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Bangcal, Christian Jason B.

BSOA- III; History-104 (A)

May 18, 2017

Sufferings to Success

The story of Count of Monte Cristo tells us all about the unforgettable happenings
of Edmond Dantes until he reaches as the Count. This story is the most favourite Novel
by Rizal, for it strikes him about the sacrifices of the Count to say to all that they are
wrong in their judgment. Why this story gives meaning to Jose Rizal to be strong in his
country? What are the advantages of the story that reflects Jose Rizal to be a good hero?
How did Jose Rizal prove to the Spaniards that they are wrong in blaming him as the
criminal? Let us find out whats the story reflects Rizal to stand for the rights of the
When I watched the movie of The Count of Monte Cristo, it tells all about the story
of being a hero. Being a hero is to stand for the rights of all Filipinos against the abusing
Spaniards in our country. Like Rizal, Edmond Dantes did that thing to prove Ferdinand
Mondego and his companions that they are wrong in their judgement to Dantes. In the
story of Edmond Dantes, only emphasize the life of Dantes when he was in prison. He
had several things inside the prison, he faced sadness, morning, loneliness in Chateau
Prison. Hence, Edmond Dantes and Abelle continue digging to further that they can
escape in prison. One day, when Abelle died, Dantes has the opportunity to escape in
using the huge bag where Abelle is set, and suddenly it happened.
The advantages of Jose Rizal in reflecting himself to the story of Count of Monte
Cristo is. He can connect himself to the story of Edmond Dantes for being innocence,
stripped from his rights, made to suffer, rebuilt him, and revenge himself by the severe
people who had accused him as the criminal. From this, he was inspired and motivated
for being a hero for all Filipinos.
In the happenings of Jose Rizal against severe Spaniards, he still continue to write
poems, novels and essays to all Filipinos in the Philippines. In that way, he was far away
in his family, in order to make Jose safe by the treats of his family and he will pursue his
education. The only inspiration of Rizal is the Philippines. He continues to fight for rights
against Spaniards. Like Jose Rizal, Edmond Dantes also did to himself and to his family.
We all know that Jose Rizal is the heroic leader to all Filipinos. He ended his life
through a gunshot in Luneta by the Spaniards. All we can do as Filipinos, we also value
what Jose Rizal did to us Filipinos. We must remain in our minds that Jose Rizal is our
National Hero. Furthermore, we as Filipinos, we should continue to teach the new born
generation children about the life of Jose Rizal as a hero.
Bangcal, Christian Jason B.
BSOA- III; History-104 (A)
May 18, 2016

Values of Jose Rizal

We all know that Jose Rizal is a God-fearing, willing to die for his country. He is
the heroic leader in our country, he proves to Spaniards and Friars that they are wrong in
their beliefs that Filipinos cant stand for their rights to own the Philippines. What are the
values of Jose Rizal that he used to fight against Spaniards? Why he did these things to
the Filipinos? What are the things that make Jose Rizal motivated to his affirmation that
he can give what Filipinos hope for to have freedom?
The first I watched the movie of Jose Rizal, it makes me realized that you should
give meaning to your life as a human being. Being a human being can be hard, if you
have the process of being a good moral person and God-fearing. When I watched the
movie, he had many values that he ingrained his self to be a successful hero. He had the
qualities that Filipinos wants for to give freedom to all Filipinos living in the Philippines.
Jose Rizal is known as a martyr hero, for he did the things that can make him accused
as a criminal. I also, inspired what he did for us Filipinos, he makes us as he reach as an
educated and God-fearing person.
In the lesson that Jose Rizal only emphasize how we should value our beloved
country. We should be able to push ourselves to pursue what are parents want in our
lives. We all know that things in life are temporary, but the legacy of what you did to
pursue education cant give to others. Every one of us has a story on how we perform our
mission in this world, and on how we make our own strategy to make ourselves a
successful human being. The teachings of our parents is worth for us, because they make
ourselves well-trained, well-educated and God-fearing. Let us make example what Jose
Rizal did when he was a hero, and how he become a successful as a hero.
Moreover, in order to become a successful like Jose Rizal, we must be able to take
hardships and sacrifices to make ourselves a successful human being.

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