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Smart Stem

Fuel Pump Upgrade Tire Pressure Sensing Technology Battery Charger

Boeing introduced the Crane Aerospace & Electronics SmartStem technology provides a fast, accurate and Cranes advanced Battery Charger (part number 8-930) is
60-755100-5 and 60-989100-5 configuration fuel pump reliable means for measuring tire pressure by utilizing certified on all 737NG. It is now certified to be retrofitable
to the 737NG production line in April 2005. passive, wireless sensors integrated in fill valves, which as an upgrade on all 737 Classic aircraft.
replace the standard fill valve.
The -5 configuration fuel pump replaces all prior It is a form, fit and function replacement for the existing
configurations and terminates the need for operator SmartStem is proven to reduce operator maintenance cost, ELDEC-brand battery chargers on these airplanes.
repetitive connector inspections and wire routing inspections and increase tire life, along with improving safety and
The new 8-930 Battery Charger provides significant
in 28-CMR-01, 28-CMR-02 and AD 2002-19-52. It is braking efficiency by simplifying and automatically
cost-of-ownership advantages to operators including
achieving over 200,000 hours fleet reliability. documenting the process of performing daily tire pressure
higher reliability, enhanced fault isolation, built-in test
capabilities, and compatibility with the new SAFT Ultra
Low Maintenance (ULM) battery. In addition to all 737,
the 8-930 battery charger is interchangeable for use on
747, 757 and 767 aircraft.

AACU Upgrade
1. HandHeld Reader (HHR) communicates wirelessly to SmartStem
for Carbon Brake Retrofit Tire Pressure Sensor (TPS)
2. Sensor outputs tire pressure, temperature, tail number and wheel
Boeing has certified new Carbon Brakes for production position digitally displayed and recorded in HHR
and field retrofit for the 737NG aircraft series. This 3. Tire data records easily transferred to workstation for later trending
Carbon Brake option reduces the aircraft weight by analysis (OPTIONAL)
300-700 pounds (136 to 318 kg) depending on aircraft
model and airframe configuration. Crane Aerospace & Manual Digital
Electronics new Antiskid/Auto-Brake Control Unit Smart Stem Features & Benefits Gauge Gauge Smart Stem

(AACU), part number 142-147, is designed to work with

Reduced maintenance labor and improved
the Carbon Brakes. turn around time
For field retrofits, the existing 42-935-2 AACU can be Improve dispatch through aircraft autonomy
modified to the 142-147 configuration per Crane Service Standardize fleet tire pressure management
Bulletin 42-935-32-2.
Improved tire pressure accuracy
Ability to take tire pressure in all environments
Electronic data records for trending and
leaking tire ID
Improved operator ergonomics
No scheduled maintenance or
calibration requires
Eliminate valve cap removal SmartStem technology is certified on 737NG,
747-400, 777, 787, Q-Series, CRJ, Falcon 50,
Prevent stem damage during check
many Learjet, Challenger and Citation models,
No gas loss during tire pressure check as well as Global Express.
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Fuel Pump Upgrade

AACU Upgrade for Carbon Brake Retrofit
Battery Charger
SmartStem Tire Pressure Sensing Technology

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