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Training Center

Published on Uzbekistan airways (

The Training center of the national airline provides high quality trainings in all areas of the airline
industry in accordance with ICAO and IATA standards and recommendations. Advanced training
includes computer based learning and modern full flight simulators.

Uzbekistan Airways Training Center is approved by local governmental authorities. It supports the
requirement ISO 9001-2008 in respect of development learning programs, as well as ab-initio,
refresher and retraining courses of aviation personnel; and has Quality Management System
Certificate 11.1033.026 dated December 9, 2011.

Uzbekistan Airways Training Center offers aviation trainings of the highest standard which are
approved by the civil aviation authorities of Uzbekistan.

1.Ab-initio training courses:

type rating instructor, check pilot and captain training

flight crew training
cabin crew

Uzbekistan Airways Training Center provides ab-initio training for cadets and postgraduates on board
of IL114-100 by skilled pilot-instructors at local aerodromes of the national airline.

Cabin Crew Training Department

Cabin crew initial course in Uzbekistan Airways training center is the guarantee of high quality
service and operation. All courses meet international requirements and are based on personal
experience of our personnel trained at Lufthansa Training Center, AVRO International Aerospace,
Boeing Training Center and Airbus Training Center.

Individual approach, modern equipment, teaching methods and high professional skills of our
teacher-instructors guarantee high quality of both theoretical and flight training at Uzbekistan
Airways Training Center.

Trainers of this department are former cabin crew members: senior cabin crew, pursers and cabin
crew instructors.

Cabin Crew Training Courses:

1.Initial cabin crew training

Initial cabin crew training is performed in accordance with programmes approved by State
Commission for the Flight Safety Oversight (CAA). The course consists of theoretical and practical
training. The cabin crew is trained to perform flight service on board of B757/767, A310/320 and

The course content covers:

Aircraft components and design

Aircraft equipment
General theoretical knowledge of aviation and aviation regulations
Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP)
Passenger handling
Dangerous goods
Security procedures
Introductory course on human factors (HF) and crew resource management (CRM)
Medicine. First aid
Introduction to aircraft cabin service

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Training Center
Published on Uzbekistan airways (

Foreign language (mainly English or other)

Uzbek language (Latin script)
Refresher course
Retraining course (to B757/767, A320, A310)
Simulator training
Safety and Emergency procedures

Cabin Crew Instructor Training

Instructor training includes initial and refresher instructor courses.

The course content covers:
Theoretical training
Passenger service (F,C,Y class)
Crew Recourse Management
Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods are transported by airplanes of National Aircompany Uzbekistan Airways in

compliance with ICAO requirements. The courses are aimed for the following specialists:

Flight Engineers
Cargo Master
Cabin Attendants
Ground Staff
Customs Officers
Immigration Service Specialists Training.
SDCS work principles.
SDCS balancing database.
Cargo handling.
ULD manager standard Batching calculation.
Automated module GCG.
Dangerous goods agents

DISPATCH specialists. DISPATCH service was founded in 1999. The training of specialist was
organized shortly afterwards. Initially the staff contained high skilled ex-airmen and former Air Traffic
Controllers. Later on, postgraduate students joined the service. At present, DISPATCH service has
high experience to carry out the service for international aircompanies at Tashkent International
airport and provides the following types of activities:

Preliminary navigation calculations

Fuel Calculation (to reduce Aircompany expenses)
Pre flight Information (NOTAM)
Flight planning in accordance with State AIP and EUROCONTROL
Flight plan in accordance with ICAO requirements
ETOPS Dispatch
Aeronautical and meteorological analysis
Descriptive Materials for Briefing
Flight crew briefing

DISPATCH service training

Covers two training programmes : initial and refresher courses. These programmes satisfy the

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Training Center
Published on Uzbekistan airways (

requirements of ICAO and IOSA and are approved by local CAA. The courses are held in Russian
language. Courses contain both theoretical and computer based training.

