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Compiled by John B. Woodyard II

School of the Natural Order
Baker, NV 89311

1) Visualize concentric circles; the first two with

3 finer circles: Label them : The Father substance, The
Mother Substance and the Resulting Creation. Each outer
ring contains and permeates all the rest. [from Veil of
Maya]. Variation: Corresponding to cosmic primaries
....Atma, Buddhi, Manas [Natural Oder Process, Vol 1, P44]

2) Visualize in the early morning (upon 1st awakening)

a circle of light around your body; rotate it to form an
envelope; then concentrate to the top of the head, listen
for the sound currents. [From Tape #1, Non Image Id.]

3) Practice sensing without thinking or identifying

objects. Every day start with easy senses first, i.e.,
touching, smelling, tasting; then hearing and seeing.
[from Christos, tape]

4) Visualize the Chakras. Start by taking a deep

breath and hold just above the Sacral center. Proceed
upward in the same manner to the Conarial (Crown) center.
Keep your consciousness on the Crown. [from Perceptive
Insight, p57]

5) Before going to sleep, command your Psyche to obey

you; to learn where it goes and to bring back knowledge.
In the Morning, command your psyche for a report: Where
it went? What it did? What did it, who did it, what did
you see? learn? Then, be still and listen. [from How to
Discipline Your Psyche, p5-6]

6) To circumvent mentalizing before going to bed,

direct your attention to the sound currents. This will
promote sleep. To "lift the golden lid", e.g. : get to
higher consciousness, do the above as meditation. It
bypasses intellectualizing and you "enter the silence".
You attend nothing but the frequency of the "I Am"
..listen to does everything else.[from tape 6
(2nd side), Description of the Psychic World.]

7) Telepathy: Visualize a person with which you are

"en rapport". Concentrate on his/her image, qualities,
etc., until you are at the point of being able to carry on
a conversation. Eventually you will be able to converse
with 'ascended masters' such as Plato. [from Tape
4, & p.27, 1st par.2 ff., Practice of the Way.)
8) Daily, practice giving "freedom" to do
their own thing, on their own level. At the end of the
day, go over your actions and remember when you gave
freedom to others. [from Tape 1, Practice of the Way.]

9) Respect the integrity of others, accept people for

where they are on their level. Don't criticize their
ideas, rather praise their attempts..on their level.
[from Tape 2, Practice of the Way.]

10) Study plates vital dynamism, VI, & in Perceptive

Insight. The Natural Order Process is here described:
1st, an experience, the referent: 2nd, the retained
impression of the experience, the memory-reference; then,
3d, for communication, the word, sign, or symbol. [P.31]
VI) Diagram represents 3 orientations:
Pre-aristotelian, aristotelian, and non-aristotelian. In
the non-aristotelian orientation everything is consciously
evaluated in respect to a 4th dimensional space/time
continuum. This 4th dimensional method of evaluation
utterly and completely destroys all dogmatism.... the
dogmatic assertions that a 'thing' is a fact; for it
must be considered as an event in a 4th dimensional
space/time continuum. [p.36].
(VII) There is one word which must be reiterated over
and over again: That word is 'force' (electro-dynamic
energy). To visualize the structure of that which we
label the universe and which we have
designated "this world", start with the description of the
structure of atoms. Go from there to the description of
an electromagnetic field, then visualize the stars, the
sun, the planets, satellites, etc., as centers of force
describing spiral pathways; each spiral
pathway describing an orbit within its field.
Practice seeing that which we label 'physical body' as
a configuration of units of energy in the center of an
electro-magnetic field of force. In this visualization
practice eliminating from the mind every vestige of 'solid
thing', 'object', 'matter,' etc.; concentrate until 'the
body' is seen, understood to be, etc., a brilliant center
of energy forces, surrounded with an highly active
sphere of radiant energy. (preliminary to understanding
of the Force Centers.)
Begin by feeling the sensation produced in your
nervous system by your own force. Cultivate the awareness
of just that sensation produced, by your own vibrations,
or in rapport with another, until you have so familiarized
yourself with them that you can turn your consciousness,
interceptionally, and by doing so, you learn that you
can direct these forces. You can direct them to the
genital center; to the solar center, the heart center and
to the head center. Familiarize and steadily will and
direct the forces. This will awaken the Kundalini.
[p52-56] See #4 above.

