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Achieve3000 Question Types


Supporting Key Ideas Which sentence best retells the News story?
Which sentence tells about? Which sentence best retells the paragraph?
According to the article, how? What is the most important to say in a summary
Which statement best supports the idea? of the article?
Not in the News story Which is the best summary of the News story?
The story does not say
The article says all except
Which question is not answered by the article? WORD OR PHRASE
MAIN IDEA Which word means
The story talks mostly/mainly about almost the same as? SEQUENCING
The main idea of the story is Which word must
The authors primary point is Which took place
The central point of this passage is second?
Which is the closest
What could be a different title for this article? What happened
What would be the best alternative title for before ?
this article? Which has not
Which means the opposite
happened yet?
Which most likely
Who is _____ is not _____.
FACT AND OPINION happened first?
Which two words from the
Which must have
Which of these is an opinion? article are the closest
happened last?
Which of these is a statement of fact? antonyms?


DRAWING CONCLUSIONS What is different between?
Inference How would you compare?
The reader can tell from the story that What do ____ and ____ have in common?
According to the article, the reader can infer that How are ____ and ___ different?
Prediction Which sentence best describes a similarity between?
Which is most likely to take place next?
The reader can predict that
Authors Purpose CAUSE AND EFFECT
This sentence helps the reader to know Think about the News article. What caused...
The author most likely wrote the article in order to Which statement shows a cause and effect relationship?
Why did the author include this paragraph? Which statement shows one benefit of?
What is one reason why?

Suppose that Paul wants to find out about __________. He would find most of his information __________.
This article would be most useful as a source for a student research project on __________.
Question Strategies

Think about the type of question you are answering and then use the best strategy.

Main Idea Recalling what you read Word or Phrase Meaning
Summarization Sequencing Fact and Opinion
Drawing Conclusions Compare and Contrast Reference Sources
Cause and effect

Understand and Interpret Find the answer Refer back Think of what you already
Answer the question based on to the article and find the know Your existing knowl-
the storys main idea and answer to the question. edge will help answer these
evidence you found. 1. Read the question and answer questions.
1. Read the question and answer options carefully. Word or Phrase Meaning
options carefully. 2. Recall what you read. 1. Refer back to the article and
2. In your own words state 3. Use process of elimination. check the word definition and
the main idea of the story/ 4. Refer to article to find where how the word is used in the
paragraph. the idea in the question is story.
3. Find evidence in the News story either stated or can be inferred 2. In the question, plug each
or paragraph that supports from the story text. answer choice into the
your main idea statement. sentence and read to see if
4. Distinguish big ideas from it makes sense.
specific details. 3. Use process of elimination.
5. Consider what the author Fact and Opinion
hopes you and other readers 1. Ask: Can the statement be
will think or do after reading proved? If yes, then it is a fact.
the story or paragraph. 2. Look for signal words for
opinion: should, must be, too
large, would have, more fun,
most interesting.
Reference Sources
1. Think about how you use
Do these steps first different reference sources
These three steps will make it easier to answer almost all questions. (e.g., dictionary, encyclopedia,
1. Read the News story title and first paragraph. web sites).
2. Summarize the first paragraph. 2. Think about topic categories
3. In your own words, state what you think the article is about. (e.g., health, business, sports).