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Year 1-3 Year 4-6
Physical Prioritize safety, cleanliness and Prioritize safety, cleanliness, and cheerfulness (3K) with
aspect of the cheerfulness initiative and self-management from the students.
classroom (3K: Keselamatan, kebersihan dan The atmosphere favourable to explore by themselves.
keceriaan) Tables and chairs arrangement can be more flexible
with guidance from teachers. according to the needs of the teaching-learning
The environment is stimulating with lots objectives as the students are mature enough in
of learning materials which are easy to helping in arranging the set up.
The arrangement of tables and chairs do
not change frequently. There is a learning
space together with the teachers.

Teaching and Focus on structured teaching and direct

Learning teaching. Constructive and collaborative based learning
Teachers should train students to learn preferred.
collaboratively: how to talk and work in Students may be given more space and freedom to
groups learn by exploring. Concept for self-access learning,
More VAKT activities and hands-on self-direction and self-pace applied.
activities. Reasoning activities and activity applying the
A lot of concrete teaching aids used. knowledge and skills necessary to solve authentic
Strengthening basic skills: reading, problems.
writing, and mathematics. Train learning skills and higher order thinking skills such
Train thinking skills at the level of as analyzing, evaluating, and creating.
remembering, understanding, and Students are encouraged to explore any field according
applying to their own potential

EDUP3043/Pelan Bilik Darjah/TSY/Oktober 2016


Routine and Guru perlu sentiasa membimbinga dan Teachers hold class discussions for setting routine and
Rules memantau. establishing classroom rules.
Teachers play a key role in the formation The main objective of routine and rules is to ensure
of classroom routines and rules. that pupils can manage themselves.
The main objective is to train students Regulation is more complex and abstract in order to
regularly so to be disciplined and ensure cover a broader scope of management.
smoothness in the process of teaching Using a lot of ideas from Model Alfie Kohn, Thomas
and learning. Gordon, and Dreikus.
Rule must be concise and explicit so that
it is easy to understand by the students.
Apply Behavioral Modification techniques
Teachers should always guide and

Sosioemotion Teacher should be compassionate, Teacher should be compassionate, caring and

caring, and assertive assertive
Carry out communication and Students are encouraged to use their
social skills training communication skills and social skills while
Promote positive interaction interacting among themselves
among students by modeling and Students are encouraged to solve problems of
guidance social relationship through reflection and
Tasks that require collaboration are encouraged
to improve social skills and teamwork spirit
Establish the identity of the class and the class
dynamics through various strategies

EDUP3043/Pelan Bilik Darjah/TSY/Oktober 2016



Maintstream Classroom Inclusive Classroom
Physical The classroom layout similar for all Various layout to meet the needs of pupils of
Aspect of the homogeneous students. different levels and needs
Classroom Classroom layout flexible so to Setting for students to learn in both big group
accommodate to the learning and learn in small groups needed
objectives. Learning corners and facilities for pupils with
Many facilities to accommodate special educational needs should be provided
self-management training. safety and cheerfulness arrangement comes
Rich with resources that first
encourage independent learning Repose corner and additional facilities like
and enrichment toilet, pantry etc. should be available

Teaching- TL is designed according to the TL for teaching mainstream students and tl for
Learning students which are homogeneous. teaching students with special educational
Top up with enrichment and (Rancangan Pengajaran Individu) needs to be
remedial. planned
Emphasize 3s: self-access, self- Teaching in the form of classroom must be
directed, and self-pace followed by instruction for small groups
Diversify teaching-learning The teaching materials for mainstream pupils
activities according to mainstream and pupils with special educational needs
students' learning styles should be provided
Teachers need to master teaching skills for
mainstream students and special educational
needs students
structured teaching and direct instruction
needed by students with special education

EDUP3043/Pelan Bilik Darjah/TSY/Oktober 2016


Routine and Routine and rules are the same for Students are encouraged to give their views and
Regulation all students. opinions in the process of establishing routines
Routine and regulations and rules.
established jointly between Implementation of the rules the same for both
teachers and students. groups of students in order to give justice to
Implementation and enforcement both parties.
of the rules must be the same for Selection of student behaviour management
all students strategies need to take into consideration the
Selection of student behaviour age, personality, needs of students, the ability
management strategies need to to think, and the type of problems faced of both
take into consideration the age, the mainstream and special need students.
personality, needs of students, the Planning should regularly take into account the
ability to think, and the type of needs and capabilities of the mainstream and
problems faced. special needs children.

Sosioemotion Nurturing class identity and class Mainstream pupils and special needs students
dynamics through various are encouraged to be sensitive to the needs and
activities views of each other and achieve mutual
Teachers need to provide the understanding.
same treatment to all children Teachers need to give equal treatment to both
regardless of their level of of groups so that none of the parties was
achievement marginalized.
Tasks that require collaboration Cooperation between the two groups is
are encouraged to improve social encouraged through various activities.
skills and attributes for teamwork

EDUP3043/Pelan Bilik Darjah/TSY/Oktober 2016


Different Classroom Planning

Conventional Classroom 21 Century Classroom
Physical The layout of classrooms are The layout of the classes are flexible and
Aspect of the permanent and less flexible mobile.
Classroom Internet, ICT and educational Internet, ICT facilities and education technology
technology used are encouraged. compulsory
Various subjects corners should be Facilities for hands-on teaching and learning and
set up. exploratory learning should be provided
Place various resources in the Providing facilities for students to show and
classroom disseminate the learning outcomes e.g.
exhibition for the products of the project,
presentation platform etc.
Rich in self-access resources provided in the

Teaching- More teacher-centered and material- More to student-centered teaching-learning

Learning centered. approaches used
More to deductive learning e.g. lecture, More constructive learning e.g. experiment, projects
direct instruction, drilling etc. etc.
Integration approach and infusion need to The use of ICT and educational technology compulsory
be carried out in the lesson Authentic
The use of ICT and educational technology Less structured and are less bound by time and place
encouraged. Students can learn according to their interests, abilities
More structured lessons and are bound and levels
by time and place Software Programming courses are encouraged
All students learn at the same pace Higher level thinking skills training required
Higher level thinking skills are encouraged Given opportunity to explore through internet.
Many hardcopy resources such as books, Information available is unlimited.
activity books, magazines etc. provided.

EDUP3043/Pelan Bilik Darjah/TSY/Oktober 2016


Routine and Without a lot of opportunities for A lot of opportunities for students to act on
Regulation students to act on individual needs individual needs
Routine and rules for learning Routine and rules for multitasking learning
homogeneously (all students need to be established
perform the same task) Rules and regulations for the use of the internet
The preparation of a neat and are required.
orderly filing system is important Advanced technology usage management
Sosioemotion Interpersonal relationships are Interpersonal relationships are encouraged
encouraged through projects in through projects in the classroom and outside
the classroom. the classroom.
Interpersonal skills and healthy Use ICT to collaborate with the community
relationships promoted through outside school
modeling from teacher. Learn to use onlinesocial media safely.
Inculcate moral values through Critical thinking skill important: distinguishing
various subjects. right and wrong is very important in this
borderless world.

EDUP3043/Pelan Bilik Darjah/TSY/Oktober 2016