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New Technology

Engineering Solutions
Fabrication & packaging

LIWA is dynamic, transparent and Last but not least, the strength of LIWA lies in the support of our
socially responsible group that is clients, Principals and community. We are ever thankful to them
committed to walk the extra miles for making us what we are today.
to fuel the regional economy and
improve lives through various business H.E. Eng. Salah Salem Bin Omair Al Shamsi
activities. At LIWA, we have a quest for
growth. But growing honorably is our Chairman
code. We strive to be a regional leader
in all our businesses but accurately
identifying and managing business o
pportunities by establishing strategic
alliances through reputable interna-
tional companies with outstanding track records.

At the same time, we rely on our past experience and core busi-
ness principles for the strength and courage needed to move
forward in this ever changing environment. Today, more than
ever we are committed towards building our future through en-
vironmentally friendly, state-of-the-art technology and modern
management principles.


us to take advantage of business opportunities
FOR GROWTH with superior rates of return.


LIWA Petroleum & Industrial Supplies was established 15 years back with an objective of resourcing and make available the
requirement of high quality, latest technology of engineering products, materials, chemicals and services to the ever growing
on shore and offshore Oil & Gas, petrochemical industries, Hydro carbon Power/water sectors in the United Arab Emirates. The
company has evolved itself over the years and is now a full-fledged general trading house with an emphasis on supply & service
to diverse sectors of the industry.

Fifteen years ago, the organization was founded by His Excellency Eng. Salah Salem Bin Omair Al Shamsi to cater to specific
requirements for chemicals, engineering products and major equipment tailored to the needs of large industries in the hydro-
carbon, power and water sectors.

LIWA Petroleum & Industrial Supplies is involved in the procurement and the companys engineering trade arm offers precision
products such as heat exchangers, pressure Vessels, filtration systems, Valves, Line Pipes, Steel Structures etc. Core strength
at Liwa Petroleum & Industrial Supplies is the new technologies and solutions which Liwa offer for the power, oil and gas and
water sectors. LIWA always one-step ahead in trading of all most all major specialty chemicals required for oil, gas and other
related industrial sectors in the UAE.

Apart from its role as trader, supplier and provider of high-grade chemicals, engineering and technology products, Liwa Petro-
leum & Industrial Supplies also offers services related to industrial, manufacturing, ports and shipping and oil, gas and petro-
chemicals sectors.

LIWA Petroleum & Industrial Supplies fills a market gap for knowledge and engineering proficiency to offer the UAEs oil, gas
and hydrocarbon sectors specialist support and state of the art tools and products. The company is a key support partner for
ADNOC in oil field exploration and development, and counts several other regional energy producers as long-term clients.

The organization is ISO 9001-2008 quality management system certified, and uses state of the art SAGE CRM tools to optimize
its value chain. The companys objective is to offer clients international expertise for local products, and ensure reliable excel-
lence in infrastructure and projects.

LIWA Petroleum & Industrial Supplies is constantly sourcing new products and services from its Principals, manufactures and
suppliers that share Liwas reputation for excellence and are well-known internationally to meet the needs of the regions rap-
idly evolving oil, gas and energy sectors. The companys ethos of building long-term relationships that rest on a shared bedrock
of diligence and quality has resulted in the company being recognized as a regional market leader and looking to expand inter-
nationally. Liwas success stems from a team of inspired individuals who excel in a results-oriented environment. /
The vision and foresightedness of H.E. Eng. Salah Salem Al Shamsi
is force behind the establishment of Liwa Petroleum & Industrial
Supplies. H.E. Eng. Salah Salem Al Shamsi, a well qualified engi-
neer has long and rich experience at very senior levels in ADNOC
Group of companies & various Government offices. His vast indus-
trial experience, administrative skills and commitment towards
quality has made LIWA as the most reliable destination for major

clients in United Arab Emirates.



offers an extensive after sales support program which includes
everything in the range from service and maintaince of all supplied
systems to supply of spare parts and retrofitting the installations.

We offer commissioning and after-sales support of all our agency

products which are well supported by our principals. we can offer our
customers sapres parts along with our initial equipment. We provide
full 24/7 support and take care of the servicing of your systems by
our highly trained engineers.

Key Facts / benefits

# Modification works and Maintenance

# Telephone and e-mail support

# On site trouble shooting - if required

THE Market Organization

LIWA organizes sales for principal companies support
through its own market companies located around the world.
At local level LIWA market companies can also offer project,
design, servicing, sales support for capital / major items ,
sapre parts and also different types of services. /
to be a regional market leader mastering the procurement and
trade of highest quality raw materials and engineering components
to drive the oil, gas, petrochemical and power sectors on a path of
sustainability and efficiency. we even provide services and innovative
total / turnkey solutions through strategic alliances and timely diver-
sifications into value added products for the business industry sector.

of LIWA is to ensure all our processes have quality at their core, that
day to day efficiencies are cultivated and their benefits passed on to
our partners, and to foster long lasting, mutually beneficial part-
nerships with customers and supply chain partners who share our
uncompromising ethos of excellence.

# Offer Customer driven total solutions.

# Empower and reward our best asset, the employees, and provide them
with safe and secure environment conducive to learning.