11) 'Here-now' meditation: Take a stick, imagine a

point in the center; to the left, the past, to the right,
the future. On the mental level, only in the private
world does it appear that time flows from present to
future. Does now exist? No, past, no present, no can't find now! This path is bundled up in
consciousness all in 'now'. The future is only a
projection of the thought, the past and future
are only ideas on the mental level..they exist no place
else. Because of motion/sensation, we objectify time.
In meditating upon that interval between thinking of the
past and thinking of the future we expand the now, but you
have to catch that interval between thinking of the past
and thinkig of the future.
[from Tape 2B, & p. 101 last par.ff Practice of the Way.]

12) Hold in consciousness this description of the

process resulting in configurations of energy-forms while
we consider that parallel process to which we have
referred as 'individualization of consciousness'. [p15,
The Natural Order Process, Vol II.]

13) Whatever you touch...whatever you look at say:

"this is called energy." "This represents energy in
configuration." "This represents a dynamic energy
process." [p18, The Natural Order Process, Vol II.]

14) Each morning when you get up, when you

dress...think of everything to which you can point and say
"this"...and don't stop until you NEVER think in terms of
THING...but you think in terms of ENERGY! [p18, The
Natural Order Process, Vol II.]

15) Go outdoors on a clear night and look at the

stars. You could not begin to count them. They are as
numerous as the sands. And then think: This solar field
is just one of a countless number. The solar field would
be recognized as our natural home, and we would see it as
only one of a multiplicity of fields. [P.20, The Natural
Order Process, Vol II.]

16) An individual cannot remain unconscious of this

process and become a participant in the full meaning of
before he can volitionally participate in the process of
SELF-AWARENESS. He cannot be fully conscious until he has
perfected his Be-ing. He not only becomes conscious of
that which he has unconsciously 'repeated' but he can
'consciously participate in the vast range of the
ascending arc. [p25 The Natural Order Process, Vol II.]

(17) Stop reifying and hypostatizing words and get

acquainted with YOURSELF, for the way to greater and
fuller understanding rests upon
your conscious effort to register higher and finer
energy-wave-lengths and frequencies. [p29, The Natural
Order Process, Vol II.]

(18) Our 'great work' is to develop the consciousness

of frequencies registered. This ability to become
conscious of frequencies registered is likened to a door
opening into the realm of knowledge. (p32. The Natural
Order Process, Vol II.]

(19) Even when we acknowledge that there is a

Power-to-be-conscious, that there is a Power with which we
think, feel and act, we must not, by labeling that power
Ego, higher self, Logos, etc., create a semantic blockage
and therefore begin to think of a 'soul', a 'spirit' or
some entity; rather should we condition ourselves to
think: this is the World Mother focalized or epitomized
'as' me, and to this World Mother, and therefore to me,
there is an infinite range of wave-lengths and frequencies
to explore, to register and to know. Each can say for
himself, "That of which I am now conscious is due to my
ability to register wave-lengths and frequencies." [P33.
The Natural Order Process, Vol II.]

(20) Visualize the whole of the frequency-world in

terms of the three fundamental streams or primary gunas (
Atma, Buddhi, Manas); and then call this the world of
Light, reality, Logos. In like manner visualize the four
secondary streams of formative forces as configurations,
forms, creations, etc. (p41. The Natural Order Process,
Vol II.]

(21) This work will generally mean a complete

reorientation, a change in attitude and way of evaluating
this world, which of course includes himself ....
continually remind yourself: "This world is an
energy-world, a vast energy-system; all that we have
heretofore called things and objects are in reality
configurations of units of energy effected or brought
about by the formative forces of the World Mother. "And
he should repeat over and over to yourself: "I am a
conscious individualized energy-system in this
energy-world." [p43. The Natural Order Process, Vol II.]

(22) We must direct attention to the chakras or force

centers, and not limit our consideration to the activities
which they motivate or become identified with them.
Otherwise, we cannot understand psycho-logical processes
or successfully handle our own forces. [P64. The Natural
Order Process, Vol II.]

