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The Set of the Sail

A.W. Tozer

Compiled by Harry Verplough


A division of Zur Ltd.

The Set of the Sail

ISBN: 9781600663284
1986 by Zur Ltd.

Previously published by Christian Publications, Inc.

First Christian Publications Edition 1986
First WingSpread Publishers Edition 2010

All rights reserved

Printed in the United States of America

Scripture taken from

The Holy Bible: King James Version
Sail, Dont Drift

I find the greatest thing in this world not so much where we stand,
as in what direction we are moving. To reach the port of heaven,
we must
sail sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it, but we sail,
and not drift, nor live at anchor.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Title Page
1 The Set of the Sail
2 The Power of Silence
3 The Truths Most Powerful Ally
4 We Are Committed to the Whole Message
5 I Believe in the Communion of Saints
6 We Must Try the Spirits
7 Facing Both Ways
8 What Profit in Prayer?
9 The True Saint Is Different
10 Faith Rests upon Gods Character
11 Salvation Walks the Earth
12 Gods Love and Ours
13 The Lord Giveth Knowledge
14 The Urge to Share
15 Dedication to What?
16 The Making of a Man
17 We Need Sanctified Thinkers1
18 We Need Sanctified Thinkers2
19 Truth Is a Great Treasure
20 The Blessedness of the Fixed Heart
21 How the Lord Leads
22 Our Business Is God
23 We Must Depend upon the Holy Spirit
24 Beware the Prophets of Tranquillity
25 Christ Is All We Need
26 We Need to Elevate Our Sights
27 The Sovereignty of Truth1
28 The Sovereignty of Truth2
29 What about the Ethics of Jesus?
30 We Have Lost Our Way
31 Five Kinds of Seekers
32 Controversy May Have Its Holy Uses
33 The True Motive for Christian Conduct
34 Why Faith Is Indispensable
35 The Bed of Procrustes
36 Importance of the Devotional Mood
37 Christian! Love Not the World
38 Substitutes for Discipleship
39 The Marks of Gods Chosen
40 The Passing of the Assembly Concept from Christianity
41 What the Advent Established
42 Quality versus Quantity in Religion
43 The Honest Use of Religious Words
44 The Right Attitude toward Our Spiritual Leaders
45 The Proper Use of the Bible
46 Adjusted: But to What?