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FM II Project

Conduct the analysis for the following in FM II project:

Analysis of Working Capital Management:

Collect the data from the latest annual report for the last 2 years.
Calculate the percentage of current assets to total assets and current liabilities as a
part of total liabilities.
Divide the total current assets into permanent current assets and temporary current
Analyze the composition of current assets (percentage of each component of current
assets to total current assets e.g. inventory to current assets and cash to current
assets and so on.)
Analyze the ways in which current assets have been financed in terms of
approaches of working capital financing.
Calculate gross operating cycle and net operating cycle/cash conversion cycle.
Evaluate how the company has invested its short term surplus funds.
Critically evaluate working capital management policy of the company.

Analysis of Dividend Policy:

Collect the data for the last 5 years.
What are different ways in which the company has rewarded the shareholders?
Dividend / Bonus / Rights / Split / Buy-back etc.
Analyze the dividend policy of the company in terms of Dividend rate, Dividend
payout, Dividend Yield.
Is there any discussion/statement regarding the Dividend Policy in the MDA/
Directors report?
Link dividends and cash flow statement to gauge the need for cash for paying