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High Shear Slurry Mixers

Premix GRC/GFRC Mixers

GRC/GFRC Spray Stations

GRC/GFRC Spray Heads and Accessories

Fibre Choppers and Dispensing Systems

Materials Batching Systems

Quality Control
50 Years Projecting Quality

1970 Prototype GRC/GFRC

Spray Machine (1970s)

Very early hopper fed spray gun Early cement grout pump

Established in 1962, Power-Sprays Ltd. has been involved

with the design, development and manufacture of specialist
equipment for mixing, pumping and spraying cementitious
composites for over 50 years.

Early products included equipment for the spray application of

decorative textured coatings, veneer plasters and fire protection
coatings. In the 1970s the Company began to develop machinery
for the production of Glass fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC/
GFRC); an industry which, at that time, was in its infancy. Today,
Power-Sprays GRC/GFRC production technologies are used by
GRC/GFRC manufacturers in over 100 countries.

Based in Bristol in the West of England, a city renowned for its

connections with engineering, Power-Sprays employs a team of
highly skilled professionals who take pride in ensuring that all

equipment is built to the highest standards.

Fully Automated Batch Mixing Plant for Premix and Spray GRC/GFRC - 2010

An early Auto Spray Reciprocator

GRC/GFRC Spray unit -1970s

Automatic Continuous
Slurry Mixer 1980s

chine with early Concentric
Spray gun 1980s
Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete
(GRC/GFRC) Production Equipment



Power-Sprays GRC/GFRC mixers are designed to produce
high quality mixes in the minimum time. Power-Sprays offers
fixed speed High Shear slurry mixers for preparing low water
content slurries for Traditional Sprayed GRC/GFRC and variable
speed Combination mixers for the production of both
Traditional Spray and Premix GRC/GFRC, including Spray Premix
GRC/GFRC. Formats range from 125 kg maximum capacity
manually loaded machines through to 300 kg capacity fully
automated bulk fed batching systems. A comprehensive range
of accessories is also available which can provide semi or fully
automated control of the addition of chemical admixtures,
Acrylic Polymers and the Alkali Resistant glass fibres.

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1 GRC125 Combination Mixer for Spray and Premix GRC/GFRC Standard model
2 GRC125 Combination Mixer with Bucket Trolley
3 GRC125 Combination Mixer Tilting Drum model
4 GRC125S Combination Mixer with Loss-in-Weight controlled Chopped Fibre
Dispenser and Water, Admixture and Polymer Dispensing Systems
5 Water, Admixture and Polymer Dispensing Systems
6 Admixture and Polymer Pumps
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1 PS9000A GRC/GFRC Spray Station

2 PS9000B GRC/GFRC Spray Station with floor mounted
Extra Long Spray Support Boom
3 PS38B Combination Spray Station
4 PS38A Combination Spray Station for Traditional Spray
and Spray Premix GRC/GFRC
5 PS10000A GRC/GFRC Spray Station

GRC/GFRC Spray Stations

Power-Sprays GRC/GFRC Spray Stations have been engineered The PS38 Combination series are constructed around the
from over 40 years experience gained from exposure to the Power-Sprays robust multi-roller 38mm peristaltic pumps
challenging environments of GRC/GFRC factories in over 100 driven by powerful 3-phase electric motors and frequency inverter
countries, from the Americas to the Middle East, from Europe to speed controllers. The advantage of the peristaltic pump is
Australasia and Africa. Power-Sprays believes in the application of that there are no moving parts in contact with the materials. This
appropriate technologies according to the location. enables these pumps to convey a wide range of mixes and hence
the PS38 Combination Spray Stations can be used to manufacture
The PS9000 and PS10000 series utilise the proven technology Traditional Hand Spray and Spray Premix GRC/GFRC.
of durable rotor/stator progressive cavity pumps driven by tough
3-phase electric motors and reliable hydrostatic gearboxes. These All Power-Sprays GRC/GFRC Spray Stations can be supplied
have been developed for the Traditional Hand Spray and Auto with a choice of Spray Support Booms for machine, wall bracket
Spray processes where manufacturers need to produce at high and floor post mountings.
outputs whilst maintaining consistency of quality.

