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Plan of Book 2


Unit 1 Relationships pages 29

A The best of friends Defining and describing friendship Phrasal verbs

Adjectives and verbs to describe
Expressing opinions Gerund and infinitive
B Make new friends, constructions re- verbs
Disagreeing politely
but keep the old . . .
Stating preferences

Sharing advice about friendship

Unit 2 Clothes and appearance pages 1017

A The way we dress Discussing approaches to fashion Review of verb patterns

Adjectives to describe style
Describing style and trends Cleft sentences with what
Adjectives to describe outward
B How we appear appearance
Expressing opinions about clothing
to others
Talking about first impressions

Describing outward appearance

Unit 3 Science and technology pages 1825

A Good science, Talking about scientific advances Indefinite and definite articles
Adjectives to discuss technology-
bad science Analyzing the effects of science and technology -ing clauses
related issues
Expressing caution and confidence Collocations to express different
B Technology and you attitudes
Describing technology troubles

Units 13 Communication review pages 2627

Unit 4 Superstitions and beliefs pages 2835

A Superstitions Talking about personal beliefs Reporting clauses

Expressions with luck
Comparing beliefs Reporting clauses in the
Adjectives to describe truth and
B Believe it or not passive fabrication
Reporting what other people believe

Expressing opinions

Unit 5 Movies and television pages 3643

A Movies Discussing movie trends Sentence adverbs

Adjectives to describe movies
Expressing your attitude about trends Such . . . that and so . . . that
Types of TV programs
B Television
Discussing movie genre aspects and preferences

Discussing TV show preferences

Explaining the popularity of TV shows

Unit 6 Musicians and music pages 4451

A A world of music Sharing views on music Double comparatives

Collocations to describe music
Expressing preferences Will and would for habits and
Idioms used in the entertainment
B Getting your big general truths industry
Comparing and contrasting
Defining success

Units 46 Communication review pages 5253


Talking about what friends should have in common A talk about differences between Developing a thesis How Social Media

Talking about the best way to meet people friendships among men and statement Friends Translate into
Discussing ways to maintain friendships
friendships among women Writing a composition Real-life Friendships:
A young woman describes a chance with paragraphs Does social media
encounter supporting a thesis encourage people to
statement connect in real life?

Discussing different opinions on fashion Three people describe their taste Writing a composition Overcoming a Bad

Discussing how first impressions are formed in fashion about a personal belief First Impression: How
Discussing tips for making a good first impression Three people explain what is Giving examples to to change a bad first
important for them when forming support a thesis impression
Discussing how people respond to appearance
an impression statement

Discussing the positive effects and negative consequences A reporter and technology editor talk Identifying essential I Took My Kids

of technology and science about the impact of driverless car information for a Offline: A mother bans
Discussing your feelings about new technology technology summary of a text all technology at home
Taking a survey about your relationship with technology A comedian talks about difficulties he Writing a summary of for six months
has had with technology an article

Describing superstitions from your country or culture Three people give explanations for Restating the thesis in Do Good Luck

Discussing superstitions some superstitions the last paragraph Charms Really Work
Taking a survey about luck Two people discuss a journalistic hoax Writing a composition in Competitions?:
about superstitions The effectiveness of
Telling stories
superstitious rituals
Discussing hoaxes and why people create them in sports

Talking about movie trends Four people describe what makes Identifying essential One Day on Earth:

Talking about the results of a survey on movie genre some movie genres effective information for a A Time Capsule of Our
preferences TV network employees brainstorm and movie review Lives: A movie shot in
Discussing aspects of different movie genres present ideas for new TV shows Writing a movie review every country of the
world on the same day
Discussing what makes a TV show popular

Discussing and presenting an idea for a new TV show

Talking about personal tastes in music Two people share their opinions on Writing a compare-and- On the Trail of Sixto

Talking about styles of music different types of music contrast essay Rodriguez: Searching
Discussing the role of music in different contexts A young woman gives her friend Describing similarities for a musician who
advice on his music career and differences was famous and didnt
Discussing advice for success
know it