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Fumio Kishida,
Honorable Foreign Minister
The Government of Japan

Date : 3rd August 2017

Sub: Urge the Myanmar Government to allow UN Fact-Finding Mission unfettered Access

Dear Exellency,
e, Rohingya Advocacy Network in Japan ( RANJ) call again on Japanese government nmentto strongly urge
to strongly urge the Myanmar Government to fully cooperate with the UN Fact-Finding Mission
in to the human rights situation in Rakhine State as well as active conflict areas in Kachin State
and nothern Shan State, as mandated by the United Nations Human Rights Council in March 2017.
Following deadly attacks by a group of frustrated Rohingya young people against police
outposts in Maungdaw and Rathedaung townships on October 9 , 2016,the Myanmar military and
police commenced a so-called `` Clearance Operation " in nothern Rakhine State which is still
continuing on a full scale perpetrations. Numerous observers and monitors including International
human rights organisations as well as the UN and impartial news media documented how State tate security
security forces targeted the innocent civilian populations and commited extrjudicial killings, torture
including rape and other sexual violence, systematic destruction of homes and looting of property
destruction of food and obstructing humanitarian assistance, causing serious deprivation including
among personsin the displaced population. A report issued in early February 2017by the office of
the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights found that these human rights violations " seem to
have been widespread as well as systematic, indicating the very likely commission of crimes
against humanity '' .
We believe the Fact- Finding Mission led by Mr. Marzuki Darusman of Indonesia include
two other experts on international human rights humanitarian laws , which was established
( through Resolution A/HRC/RES/34/22 ) on 24th March, 2017 is in the interest of the govern govern-
ment of Myanmar as well as the people of the country because it would demonstrate the government`s
willingness to uphold the rule of law , work collaboratively with the international community to help
establish the facts, identify perpetrators, and deter future crimes by all parties to the conflict.
We are deeply concerned that if the government of Myanmar failsto fully cooperate with
the Fact- Finding Mission, the situation in the Rakhine State may further deteriorate and conse-
quencely the vulnearable Rohingya must have suffered more atrocities. Emboldened by the lack of
consequences for abuses during its military operations, the Myanmar arm forces may continue tinue to
punish collectively the Rohingya civilian population and carry out further atrocities under the pretext
of maintaining " National Security or Soverignty ''.
On the other hand , we believe the government of Myanmar`s full cooperation with the
Fact -Finding Mission would send a positive and important message to all stakeholders in
Rakhine State and Myanmar including extremists-nationalists who have been reluctant to coope-
rate with such good initiatives.
Concluding his first official visit to Myanmar
yanmar in
UN 2017,
High Commissioner
the UN High Commissioner
for Refugees for
Refugees Mr. Fillippo Grandi appealed to the Myanmar government leaders for inclusive and sustainable
solutions to protracted displacement and statelessness of Rohingya people. Similarly, the UN Special
Rapporteur Ms. Yanghe Lee in her last visit to Myanmar in July 2017 said she was very disappointed
with the Myanmar government old tactics and policies conducting on Rohingya which is not totally
acceptable by international community. Again the World Food Program, WFP said in July that more
than 80,000 Rohingyachildren are reeling from a food crisis. Rohingya children are not allowing to
go to school and the door of the hospitals and clinics are closed for Rohingya patients.
More than 1500 innocent Rohingyas are lingering in the brutal detentions and some have
been already killed by torturing in their custody. The rampant arrest and extortion are daily
phenominum. The sexual assult on Rohingya women are common in everywhere since October
incident and still continuing.
The Rohingya Advocacy Network in Japan ( RANJ ) believe that it is high time to speak out
about the Rohingya sufferings by the Japanese Prime Minister or Foreign Minister directly to the
Myanmar government and the powerful Military Chief through the diplomatic channel or at the public
forum. At the same time the government of Japan must urge the Myanmar government to allow the
UN Fact - Finding Mission unfettered access to the country.
Please urgentlyuse your good offices to help ensure unfettered humanitarian access , the
success of the Fact -Finding Mission and the full support and cooperation of the Myanmar government.

With best regards,

Zaw Min Htut

Executive Director
Rohingya Advocacy Network in Japan ( RANJ )