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Cockpit Framework Overview


v6.4.0 Platform B

ackend Administration C

ockpit Fram

What's New +

Getting Started + Cockpit

Installing & Upgrading Hybris + Framework
About Hybris + Overview
Administering Hybris + The Hybris Cockpit framework
is a
development framework used for
building separate cockpits. These
Architecture of SAP Hybris + cockpits serve as a base for
a variety
Commerce of components used in Backofce
Backend Administration applications.
Administration in SAP Hybris +

Cockpit Framework

Cockpit Framework Overview

About Cockpit Framework
Cockpit Framework +
Cockpits The Hybris Cockpit framework is
the foundation for
all Hybris
Cockpits. It offers a large number of
Hybris Commerce Cockpit +
highly configurable components, which can be
ycockpit Template used to build
a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to
Extension support high-level business use cases, allowing
users to
perform all their common tasks quickly
cockpit Extension +
and intuitively. The Hybris Cockpit framework
the functionality offered by the hMC,
Backoffice Framework +
which provides lower-level control over all the data
Extension Concept + in
the hybris system.

Platform Extensions +
Hybris continues to improve its
cockpits and the ease with which they can be[7/18/2017 5:14:43 PM]

Cockpit Framework Overview

Application Performance and +

Monitoring created.

Building SAP Hybris Commerce + The Hybris Cockpit framework is

based on ZK, a
rich internet application (RIA) framework that
Data Validation +
enables desktop-like GUIs within a
web browser.
E2E Supportability + The ZK Framework is also well supported by
Spring. ZK delivers a rich set of user
interface (UI)
SAP Hybris Commerce in a +
components, making it easy and quick for
developers to deliver a rich front end
Hybris Platform Search +
Mechanisms The Hybris Cockpit framework is
provided by the
Hybris cockpit extension that enables you to
Hybris Platform Web Services +
develop different sets of
end user front ends for
Installer Platform Plugin + SAP Hybris Commerce.

Internationalization and +

Java Message Service (JMS)

Logging + Key Features

Media +
The major features of the Hybris
Ordering, Payment and Pricing + framework include:
Standards in the Hybris Platform
Security infrastructure based on Spring
Processing in SAP Hybris + security
Ready-to-use front end template (See
Product and Data Modeling + ycockpit Template Extension
for more
Reporting +
Base configuration as a starting point for
Security and Users +
new applications, based on Spring
Reusable front end components in addition
Testing +
to existing ZK components
OAuth 2.0 +
Generic abstraction of persisted items in the
front end layer via the Type Service (See
Accelerators + Type Service - Object Types and Templates
for more information)
Commerce +
GenericSearch providers[7/18/2017 5:14:43 PM]

Cockpit Framework Overview

Highly customizable front end (See cockpit

Orders +
for details)

Customer Experience + Automatically-stored user interface

configuration at application run time (See
Storing UI Configuration Changes for more
Channel +

Product Content Management + Drag and drop functionality

Modular plug-and-play architecture used to

Integrations and Data
+ extend and customize
Single Sign-On functionality, enabled via the
Hybris Commerce Cockpit (See Hybris
Reference +
Commerce Cockpit for details)

Configuration concept convention that

simplifies or eradicates the need for writing
configuration files (See Importing Cockpit
Configuration for more

TheHybris Cockpit framework offers

a large
number of highly configurable components that
can be used to build a new cockpit for
customers needs, such as workflow and

For more information, see Workflow Integration

and Comments Integration.


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