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Modernism - In Print Dutch Graphic Design 1917-2017

Lecturis 2017 ISBN 9789462262249 Acqn 27762
Pb 22x28cm 184pp col ills 33

Published in conjunction with an exhibition curated by Mathieu Lommen at the Special Collections
facility of the University of Amsterdam, this book by design historian Frederike Huygen explores
modernism in Dutch graphic design of the 20th century. Divided into three periods pre-war,
post-war, and from 1990 to the present it emphasises the various aspects and meanings of the
term modernism, and how its concept dominates the discourse on graphic design, through an
extensive overview of the subject. Moreover, it questions the canon by including some less well-
known examples of graphic design work, thereby giving recognition to an often underestimated

Cindy Wang - I See Eye See

Garden City Publishing 2017 ISBN 9789869331500 Acqn 26889
Hb 24x27cm 82pp col ills 29.95

Vibrantly illustrated, this childrens book designed by Cindy Wang takes its young readers on a
journey to discover all kinds of special animals. From the elephants and lemurs of the deep jungle
to the clouded leopards and giraffes of the savannah, and from icy seas full of ducks and
penguins to a pond where a hippopotamus dwells, all manner of exotic beasts are encountered.
At the storys core is an appreciation for natures wonders and what kind of fulfilment can be
gained from opening your eyes to the world around you.

Tomihiro Kono - Head Prop - Studies 2013-2016

Konomad 2017 ISBN 9780998620510 Acqn 27457
Pb 20x20cm 230pp col ills 51.75

Tomihiro Konos distinctive creations, called head props, are the subject of this fascinating book.
Already established in his successful international career as a session hair stylist, since 2013
Tomihiro has ventured into new territory with his head props. This book documents the path and
inspirations he has followed in his innovative efforts to make decorative designs for the human
head, and gives a sense of the uncompromising approach he takes in his work. Filled with
detailed sketches, development models, and finished concepts, it makes clear that Tomihiro not
only attempts to produce visually striking head designs, but also focuses on functionality in the
beauty of form.

Abdulkader Arnaout - Designing As Visual Poetry

Khatt Books 2017 ISBN 9789490939113 Acqn 27515
Pb 17x24cm 176pp 170ills 120col 32.75

Abdulkader Arnaout is a graphic designer and a pioneer of graphic design in Syria. He has was
one of the first graphic design practitioners, and was renown in his native Syria as a modernist
designer and artist. Arnaout is considered one of the first designers to experiment with Arabic
type and lettering, and with the development of an Arab graphic language based on Islamic
ornamentation and Arabic calligraphy. This book highlights a compilation of Arnaouts salient
design work his numerous poster designs for theatre, art exhibitions, and cultural events and
presents his outstanding contribution to the development of graphic design and typography in
Syria and the Arab region.

Dia Al-azzawi - Taking A Stand: Activism Through Graphic Design

Khatt Books 2017 ISBN 9789490939120 Acqn 27516
Hb 17x24cm 176pp 275ills 200col 32.75

Dia al-Azzawi is a renown Iraqi contemporary artist whose graphic design work is largely
undocumented. His multifarious involvement with graphic design encompassing a rich output of
illustration, publication and print design as well as a variety of promotional, curatorial and critical
activities is unmistakably a form of activism: a fervent expression of his social, political and
artistic position and an energetic endeavour to bring about change. This book outlines al-Azzawis
graphic activism, focusing on the period between the mid-1960s and the mid-1980s. It charts his
journey in design from his beginnings in his native Baghdad in the 1960s to his later work at the
Iraqi Cultural Center in London.

The Legend Of Harajuku Goro's Vol 3

World Photo Press 2017 ISBN 9784846531317 Acqn 27517
Pb 18x26cm 144pp 210ills 200col 43.95

Through numerous photographs of gorgeously crafted pieces, this book showcases Goro
Takahashis fascination with Native American lore and the image of the Wild West. For more than
40 years, he has been hand-crafting accessories such as belts, necklaces, bracelets, bags and
medallions, and his eagle and feather designs, learned and honed over many years of living with
the Navajo, are highly sought after and only available at Goros single store in Tokyo. Silver,
gold, turquoise, leather and beads are just some of the materials in this storied anthology of
outstanding dedication, love and skilled craftsmanship, accompanied by biographical texts and

Steven Guarnaccia - Collecting Merano

Corraini Editore 2017 ISBN 9788875706487 Acqn 27819
Pb 22x22cm 32pp 32col ills 15

Ava lives in Rome, her cousin Otto lives in Berlin. They are great collectors: Ava collects leaves
from interesting plants, Otto is crazy about collecting cupolas and campanili. They will meet at
Merano to enrich their collections. What will they find between the alleys of the old town, under
the shadow of La Polveriera? This book is part of the more extensive Primavera Meranese
project, a multifaceted festival involving lots of different events focusing around interaction
between art and nature aimed at discovering or rediscovering Merano in a different and
engaging way.

Talisman - Contemporary Symbolic Objects

Corraini Editore 2017 ISBN 9788875706432 Acqn 27827
Pb 11x16cm 400pp 80col ills 24

The 'Talisman' volume gathers a highly evocative series of talismans and symbolic artefacts with
extraordinary evocative power. Barbara Brondi & Marco Rain asked young but already
established designers on the international scene to design innovative talismans: they are
symbols, vehicles of meaning, objects that embody individual and collective values. Talisman
thus illustrates a series of empathetic objects made of different materials and interesting shapes.
The book designed with simple and captivating graphics, features images of the designers
creations accompanied by captions with project details and descriptions.

Illustrators Annual 2017

Corraini Editore 2017 ISBN 9788875706371 Acqn 27840
Pb 23x28cm 192pp 400col ills 47

The Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Childrens Book Fair is one of the most important
international events in the world of illustration. The 'Illustrators Annual 2017' unites projects by the
75 artists selected from the 16,000 boards created by 3,200 illustrators from around the globe.
With a cover illustration by Rotraut Susanne Berner, winner of the International Hans Christian
Andersen Award, in addition to the selected works the volume also features contributions by the
five jury members: illustrators Jean-Franois Martin, Daniela Stamatiadi and Steven Guarnaccia,
and editors Harriet Birkinshaw and Arianna Squilloni.