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learn = do real work

Data Science Engineer
Presently, there are only 10,000 -
15,000 analytics and data experts in
India, and there will be a shortage of
two lakh data scientists in India over
the next few years,

FULL Data Science

STACK Engineer

GreyAtom is focused on building full stack data scientists

and gives you all the tools, techniques, and core concepts
needed to make an impact. The program will enable a
learner to apply problem-solving and creative thinking to

real-world data sets, gaining experience across the entire

data science stack.

The course is often described as drinking from a firehose

because of how much information it packs in. You will use
your new skills to build projects, while learning new
technologies on the fly. By the end, you will be a full stack
data scientist, capable of tackling unique, unfamiliar
problems and building complex applications.
Why Data
pursue Science?
Being a successful data scientist takes
more than just knowing how to make
sense of big sets of data. You also
need to understand business issues
and how to address them with
analytical solutions.
Career Options with

growing job
opportunities in next
Data Science: Increasingly a
Key Factor in Decision Making
Rise of unstructured data
Building in-house Data Science
teams is priority for increasing
numbers of organizations
Hence, extremely sought after.
GreyAtom offers a job oriented program. Potential recruiters not only interact with
you at the program completion in placement week but they work with you during the program.
Also, post the completion of the course, our career counseling team will help you prepare
resume, do networking, conduct mock interviews, polish your public presence and train in salary

negotiations. After the training, your resumes will be circulated to our GreyAtom Hiring


We ensure our grads are using the real industry grade tools with real data and
real problem statements and are put into industry like workflow/ sprints (Our
motto is "learn = do real work"). Learning happens when you work like real practitioners.

Our Commit.Live system with test Driven Development Methodology ensures - our Grads have

the best possible built portfolio (Stackoverflow/ Kaggle/ GitHub/ Personal Blog).
This is the course completion requirement. This gives them wings in the competitive job market.

We focus on teaching students how to learn (that is, we dont give them the fish; we teach
them how to fish)

We constantly iterate on our curriculum to be industry-relevant, and our

grads go on to work with incredible companies.

At GreyAtom, we ensure each student is marketable and job-worthy in any given market
Curriculum glance

1 Refresher & Launch


2 Python Basics

3 Exploratory Data Analysis

4 Regression, Time Series


5 Classification, Neural Nets

6 Clustering, NLP NLTK

7 Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Pig


8 Spark, Oozie, Flume

9 D3.js/ Tableau VISUALIZATION

10 AWS, Pipeline, Julia PRODUCTION


11 Industry Project #01

12 Industry Project #02

13 Industry Project #03

14 Industry Project #04

Week #01:

Students jump right into working with real data as they become acclimated with the core
toolset which is used for the rest of the programme. Students create a blog using GitHub
Pages to present findings from this and future projects.

Learning Outcomes
1. Introduction to Data Science
Build strong foundations on statistical
2. Data Science use cases
concepts, setup machine and Tech
3. Setup Commit.Live environment
4. Git Basics
5. Tech Basics
Complete understanding of the Data
Science opportunity set and intended
specialization & interest areas

Career Development
First One-on-One Meeting with Career Advisor. Students can discuss topics like resumes, salary
negotiation, mock interviews, company introductions, how to craft messages to hiring managers and
recruiters, soft skill interviewing and more.

Weekly Project
Build your 1st Github repo
Week #02:
Basics of Python Programming and Math

We will start with basics of Python for Data Science and dive into deeper topics like Pandas
and matplotlib. We will then move on to an essential skill - statistical thinking. Financial times
have identified statistical thinking as one of the top 10 skills every educated person should
have, and hence youll be learning a very important and essential skill.

Learning Outcomes
1. Python Basics Data Types, Operators,
Be capable coders in Python and at the
Branch & Loops, List & List Comprehensions,
command line, including the related
Dictionaries , Set and Tuples
packages and toolsets most commonly
2. Python Intermediate Functions, Files,
used in data science.
Modules, Classes, Error Handling, Regular
Build strong foundations on statistical
Expression, Numpy
concepts and perform analysis with real
3. Python Advanced - Pandas & Matplotlib
world data sets in python and its
4. Statistics & Probability
associated libraries
5. Linear Algebra

Career Development
Speaker Series begins: During the bootcamp, students are exposed to a number of speakers, including
ones from our Hiring Network. These speakers provide deep-dives into specific skills and/or career
coaching advice and represent excellent opportunities to expand your data science knowledge and

Weekly Project
Work with data recorded from the Summer Olympic games that goes as far back as 1896! This is a rich
dataset that will allow you to fully apply the data manipulation techniques you have learned. You will
pivot, unstack, group, slice, and reshape your data as you explore this dataset and uncover some truly
fascinating insights.
Week #03:
Exploratory Data Analysis

Machine Learning
This week covers the essential exploratory techniques for summarizing data. These techniques
are typically applied before formal modeling commences and can help inform the
development of more complex statistical models. Exploratory techniques are also important
for eliminating or sharpening potential hypotheses about the world that can be addressed by
the data. We will also cover some of the common multivariate statistical techniques used to
visualize high-dimensional data.

