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Inspection Checklist Metal Framing - Gypsum Drywall Project No. Metal Framing 1. All submittals, samples, shop drawings are approved and on site. 2. Material is stored in a dry location. 3. Material galvanized as required. 4, Studs are doubled up at jambs, unless otherwise required. 5. Structural and/or heavy gauge studs as required. 6. Studs allow for movement, slab deflection. 7. Studs securely anchored to walls, columns, and floors. 8. Soundproofing provided at floor and walls as required. 9. Observe location, layout, plumbness. 10. Channel stiffeners are provided as required. 11. Special fastening and connections are observed. 12. Anchor blocking, plates, other equipment provided 13. Cut studs for openings are properly framed. 14. Observe size, gauge of runner, and furring channels 15. Hangers are saddle tied, bolted, or clipped as required. 16. Tie wire for channels to runners properly tied. 17. Elevation and layout of furring is understood. 18. Observe that surfaces are plumb and level 19. Observe that long single lengths are used. 20. Control joints are installed per contract requirements. 21. Requirements for adjoining surfaces of different materials are accommodated. 22. Seating provided for sound or thermal insulation. 23. Spacing and construction are as specified. 24. Observe location of all blocking, bracing, and nailers. 25. Type, thickness, length, and edges are as required 26. Type fastener, length, and spacing as required. 27. Installation complies with manufacturer's requirements. 28. Special type suited for damp locations if required. 29. Special lengths are provided as required. 30. Verify if horizontal or vertical application is required. 31. Wall board is installed with staggered application. 32. Internal and external metal/plastic corners as required. 33. Number of coats of compound required is provided. Level 1 - All joints and interior angles have tape embedded in one layer of joint compound. Level 2 - All joints and interior angles taped & receive two coats of taping compound. Level 3 - All joints and interior angles taped & receive three coats of taping compound. Level 4 - Apply Level 3 plus skim coat of joint compound over entire surface. 34. Sanding between coats is performed. 35. Feathering is out 12" to 16". 36. Provide air circulation with adequate dry heat. 37. If fire rated, recesses over 16" are boxed in. 38. Penetrations tight and sealed as required by code. 39. Verify contractor has coordinated cut-outs and outlet boxes correctly to avoid patching. 40. Wall board is held up from floor 3/8" minimum. 41. Vertical joints are aligned with door jambs. 42. Damaged sheets are not used and are removed. 43. Observe minimum piecing or joining. 44. Non-metallic cable, plastic, or copper pipe is not damaged. 45. Check for bubbles and dimples. 46. Curing time is adequate for subsequent finishes. General Notes: Inspected by: Date: