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In the world of depleting non-renewable resources for Conductor: Annealed Tinned Flexible Copper Conductor
energy, there has been an increased focus on renewable (Class - 5) as per EN 60228
sources for power, transportation and every other aspect Insulation: EBXL XLPO Compound
of life. Amongst all the sources of renewable energy, Solar Sheath: EBXL XLPO Compound
Energy is the one which has gained most ground in the
recent past due to high efficiency of our ability to harness
it, its mass appeal and ease of expansion. APPLICABLE STANDARDS

A solar power plant is only as reliable and efficient as the As per TUV 2pfg 1169/08.2007
cables connecting the Solar PV Panels. To cater to the As per EN:50618
sturdy requirements of Solar Plants and extreme
weathering conditions in which the solar plants are THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS
installed, Electron Beam Cured (EBXL) Solar DC Cables are
the most effective way to connect solar power plants. Ambient Temperature: -40 Dec C to +90 Deg C
Continuous Operating Temperature: 120 Deg C
Short Circuit Temperature: 280 Deg C
PAGODA EBXL XLPO SOLAR DC CABLES Thermal Endurance Properties: As per EN 60216-1 & 2
High Temperature Pressure test: As per EN60811-3-1
Solar power plants are often designed and installed in Damp Heat Test: As per EN 60068-2-78
remote areas in open air. The various components of the
plant are subjected to tough and harsh environmental MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS
conditions. The solar plants are expected to provide a
consistent output of power over a long period of time (~25 Minimum Bending Radius: 9 X OD
years) without much deterioration of its components and Dynamic Penetration: As per TUV 2pfg 1169/08.2007
output. or EN 50618
Notch Propagation: As per TUV 2pfg 1169/08.2007
PVC and XLPE Insulated cables do not fit the bill as far as Tensile Strength of Insulation and Sheath: Requirement
the requirements of Solar Power plants are concerned. To as per TUV 2pfg 1169/08.2007 or EN 50618 in
this end, PAGODA EBXL XLPO Solar DC cables come to the accordance with EN 60811
rescue. Elongation of Insulation and Sheath: Requirement as
per TUV 2pfg 1169/08.2007 or EN 50618 in
PAGODA brand of EBXL XLPO Solar DC Cables are accordance with EN 60811
designed to withstand and perform consistently under Anticipated Period of Use: 25 years
extreme weather for a sustained period of time. The cables
are Ozone resistant, UV resistant, Acid and Alkaline ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS
Resistant, Fire Retardant as per relevant international
standards. Maximum Permissible DC Voltage: 1.8 kV
Conductor Resistance: In accordance with EN 60228
The cables are cured using Electron Beam technology for Class 5 Metal Coated Conductor
which provides for consistent curing across the length of Insulation Resistance: As per TUV 2pfg 1169/08.2007
the cables and no by-products are released during the and EN 50618
curing process. This is the most environmental friendly Voltage Withstand: 6500 V AC Voltage for 5 Min as per
way of curing the cables and is in-line with PAGODAs EN 50395
commitment to reduce its carbon footprint. Ampacity: As per table below

Current Carrying Capacity for EBXL XLPO Solar Cables Annealed Tinned Flexible
Copper Conductor (Class - 5)
Single Core Single Cable Single cable Cables adjacent
Size (mm2) free in air (A) on surfaces (A) on surfaces (A)
1.50 30 29 24 Insulation Sheath

2.50 41 39 33
4.0 55 52 44
6.0 70 67 57
10.0 98 93 79

16.0 132 125 107

25.0 176 167 142

35.0 218 207 176

50.0 276 262 221

70.0 347 330 278

* Drawing for representation purposes only. Not to
95.0 416 395 333


Ozone Resistance: In accordance with EN 50396 Clause Flame Retardant Properties: In accordance with EN
8.1.3 Method A / B 60332-1-2
Weathering - UV Resistance: According to HD 605/A1 or Low Smoke Emission
Annex E of EN 50618 Halogen free
Acid and Alkaline Resistance: According to EN 60811-2-1 Low Acid Gas Emission
and EN 60811-404 Low Toxicity
Good Resistance to oil and other chemicals
High Abrasion Resistance
Crafted with the passion to deliver an unmatched level of performance every time, Pagoda Cables link
a million lives. Imagining a future beyond this day and age, Pagoda Cables connect and ensure absolute
quality & security. Creating and delivering and incredible new beginning to a changing future, our cables
are 100 percent non-toxic and function flawlessly without the loss of power or data.

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Power Cables, XLPE Cables, Control Cables, Aerial Bunched (AB) Cables, Panel Board Wiring, Multicore Flexibles,
Thermocouple Compensating Cables, Data Cables, H.R. & FRLS Cables, Telecommunication Cables, Submersible
Cables, EBXL XLPO Solar Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Fire Survival Cables, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
Cables, Flame Retardant Halogen Free (FRHF) Cables, Uninyvin Cables, Structured / Data cables, Energy Cables, Composite
Cables & Cables to customers specifications.