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Beauty Queen Defeats

Jamaica's Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna (left) proudly holds her trophy after defeating New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio at the Celebrity
Quickfire Challenge at the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival held on July 23 in Queens, NY

Mayor de Blasio

Queens: Hosted by Celebrity Chef Irie Spice of the Lisa Hanna, Jamaican Minister of Culture
massive 15,000 patrons from around New critically acclaimed television series, "Taste the 2012-2016 and Miss World 1993, competed
York, the tri-state area and beyond came out Islands with Chef Irie" and Food Network's 'Cut- against New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio in a
to Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, NY to enjoy the throat Kitchen' and New York's BB King's and quick-fire challenge with mystery ingredients that
7th staging of the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival Highland Ballroom's Executive Chef Wenford included pork chops, breadfruit, granola bars and
on July 23. Guests were treated to a full day of
the "jerk experience" from a variety of vendors,
Patrick Simpson, the Cook-Off tent was on fire.
The very impressive line-up of talented Chefs
spinach. While De Blasio named his dish "Ocho
Rios Explosion", Hanna proudly won the chal-
a delightful culinary pavilion, cultural and main-
stage performances, a fun Kidz Zone and an array
participated in friendly banter amongst them-
selves and the engaged spectators.
lenge with her dish "Goodie" and later shared on
the Main Stage that she "did not come from Ja-
of giveaways from a variety of sponsors. Even the Chef Andre Fowles of Miss Lily's, a two- maica to be beat." She did her parish of St. Ann NEW BEGINNING
weather cooperated, adding to the good vibes of time Food Network Chopped champion kicked proud. BEAUTY SALON
the day, despite a predicted storm, the weather things off with a cooking demo of chicken Chef Shorne Benjamin won the Celebrity 501 South 8th Ave, Mt. Vernon
was as pleasant as the crowd. tostadas, which was later devoured by the atten- Chef Throw Down against Chef Troy Levy of 718-678-8118
The day kicked off with various activations tive audience. B.B King's and The Food Network hit show
at the Culinary Pavilion. Cooks vs Cons. Continued on page 4

An independent country must

focus on what is important !
amaica and Trinidad and To-
bago celebrate Independence
A noticeable, worrisome
trend is the declining food pro-
Another striking fact is that
many independent coun-
The crisis in Venezuela is
another example of a country
in the month of August, both duction in the Caribbean tries, including Ja- that ignored local food produc- Call About Our Fly & Buy Program
having gained independence region -- a region that maica and tion, and now the country can No Credit, Bad Credit,
from the United Kingdom in once boasted a very Trinidad, both hardly afford to buy enough
No Problem

1962. But what does it mean to robust, productive suffer from mas- food, and almost three-quarters
be an independent nation? agricultural industry sive debt. In of the population have lost Starting Price:
And in a world that is be- but is now recording 2016, Trinidad's weight in the last year according
coming more interconnected, a significant decline public-sector debt to some studies.
can a sovereign nation achieve, in production output. stood at 61 percent Venezuela failed to develop
or maintain, true independence? In fact, the agricultural of GDP while Ja- thousands of acres of land that

Real independence means that a sector has seen on a 30- maica's debt stands at often stayed idle for decades as FLORIDA PROPERTIES OF OCALA
country exercises self- gover- year decline. 122 percent of GDP at the they focused on putting most of
nance and sovereignty over its We believe that a end of 2016. their resources in oil production.
affairs without the control or in- truly independent na- Many readers will re- If a country wants to be truly in-
terference of another country. tion must have the ca- member the global food dependent, it needs to focus on ASK FOR SHEILA
For Jamaica and Trinidad, pability to produce crisis three years ago. The what is important.
independence signaled that enough to feed its peo- region was in a frenzy as A country cannot borrow
their affairs would no longer be ple. In the case of Jamaica, the importation pipeline was re- more than it produces. It has to
controlled or dictated by the UK. the island is now spending stricted, impacting the supply produce enough food to meet the
It then begs for us to ponder the an average US$905 mil- of essential food items such demand of the people, and they
question: how independent are lion to import various food as oil, milk, and flour that were must take a stance to manage
these "independent" nations? items including traditional foods imported from North America. crime and violence and create an
The Caribbean region, in once produced by the island na- That should have been a environment where people can
general, appears to be struggling tion in abundant such as coffee, wakeup call for all countries in raise families, live in peace and
to handle rising crime rates, in- sugar, pineapple, ginger, and ba- the Caribbean region to ensure do business.
cluding murder, although it re- nanas as well as livestock prod- they produce and perfect the
mains relatively safer than other ucts. production of these essential
Patrick Maitland
regions of the world. food items where possible.

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Beauty Queen
Defeats Mayor
de Blasio
Continued from page 1
Shorne has worked with renowned Mas-
ter Chef Jean Georges at the popular restau-
rants ABC Kitchen, Maloney & Porcelli and
contemporary restaurant Falai in NYC.
Thanks to his jerk liver on a bed of toasted
cassava chips, he can now add Grace Ja-
maican Jerk Festival Celebrity Chef Throw
Down Winner to his resume!
While many patrons were captivated in
the Culinary Pavilion, others roamed the Food
Court and feasted on tasty delights such as
jerk corn, jerk ice cream, fish, chicken, pork
and cooled the fiery flavors with fresh coconut
water, frozen lemonade and Grace Tropical
Rhythms. Long lines were witnessed at

Building Community & Embracing Philanthropy:

Boston Jerk, Yardie's Restaurant, Mr. C's Jerk
to name a few, as patrons patiently waited to
get served.
Monique Brizz-Walker, partner with Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Centers the inaugural Eat to Live educational series and a member of the Com- Some patrons were captivated by the per-
munity Leadership Council (5th l) poses with members of the Brooklyn Metropolis Lions Club on Saturday (August 5), at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical formances at the Cultural Fuzion Sound stage
Center, Brooklyn. Also in photo (l-r) Paula Spann, Luna Abraham, Abegale Kelly-Colter (President), 1st Vice District Governor Audrey Doorn (District which held their attention. Hosted by Ja-
20 K-1), Astrid Benjamin-Campbell (Past President), Pauline Wallace. Some 100 community residents and stakeholders gathered at Kingsbrook to maican Folklorist Dr. Sue, patrons experi-
kick-off the educational series, which was born out of a partnership with Brooklyn Metropolis Lions Club and Chef Ravi Samaroo of Inovativ Healthy enced unique performances by VPAL artist

