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Paschim Charkakra Ponditerhat High School

Half Year Examination-2017


English 1st Paper Sub code: 107

Time:3:hours Full Marks:100

Part A : Reading Test (50 Marks)

Read the text carefully and answer the following questions:

In a speech at the 90th Science Congress, internationally acknowledged scientist and
former Indian president Mr APJ Abdul Kalam mentioned a very important aspect of
mankinds future energy crisis. He pointed out that the era of wood and bio-mass has
almost come to an end. The age of oil and natural gas would soon be over within the
next few decades. Massive burning of worlds coal reserves may lead to a worldwide
ecological disaster because coal burning emits the highest amount of carbon in the
atmosphere. Ukraines (former Soviet Union) Chernobyl disaster in 1986 has exposed
that nuclear energy can be potentially dangerous too. So according to Kalam, the only
solution that mankind can look to is the massive use of solar energy in future because
it has some advantages over other forms of renewable energies.

Now why has Kalam put so much importance to the issue of energy? The energy
sources have always been a major factor of change throughout history. The worlds
petroleum consumption has increased from annually 3 billion barrels in 1930 to
annually 50 billion barrels today. In the next quarter century, the worlds population is
expected to be about 8 billion which is 30 percent higher than today. Developing
countries will grow their economies about two times faster than industrialised
countries. Global economic growth is expected to continue at 3 percent per year.
Consequently, the global demand for energy will grow at about 1.7 percent per year
on an average. It indicates a 50 percent rise of energy consumption by 2030. If the
worlds daily petroleum consumption is 220 million barrels now, it will rise to 335
million barrels by that time. The present reserve of hydro-carbon energy resources is
limited and it will not be sufficient to meet the future energy challenges of the world.
And hence, leading industrial countries have taken initiatives to tap alternative
energy sources mainly known as green or renewable energy sources. The bottom line
of Kalams speech indicates that concern of mankind in the 21st the century.
1.Choose the best answer from the alternatives: 7

a.What did Mr APJ mention about at the 90th Science Congress?

i. Future energy problem iii. Future energy elements
ii. Future energy cost iv. Future energy necessity
b.Green energy can be got from __

i. The ocean iii. The hydro-carbon

ii. The sun iv. Natural gas
c.Here wood indicates__

i. Furniture wood iii. Fire wood

ii. Wood of science iv. Wood fossil
d.What will the global demand for energy grow_

i. 3 percent iii. 30 percent

ii. 1.7 percent iv. 50 percent

e.The present reserve of hydro-carbon_

i. Is sufficient iii. Is not unlimited

ii. Is much iv. Is more than our need
f.The world needs__

i. Green energy iii. Gas

ii. Water iv. Tree
g. in 2030 the rise of energy consumption will be __million barrels.

i. 50 iii. 220
ii. 117 iv. 335
2.Answer the following questions:

a.What is the scientist Kalam concerned about?

b. Why do you think the massive burning of coal may lead to an ecological
c. What do you mean by the potential danger of nuclear energy?
d.. What according to Mr Kalam is the solution of future energy crisis?
e.Why does Mr Kalam put so much importance to the issue of energy?

3.Now write the summary of the passage in your own words.


4.Read the passage on Jhon Milton.Complete the table below with the information from the
Milton was a great poet after Shakspeare.His father early decided that Milton was to have a literary
career. At the age of 7,in 1615, he got himself admitted in Star Palace School .But Milton could not
pay attention to his school. After a pair of years, he left the school and studied at St. Pauls School till
1624. In the succeeding year Milton entered Christ College in Cambridge. He took his M.A degree at
the age of 24 and went to his fathers house in the village of Horton. Miltons father

however faith in his son and allowed him continue his studies at Horton from 1632 to 1638. During
this time he made himself master of everything worth knowing in the literature of
Rome,Greece,Italy,France ,Spain and the Bible. In 1643 Milton met Mary Powwell in Occasion and
married her.But this great poet became blind in 1652. Paradise Lost saw the light of day in the
year 1665.After 9 years of its publication great artist of England died. 5

Who/What Event Place/Time/Creation/Award/Others

Milton was born i.
i. Got himself in Star Palace School In 1615.
He took his MA degree At the age of ii.
iii. Met Mary Powell In 1643.
This great poet Became blind iv.

5.Read the above passage and fill in the blanks with the suitable words.Use only one word in each
blank. 1*5
Jhon Milton (a) a great poet of English literature. His father early (b) that he would be a writer. At
the age of 7,he got (c) admitted in Star Palace School.Milton could not pay (d) to his studies in
this school. After a pair of years,he (e) the school and studied at St.Pauls School till 1624.

6.match the parts of sentences given in column A,Column B and column C to write five
sentences. 1*5=5

Column A Column B Column C

Paper is our best of modern civilization.
It is do for a moment first made paper.
It was that the Egyptian daily companion
We cannot the part and parcel in China.
Some bileve first invented without paper.
of human skill.
7.Put the following parts of the story in correct order to write the whole story: 8

a. He graduated from the Government School of Art in Kolkata.

b.He is recognized as the most valuable painter of Bangladesh.

c. He died of lungs cancer.

d.Zainul Abedin was born in 1914 in Kishoregonj.

e.Still now he is referred with great respect as Shilpacharja in Bangladesh.

f. He is also pioneer of Bangladeshi modern art.

g. He is highly admired for his Bengal Femine Sketches.

8. Write a paragraph on Traffic Jam by answering the following questions.

10 a. What is Traffic Jam?

b. Why is Traffic Jam occur?

c. What happens when a Traffic Jam occurs?

d. Who are the worst sufferers of traffic jam?

e. How Traffic Jam may be removed?

9. Read the beginning the story . Write ten new sentences to complete the story and give a
suitable title it. 10

Once there was a farmer who was taking some sacks of wheat to a mill.The mill was
a few kilometres away. On the way the horse stumbled and one of sacks fell to the
ground.The farmer became very unhappy.

10.Write a report on the pic chart about the indicated percentage of the types of books in a
school library. 10


Fiction Science
10% Poetry Book
5% 20%

11.Suppose ,you are Hasan /Hasna living in Natore town. Your friend Nabil/Nabila lives in
Chittagong .He/She made an excellent result in the last S.S.C examination and that result
impressed you greatly.Now,write a letter to your friend congratulating him /her on his
success in the examination.

12. Suppose ,you are Anik / Anika and your friend is Amin/ Amin .Your S.S.C examination is
near at the door and you are passing a busy time doing various things regarding your
preparation for a good result.Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend
Limon/Lima on your preparation the ensuing SSC examination.