activity conducted by the school, I shall complete the
responsibility matrix given below. Choose only two expectations from the
TEIs/Cooperating Schools expectations and write your own responsibilities.

Name of Teacher Education Institution: Cagayan State University

Expectations My Responsibilities
As a student teacher, creating a good interpersonal
relationship with the students and mentor will help
1. To establish good rapport
us to ease our burden in our everyday duty.

2. To be a dignified person who

refrains from any issues that my As much possible, practice teacher from CSU must
ruin the Teacher Education maintain decency and respect or oneself.

Name of Cooperating School: Cagayan National High School

Expectations My Responsibilities

To hurdle different challenges. As practice teacher it is expected that we can able to

achieve different task.

Work professionally Help our mentor assisting various kinds of work

recording grade, facilitating learning checking of
papers to name a few.
1. How did I feel when I saw my practicum site? What are my apprehensions?
Complete the facial expression and explain why you feel this way.

I feel exited because its my Alma mater and I am very glad to render my
pre-service teaching at my cooperating school. I am a product of my
practicum site. They moulded me on what I am today thus, it is an honor
to be taking my field experiences at CNHS. Seeing the school that I
graduated from really made me feel proud because of the various
developments it undergone. Newly established rooms and facilities
where evident and the newly senior high school buildings prove that
CNHS provides quality education to the students. Cagayan National
High School was once became my home, so Im really excited to be part
of the force that aims to inspire and hone students for learning
throughout life.
My Activities

After my orientation session with the administrator(s), cooperating principal,

practicum supervisor, together with my co-practicum students, I need to equip myself
with the PT (Practice Teaching) Kit to better prepare myself in this wonderful world of

What tools do I need to bring in terms of K.A.S.H.?

Write your answer in bulleted form.

Implementing appropriate
teaching methodologies.
Adapting to the existing
Knowledge curriculum.
Facilitating actual recall.
Utilizing and maximizing
appropriate instructional
Promoting HOTS questions.
Relating lesson in real-life
Attitude Sizing-up attitude by means
of giving reinforcements.
Motivating students to
participate in the class.
Extending assistance.
Feeding students with the
21st century skills.
Fostering acquired skills.
Skills Engaging students to some
sorts of activities.
Letting students exercise
learning by doing
Enhancing ones skills.

Monitor their habits

Get along with them
Habits Get in touch
do good avoid evil
My Analysis

Complete the structured frame

1. Orientation sessions are conducted because......

They serve as guide and basis of our actions. It is better to be aware

of the dos and the donts. Orientations are significant for us to be fully
knowledgeable with the practices or the school culture and to be well
adjusted to any certainties. Moreover, it also broadens my perspective on
how things work in the school we are ought to render our pre-service
2. I feel

I feel excited and nervous at the same time. Wondering how this
journey would be. A roller-coaster experience awaits and Im looking
forward for the succeeding weeks to conquer all weaknesses and fears. I am
really happy and grateful to be back on my Alma mater and experience my
internship on the institution that made me who I am today. I really looked
forward to meet my mentor and my students. To learn new things and to
share knowledge and inspirations to the youth is what Im excited of.

3. I know I can

Succeed in this endeavor. I know I can also overcome those

problems and tribulations that may fleet along my way. I can adjust to
my new exciting habit and could teach accordingly through the
orientation sessions conducted. This will serve as my guidance in my
daily teaching. I know there will be flaws and imperfections but I
believe that in due time, I know I can be a better one.
My Reflections

My Reflections/My Insight
Am I really Prepared to teach?

Teaching is really tough and stressful job. It requires a lot of effort just to
provide the learning needs of the students. Sweat and voice are your profit just to
survive in this profession.

Even before deployment Ive been preparing myself on this academic

undertaking, physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. Aside from what is
being mentioned the years that we engaged to learn the course made us prepared to
take our internship. We learned to embrace the teaching profession so I can say that I
am ready to teach to impart values and to inspire.
My Portfolio

This picture was taken after the general orientation for practice teaching of the BSED at

S CSU, our Teacher Education Institution.

H Our first selfie together after
our brief orientation with
maam Petty.

NCBTS Domain1, 2, 3,7

My First Day Jitters

My Goals:

At the end of the activity I should be able to:

a. Meet my cooperating teacher and students.

b. Identify the expectations of my cooperating teacher.

c. Observe how the students interact with their teacher(s).

d. Extend assistance in the days activity.

My Performance (How shall I be rated?)

5 4 3 2 1
outstanding Exceeds Meets Improvement Unacceptable
expectations expectation needed performance

My Tasks

My Activities

My Analysis

My Portfolio

Total Score: Average rating:

(Total score 5)
My Task

Write on the suitcase, the cooperating teachers expectations that you need to
fully understand during your practicum days to establish better relationships.

As a cooperating teacher I expect that my practice teacher will obey

the set of rules and regulations of the school. That he will provide assistance
just like checking of papers, recording of grade and handling my class. I am
also expecting him to be responsible in his obligation as a pre service teacher.

Likewise, I have also expectations that I need to convey to

my cooperating teacher in order that my needs are also understood/met.

I am expecting that my cooperating teacher will be willing to

impart and share his expertise to me wholeheartedly and professionally.
To learn a lot from him, giving advice and suggestions thus, helping me to
grow and develop professionally.
My Activities

1. In the observation phase, I need to focus on the following:

Students Diversity and individual


Teaching Pedagogy (It should be suited on

the range of students abilities).