(23) The removal of semantic blockages begins by

changing one's own evaluations, uncovering hidden
reactions, qualities, repressions, congealed or inhibited
forces within one's own state. The development
of some new interest is important; as it not only changes
the effects of former semantic blockages but takes one's
mind one's self. Create an interest which will require
thought to be directed continually away from self. (P54.
Healing Technic)

(24) Begin living in this world as a 'dynamic world.'

Search for meaning HERE and NOW. Contemplate THIS WORLD
free and clear from the Veil of Maya. Abandon seeking in
'other realms', leaving those hazardous bypaths and
sidetracks severely alone; for HERE the fullness of Truth
will be found and each step of the way will be
characterized by safety, security and confidence. [P65.
Healing Technic)

(25) Positive Meditation:

A) Reorientation of consciousness to one's self:
I am a consciousness center of dynamic energy-force and
power; the various 'levels' states, energy-configurations
or frequencies 'labeled' 'physical body', etc., are one
intangible whole...controlled by individualized Self.
B) Bring this fact into functional experience and
vivid awareness...on all levels or in different centers.
C) Practice transferring localization or
focalization of these forces, frequencies, etc., from one
'level' to another or form one force center to another,
until complete control is gained.
D) Conscious functioning with others as in
healing, working together, inter-communicatively,
telepathically, creating, etc.
E) Practice in conscious participation (by way of
one's forces) in energy world frequencies, supporting
worthy individuals, protecting, healing, functioning in
larger affairs of community, country, constructive
programs for world advancement, etc. Group forces are
linked with other group forces for over all world Dharma.
F) Practice being conscious of self; in which all
individualized selves are merged in one conscious,
dynamic, unrestricted universe.
G) Functional accomplishment...Wholeness, the
[P69-69. Healing Technic).
26) Practice abstracting CONSCIOUSLY. Get wise to
YOURSELF! To practice 'conscious abstracting' is the best
preventive and corrective method we know to eliminate the
many habitual unconscious identifications responsible for
so many of the 'maps' not true to 'territory'. Only in
the freedom form the 'veil' does attainment begin. The
shortest, safest and most reliable of all possible
'short-cuts' to this freedom is through mastering
'conscious' abstracting. [P78-79. Healing Technic)

27) Learn to classify people by their rays. [7 rays


28) Practice functioning on other rays. The 1st step

is to discipline yourself in coordination; put your
'mind' on what on what you are doing while doing it.
Bring your mind back when it's wandering...hold the mind
steady. [ 7 rays tape].

29) Practice rhythm...breathing, walking, etc. :

Breathe in...6 steps..hold 3 steps..exhale 6 steps...etc.
or 8:4 to 16:8. Hum/sing/beat time as you work, walk, etc.
Listen to rhythm/waves/heart beat. p.61 3d par. Self
Mastery Through Meditation

30) Find a favorite spot, in the woods or under a

tree, sit and listen to the sound currents. Good for
cleansing. [ 7 Rays tape]. Further: The older the tree
the better.....Get quiet and listen...It
comes by a sort of inner listening. ...Keep trying and
keep trying.....You can actually hear it, feel it, and
experience it, this pulse beat of the World Mother. When
you do that you are cultivating the harmonic ray at the
same time. [p23. 7 Rays]

31) Say: "Here now" to focus in on what you are here now! [Lesson 2 Psychotherapy.]

33) Develop self-reliance: To tune in to your True

Self, to develop the Higher psyche, purify the lower
psyche and take care of your configuration.
Move out of the city.
Focus on your health
Get involved in local politics
Develop and maintain inner serenity
Get into maintenance
Get into canning, gardening, etc.
Making own clothes
Self employment
The creative arts
Schooling for self improvement
Practice extensionality to counter semantic
reactions [From Practice of the Way tape]

34) Begin with the eyes closed and turned up. The
focus of attention is the crown of the head, and the eyes
"look for" that point of light. Then inhale slowly until
the lungs are full. Be sure they are full. Practice until
the old habit of shallow breathing is replaced by a full
breath. Then inhale slowly and gradually. And exhale
slowly and gradually, using the full breath and never
breaking the focus of attention.
Do 15 min. 3 x a day for two weeks. Your whole world
will be transformed. Do 1st thing in AM and last thing at
night and one other time during the day. Be patient. Use
power of suggestion on the psyche.... get it organized,
channel it and talk to it. [From p89. Steps in
Self-Unfoldment, Lesson 12]

