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Simpson-Waverly: School Leadership Teams & Meeting Schedule

Faculty Meeting
Focus: Professional development & in-service. Yearlong Professional Learning.
Meetings: Four Tuesdays each month (3:35 4:35 pm.)
Room: Morehouse Lounge
Membership: All Certified Faculty (non-certified are welcomed to attend)

Leadership Team
Focus: Develop and monitor SIP, Interventions, curriculum, and assessments and school wide initiatives
Meetings: Weekly Mondays 3:35 pm 5:00 pm
Room: Principals Office
Membership: Instructional Specialist, Administrators, Sped Staff, Teacher Leaders, City Connects Coordinator

Grade Level/Department Data Teams

Focus: Monitoring student data, formative/summative assessment, attendance/tardy data, discipline data; Early Intervention Process
Meetings: Weekly Tuesdays
Room: Instructional Leader Office/ Classrooms
Membership: Classroom teachers, Coach, Administrator, Instructional Specialist

Special Education Data Team Meeting

Focus: Discuss special education protocols. Align student IEP goals to instruction. Receive ongoing professional development.
Meetings: Weekly Tuesday 11:00 am 11:45am
Room: PPT Room
Membership: Special Education Staff

Focus: Monitor intervention systems and resources. Review and set smart goals for student academic and behavior improvement.
Meetings: Weekly Time: TBD
Room: City Connects Coordinator Office
Membership: Instructional Specialist, City Connects Coordinator, School Psychologist, Administrator, SW.

Attendance Team
Focus: Implement and monitor revised attendance system. Consistently use best practices to improve attendance.
Meetings: Bi-Weekly Mondays 1:00 1:45 pm (Additional Meetings When Needed)
Room: Principals Office
Membership: Administrator, Family School Support Provider, SW, Office Assistant, Parent, Principal

Safe School Climate Team/Crisis Intervention

Focus: Monitoring/implementing school-wide systems, monitoring discipline data/procedures
Meetings: Bi-Weekly Monday 9:45 10:45AM (Additional Meetings as Needed)
Membership: Administrator, SW, SPO, Behavior Tech, Instructional Specialist, Parent

Focus: Monitor and create opportunities that engage the parent community and our school.
Meetings: Bi-Weekly 9:00 am Tuesdays (Tentative)
Room: Morehouse Lounge
Membership: Parents, Teachers, FSSP, Principal, Staff

School Governance Council

Focus: School accountability plan, budget, dress code, programs/curriculum, and compact
Meetings: Last Wednesday of each month. 9am.
Room: Morehouse Lounge

Professional Learning Committees (PLCs)

Focus: Social Emotional Learning & School-Wide Culture Improvement (Continue Committee Work from Last Year)
Meetings: Monthly but more may be added. During Faculty Meeting.
Room: Morehouse and other locations
Membership: School-Wide Staff