Forbes honors St. Francis College

Solutions Saladmaster LLC and his wife and partner Mera. "Eat To Live" was also designed to highlight the importance of healthy food preparation, Yoncia, Queens-based performing arts dance
especially when it comes to the many cultural dishes the residents in our community (East Flatbush) are known for. -Ken Dawson Photo: company Kinetic Afrique, Comedian and Sto-
ryteller Blakka Ellis, from Bello and Blakka
fame, Braata Folk Singers, artists The Lion
Palm Twinnz and more.
Thousands camped out over at the main-

stage, where K'reema, King Yellowman's
daughter opened with a versatile performance
BROOKLYN: In describing why St. Francis made the Whether its personal attention from
displaying great stage presence. Hood
very year Forbes offers prospective col- list, Forbes writes that, Academia is cele- professors, or amazing networking sup-
Celebrity followed her with an energetic and
lege students and their parents a way to brated at St. Francis an impressive 20% of ported by our alumni, the entire St. Francis engaging set. The crowd couldn't get enough
find the best colleges for their money, and students pursue postgraduate education community is driven to turn out well- of current reggae sensation Droop Lion, who
every year St. Francis College is offered as and the five-year Masters track for Account- rounded members of society and committed wowed guests with his seasoned vocals, mak-
one of the choices. With the release of the ing regularly sends graduates to the Big to giving them access to opportunities where ing him a hit with media in attendance.
2017 rankings, St. Francis has now been Four. they can succeed.
ranked one of Americas Top Colleges all 10 The listing goes on to praise the college
years that Forbes has published the list. for its diversity, entrepreneurship program,
Forbes puts a large focus on the direct and tradition of volunteering by students.
benefits a college or university provides its We take a lot of pride when the hard
students. Favoring output over input. The work of our professors, administrators, and
website argues that return on investment, of course, our students, is recognized for a
measured by graduation rate, student debt, ranking like Americas Top Colleges, said
and post-graduate success, is more important Interim President Timothy J. Houlihan.
than acceptance rate and SAT scores.

Mayors Millionaires tax

needed to fix subway 'crisis'
Natural &Organic
MANHATTAN: to stop delays. The challenges the subways
ayor Bill de Blasio on Monday out- are facing today need immediate resources
& Caribbean
lined his plan to tax wealthy New and solutions right now, not years from
Yorkers to fix what he says is a subway cri- now." Meals, Grocery
sis. State lawmakers would have to pass the
The plan would tax city residents with measure, but Republicans control the state Juice Bar & Catering
annual incomes of more than $500,000 in senate.
order to raise money for the Metropolitan "With New York City sitting on a sur-
Transportation Authority's subway improve- plus that is north of $4 billion, the absolute
ments. last thing we should be talking about is rais-
Open Monday - Saturday
It would also fund reduced-price ing taxes," a State Senate Republican Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
MetroCards for low-income riders. spokesperson said in a statement Sunday. "If
The proposal adds another tweak in the the City wants to up its contribution to help 7am7pm
rift between the mayor and Gov. Andrew shore up the subways for commuters and
Cuomo over the funding for the subways. their families which we support it cer-
In a statement, Cuomo also said the tainly has the means to do that."
3565C Boston Road
system is "in crisis" and requires immediate Cuomo added that the state is looking Bronx, N.Y. 10469
action. to introduce congestion pricing, including
MTA Chairman Joe Lhota said the potential fees on for-hire vehicles.
mayor should partner with him and match Former mayor Michael Bloomberg
the state funding immediately to "turn the pushed hard for congestion pricing during
Fax 718-653-5499
trains around." his time in office - but couldn't find enough
In a statement released Monday, Lhota political support outside Manhattan.
added, "You cant delay an emergency plan

Candlelight Vigil For Jon-Adrian Velasquez:

A rally and candlelight vigil was held this evening on West 125th and Frederick Douglass Blvd. for a New York man who many say was wrongly con-
victed and imprisoned since 1998 for killing a retired city cop during a botched robbery at a bad-news social club in Harlem. The jury acquitted Jon-
Adrian Velasquez of first-degree murder, but went for second, sending him to prison for 25 to life. The rally was led by NYC Council Member Andy
King (4th l) and Velasquezs mother Maria Velasquez (5th l). They were joined by dozens of supporters and Velasquez, still in prison, phoned in to Get Your Book Published With
speak to the crowd of supporters. -Stephannia Cleaton photo:

Five men charged in 12-Hour violent crime spree

MOUNT VERNON Next, the men traveled to the 45th
The most trusted all-in-one
he Westchester County District Attorney Precinct of the Bronx (Coop City area) and
book publisher
Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. announced on robbed Victim-11 of a chain from around his
July 17, the indictments of five men in connec- neck.
tion with a twelve-hour violent crime spree When Victim-11s cab driver (Victim-12)
Titles published in

that began on May 21, 2017. attempted to get the chain back, Lee shot Vic-
print & digital formats

On May 21, defendant Allen Copeland tim-12 two times with his illegal handgun.
Exciting cover &

a/k/a Hat, using an illegal handgun, shot at Lee, Smith, Copeland and Oquendo
interior illustrations

Victim-1 in the area of 3rd Street and Union robbed Victim-13 of his jewelry in the 47th
International distribution

Avenue in Mount Vernon. Allen Copeland Eric Lee Precinct of the Bronx, near the Mount Vernon
On the same day (May 21) defendant Eric border.
Customized publicity

Lee a/k/a Bubba, using an illegal handgun, Finally, Lee, Smith, Copeland and

shot at Victim-2 and Victim-3 in the area of 4th Oquendo robbed Victim-14, Victim-15 and
Books sold at

Avenue in the Mount Vernon. Victim-16 inside a cab stand in the City of
major retailers

Between May 21, 2017 and May 22, Yonkers, holding them at gunpoint.
2017, defendants Eric Lee a/k/a Bubba, Sin- During the course of the conspiracy, these
Call today for
cere Smith, Allen Copeland a/k/a Hat, five defendants victimized sixteen innocent
your Free Author
Leroy Garcia and John Oquendo participated people, including the shooting death of Submission Kit!
in a conspiracy to commit robberies which led Boswell, shooting and causing serious physi-
to the murder of victim Trevon Boswell, an in- cal injury to Victim-12, and, assaulting Victim- Call 1-800-413-6235
Leroy Garcia Sincere Smith
tended robbery victim. 8 using a handgun.
stairwell to his own
This robbery conspiracy spanned
throughout several jurisdictions the City of
Lee and Ssmith
Mount Vernon, the City of New Rochelle, and
then robbed Victim-7
the City of Yonkers in Westchester County as
in the vestibule of an
well as various robberies in Bronx and lasted
apartment building in
several hours.
the 47th Precinct in
According to the charges in the 50-count
the Bronx.
conspiracy indictment, defendants Lee, Sin-
Lee, Smith and
cere Smith, Copeland, and Garcia conspired to
Copeland then re- John Oquendo
commit robberies in Mount Vernon.
cruited the fifth defen-
They began by attempting to rob Victim-
dant John Oquendo and sought additional

