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JEEVAN is a Chennai-based

contemporary Indian Progressive Fusion

band. The band was formed by Deepak
Srinivas with the line-up consisting of Deepak
Srinivas (Lead Guitar) ,Sandip Ramanan
(Drums) , Pranav Vg (Bass Guitar) and
Siddharth Ramalingam (Keyboards).

JEEVANs music is a fine blend of Carnatic

Music, the popular South Indian Classical
form of Music and various other genres like
the Blues, Jazz and Classic Rock. With each
band-member coming from a different school
of music, various genres of music come
together to make the perfect concoction, still
staying true to the roots

Having played at some prime venues in the

city, JEEVAN aims to get its music to ears
far and wide.
DEEPAK SRINIVAS is a Guitarist and Singer with his roots in
Carnatic Music. Hugely influenced by musicians and guitarists
such as Ilayaraja, Prasanna, Steve Vai, John Petrucci and many
others, he tries to bring their styles into his playing and
composing. He has performed with legends such as S.P.
Balasubrahmanyam and has been recognized for his Guitar
playing by Prasanna, Ehsaan and Loy to name a few.
A very passionate musician trying to bring his best through
SANDIP RAMANAN is a drummer and
percussionist who plays for multiple bands and
artists in Chennai. He is hugely inspired by
drummers such as Gavin Harrison, Mike
Portnoy and Neil Peart to name a few. He has
performed with artists in the likes of
S.P.Balasubrahmanyam, K.S.Chitra, both within
the country and abroad, for live shows and
sessions, and bands such as THA, Third Eye, The
Peanut Butter Conspiracy and Amalgam. He
joined JEEVAN after meeting Deepak Srinivas
at an open-mic.
V.G.PRANAV has been playing Rhythm and Bass
Guitar for 10 years. He has performed with some of
Chennai tops bands such as Crypted, Halcyon days and
Blind image with whom he has done several recordings
and live performances including tours across India and
Australia . He's also been involved in teaching and
session work and is currently working as a music faculty
at Mahindra World School. Upon coming across
Deepak's videos on Facebook he decided to collaborate
and join JEEVAN
is a keyboardist from Chennai.
He started learning at the age of
8 and has been playing for many
years now. He has received
formal training in carnatic and
western classical music. He plays
and writes music that brings
together elements of carnatic,
jazz and progressive music in one
sonic environment. He has played
and won several competitions
with various bands.
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Photography : Srinath Ramalingam

Logo : Sohail Khan
Music : JEEVAN