Learning Outcomes
1. Types of Data - Continuous/ Discrete/
Master the art of collecting, extracting,
querying, cleaning, and aggregating data
2. Scale - Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio
for analysis, this is where data scientists
3. Data Sources & Cleaning
spend a major portion of their time
4. Data Wrangling
5. Data Quality - Missing/ Outliers/
6. Web Scraping
7. Working with APIs

Career Development
LinkedIn Workshop: Learn to build a LinkedIn profile that is specifically suited for data science jobs.
Students incorporate their previous work experience and learn how to best position themselves for
competitive opportunities.

Weekly Project
Students work in small groups using MTA turnstile data, which they clean themselves, to find patterns
in the volume of street traffic. Since no data project exists in a vacuum, each group creates a
theoretical client and use case for its findings, brainstorming as a unit and using design thinking
principles. Projects are presented to the class and published as posts on each students new GitHub
Pages blog.
Week #04:
Regression / its variations & Industry Project

Machine Learning
This week introduces simple and multiple linear regression models. These models allow you to
assess the relationship between variables in a data set and a continuous response variable.
By the end of this week, you will be able to: Describe the input and output of a regression
model. Estimate model parameters using optimization algorithms. Tune parameters with
cross validation. Analyze the performance of the model. Deploy methods to select between
models. Exploit the model to form predictions. Implement these techniques in Python.

Learning Outcomes
1. Linear Regression with Multiple variables/
Develop a deep understanding on real
world applications of Supervised
2. Cost Function - (OLSR)/ Gradient Descent
Machine learning algorithms.
3. Overfitting & Regularization
4. Polynomial Regression, Feature scaling
Solve real world data science problems
5. Ridge Regression/ LASSO/ Elastic Net/ LARS
on industry data sets using appropriate
6. Logistic Regression
Supervised machine learning models
7. Optimization Techniques
and algorithms.
8. K-fold cross validation
9. Time Series

Career Development
Networking Workshop - We throw a mock networking event (attended only by members of the cohort)
to help students learn how to navigate and build confidence to attend industry events and

Weekly Project
Model to determine if Loan will be approved or not. This will be with our exclusive FinTech Partner.
Week #05:
Decision Trees, Ensemble , Classification and
Neural Networks

Machine Learning
After the successful completion of this week, one is expected to become proficient at using
tree based algorithms and build predictive models. In this week, you will create classifiers that
provide state-of-the-art performance on a variety of tasks. You will become familiar with the
most successful techniques, which are most widely used in practice, including logistic
regression, decision trees and boosting.

Learning Outcomes
Develop a deep understanding on real
2. Conditional Trees
world applications of Machine learning
3. Ensemble Techniques - XGBoost,
Adaboost, Random Forest
4. K nearest neighbour
Solve real world data science problems
5. SVM
on industry data sets using appropriate
6. Neural Networks
machine learning models and

Career Development
Resume Workshop: Learn how to craft a professional resume that is ready to present to employers by
Career Day.

Weekly Project
Predict internal failures using thousands of measurements and tests made for each component along
the assembly line. This is an exclusive with our Industry Partner.
Week #06:
Clustering , Dimension Reduction, NLP

Machine Learning
Clustering and Time Series Modelling Techniques will take your Machine Learning Mastery to the next

Learning Outcomes
Clustering Topics
1. K- Means/ Affinity propagation &
Develop a deep understanding on real
mean shift
world applications of Unsupervised
2. Ward/ Agglomerative clustering/
Machine learning algorithms.
3. Naive Bayes
Solve real world data science problems
4. NLP/ Text Clustering/ NLTK
on industry data sets using appropriate
5. PCA & Dimension reduction
Unsupervised machine learning models
and algorithms, NLP.

Career Development
Interview Preparation Workshop: Students learn the dos & donts of the interview process, including
important tips to help achieve successful interviews.
GitHub & Stackoverflow Workshop: Learn how your presence on these portals can make or break an
opportunity. Optimize your presence on these sites.

Weekly Project
Sentiment Analysis on Customers Call Center Data Analysis
Week #07 & 08:
Databases & Big Data Ecosystem:

It is a comprehensive Big Data training week designed by industry experts considering current industry
job requirements to provide in-depth learning on big data modules.

Big Data
Learning Outcomes
1. Intro to Big Data & Hadoop Ecosystem
Identify real world big data use
2. HDFS architecture/ MapReduce
cases and problems.
3. Hive/ HiveQL
4. Pig
Understand how distributed
5. Spark/ PySPARK
systems and parallel computing
6. Sqoop/ Oozie/ Flume
technologies are solving these

Career Development
Salary Negotiations Workshop:
Learn the latest data scientist salary information and walk through salary negotiation best practices.
Mock Interviews
Toward the end of the boot camp, students participate in a mock technical interview conducted by
data scientists from the GreyAtom Hiring Network. They have the opportunity to whiteboard and
respond to typically asked data science questions. Following which, they get feedback on their

Weekly Project
How Big Data helped Donald Trump win US Presidential Election 2016?
Week #09:
Data Visualization , Storytelling, Dashboarding,

In this week's module, you will start to think about how to visualize data effectively. This will include
assigning data to appropriate chart elements. You will learn how to visualize graphs that depict
relationships between data items. You will start to put together everything you've learned by designing
your own visualization system for large datasets and dashboards.