Where many different

4 and completing an armed robbery of Victim-
robbery victims.
5 in Mount Vernon.
Lee, Smith, Copeland and Oquendo,
Lee and Smith attempted to rob Victim-

voices are heard!

armed with illegal handguns, robbed Victim-
6, Trevon Boswell, while Garcia stood as the
8, Victim-9 and Victim-10 in the area of Bon-
lookout and Copeland acted as the getaway

Book your program today

nefoy Place in New Rochelle.
driver, and when Boswell tried to get away, de-

State to ban e-cigarettes in school

fendant Lee shot Boswell in the back in the

V aping will not be allowed when students

head back to school this fall.
dents nearly doubled between 2014 and 2016.
Vaping devices do not contain tobacco but
... call David
Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill deliver nicotine to users in liquid form and re-
outlawing the use of electronic cigarettes on the lease water vapor. Whitney Media
1 Broadcast Forum, New Rochelle, NY 10801
grounds of all the state's public and private Critics of the ban say there is no evidence

914-636-1460 (OFFICE) 914-636-9847 (ON AIR)

schools. of health threats linked to e-cigarettes, but the
A report from the state Health Department state says any nicotine use by teens is harmful.
says e-cigarette use among high school stu-

Jamaica tops Cayman Islands
Interpol Most Hunger speaker escapes
groping accusation
Wanted for
in Africa: T
GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands:
he speaker of the Cayman Islands Leg-
islative Assembly will not face any

Rebecca, 17 of Ghana, breastfeeds charges following accusations that he groped
NEWS AMERICAS: one of her two children inside her a waitress in a Florida casino last month.
s Caribbean countries across the region McKeeva Bush had been arrested after
continue to battle rising violent crimes, the woman alleged that the veteran politician
Rebecca's children receive over-
a News Americas Now analysis of Interpols had touched her inappropriately while she
the-counter medical remedies from was serving at the casino in Coconut Creek,
most wanted criminals from the region the local shop, instead of profes-
shows that some 44 Caribbean nationals Broward County. Although the Seminole po-
sional healthcare at the hospital. lice department said at the time that the
currently wanted for murder are on the list.
Like many women in the vil- woman made a sworn affidavit and CCTV
The majority are from Jamaica, which
lage, Rebecca doesn't receive much footage had been recovered, officials there
has had one of the highest murder rates in
the world for many years, according to support from the father of her chil- have now confirmed that no charges will be
United Nations estimates. dren. She feels she has nowhere to filed.
turn. Bush had protested his innocence from
Jamaica "Women don't support each the moment his mug-shot appeared online
Currently, Jamaica has 35 wanted mur- other here, it's not something we do." and the details of the allegations emerged,
derers on the latest Interpol list of most - UBELONG/ RAUL ROMAN and he implied, through his attorney, that the
episode was a cultural misunderstanding. He
wanted. They include Rohan Nelson, 37,
filed a not guilty plea after he was released
and Shenardo Kiffin, 31, who are both
from jail, having deposited a $1,000 cash
wanted for two counts of murder.

Suriname defamation - a law

bond. Soon afterwards he returned to the
The others wanted for murder are: Morris
Cayman Islands.
Anthony Lee, 58; Kemar Graham, 35;

setback for freedom of expression

Ron Ishoy, from the Florida State Attor-
Damion Simpson, 37; Davion Baker, 27;
neys Office, confirmed that the case was not

Dwayne Ellis, 27; Lester Gordon, 65; Odeen
going ahead and a full explanation would be
Mcgregor, 31; Dwayne Bailey, 30;
released this week. The Broward State At-
Ainsworth Smith, 41; Marlon Perry, 40; PARAMARIBO, Suriname: Meanwhile several national and re-
torneys office in Fort Lauderdale filed pa-
Nigel Omar Abdullah, 39; Alphanso Derrick n an effort to curb criticism on the govern- gional organizations, including the Suri-
perwork noting that it will not file a
Nelson, 27; Teran Bryan, 27; Shanrick ment, and especially the president, the namese Association of Journalists (SVJ) and
charge of misdemeanour battery against
Shavaughn Nugent, 23; Kemar Ruddock, Suriname government has submitted a draft the Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers
William Bush.
26, Paul Casanova, 41; Randy Rodman, 31; bill to parliament in which insulting the pres- (ACM), have voiced their concern regarding

ONeil Ferguson, 34; Marlon Omar Mcmil- ident on social media is punishable by either the draft bill.
lan, 31; David Stewart, 41; Jermaine Gor- imprisonment or fines. The introduction of this proposed law

St Kitts-Nevis
don, 36; Damian Williams, 35; Patrick Kay, During Thursdays first debate on the is a significant backward step for freedom of
26; Dion Chambers, 50; Gregory Lester An- draft bill Electronic Legal Transactions, expression in the Caribbean. In many places

citizen corruption?
thony Anderson, 36; Javier Adane Lewis, member of parliament Stephen Tsang argued in the Latin America and the Caribbean, so-
22; Ricardo Eshaka Powell, 26; Dwayne that we will have to be more careful and be called insult laws are being shunned, re-

Alouisus Thomas, 34; Ayele Logan Russell, more polite against each other online. pealed and generally condemned as being
21; Oshane Thompson, 24 and Oral Dwayne Beside the proposed legislation parlia- contrary to constitutional provisions that MIAMI:
Nelson, 29. ment is also aiming at revitalizing several guarantee free expression, said ACM pres- hile Panama is drowning in a number
Mwando Lloyd Pryce, 30, is wanted for dormant defamation laws dating from Suri- ident Wesley Gibbings, in an invited com- of major corruption and white-collar
attempted murder, wounding with intent and names colonial era. ment. scandals, a major human rights violation,
robbery. which proved fatal, is not receiving the at-
Sint Maarten tention it deserves.
The Dutch Caribbean island of Sint A Canadian, Dr Arthur Thomas Porter
Maarten has five wanted murders on its In- IV, a hospital administrator accused by anti-
terpol list. They include French St. Martin corruption prosecutors in Quebec of accept-
Call now: 800-729-1085

national Jameson Saint Cyr, 20, who is ing $22.5 million bribe to facilitate a
wanted for murder/manslaughter along with billion-dollar hospital construction contract,
four Caribbean nationals living in Sint died of lung cancer in a small, dirty Pana-
Maarten. They are Grenada national manian prison cell, when the government of
Kathron Fortune and Diomedez Bobadilla Panama denied him life-saving medication
Suarez, 40 and Sobiesky Manuel Parrondo, and treatment, after which a large portion of
29, and Emanuel Santos Rosario, 40, all of his $11 million in criminal assets disap-
the Dominican Republic. peared from his Panamanian corporation
bank accounts.
Suriname Porter had been arrested in Panama pur-
Suriname has two wanted murders listed suant to a pending Canadian extradition re-
with Interpol. They are Surinamese born Ri- quest.
cardo Rinaldo Oeloe, 36, who is wanted for The government of Canada also has its
share of the blame in the Porter case after it
Renancing now could save you thousands
aggravated theft, armed robbery and injury
reportedly backed off its extradition efforts,
causing death/manslaughter/murder and
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thereby failing to have him transferred to

Brazil national Ferreira Manoel Moura, 30,
Benets of Renancing

Canada, where he could have received ade-

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who is wanted for murder.