35) Tuning in to the Source: Select one day a week

and one hour of that day--at least-- where you lay aside
all of your mundane affairs and try to forget them and
direct your attention to the Source which makes everything will constitute a sort of background, an
accompaniment to all of your interests and activities.
Cultivate increasing interest in the slightest
details of the day's work; you will make each detail a
moment of creative expression, and that is not high nor
low or menial. It is carrying that happiness into each
little detail of the day's activities, of the
day's work, that makes this that we call life worth
living. How? By keeping in contact with the background,
the Source. [From Lesson 2, How to Take the Journey,

36) Put your mind on what you are doing while you are
doing it. If you catch your mind wandering, bring it back
and focus it like a burning glass, whether on a
five-minute job or a day-long job. Hold your mind of
what you are doing, then all your functional forces will
begin to channel into what you are doing. It is simple.
When you eat, put your mind on it, but don't talk
and eat at the same time. Eat and then turn your mind to
the talking or to whatever else you are doing. Hold
yourself steady and all of your forces will begin to
coordinate. This is just a little self-discipline and
nobody is going to do it for you, and I
don't suppose anybody cares whether you do it or not. But
if you want harmonic coordination this is the way to get
it. If you practice, it will not be many months before
there will be a great change in your life. (P.22 last par
7 Rays)

37) Check out those 3 levels of yourself( 1. Action

level, 2. feeling-desire level, 3. thinking level.) every
night before you allow yourself to go out temporarily in
sleep so when it comes to the end of your birth-death
cycle you won't have to review anything. (P.135 last par
ff St/Psycho)

38) "Study mitosis, look at that little obscure and

microscopic cell; it epitomizes the whole cosmic
process." (p139 last par St/Psycho)

39) " We get lots of wonderful energy just by walking

on the earth....Every once in a while take your shoes off
and wiggle your toes in the good earth." (p147 1st par

40) When you get devitalized in city living, find the

biggest tree you can find, sit down and put your back to
the tree, lean your head against it. You will draw energy
from the tree up and down the centers and cerebrospinal
nervous system. You will feel refreshed in reinvigorated.
(p147 1st par St/Psycho)

41) "There are two basic practices once you have the
force focused in the head centers. 1st, direct the force
to various areas of the brain... 2nd, involves focusing
the whole attention of the force upon itself. Be still
and know." p96 last par SMTM

42) Regarding the building of a shield for

protection against the onslaughts of forces directed by
the extinguishers of Light and Truth,
begin with concentration of your psychic energies in the
heart center.
After all psychic energy is focused in the heart
center, then send it out to all, particularly to those you
know who are destructive. Enclose him, or them, in your
radiant stream of impersonal yet universalized Love. To do
this most effectively, think of or make contact with the
Real Self of that person.
If anyone falls short of centering his psychic energy
in the heart center, or does not know how to do it, then
avoid hate or reaction in a personal sense; to not do
this puts you on the same level as the one sending out
destructive forces and consequently causes you to be
susceptible to the destructive influence. Not by
anger but by laughter one slays the destructive forces.
Then, after the avoidance of hate, reaction, etc., be
at peace and with thought focused on the Hierarchy intone
the Word, AUM. Keep chanting the Word until you experience
a decided uplift. At this point in the exercise visualize
a field, or a sphere, of Fire surrounding you.
If this exercise is conscientiously and faithfully
practiced two or more times daily for some weeks or
months, the field of Fire will become steady and
relatively permanent. P.3 Mem.ltrs II