Learning Outcomes
1. Telling a Story with Data
Effectively tell a story with data, use
2. Visual Encoding
appropriate data visualization tools to
3. Design Principles
communicate findings.
4. Analytical Tools
5. Tableau/ Bokeh
Create clear and reproducible reports to
6. Introduction to D3.js

Career Development
Structured Networking: Why connecting with people when you need the job is the worst thing you can
do? Always be networking. Develop your own networking plan and stick to it with GreyAtom.

Weekly Project
A Case Study of Data Visualization in the Fire Safety Industry
Week #10:
Building production scale data science
products and their deployment:

Real world machine learning applications typically consist of many components in a data
processing pipeline. We describe a framework for constructing these ML Pipelines. This
framework can help us construct end-to-end workflows with a toolbox of off-the-shelf

Production Grade ML
components which we have developed for text, image classification and a high-performance
linear algebra library that we use for training models. This framework thus, helps us obtain
state-of-the-art results in many machine learning tasks.

Learning Outcomes
1. Data Science sprints
Productize your data science models.
2. Architecting Data Science Systems
3. Model Promotion Criteria
Build a fluid understanding on how to
4. Deploying Data Science products
deploy data science products.
5. Actual Deployment to AWS
6. Parallelization/ Multi-Threading/ Object
Orientedness/ Documenting Experiments
7. Intro to H2O/ Julia
Career Development
Post-Graduation Support:
Upon graduating, students get access to the GreyAtom Alumni Network on Slack (including our
exclusive Job Postings Channel), the Employ hiring app, and our Alumni Resources folder. Until
employed, you also receive tailored information regarding open job opportunities that fit your
interests and skills. Additionally, within four weeks of graduation, you can schedule another meeting
with your Career Advisor.

Weekly Project
Building and deploying an LIVE Application to AWS
Week #11 to 14:
Road to Career & Industry Project

Experiential projects are opportunities where students take what theyve learned throughout
the course and apply it to a specific idea.

Career Development

Profile Tuning till you get the Job. Allow our placement team to work its magic. Experienced placement
folks can ensure your profile reaches out to people who matter the most.

GreyAtom Hiring Network is now looking to absorb the talent that is ready to enter the industry.
True blended
learning experience

Online Learning Classroom
Real Industry
Presence Data Experience
Mentors from
Team Based


Career Structured
Networking Industry
Services Hiring
Network Support
Programme in

240 14
Weeks of
Hours of Instruction Hours of Intense Practice
Weekday Batches

Weeks for
Weekend Batches
There are two ways to learn a NEW
1. Learn alphabets, words, grammar,
sentence construction etc. And then
build from that point on
2. Relocate to a country that speaks

the language. You literally live,

breathe & think in that

GreyAtom believes in the 2nd school of

GreyAtom is immersive, rigorous and

unrelentingly tough.

Batches Available

Batches Available

Companies in India that offer

career paths in Data Science:

Latent View
Mu Sigma Analytics
Fractal Analytics
Bharti AXA
IndusInd Bank
BA Continuum
JPMorgan Chase
HDFC Bank Limited
Hansa Customer Equity
Tech Mahindra
Haptik Inc
Atos SE

Mayuresh Shilotri Snehal Patel

Data Science Evangelist Head of Data Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Madras Ex-Apple, State University of New York

Sidharth Ramachandran Kunal Singh

Head of Big Data Head of Full Stack Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Ex-JP Morgan. Ex-GE
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
What you
need to apply
To apply for the program, you must have:
A Bachelors / Masters degree in a discipline with a

strong quantitative component like:

Engineering (any discipline) | Mathematics | Physics
Statistics | Economics

Minimum eligibility criteria may be waived for exceptionally

qualified candidates.
How to apply

Submit an application
form online

There is no application fee.


Shortlisted candidates will be

invited for further Evaluation at our

campus in Mumbai.

Personal Interview with a

panel comprising of Data Scientist and
Full Stack Engineers will assess the
Once basic competence in engineering
discipline is assessed, learnability,
attitude are tested.

Once an approval is received for
scholarship from the industry partner,
candidates are emailed an admission

Scholarships are available to meritorious

Avail our industry

Our Industry Partners have chosen to extend support to GreyAtom's Full Stack
Program. Scholarships of upto INR 68,000/- of the program fee are up for grabs.

Here's why industry is participating with us:

They love the curriculum
They trust our ecosystem
They need TALENT

The industry scholarship is for limited students only. Program and Scholarship
details can be found here
learn = do real work

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