Classroom management

Assessment (It should exhibit the properties

of assessment; validity, reliability,
efficiency, practicality.

Values integration in order to fully

understand the lesson.

2. I fully realized that I need to read more on the development stages of:

Of my learners especially on formal operational because they

gain the ability to think in an abstract manner, and the capacity for
higher-order reasoning. The formal operational thinker has the ability to
relate the topic to the latest trends and issues. This greatly increases
efficiency, because the individual are abreast in whats happening
around them.
My Analysis

On my first encounter with my cooperating teacher, I realized that

Teachers are breathed and life in the classroom, upon their shoulders lies
the future of the youth, they are the critical thread that ties the learners into a
lifelong process of learning.

Impressions were mad the first time I encountered my mentor. I thought

him of being strict, terror and has a personality that is hard to spell. However as
time goes by, I see the true color of my mentor. A complete opposite of what I
have expected: Kind, patient and enthusiastic. I can say that I am fortunate to be
his mentee because I believe that I will learn a lot from him and motivate me to
bring out the best in me.

On my first dealing with the learners, I observed that

Student diversity is evident. The learners are diverse in terms of

needs. Cagayan National High School clusters their students
heterogeneously. Every individual has unique capabilities so it is important
to recognize their background to provide learning opportunities.

Diversity is one of the challenges in the teaching profession; different

learning styles, different levels of abilities, some are average but multitude
are fast learners, different behaviors, different beliefs, different set of moral
and ethical standards. The teacher should consider all these differences. They
have their own way to cope with the topic and interact with the teacher. They
are quite stubborn yet participated well during class activities. They love
having group activities and throwing pick-up lines. You must be flexible and
creative enough so that you can address this kind of dilemma in order to
satisfy the wants and needs of every learner.
My Reflections

Check only one box and explain your answer:

This day, I fully realized that

I am really meant for teaching profession because

I still have to overcome my fears

As a student teacher, it is normal to have fears in facing your obligations in the

field. I believe that is still need to build my self-esteem to confidently face any
uncertainties in this journey.

I still have other options because

My Portfolio

S This was the time when I was able to meet my students, the Grade 8 Neon of
CNHS. In this particular moment, I was abled to determine their capabilities
and individual differences.

H Say hi to my mentor, Mr. Lloyd Ryan Narag.

I dont have any picture of him that shows him

O teaching the class but one thing is for sure, he is

great and very good when it comes to it. Indeed
one of my Idols now in the teaching force of

NCBTS Domain 2

My Second Home

My Goals

a. Familiarize myself with the schools facilities and resources;

b. Utilize the learning resources of the school when needed;

c. Go to the school facilities for important errands when required;

d. Analyze the vision and mission statements of the school.

My Performance (How shall I be rated?)

5 4 3 2 1
outstanding Exceeds Meets Improvement Unacceptable
expectations expectation needed performance

My Tasks

My Activities

My Analysis

My Portfolio

Total Score: Average rating:

(Total score 5)
My Task

Complete the chart of the school facilities. Record at least five facilities you have
visited. Write down the importance of these in the teaching-learning process.


Library It is considered as the heart of the school.

Serves as the depository of books where
both teachers and students can widen their
knowledge and horizons through reading
various books.

Clinic The place where students and teachers go

rely for medical needs and assistance.

It serves as a major place where teaching

and learning takes place or where teachers
and learners meet. This is where the
teacher will educate, mold, teach, and
discipline the students to create a more
beautiful society in the feature.
Conference Hall A venue for multifarious activities done by
the school. It accommodates different
events that is significantly promotes
development on the students.

Faculty Considered as the haven for teachers to

rest and to do their other school related
tasks. It is also a place where students and
teachers settle deficiency and issue.
My Activities

I shall write down my ideas about my second home in the clustering organizer

Child Home of
friendly knowledge skills
school and values

School of MY School of
the SECOND Hopes and
future ambitions

Builder of Place to
Tomorrow nurturing and
honing talents
My Analysis

Complete the pattern fan.

I can always make my second home

Showing concern to my learners.

1. Safe and Secure

. Giving Care and assistance to all my learners.

Entertaining students queries and problems .

2. Friendly by
Establishing good and professional relationship

with my mentor and students

Ensuring that every person that will come and

3. non-threatening by visit will feel at ease.

It will not engage thyself in malpractices that

Will destroy the name of the school.

My Reflections

After analyzing the schools vision and mission and goals of

Cagayan National High School

I realized that

The schools vision, mission and goals are set to promote quality
education. It is a repertoire to consistently provide effective and efficient
instructions to produce well-functioning members of the society that will
transform not only the life of the students but also in societal reformation.

I also realized that the school believes to the importance quality

instructions that will benefit the people who are involved in the curriculum.
Moreover, in accordance with the aims of Department of Education,
Cagayan National High School is committed to support the objectives of
the government and that is to provide functionally literate individuals that
will contribute in nation building.

So I need to........

Partake in attaining its goals and to conform to the ideals of the

school. It is necessary for me to assure the welfare that was
envisioned by the school. By doing so, being committed and
dedicated student-teacher will help achieving schools vision, mission
and goals.

I need to extend my helping hands when they need companions

and ideas that may help in the improvement of the school and the
community as well, and to become a useful instrument of the school.
My Portfolio