The course content covers:

Guidelines. Flight rules

Aircraft performance
Air Traffic Service. Airways
Aircarft components and designs
Aircraft Failures MEL,CDG
Aerodynamical characteristics
Aircraft equipment
Communication equipment. Navigation Aids
Flight Planning
Human factor
Aviation safety

This course is aimed for aviation specialists of the CIS countries. A great number of descriptive
materials, high skilled teachers and modern technical resources are the guarantee of high quality

2. Retraining courses

flight crew on types of aircraft: B-757/767, A-310, Il-76,

engineers and maintenance technicians on all types of aircraft Il-76, il-114-100
cabin crew-instructors

Computer based retraining of pilots is presented by CBT and under control of well-trained type rating
pilots-instructors. The functional flight simulators of aircraft A320 (APT A320) and Boeing 767
(VPTB767) are used in the process of retraining. The flight simulators APT A 320 and VPT B767 are
procedure simulators of class IPT (Integrated Procedure Trainer). Hardware data of flight simulator
are the exact prototype of the cockpit of this type of aircraft with operative instruments and
imitation of instrument flight. Flight simulators IPT are different from category D which have movable
platform, visualization system and imitation of real control elements of aircraft on displays. All
pushbuttons, toggles and handles in the cockpit of aircraft have fully functional reflection on flight
simulators of IPT. These flight simulators give possibility to train either standard procedures or
emergency procedures in the process of retraining on this type or for passing of quarterly simulator
training (Simulator Refresher).

3. Refresher courses:

flight crew on type of a/c B-767/757. A-310, Il-76, Il-114-100, An-2, Mi-8.
cabin crew-instructors
engineers and maintenance technicians on types of aircraft IL-76, IL-114-100, An-2.
cargo masters on type of IL-76;
booking agents;
security officers;
Dispatch specialists

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Training Center
Published on Uzbekistan airways (

4. Aviation English courses

The course content covers:

Aviation English for flight crew

English for cabin crew
Technical English for engineers and maintenance technicians

Course contains intensive general, technical and professional English training by using modern
methods and technical facilities. There are comfortable classes; tele-, video-, and audio equipment,
projectors, video films and computer programs. There is the multimedia computer learning program
which is aimed to improve level of language of different categories of students and different level of
their knowledge.

5. Training Center consists of 3 departments:

Educational department complies with:

Theoretical and practical training of all air company personnel and specialists of different categories
of different companies from different countries. The qualified and well-trained staff allows training of
any aviation professions in a qualified way for the short period of time which satisfy the customers.

Flight Methodical department complies with:

Methodical support, flight and theoretical training of pilots, navigators, flight engineers and radio
operators of Boeing-757/767, A-310, IL-76, IL-114-100.

Initial training of pilots- instructors who train pilots how to act in special situations of flight
Professional development of type rating instructors.
Flight Simulator complex complies with:
Training of flight crew and flight attendants safety and emergency procedures on the land
and in water on board of B757/767, A320, A310 and on board of aircraft of eastern fleet.
Training of flight crew flight simulator on IL-76. Trainings of flight crew on modern type of
simulator category D of the IL-114 aircraft.

Organization of courses

The duration of courses: from 2 till 20 weeks, depending on aims of training and on initial level of
students knowledge either in the field of English language or in the field of technical education.
The beginning of courses usually on Mondays, in the beginning of every month at the instance of
customer also the dates of the beginning and finishing the courses can be discussed. The intensity of
programs: usually its 30 lessons - lectures or specialized kinds of activities a week with obligatory
preparation of home task. Certificate of finishing the courses: Certificate of Uzbekistan Airways
Training Center is given to every student under successful and satisfied results of finishing the
courses. Uzbekistan Airways Training Center invites you on the training. Qualified trainers and
instructors will help you to get the aims and guarantee the success of your professional activity.

Contact us:

Uzbekistan Airways Training Center

Airport, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel.: (998-71) 255-34-03, 255-19-79
Fax: (998-71) 255-34-03

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Training Center
Published on Uzbekistan airways (


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