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Think Silver

Option 1 Silver was the Future

Repeated Image and Creativity
Warhols Lasting Images
Transformed by Color

Grade Level: 5th-8th

Standards: 9.1.8.A Know and use the elements and principles of each art form to create works in the arts
and humanities. 9.1.8.B Recognize, know, use and demonstrate a variety of appropriate arts elements
and principles to produce, review and revise original works in the arts. 9.2.8.H Identify, describe and
analyze the work of Pennsylvania Artists in dance, music, theatre and visual arts. 9.4.8.C Describe how
the attributes of the audiences environment influence aesthetic responses.

Goals: Students will use color and repeated image to make connections between works by Andy Warhol
and the artistic process. Students will be able to identify specific works and general style of Andy
Warhols art in and around their everyday life.


Students will use a repeated image to explore their creativity and the artistic process.
Students will use traditional media to change and transform images and objects (paint, drawing,
decoupage, collage, mixed media)
Students will follow basic requirements for the project.
Students will use all art materials and tools appropriately.

Essential Questions:

Repeated Image and Creativity: What artistic discoveries can we make? What is your decision
making process for each copy of the image?
Warhols Lasting Images: Do you recognize Andys work or the style of his artwork? What
elements are unique to Andys artwork?
Transformed by Color: What effect does being surrounded by your favorite color have on you?
Do you see objects differently if they are covered in a new color?

Duration: 90 min class/meeting period

Vocabulary: artistic process, creativity, reproduction, decoupage, transformation


Repeated Image and Creativity

o 20 copies of student selected image
o Assorted art mediums and materials including a variety of adhesives depending on
materials used.
Andys Lasting Images
o Computer and internet access
o Color Printer
oPrinted images or found images
oDecoupage medium
oObject to decoupage (unfinished wood, glass, or other smooth surface for ease and best
Transformed by Color
o Object (solid or smooth surfaced for ease and best results)
o Appropriate paint (depending on the object being painted)


1. Repeated Image and Creativity

a. Student take a photo or finds an image of their choice.
b. Make at least 20 copies of that image, black and white photocopies.
c. Students use available art materials and mediums to make each copy different.
2. Andys Lasting Images
a. Students search the internet for products that have works of art by Andy Warhol or art
work that is inspired or in the style of Andy Warhol.
b. Student choose 3-5 of their favorite products.
c. Students then choose a product they did not find online and decide which work or style
of Andy Warhols art work would be best on this product.
d. Students can then use an object of their own to decoupage with printed images of
Andys work or art work in Andys style.
3. Transformed by Color
a. Students will find an object of their own or an object they purchase that they want to
transform by painting one solid color.
b. Students will use the appropriate paint medium to paint their object on solid color.
c. Students will discuss how this has changed the appearance of the object or how they
now see the object.


Repeated Image- Additional copies can be made and transformed. Works can be displayed as a
series. Using photoshop or other software, student can alter the image digitally. Students could
use the copies and attempt to make the 2-dimensional image into a 3D object by folding,
stacking, etc.
Andys Lasting Images- Students can keep a journal of all the images or object they find around
them in and out of school that have Warhol art, art style or remind them of Andy Warhol in
some way. After a week, students can compare their journal entries and discover the significant
impact that Warhols art work has around us.
Transformed by Color- Students can use a box to create a diorama of Andy Warhols Silver
Factory using store bought or homemade miniatures painted silver.

Formative Assessment: Requirement completion will be assessed by inclusion and completion of basic
requirements as stated in the lesson plan and on the website. Critique can be held on the works created
and discussion of requirements should be held to reinforce goals, essential questions and vocabulary.