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only other Caribbean nations with murder-

Take cash (equity) out of

confinement in Panama's notorious La Joya

your home
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ers listed with Interpol. They both have one

Prison. His wife, Pamela, entered a guilty
the shopping for you. By comparing

each. plea in a proceeds of crime case in 2014.for

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lenders and having them compete for

Belize authorities are seeking informa- her role in the bribery scandal. Some
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tion and the arrest of 28-year-old Hovard Panama observers have stated that their gov-
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NMLS #1136

Fewer Woman Lawyers DCA investigates home healthcare Workers'
J agencies for sick leave violations Bill of Rights
in NY Courtroom Roles

ust a quarter of lawyers who have leader-
ship roles in New York state and federal
courtrooms are women, according to a new epartment of Consumer Affairs (DCA)
analysis by the New York State Bar Associa- Commissioner Lorelei Salas on Mon- orkers in NYC have rights regardless
tion. The gender discrepancy differed signif- day announced that its Office of Labor Pol- of immigration status. The Depart-
icantly between attorneys representing public icy & Standards (OLPS) has launched ment of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Office of
entities, such as state or federal government, investigations into nearly 40 home health- Labor Policy & Standards is NYCs central
and those representing private parties. care agencies across the city that represent resource for workers.
Women accounted for 38.2% of lawyers rep- upwards of 33,000 workers.
resenting the public, but only 19.4% of General compliance issues with this Paid Sick Leave
lawyers representing private parties, accord- industry have been reflected in OLPS ex- If you work in NYC for more than 80 hours
ing to the report, by the association. a year, you can earn up to 40 hours of sick
perience enforcing the NYC Paid Sick
PC Richard Escapes Suit
leave each year to care for yourself, your

Leave Law. Home care aides as a group
child, or other family members.
Over ID-Exposing Receipts have filed the third highest number of paid
If your employer has five or more em-
New York federal judge Thursday sick leave complaints.
ployees, you have a right to paid sick leave.
tossed a case accusing P.C. Richard & OLPS has handled 94 home healthcare
If your employer has fewer than five
Son of exposing customers to identity theft agency cases leading to nearly $200,000 in DCAs OLPS has been shifting its en-
employees, you have a right to unpaid sick
and credit card fraud by printing too much fines and more than $475,000 in restitution forcement resources to focus on industries
card information on receipts, citing the (about 12 percent of total restitution recov- that tend to have higher rates of labor and It is illegal for an employer to retaliate
Supreme Court's landmark Spokeo ruling and ered) on behalf of 6,183 workers, or more employment law violations. against you for requesting or using sick
saying the proposed class lacks standing be- than one third of all workers on behalf of The Office recently sent 39 notices of leave.
cause it alleges a risk of theft but no concrete whom OLPS has recovered restitution investigation and requests for documents to Under federal law, you may also have
injury. under the law in two-plus years of enforce- home health agencies around the city. The the right to take additional unpaid time off
NY Court Revives Breast

ment. agencies include a broad cross-section of from work: Some workers who work for
agencies across the five boroughs, which
Cancer Misdiagnosis Suit Recent New York State Department of employers with more than 50 employees
Health data estimates that the number of collectively employ approximately 33,000 may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave
New York state appeals court on
home care aides working in New York City workers. The investigation will provide a each year to care for themselves or a family
Wednesday partly revived a suit on be-
half of a woman who died of breast cancer, is about 203,100, making them one of the comprehensive look at existing practices member or to bond with a new child. The
ruling that questions remained as to whether largest private sector workforces in the city. around compliance with paid sick leave, leave may be taken all at once or from time
her gynecologist breached care standards by Approximately 700 licensed Home Care and ensure both that employers are clear to time.
not ordering a mammogram after seeing signs Service Agencies operate nearly 850 loca- about their labor and employment law ob- Starting January 2018, most workers
of an unusual breast discharge. tions in the city and dispatch this workforce ligations, and that workers know and can in New York will be eligible to take paid
use their rights. family leave to bond with a new child, care
Senate Passes Bill to Help mostly to private homes. Wage and hour

and other labor and employment law viola- We want to make it clear to this in- for a close relative with a serious health
Terminally Ill Patients tions among this workforce are reportedly dustry, which has had so much trouble condition, or address certain military family
he Senate on Thursday passed by unani- rampant, despite recent reforms meant to complying with the law in the past that needs. The amount of leave and pay will
mous consent a measure designed to raise standards like the States wage par- New York City is paying close attention to phase in over four years, starting at eight
make it easier for terminally ill patients to get ity law and extension of federal wage and its treatment of its workers, who are the un- weeks paid at 50% of the workers salary
access to experimental treatments without hour rights to the workforce. derpinnings of the citys economy. said in 2018.
oversight from the Food and Drug Adminis- DCA Commissioner Lorelei Salas.
tration. The right-to-try legislation has been Right to Organize
LEGAL TERMS You can join together with your
championed by the libertarian Goldwater In- pects to prove
stitute, which has worked to pass similar leg- coworkers in a range of activities about
affirmation: A solemn and formal decla- allege: To assert a fact in a pleading.
islation in 37 states. The federal version, now work issues that matter to you, including
ration under penalties of perjury that a alternate juror: a juror selected as substi-
headed to the House, would bar the govern- whether you want to be represented by a
tute in case another juror must leave the
ment from blocking patients from getting ac- statement is true, without an oath. union. Employers cannot threaten, discrim-
cess to medications that have undergone only affirmed: Upheld, agreed with (e.g.,The jury panel
inate against, or otherwise take action
preliminary testing in humans. Patients first Appellate Court affirmed the judgment of amend: To change.
against you for organizing or talking with
would have to try all other available treat- amicus curiae: A Friend of the Court. A
the City Court). your coworkers about working conditions.
ments and be unable to participate in clinical allegation: the assertion, declaration, or non-party to a proceeding that the Court
For information or to file a complaint,
trials. The bill would provide drug companies statement of a party to an action, made in permits to present its views. contact: U.S. Department of Labor
some legal protection if a treatment results in a pleading, setting out what the party ex- annul: to make void, as to dissolve the 866-487-9243 |;
harm of patients. bonds of marriage

Get your
Maurice D. Maitland, Esq.


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Jamaica, NY 11432

USA beats
Jamaica to
win Gold Cup
Jordan Morris scored a tiebreaking goal
in the 88th minute, and the United States
beat Jamaica, 2-1, on Wednesday night
for its sixth Concacaf Gold Cup title, and
its first since 2013.
Jozy Altidore scored on a 28-yard

Gatlin stuns Bolt to

free kick in the 45th minute, beating the
backup goalkeeper Dwayne Miller after

win 100m world title

Jamaicas starter and captain, Andre
Blake, left with a hand injury.
merican veteran Justin Gatlin was booed
Je-Vaughn Watson tied the score in
after he stunned Usain Bolt to win the the 50th minute off a corner kick by
100m world title in London on Saturday. Kemar Lawrence.
Gatlin, who served a doping ban between Morris, a star at nearby Stanford
2006-10 and won silvers behind Bolt at the last from 2013 to 2015, got the breakthrough
two world championships, clocked 9.92 sec- goal with a 14-yard right-footed shot after
onds, with teammate Christian Coleman win- Jermaine Taylor failed to clear a cross
ning silver in 9.94sec. from Gyasi Zardes. It was the fifth inter-

Caribbean gets a Gold at

Bolt suffered a dreadful start and could Omar McLeod mines Gold as Jamaica ends national goal for Morris, who tied the 16-
only claim bronze in 9.95sec. "I'm sorry I World Indoor Championships with Three Medals year-old Canadian Alphonso Davies for
couldn't end it on a winning note, but I want to the tournament lead with three goals.

the World Championships

thank you for your support," said Bolt, who The United States extended its un-
embraced Gatlin after they streaked through
beaten streak to 14 games (9-0-5) under
the line with no clear victor immediately ap-
Bruce Arena, who became the first coach

"It's been a wonderful experience as al-
to win three Gold Cup titles, and the cap-
By NAN Sports Editor McLeod won in a time of 13.04 to move tain, Michael Bradley, earned the Golden
ways." Gatlin was afforded the same rough re- News Americas, LONDON, England: his countrys medal total to two so far in the
ception as he had in the heats and semi-finals, Ball as the tournaments top player.
fter a disappointing weekend for Ja- Championships. By contrast, Jamaica won
loud boos and jeering ringing around the same maicas top two athletes and Jamaican seven gold medals and 12 in total at the Continue reading the main story
stadium where in 2012 his rivalry with Bolt fans globally, the Caribbean nation has finally 2015 World Championships in Beijing where The Americans had a chance in the
was presented as 'good against evil', given the scored a gold for the region at the 2017 IAAF they dominated the sprint program. 19th minute when Altidores swerving 30-
American's doping-tainted past. World Championships in London. There was a lot of pressure coming in yard shot was parried by Blake, who
But Gatlin has form as the last man to After Usain Bolt and Elaine Thompson but I channeled it positively, McLeod com- dived left and then beat Kellyn Acosta to
beat Bolt over 100m -- by a hundredth of a sec- both fell by the wayside in the 100m finals, mented after the race. Its totally different to the rebound at the six-yard box. Acosta
ond in Rome in 2013 -- and at the age of 35, Jamaican Olympic champion Omar McLeod last year where we had Usain and Elaine win- collided with Blake and appeared to kick
can still produce the goods, something he has put his country and his region in gold standing ning, which I used to propel me. I didnt have the goalkeepers right hand before Ja-
in the past ironically credited with his four with a win Monday in the 110-m mens hur- that this time so I really wanted to come out maicas Damion Lowe cleared the ball.
years of forced exile from the track. dles competition. and shine my own light.

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Rihanna giving All star line up set to perform

bikes to girls in Queens on August 20
in Malawi
By Sharon Gordon ECIPS International Music
Contributing Writer Festival boasts a community
ihanna is giving bikes to girls in Malawi CIPS International Music first philosophy. Our goal is
to help them get an education. It's part
Festival in association with to demonstrate that we as a
of a new partnership between the singer's
Arise Hospitality Solutions community can unite and enjoy
Clara Lionel Foundation and Chinese bike-
presents the 1st annual, preemi- a full day of family fun and
sharing company Ofo.
nent, multi-genre, multi- cul- good food, while being enter-
The campaign called 1 KM Action will
tural, family festival for tained by some of the best in the
fund scholarships to help hundreds of girls
attend secondary schools in Malawi. Those
Summer 2017, inside Roy industry,
who qualify for a scholarship will receive Wilkins Park. Families are encouraged to
bikes to make sure they get to school. ECIPS Music Festival cele- bring their blankets and beach
According to the foundation, there are brates cultural diversity and will chairs and come to the first ever
approximately 4.6 million students across feature an eclectic, renowned cross-cultural celebration of its
Malawi but only eight per cent of students line up including: R&B, Reg- kind inside Roy Wilkins Park.
complete secondary school. One of the rea- gae,Dancehall, Hip Hop, The atmosphere will be relaxing
sons for that is because of the poor transport Calpyso, and Reggaton- repre- and promises to bring an ele-
links. senting the diverse communities vated level of enjoyment to the
Rihanna has a reputation for being a hu- and cultural flavors of New community.
manitarian. Through her foundation, which York City. The 1st annual ECIPS Music
is named after her grandparents, she has fo- ECIPS International, pro- Festival is brought to you by
cused on providing children with access to nounced, [eee-sips] is spice ECIPS International and part-
education in more than 60 developing coun- spelled backwards, shares nering company Arise Hospital-
tries, giving priority to girls. Suzan Peart, whose vision for senting reggae roots will be starts promptly at 1pm. Straight ity Solutions. Sponsors include:
Her efforts helped win her Harvard uniting her community Queen Ifrica, Half Pint and out of Jamaica is Miss Kitty, Enudrii, the smooth blend;
University's Humanitarian of the Year through food and music is the Teflon. Elephant Man, the en- the sexy diva will be the host Ariesun Alkaline Water and Is-

Reggae Jerk &

award. driving force behind this pro- ergy god and Kip Rich are also for the day. Fatta Diamond of land Energy Drink.
duction. in the mix. R&B favorite, Fred- Stinga Movement will be on Tickets are priced at $70.00
Billed as a legacy festival die Jackson will sing for the the ones and twos. Organizers for General Admission; $150.00

Wine Festival
patrons will be blown away by ladies and Papa Michigan, Lady promise to visually and aesthet- for VIP which comes with light
the likes of multi-award win- G, Nardo Ranks, Mega Banton, ically transform the park into an refreshment served throughout

ning, Platinum artist, Akon, who Tinga Stewart and Roy Ryan oasis filled with beautiful tents, the day and $250 for EVIP
will be honored on stage for his will perform a nostalgic set cel- colorful decorations and ven- which comes with full meal and
outh Carolina Reggae Jerk & Wine Fes- humanitarian work. ebrating the music of the 70s, dors sharing a vast array of de- pastries throughout the day.
tival, Charleston, South Carolina (August Dancehalls newest sensation, 80s and 90s. licious foods and beverages, For tickets and information,
27) - The 4th annual South Carolina Reggae Alkaline; Hip Hops Remy Ma Genjah and Madadan, B.O.Y. flags, cultural and traditional or
Jerk Festival celebrates Jamaican Reggae and Reggatons De La Ghetto and Donyale Renne are also on garb, jewelry, arts and crafts and

Anything Goes Live for Labor Day Edition

music, jerk spices and wine parings on Sun- the bill for this big event which so much more.
will also share the stage. Repre-
day, August 27 at Magnolia Plantation and
Gardens. Guests can enjoy wine tastings, jerk
samples, games, and reggae music from

Coolieg and Lion Soul Reggae band as they
browse the craft items on display. The festi- By Chelsea Grant <> Media sponsors include Street Hype
val is from noon to 7 p.m. www.screggae- ith the continued success of DJ Nories Newspaper and Where Itz At Magazine. For more on Jamaica and Anything Goes Live concert series over For tickets log on to, Any-
Jamaican events, check out www.visitja- the past seven years, the DJ in conjunction with, or I-Heart Radio Power 105.1 FM, has expanded

the showcase experience to a four-day fete with
events across New Yorks city boroughs.

nomination in progress
It is now called the ultimate Caribbean
takeover with some of the hottest Reggae,
Dancehall, & Soca artists including Grammy
he Annual International Reggae and Award winning Sean Paul, Kranium, Charly
World Music Awards (IRAWMA) is re- Blacks, Konshens, Serani, Tifa and DyDy.
branding and starting in 2019 it will be tele- The Anything Goes Live Press Confer-
vised on Network television nationwide and ence and meet and greet with the weekends
globally. As a result, the 36th IRAWMA artists is set for Wednesday, August 30th at
winners and ceremony that was set for Sep- Suede Restaurant in Brooklyn.
tember 30th will instead be revealed in con- Thursday, August 31st the fete kicks off

junction with the 37th Chicago Music with a Welcome To New York City party fea-
Awards (CMA) in February 2018. turing live performances by Lavaman, Mr.
The IRAWMA rebranding committee Legz, Motto, Voice & more.

has established major plans to make the an- On Friday, September 1st, Grammy
nual IRAWMA a National network TV Award winning artist Sean Paul will perform
broadcast event that will make the reggae at Irving Plaza for an Afrobeats meets Dance-
and world music community proud; starting hall party with a surprise Afrobeats artist. DJ NORIE
with the 37th IRAWMA in 2019. In the At the pinnacle of the weekend is the
Artist/Singer Song Writer
Anything Goes Live Concert on Saturday, Sep- events. Tickets are available for purchase on
meantime, the 36th IRAWMA winners and as well as Caribbean-
Actress MC/Host
presentation will be announced in conjunc- tember 2nd at Amazura nightclub. This year,
recording artists Kranium, Konshens, Charlie
tion with the 37th Annual Chicago Music This years sponsors include Suede
Awards (CMA) also hosted by Martins In- Blacks, Serani, Tifa, DyDy are set to grace the
Restaurant in Brooklyn New York who will Versatile, Vivacious,
stage for the biggest event of the weekend.
ternational in Chicago. Currently, the reggae
Sunday, September 3rd, a special feature a VIP Anything Goes Suede Experience Creative and Talented
and world music experts are in the process
of selecting the nominees, Best of Caribbean Brunch kicks off at Hudson Terrace which includes dinner for two at Suede Restau- For booking and interviews:
718-652-9836 678-462-9626
followed by a special Labor Day edition at rant in Brooklyn, NY as well as VIP passes to
2016/2017 for the 36th IRAWMA, now the Anything Goes Live Concert on Saturday
Mazi Night Club.
through November 2017. Night.
The Live Pass is available for entry to all

Tours US

amaica's rising vocalist Kabaka Pyra-
mid unleashes his brand new video for
"Can't Breathe" - his first single from his
forthcoming debut album Contraband ex-
ecutive produced by Damian Marley and
distributed by Ghetto Youths Interna-
tional and Bebble Rock Music.
"Can't Breathe," available now for
stream and download, delivers a potent
message on painful and stressful situa-
tions individuals face by living in a toxic
system, literally and figuratively. The
track was produced by Genis Tranis
Nadal and the video, which premieres via
VIBE today, was directed by Fernando
"I was watching 'Lauryn Hill Un-
plugged' and I was struck by the emotions
she put in her songs and I wanted the peo-
ple that listen to this song, get that same
feeling. The stress and strain of the sys-
tem and the mental pollution we are fed
day to day reminds me of feeling claus-
trophobic and suffocated," says Kabaka High-Speed Performance
This summer, Kabaka has embarked
on an extensive tour spanning Europe and
Available Anywhere
North America. He is currently on the last
leg of his U.S. and Canada run. No Phone Line Required
Kabaka Pyramid 2017 Tour Dates:
Aug 8 Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, NE
Aug 9 Subterranean in Chicago, IL
Aug 12 Rhode Island Reggae Festival East
Aug 13 Groove Nation in Montreal, Canada
Aug 14 Lnti in Qubec City, Canada INSTANT SAVINGS
Aug 15 Tide and Boar Ballroom
Moncton, Canada FREE Standard Installation*
Aug 16 Marquee Club in Halifax, Canada
Aug 19 RastaFest Reggae festival Toronto,
Canada Speeds up to 15mbps
Aug 20 Blue Ocean Music Hall Salisbury, MA
Aug 21 Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD
Aug 22 S.O.B.s in New York, NY
Packages Starting at $59.99/mo
Aug 23 Hamilton in Washington, DC
Aug 25 The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh,
Aug 27 Roux Carre in New Orleans, LA
Minimum term required. Monthly service and early termination fees apply. Usage is subject to a Fair Access Policy. Actual speeds may vary. Speed and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed. Visit www.le- for details. HughesNet is a registered trademark of Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar company.*Free standard installation applies to new Lease subscribers only. Not valid with Purchase
option. Limited-time oer.