43) Practice the bel canto method of chanting the word

AUM. Use the back breath: Take three full breaths and on
the last breath, hold bated, push the your diaphragm in
and press down on the air until you have a bulge at the
small of the back.
The third phase of the exercise we call the attack;
i.e., with the sustained cushion of air in the small of
the back and with the air therein used as a hammer, strike
upward on the vocal cords, sounding AU like oo. Hold the
larynx and the throat muscles immobile like a horn into
which you are blowing from the cushion of air in the small
of the back but with this difference--not air is allowed
to escape. Practice the attack as though you are taking a
singing lesson and this is an exercise given by your
teacher. It is very important to practice this attack
very exhaustively before attempting the AUM chant.
When this is accomplished, then sound forth the full
word, prolonging the M sound. From the first
sounding-forthpractice, keep the key in mind as given
above. If the breath work is developed and the attack is
made from the cushion of air at the small of the back,
the sound will be as mellow and penetrating as a bell.
A valuable suggestion which has been given and one
fraught with quite a good deal of significance is this:
chant the word rather softly, audibly, in the key and at
the volume of sound that does not have any strain or
tension; immediately afterward listen with the
'inner' ear trying to hear the sound. Practice this until
you can hear the word by just thinking of it.(see SMTM
p.44,67, 75, 77) If any student will take the Word, learn
the proper key, generally the key of C, and very quietly,
almost inaudibly, to himself chant the Word over and over
again, and while doing so endeavor to get into the 'inner
side' of the sound, he will soon feel the force effect
vibrating within his consciousness. Then, by directing
the force to the higher centers and on through into the
Mind Level he will eventually focus that vibratory
activity in the Mind Level; here it is clearly heard like
a continuous ringing bell and in a key represenative of
content of consciousness on that level. When one
becomes conditioned to these very high-pitched ringing
'inner' sounds he can tell, by the changing key, the
changing frequencies in consciousness respecting that
At this point in his practice, if a student can hold
himself in one- pointed concentration so that his
consciousness begins to enter the Mind Level, he will then
experience the inner sound currents as the Master Self
uses them. (p.80, 2nd par. SMTM)

45) Chanting Elohim :"When you get farther along in

your development, in taking the journey and learn how to
chant on the back breath and can use the word Elohim, it
will oscillate every molecule in your physiological
organism, it will loosen up every atom in the psyche and
will arouse out of latency the dynamic power in the Triune
Man - Speirema, Kundalini, or whatever label you wish to
use, just the chanting of that word will
precipitate the purificatory process. We have learned by
years of experience to take each one through the
purificatory process gradually, we do not precipitate it,
then all of the expurgatable substances and 'things'
acquired and cultivated will be thrown out little by
little. That is the safest way to go through the
purificatory process, take lots of time, don't
hurry it, don't precipitate it by chanting the word Elohim
on the back breath, it gives great resonance, power to
it." p.2 2nd par. (V)(Memltrs)

46) "Become the witness, the onlooker; begin

practicing now in each minute particular, standing outside
of any involvement - mentally, emotionally, or in respect
to identity....This practice will never leave you, because
it expands and grows with your development, until on the
Mind level you can become the witness, the onlooker of
the whole cosmic process..." p52 3d par (Teachers' Guide
Vol 4)

47) Meditatively study analogical representations of

the world of reality.p21 2nd par. (POW)

48) Say: "Not my will, but thy will be done",

carefully every day & many times a day: I give up, I
surrender; let the dynamic process operate in me at my
evolutionary state of development, and what is mine
will come to me and nothing will keep it away from me.
The 1st rung of the ladder of the Path of development is
to give up, surrender, let go your fixations; and as you
cultivate that letting go you begin to feel
your fixations. (p37 2nd par.(POW)

49) Meditate upon the Power-to-be-Conscious. With what

Power are you Conscious? You cannot doubt the Power ...
what is the Power with which you doubt?....etc., etc., p57
last par.ff (POW)

50) When you feel depressed, elated, sad, happy, and

all the degrees in between, ask yourself, "What caused me
to feel this way, what motivated this feeling? What
rapport, what frequency, what 'atmosphere' did I contact,
did I get into?" What motivated the thought, What
motivates the way you feel? This transfers consciousness
from identification to motivational forces. P.67 2nd

51) Say & meditate on this: "As I am now conscious of

myself, I an not a 'physical' body. I am not a 'physical'
body containing in some way or other a soul, a psyche."
Just practice saying: " I am not a 'physical' body having
a soul." Meditate on that & all the reasons, the whys &
wherefores. p.97 2nd par.(POW)

52) ABC in practicing the way: "Be selective of the

type of literature, comanionship, even the places you go.
Be highly selective. Only select that which will
contribute a higher quality to you and severly rule out
that which would lower the tone, the quality of your
thoughts, feelings, desires, etc." P. 101 1st par. (POW)