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Common Combat Modifiers

KILL IT Roll Initiative . Add hits to Attacker Attribute Skill

Initiative score to Astral Willpower/Force Astral Combat/Force
Attacker Running -2
Determine Initiative determine order Matrix Attack Program Cybercombat/Rating
Attacker in Melee -3
Melee Agility Combat Skill
Attacker in Moving -3
Ranged Agility Combat Skill
Make Opposed Test Target has Partial Cover -2
Attacker Rolls
Good Cover -4
Attribute + Skill + Mod. Hidden (Blind Fire) -6
Attacker Attribute Skill Full Defense
Factor Armor
Astral Willpower/Force Astral Combat/Force + Dodge/Force Attacker Firing from -1
Matrix Response Firewall +Hacking/rating Cover
Defender Rolls Melee Agility Combat Skill/Unarmed/Dodge +Dodge Lasersight +1
Resist Damage
Attribute + Skill + Mod. Ranged Agility - +Dodge Smartlink +2
Multiple Targets -2 per
Apply Damage Off-Hand -2
If attacker achieves more hits Attack Succeeds Melee
Friends (Max 4) +1 per
Superior Position +2
Attack Base DV DV Modifiers Opponent Prone +3
Modified Damage Value(MDV)
Astral (Charisma|Force)/2 Net Hits Charging +2
Attacks Base DV + Hits Astral(wpn focus) By weapon Net Hits Touch Only Attack +2
Matrix Attack program Net Hits Defense
Melee(Armed) By Weapon Net Hits in Moving Vehicle +3
Modified Armor Value(MAV) Melee(Unarmed) Strength/2 Net Hits Defended previous -1 per
Armor + AP Modifier Ranged By weapon Net Hits, Ammo attack
Prone -2

Common Called Shots

If MDV < MAV then damage is stun rather than physical
Type Penalty Effect
Weak Point Armor rating No Armor to Resist Damage
Attacker Attribute Vital area -1 to -4 Add Penalty to DV
Astral Willpower/Force Disarm -4 Disarm if DV > Target Strength
Defender Rolls Matrix(S) System + Armor
Suppressing Fire
Attribute + MAV Matrix(P) Willpower + Bio.Filter
Roll Agility + Firearms to determine threshold. Anyone
Each hit reduces DV by one. Melee Body
attempting to move through the area rolls
Ranged Body
Reaction+Edge(+Dodge) or suffer the weapons base DV.
(Requires Full Auto and 20 bullets.)

Each Remaining DV = 1 Damage Box

Fun with Automatic Weapons!
st nd
Mode Recoil [1 /2 ] DV Bonus* Defense Ammo Multi Target
Semi-Auto(SA) 0/-1 ~ ~ 1 -1
Shotgun Narrow Burst(BF) -2/-3 +2 ~ 3 -2
Spread Def. Penalty DV AP Wide Burst(BF) -2/-3 ~ -2 3 -2
Narrow ~ +2 +2 Narrow Burst(LB) -5/-6 +5 ~ 6 1 per round
Medium -2 0 +4 Wide Burst(LB) -5/-6 ~ -5 6 1 per round
Wide -4 -2 +6 Narrow Burst(FA) -9 +9 ~ 10 Complex Action
Wide Burst(FA) -9 ~ -9 10 Complex Action
SKILL IT Opposed Test
Each side rolls, highest number of Hits Making with the Magic You can choose to cast a spell at a higher force than
wins. Against a Group your magic attribute, but the drain damage is physical
1. Declare Action Group rolls highest dice pool + 1 for each additional person Step 1: Choose a Spell.
rather than stun
Say what youre gonna do. in the group (+5 max) Step 2: Choose the Force up to the
2. Determine Dice Pool casters Magic attribute
Skilled Step 3: Choose a Target within the Counterspell
Attribute + Skill +mods casters line of sight. Roll Magic + Counter Spell each hit add 1 success to
Try Again Step 4: Roll
Unskilled You can retry any failed skill check, but each attempt adds a magic defense.
Magic + Spellcasting.
(Attribute 1) +mods cumulative -2 modifier to the attempt. Step 5: Determine Effect
3. Roll Dice Step 6: Resist Drain
4. Determine number of Hits
Using Edge
Willpower + attribute At the beginning of the session, you gain a number
Every Die over 5 = 1 Hit Buying Hits Step 7: Determine Ongoing Effects
5. Determine Outcome of edge points equal to your edge score, these
In low pressure situations you can buy hits instead of rolling, (2 per ongoing effect on all tests)
If number of hits is equal to at an exchange rate of 1 hit for every 4 dice. points can be used to:
or higher than threshold
the action succeeds o Add your edge attribute to a dice pool,
Glitches and re-roll any 6s. This can be done after
Difficulty Table If half or more of the dice pool rolled come up as 1s, then the roll is made but you will only re-roll
Difficulty Threshold a glitch results. If you roll no hits then it is a Critical Glitch. Burning Edge the edge dice
Easy 1 You can permanently burn Edge to: o You may re-roll all the dice on a single
Average 2 test that did not score a hit
Hard 3 Teamwork Automatically achieve Critical Success o Make a skill check even if your pool was
Extreme 4 Each additional teammate makes a skill check; for each Escape Certain Death
hit add 1 die to the primary characters skill roll. reduced to zero, use your edge score as
pool, and do not reroll 6s
o You may go first in an initiative pass
Extended Tests Hacker The Planet!
Task Roll Target Interval regardless of initiative score
Task Time Interval
Hack On the fly Hacking+ Exploit Firewall 1 Round o Gain one more initiative pass for that
Fast 1 Turn
Pre-Run AR Hacking+ Exploit System+Firewall 1 Day combat round only(p.134)
Quick 1 Minute
Pre-Run VR Hacking+ Exploit System+Firewall 1 Hour o Negate a Glitch
Short 10 Minutes
+3 Threshold for Security Access, +6 Admin o Perform Dead Mans Trigger
Average 30 Minutes
Decrypt Data E.Warfare + Decrypt Encryption x 2 1 Round
Long 1 Hour Trace Computer+Tracking 10 Complex
Consuming 1 Day Redirect Trace Hacking+Spoof Vs Computer + Tracking
Exhaustive 1 Week Technomancy
Repair Icon Computer+Medic Damage x2 Complex Task Roll Resonance+ Target Result
Mammoth 1 Month Perception Test Computer + Analyze Firewall/Hacking+Stealth Threading Software 1 level per hit*
Reboot System+Response 10 Complex Compile Compiling Sprite 1 Task per hit
Difficulty Threshold Crash Node Hacking+Exploit System+Firewall Complex Sprite Rating
Easy 4 Crash Program Hacking+Exploit Vs Firewall+System Register Registering Sprite 1 hit to
Average 8 Spoof Command Hacking+Spoof Pilot/System+Firewall, or Sprite Rating register, 1 task
Hard 12 Device x 2 (-3 security, -6 Admin) x2 per hit after
Extreme 16 Disarm Data Bomb Hacking+Disarm Bomb Rating x 2 * -2 per ongoing effect on all tests
Search Data Data Search+Browse
Control Device Skill + Command Dump Shock
If you are ejected from a system you take 5 damage and suffer
Threading(T) Resonance+Software*
a -2 penalty for (10-Willpower) Rounds
Compile Sprite(T) Skill + Command