# Continously improve our processes.

# Continue to contribute positively to the development of U.A.E &

maximize profit over the long term.

THE Business Development

LIWA has used its know-how and experience in different market
and technology areas to work on a large number project contract &
enquires over the 15 years. These relate mainly to new supplementary
product, technology and systems, but also involve indentification of
new markets or application area for the Oil & Gas Industry. /
LIWA has used its know-how and experience in supplying -

Chemicals 1
Catalysts 2
Metals, Bars, Sheets 3
Wire & Woven Wire Products (Except Electrical) 4
Hose & Hose Fitting (Excluding: Marine & Fire Fighting) 5
Piping & Tubing (Metallic) 6
Tube, Pipe & Heaters Fittings 7
Special Pipe Fitting & Accessories 8
Valves 9
Special Valves 10
Gaskets & Packing 11
Paints And Related Products 12
Insulation & Refractory Material 13
Industrial Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration 14
Fasteners 15
Bearing And Oil Seals 16
Mechanical Seals, Coupling And Gears 17
Welding Material, Equipment & Accessories 18
Inspection & Catholic Protection 19
Special Package Units 20
Pressure Vessels 21
Refinery Miscellaneous Equipment 22
Heat Exchangers 23
Instruments 24
Boilers, Fired Heaters 25
Steam And Gas Turbines 26
Compressors And Blowers 27
Pumps 28
Power Generators, Transformers, Rectifiers 29
Electric Motors, Starters Mcc & Contactors 30
Switch Gears, Circuit Breakers And Instruments 31
Electric Cables And Accessories 32
Lighting Fixtures, Conduits & Fittings 33
Information Systems (Telecommunications) 34
Information Systems (Hardware, Software & Accessories) 35
Marine Equipment 36
Fire & Safety Equipment 37
Filling Stations Equipment 38
Specialized Lubes Plant Equipment 39
Tank Accessories 40 /

LIWA has used its know-how and experience in
instrumentation -

Pipes # Pressure Gauges

# Pressure Indicators
LIWA has used its know-how and experience in # Panels, Switches
supplying - # Level Equipments
# Flow Meters
# Line Pipe # Analysers
# Shell & Tubes # Actuators
# Casing & Tubing # Temp Transmitters
# Concrete Pipes # Fire & Gas Detectors
# Corrosion Coted Pipes # Manifolds

LIWA has used its know-how and experience in
supplying -
# Butterfly Valve
# Ball Valve # Bolted Bonnet Valves
# Gate Valve # Pressure Seal Valves
# Globe Valve # Cryogenic Valves
# Check Valve # Wafer Check Valve
# Plug Valve # Tri Union Valve

Fittings & Flanges

LIWA has used its know-how and experience in
supplying -

# Carbon Steel - Flanges & Fittings

# Stainless Steel - Flanges & Fittings
# Alloy - Flanges & Fittings
# Titanium - Flanges & Fittings /
Electrical Equipment
LIWA has used its know-how and experience in
products like -

# Transformers # Resistors
# Cables # Cathodic Protection System
# Ups Systems # Heat Tracing System
# Generators

Mechanical Equipment
LIWA has used its know-how and experience in
supply of -

# Joints # Well Equipment

# Hoses # Steamers
# Gaskets # Cranes # Heaters
# Strainers # Skids # Hoists
# Spray Nozzles # Packages # Filters
# Blowers # Bends # Boilers

Fire & Safety Equipment

LIWA has used its know-how and experience in supply of -

# Breathing Air # PLC # Gaseous Fire Suppression

# Public / General Alarm # ESD # Sprinklers
# Mentor Intercom Systems # HVAC # Watermist
# Process Control # Air Conditioning # Water Spray
# RTP # Refrigeration # Gas Detection
# DCS # Fire Extinguishers
# SCADA # Foam /
Rotary Equipment
LIWA has used its know-how and experience in
rotary products like -

# Turbines
# Pumps
# Compressors
# Mixers
# Agitators

LIWA has used its know-how and experience in
marine industry with the supply of -

# Sacrificial Anode
# Anodes
# Bridge Bearings
# Barge Bumpers System
# Marine Fenders
# Marine Bollards

Fabrication Chemicals
LIWA has used its know-how and experience in LIWA has used its know-how and experience in dif-
fabrication like - ferent chemicals like -

# Pressure Vessels # Mud Chemicals

# Columns & Towers # Drilling & Stimulation Chemicals
# Heat Exchangers # Refinery Chemicals
# Condensers # Speciality Oils
# Log Cylinders # Lubricants
# Demister Pad # Activated Carbon
# Storage Tanks # Solvents
# Steel Plates # Amines
# Steel Connectors # Catalysts
# Cable Tray # Additives
# Gas Scrubbers # Molecular Sieves
# Gasifiers # MEG
# Slug Catchers # TEG
# Acids
# Adsorbents /
Middle East & Indian Subcontinent

Middle East
UAE - Abu Dhabi (Head Office)

Lulu Street, Marina Plaza Building,

P.O.Box 29861, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Tel: +971 2 6334446
Fax: +971 2 6334436
E-mail: /