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SOTHEARA KANG (415) 999-2552

S KILLS Composition, VFX Editing, Color Correction, Sound VFX, Sequencing, Matte Painting

S OFTWARE Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe After Effects, Adobe
Premier, NukeX, Shotgun, Mudbox, Rotoscoping


- Created visual effects using Nuke to perform techniques such as making the performers
natural eye color transform into glowing blue eyes once she donned her characters
- Added matte painting and angelic glow on the BG
- Worked on clean plate and added the blood on the floor sequence by syncing 2D match
move tracker and color correction
- Produced and uploaded shots onto Shotgun for dailies
- Collaborated with VFX Supervisor, Producer and Lead Compositor
- Mastered 3D camera projection, developed stereo shots using Nuke

LEAD VFX EDITOR AAU VFX Production 2014 2016

- Served as Lead VFX Editor, managing VFX production for thrillers, live action films and
3D animation with sound effects
- Performed quality control for shots, ensuring all 3D rendered frame ranges were
functional and smooth
- Updated sequences with any changes to the cut, communicate and assign
responsibilities to VFX team
- Cut in VFX works-in-progress and finals into master cut sequences
- Confirmed timing and sequencing with client, making changes as requested
- Worked on VFX editorials for dailies

VFX COMPOSITOR AAU Studios Stop Animation Short Film 2015

- Collaborated with studio team to develop a stop-motion animated film Day Job
- Added floor and wood textures on walls using RotoPaint, defocused BG and
implemented color correction
- Added CG dust particles FX to add authenticity and realism

VFX COMPOSITOR AAU Studios AWOL Feature Film 2015

- Used Split Screen for shot correction
- Cleaned up straight green line on wall using RotoPaint

E DUCATION Bachelor of Fine Arts Visual Effects, Compositing and Video Editing 2016

Academy of Art University | San Francisco, CA

Art & Design Studies 2012

Skyline College | San Bruno, CA