B irth of a Nation - In February 1962, a
new Constitution was approved by the
Legislature and the Premier Norman Man-
ley called General Elections.
Alexander Bustamante was elected in
April and became the first Prime Minister
of Jamaica. On August 6, 1962, Jamaica
became an Independent Nation and a mem-
ber of the British Commonwealth.

Diaspora Gets Governor General Awards:

Jamaican Governor-General Patrick Allen (3rd left) and Lady Allen (centre) with five outstanding Jamaicans from the diaspora who were
recognized with the Governor-General's Achievement Awards. The event was held on on July 23 during the opening ceremony of the Jamaica
55 Diaspora Conference in kingston Jamaica WI. Also in photo (l-r) Donika Jones (Canada), Mrs. Tanesha Westcarr (United Kingdom),
Vendrys Henry (United Kingdom), Erin Lue-Hing (US) and Joan Pinnock (US). Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen says that the most
Jamaica becoming an Independent critical point of intervention for Jamaica by the Diaspora at this time, lies in the support that can be given to the youth of our country. The

We have much to be thankful for!

Nation, now meant that Britain, no longer great need that Jamaica has today is not with governance structures and institutional capacity building. But more than ever we need en-
controlled the affairs of the country. It was hancement of our human capital and engagement with our millennials, The Governor-General stated.
now the responsibility of the newly elected
Prime Minister and the locally elected Cab-

Independence also meant that a Con-
stitution, symbols, emblems, an army, Ja-
maican currency and passports had to be his year, our Nation celebrates 55 years as transfer of remittances that enhance and stabi-
developed for the country. an independent country and our Govern- lize our economy; the many medical missions
As an Independent Nation, Jamaica ment is putting significant efforts into recog- that serve the under served in rural areas or the
assigns Ambassadors overseas who repre- nizing this milestone event. Jamaicans in the charitable contributions to schools and
sent the country. They sign treaties on be- United States, as well as other Diaspora mem- churches. The various initiatives of our Dias-
half of Jamaica and become members of bers across the globe are joining in the cele- pora leaders to support institutions in your
various international organisations. This is brations. We have much to be thankful for! own Jamaican communities in the United
important, as it gives Jamaica equal rights Our country continues to punch above its States are also to be lauded.
on various issues relating to international weight in many spheres. Our Jamaican brand It is my firm belief that a strong and pros-
trade, policies and treaties. is recognized and loved; our athletes continue perous Diaspora will translate to a strong and
Every year on August 6, (previously to make us proud by their outstanding per- prosperous Jamaica. It is against this back-
first Monday in August), Jamaicans cele- formances at global events; our students in the ground that I am giving priority to working
brate the removal of our dependence on United States continue to perform well; Ja- with you in helping address some of the chal-
maicans continue to be promoted to top posi- By Audrey Marks lenges faced by our vulnerable nationals as
Britain, to control specific functions of the Jamaican Ambassador-United States
tions and there are so many other evidence of they seek to take advantage of the opportuni-
country. At this time we also honour all and Permanent Representative to the
our countrymen and women achieving great- ties available in this country.
those persons who were responsible for the Organization of American States
ness everywhere. I take this opportunity to express my
transfer of power.
As Ambassador to the United States, I There is no question as to the critical role deepest appreciation for the support given to
In October, during National Heritage
continue to be heartened by the love and ded- the Diaspora has and continues to play in the the hardworking team at the Embassy, as we
Week (third Monday in October), we also
ication of the Jamaican community in the growth and development of Jamaica. This conduct our business on behalf of the Govern-
honour our six National Heroes and one
United States to our homeland. takes many forms, whether it is through the ment and People of Jamaica.
Heroine, in recognition of their contribu-
tion to the birth of our nation.

For all your beauty needs!

Indepedendent Rep
Avon, Marykay,
Zermat International
Classy Gift Shop
33 South 4th Ave (Across from VIM)
Mt Vernon, NY 10550
Call/Text: 914-222-1460

We are a people of excellence!

F ellow Jamaicans, On the 55th anniversary
of our independence, it is fitting that we
celebrate our achievements and strengths
ther world-famous music or sporting legends,
let alone both? Many scholars are now writing
about the importance of soft power in interna-
As we mark Jamaica 55, let us not be
overwhelmed by our challenges. Our prob-
lems do not define us. Our achievements and
while pondering our challenges. Our inde- tional affairs. All over the world, people iden- strengths do. Lets focus on the positives for,
pendence theme this year is, Celebrating Ja- tify with Jamaican culture. indeed, there are many. Among our notewor-
maicans at home and abroad. As we celebrate Jamaicans at home and thy achievements have been the macroeco-
And how appropriate that we should have abroad this independence, let us note that it is nomic reforms that we as a people have
that theme when our athletes from home and not just in the area of culture where we have fostered.
abroad are right now holding our flag high at made a decisive mark. As a people, we have said enough is
the World Championships in Britain, as they In science, we have made notable enough! with regard to debt and budget
did for Jamaica 50 during the Olympics in achievements. Just a few weeks ago it was an- deficits. Jamaica took the hard decisions and
London. So they will no doubt bring glitz and nounced that one of our internationally recog- you made the sacrifices to strengthen our in-
glory to this little island which always stamps nized scientists, Dr Henry Lowe, was granted dependence by putting our macroeconomic
its weight in gold. what is called an orphan-drug designation by house in order.
We can draw inspiration from our sports the US Food and Drug Administration for de- We knew the debt trap and double digit
men and women who have quintessentially in- veloping a drug from cannabis to treat myeloid inflation were whittling away our independ-
carnated the true spirit of Jamaica: A spirit of Leukemia. This drug, which could be on the ence, making us more vulnerable to external
excellence, extraordinariness, daring, re- By Andrew Holness market in three years, is projected to have es- pressures.
silience, optimism, faith and hope. We have Prime Minister, Jamaica timated annual sales of US$250 million dollars Fellow Jamaicans, you have shown the
been stunning the world with our sporting in the US market alone. discipline necessary to undertake the reform
We little, but we Tallawah. Today we
prowess even before our independence. Ja- There are other Jamaican scientists doing measures. We have achieved record low infla-
have both the fastest man and the fastest
maica had the first person to make the final in cutting-edge research in North America, tion rates and have significantly cut our debt-
woman in the world.
all three major Olympic sprint eventsthe Britain and continental Europe. to-GDP ratio. We now boast a budget surplus
Our rich cultureour sport, music,
100m, 200m and 400m sixty-five years ago. There are Jamaicans like Dr Vincent after many years of chronic deficits. Jamaica
dance, drama, fashion, language -- represents
To this day no one has equaled that Herb McK- Reid, Director of Surgical Oncology at the achieved a primary balance surplus of $135.9
our soft power. Culturally, Jamaica is a super-
enleys record. We were also the first Mercy Medical Centre in the United States billion in the 2016/2017 fiscal year, 7.7%, or
power. How many countries in the world
Caribbean team to hold the 4 by 400m relay who is doing pioneering cancer research and $12.9 billion above the minimum 7% target.
not just counties of comparable sizehave
world record, and that again 65 years ago in being published in the best scientific journals Our independence is being strengthened.
produced someone as internationally famous
Helsinki, when the Jamaican greats of Arthur in the world. In whatever field you can men- We have demonstrated as a people that we are
and influential as Bob Marley, Usain Bolt or
Wint, Herb Mckenley, George Rhoden and tion, there are Jamaicans at home and abroad quite able to manage our own affairs and to
Marcus Garvey?
Leslie Laing mined gold. who have distinguished themselves interna- show economic discipline without social un-
How many countries have produced ei-
tionally. We are a people of excellence. rest.