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1 Concentric GRC/GFRC Spray Gun 2012 Model

2 MK5A Premix GRC/GFRC Spray Gun
3 LW Combination Spray Gun
4 LW Mist Coat Spray Gun
5 MK3 Powertex Facing Coat Spray Gun

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GRC/GFRC Spray Heads

Power-Sprays offers a comprehensive range of spray heads For spraying Premix GRC/GFRC Power-Sprays recommends
and accessories for GRC/GFRC production. The light weight the MK5A Premix Spray head. This simple lightweight, hand
Concentric is acknowledged by producers worldwide as the held unit is designed to operate with the PS38 Combination
preferred GRC/GFRC Spray head for the production of Traditional Spray Stations and can handle Spray Premix GRC/GFRC
Hand Spray GRC/GFRC. Not only does the Concentric generate a with fibre contents in excess of 3%.
tight spray pattern, ensuring that slurry and fibre are thoroughly
mixed as they reach the mould surface, thus avoiding fibrous For the smooth application of the initial, non-reinforced
corners and edges, it also benefits from quick release fittings surface layer, the LW Face Coat Spray head is used. And when
for fast, easy cleaning and maintenance. special surface finishes are required, the hopper fed MK3
Powertex spray gun is recommended.
1 Multi Roving Glassfibre Chopper
2 Dry Materials, Liquids and Pre-Chopped Glassfibre Batching Systems
3 Twin Roving Electric Glassfibre Chopper
4 GRC/GFRC Compaction Rollers
5 Mixing Bucket Transporter Trolley version with pneumatic lift
6 Mixing Bucket Transporter Forklift version
7 Mixing Bucket Transporter Overhead Crane version

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Fibre Choppers, Fibre Dispensers

and Material Handling Systems Accessories and After Sales Service
Premix GRC/GFRC is rapidly becoming the preferred process for Power-Sprays can supply all GRC/GFRC production accessories
the mass production of industrial GRC/GFRC products in addition including Spring Compaction rollers, Skin thickness gauges, hand
to a wide range of building and architectural components. To trowels etc. plus a full range of laboratory and GRC/GFRC
meet the demand for more efficient and safe systems to add testing equipment.
Alkali Resistant fibres to the mixes, Power-Sprays has developed
a range of fibre choppers and fibre dispensers. Power-Sprays constantly strives to develop new equipment
and also improve the design of existing products for the benefit of
Power-Sprays also offers a wide range of materials handling all customers. Sand, Cement and Alkali Resistant Glass fibres are
systems from wall mounted volumetric dispensers to deliver water, abrasive and regular maintenance is important. Hence, Power-
chemical admixtures, Acrylic Polymers and other liquids to semi Sprays understands that a fast and efficient after sales service
and fully automated dry materials batching systems which can is essential and aims to hold all main consumable parts and
operate from silos, 1 tonne bags and other bulk storage vessels. accessories in stock for immediate despatch.
1 PS1000 Grout Pump and Spray Unit
2 PM Spray Gun for cement and gypsum based materials, concrete repair, fire protective coatings etc.
3 Vacuum/Pneumatic Conveying Systems for glass fibres and synthetic fibres
4 Variable Frequency Vibrating Table
5 TMFC 24/12 volt Glassfibre Chopper for use with mobile Volumetric Concrete mixers
6 PS4000M pneumatically powered mixer/spray machine for cement based materials,
renders and fire protection coatings

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Other Specialist Equipment

The process technologies developed for the production of
GRC/GFRC are also relevant to many other applications. During
50 years Power-Sprays has developed a range of factory and site
based equipment for related applications including:

Glass fibre dispensers for Mobile Concrete

Mixing plants and Volumetric Mixers

Dispensers for polypropylene, acrylic

and other synthetic fibres

Mixers, pumps and spray machines for cementitious

grouts, concrete repair and concrete protection
materials, foamed concretes, spray applied fire
protective coatings etc.

Please ask for more information.

A Complete Service

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Power-Sprays offers all new and existing customers

a complete range of technical support services including
assistance with factory planning, production training,
establishing Quality Assurance and Quality Control
systems, GRC/GFRC materials selection, development of
mix designs etc. These services are offered in conjunction
with our subsidiary, Fibre Technologies International Ltd,
who are leading independent suppliers of specialist GRC/
GFRC materials including High Zirconia Alkali Resistant
Glassfibres, Acrylic Polymer Curing Agents, Super
Plasticisers, Self Compacting Admixtures, Polyurethane
rubber moulding materials and many more. To find
out more please visit
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1 GRC/GFRC Quality Control Flexural

Strength Testing
2 Automated Batching Plant Control Systems
3 Fleximould Polyurethane Liquid Rubbers for
mould manufacture
4 GRC/GFRC Quality Control Slump Tester
and Skin Thickness Gauge
5 Bespoke Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully
Automatic control systems to suit customer
6 Training in GRC/GFRC manufacture and
Quality Control to the latest International
7 High Output GRC/GFRC Batch Mixing plants
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