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Practical Dual Bander

with Optional Bluetooth Headset

VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF Simultaneous Receive Easy-to-See Large White Backlit LCD

The IC-2730A provides VHF/VHF, UHF/UHF simultaneous receive The display size of the IC-2730A is 1.5 times larger than its prede-
capability as well as VHF/UHF receive. Main dials, volume, squelch cessor, the IC-2720H. Frequency display and channel names are
knobs and primal buttons are symmetrically laid out for each band. larger, and the white backlit provides higher contrast.
Optional VS-3 Bluetooth Headset Easy Controller Mounting with the Optional MBF-1
The optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset Volume UP The combination of the optional
can wirelessly control the IC-2730A with Volume DOWN MBF-1 suction cup mounting base
three programmable keys and a PTT PTT switch and MBA-5 controller bracket pro-
button. It also provides VOX operation vides easy tilt and swivel adjust-
for hands-free communication. Programmable buttons
ments. The large suction cup can be
* Optional UT-133 Bluetooth unit must be mounted on flat surfaces and can be
installed in the IC-2730A. Optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset removed easily. Photo includes optional MBF-1 and MBA-5

50 watts of output on VHF and UHF Controller Attachment to the Main And More
The IC-2730A employs a durable PA module Unit with Optional MBA-4 HM-207 remote control microphone CS-2730
and delivers 50 watts of high power opera- With the optional MBA-4 combination bracket, Free download PC programming software Versatile
tion on both VHF and UHF bands. the controller can be attached to the main scanning capability Squelch delay and squelch
unit. The microphone jacks are mounted on attenuator Sub band auto mute function Sub
Built-in 50 CTCSS and 104 DTCS band busy beep function Auto repeater func-
both the controller and main unit.
tones with Split Tone Function tions* (* Depending on the transceiver version)
The CTCSS and DTCS tones are built-in Wideband Receiver Auto power off Time-out-timer 16 DTMF auto
for quiet stand-by and repeater access. The The IC-2730A covers 118174 and 375 dial memories Weather channel receive with
split tone function allows you to set CTCSS/ 550MHz. You will be able to listen to aviation, weather alert* (* USA version only) CI-V remote
DTCS tones separately for repeater uplink marine, weather channels and other utility control capability (through the OPC-478UC)
and downlink on a per channel basis. communications.

Receiver sensitivity (Less than) (Not guaranteed, for your reference only)
Frequency coverage Output power (at 13.8V DC) 50W, 15W, 5W FM/FM-N (12dB SINAD)
TPE version 25W, 15W, 5W 137159.995MHz* 0.32V 160174.000MHz 0.56V
Version Transmit Receive
375399.995MHz 0.56V 400499.995MHz* 0.32V
USA 144148, 430450MHz 118174, 375550MHz*1 Max. frequency deviation 5.0kHz/2.5kHz (W/N)
500550.000MHz 0.56V
Export 137174, 400470MHz* 118174, 375550MHz*2
Spurious emissions Less than 60dBc AM/AM-N (10dB S/N) 118136.991MHz 1V
Guaranteed range *1 144148, 430450MHz, *2 144148, 430440MHz Microphone impedance 600 (8-pin modular) * Except amateur bands.
1052 channels (including
No. of memory channels RECEIVER All stated specifications are subject to change without
50 scan edges and 2 Call)
Type of emission F2D, F3E (FM, FM-N) Intermediate A band 38.85MHz/450kHz notice or obligation.
Frequency stability 2.5ppm frequencies B band 46.35MHz/450kHz
Power supply requirement 13.8V DC 15% Sensitivity (at 12dB SINAD) Less than 0.18V
Selectivity More than 60dB/55dB (W/N)
Current drain Tx 13A
(approximate) Rx 1.8A/1.2A (Max. audio/Stand-by) Spurious response A band More than 60dB/55dB (V/U) Applicable U.S. Military Specifications
rejection B band More than 60dB/60dB (V/U)
Antenna impedance 50 (SO-239) MIL 810G
Audio output power More than 2W (10% dist. 8) Standard
Operating temperature range 10C to +60C; 14F to +140F Method Procedure
External speaker connector 2 conductor 3.5 (d) mm (18)/8
Dimensions Main unit 15040151 mm; 5.911.575.94 in High Temperature 501.5 I, II
(WHD Controller 1505027.2 mm; 5.911.971.07 in Low Temperature 502.5 I, II
Projections are not included.) Supplied Accessories Vibration 514.6 I
Weight (approx.) Main unit 1.2 kg; 2.65 lb Hand microphone, HM-207 Controller cable Shock 516.6 I, IV
Controller 140 g; 4.94 oz Microphone hanger DC power cable Spare fuses Also meets equivalent MIL-STD-810-C, -D -E and -F.

OPTIONS Some options may not be available in some countries. Please ask your dealer for details.


SP-30 VS-3 MBF-1 MBA-5 MBA-4

SP-35: 2m cable 4 inch (102.5mm) Use with UT-133 MBF-4 Suction cup mounting base. For attaching the controller
HM-207 HM-154 SP-35L: 6m cable diameter speaker UT-133 in a pair For mounting the main unit. MBA-5 is required. to the main unit.


EXTENSION CABLE ADAPTER CABLE EXTENSION CABLES Free downloadable PC programming software.
Download from
The 3D GENUINE Icom label is
OPC-474 CLONING CABLE attached to the bottom of the main unit.
For transceiver to transceiver cloning cable. Check the Icom website for details:
OPC-1156 OPC-589
3.5m (11.4ft) cable. A modu- For use with an 8-pin OPC-440: 5m (16.4ft) OPC-478UC: USB type cable
lar connector is supplied. microphone OPC-647: 2.5m (8.2ft) for use with the CS-2730.

Icom, Icom Inc. and the Icom logo are registered trademarks of Icom Incorporated (Japan) in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Japan and/or other countries. The Bluetooth word mark and
logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Icom Inc. is under license. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective holders.
NEVER operate the transceiver while driving a vehicle. Safe driving requires your full attentionanything less may result in an accident.

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