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Articles: Generic Articles and Variants

Variants are articles that differ only in certain characteristics such as color, size, or flavor. They
are grouped together as a generic article.

Defining a generic article simplifies the maintenance of variants since you need enter data that is
the same for all variants only once for the generic article.

In the diagram below, the blouse Chiasso is a generic article. The variants are the possible
combinations of size and color in which it is available.

A generic article can have:

Variant-creating characteristics

Characteristics defining the attributes of a variant are described as variant-creating

characteristics. After confirming the initial screen, you access a screen on which you can
restrict the characteristic values for the generic article, particularly the variant-creating
characteristics. Only the restricted characteristic values are then allowed for defining

In the following table, the two variant-creating characteristics result in 5 variants:


Color 34 36 38 40

Red X x x

White x X
Non-variant-creating characteristics

These are informative characteristics that describe the article in more detail, for example,
the material of which a blouse is made.

For more information on characteristics, see Characteristics Processing.

Be sure to assign the correct article category to the generic article. In the standard SAP Retail
System, this is article category 01. It is not possible to turn a generic article into a single article, or
vice versa.

When creating the article master record for the generic article, you can create an article master
record for each of the variants at the same time. The article master record for each variant refers
to the generic article. Generic articles can be created only for reference sites.

In practice, you normally use only variants. In functions in which you can also process generic
articles (for example, a purchase order), you can enter the corresponding information for each
variant on an additional screen (for example, information on the order unit). The additional screen
appears automatically.

If you want to change the base unit of measure for a generic article, the system
bases the checks necessary on the data for the variants.

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