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Saturday, August 12, 2017

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I could not be happier about the job performance of BGA.
They have proven that they are there to help unfortunate
people who are in need of a helping hand. America should be
proud to have them represent those in need.

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Holness, Seaga for Jamaicas Grand Independence Gala

KINGSTON, JAMAICA: the New York gala. Prime Min- auction and bid on a myriad of
s celebrations throughout ister of Jamaica Andrew Holness, products including jewelry, fash-
the Jamaican diaspora begin will be this years guest of honor ion, art, vacations and more. Pro-
ramping up in observance of Ja- while former Prime Minister the ceeds from the auction will
maicas 55th year of independ- Most Hon. Edward Phillip benefit the Jamaica 55 Legacy
ence, the grand finale is set to George Seaga, ON, PC will be Projects Woman Inc. National
take place in New York City. recognized for his contribution to Shelter Strategy (for persons im-
Grammy Award Winner, Estelle Jamaica. pacted by domestic violence)
and actor and singer Leon will Jamaican-American retired which falls under the purview of
join the Jamaica Independence Hall of Fame basketball player the Ministry of Culture, Gender,
Foundation and the Jamaica and current head coach of the Entertainment and Sport in addi-
Tourist Board (JTB) under the Georgetown Hoyas, Patrick tion to a local charity, the Garvey
distinguished patronage of Ja- Ewing will also be among this Elementary Basic School in the
maicas Consul General to New years honorees and will be pre- Bronx, New York.
York Trudy Deans in hosting a sented with the Son of the Soil The evenings entertainment
Andrew Holness Edward Seaga
prestigious Grand Independence Award. will be provided by Romain
Prime Minister of Jamaica Former Jamaican Prime Minister
Gala on Saturday, August 26th at With the presence of two Virgo and The Unit Band, Likkle
Hilton Hotels Grand Ball Room prime ministers, celebrities and memorating Jamaicas 55th year lective euphoria surrounding this Big Band & Road International.
in midtown Manhattan. distinguished guests in atten- of independence, said Consul momentous occasion. . For more information on the
This years celebration is his- dance, this New York gala repre- General Trudy Deans. Ja- Attendees of the Grand Inde- event, visit
toric as it is the first time two sents the culmination of our maicans are a proud people and pendence Gala will have an op-
Prime Ministers will be attending celebration in the Diaspora com- this event will represent our col- portunity to participate in a silent

Medgar Evers College Holds Scholarship Fundraiser on Sept 9

BROOKLYN The event will be held on Saturday, crafts, fashion, and live performances The College has many first-genera-
oulFest is the Brooklyn event of sum- Sept. 9, 2017at closed-off streets of Crown from many genres Salsa, Hip Hop, tion college students who are eligible for
mer, 2017. Dive into the melting pot Heights@ 1650 Bedford Avenue parking Gospel, Funk. financial aid. The student body is interna-
and fill up on the flavors of the diaspora lot between Franklin Ave. and Bedford Medgar Evers College, a senior col- tional, with a large population of natives
with classic local dishes, specialty cuisines Ave., Brooklyn. lege of the City University of New York, of Jamaica, Haiti, Guyana, and Trinidad &
from ethnic neighborhood restaurants, and Our Central Brooklyn festival tickles is holding the festival to raise scholarships Tobago.
the creations of numerous inspired chefs! your taste buds and soothes your soul with for students.

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Is hair glue hazardous to your health?

By Jacqueline Tarrant, should be consulted if the home care has not

BDO Contributing Writer helped, if the reaction gets worse or returns, if the skin is open or there is a possibility of
hile many of todays most common infection, or if the patient is having trouble
hair styling products have proven to at breathing or swallowing.
least be relatively harmless, particularly under Jacqueline Tarrant is a beauty expert,
the expert guidance of a hair professional, consultant, columnist, founder & CEO of
there are still some hair care items that de- Style Infinity Products & The Hair Trauma
mand particular care. Center in downtown Chicago.

Thinking of buying
Whats The Danger?
Glue extensions, or double sided tape,
are often used with popular lace wigs. Unfor-
tunately, they can cause damage that is often a new or used car?
permanent. The glue can block your scalp
pores and damage your hair follicles as well
Call to get current
as burn and dry out your hair. Heavy exten- promotional pricing
and local dealer
sions pull on your scalp resulting in thinning bands, and rubber toys. The reactions to these repeated exposure to hair bonding glue. Skin
hair. It is difficult to clean your scalp with items go beyond contact dermatitis, and may tests to the glue and latex tests were positive.
incentives for free.
glue extensions in it creating unhealthy hair. cause asthma, or even anaphylactic shock. Antigen levels exceeded those reported in

No hassle.
Sometimes hair extensions can cause other natural rubber latex-dipped products.
headaches and bald spots. What Are the Symptoms?

No obligation.
Hair bonding glue contains high concen- The most common symptom of dermati- What Can I Do To Prevent This?
trations of soluble latex antigen and may tis or scalp allergies is the appearance of red, This is a serious matter, in that many fe-
cause anaphylaxis without mucosal contact. itchy raised areas on the skin called hives that males young and old have been using these
Repeated glue exposure may potentially sen- can be very small dots or large splotches. adhesives regularly for hair extensions. Please
sitize consumers. Physicians, cosmetologists, Acute hives arise quickly, and can last up to be informed that if you have any allergies to
and latex-allergic patients should be aware of six weeks. Sometimes they appear in groups latex or latex type products bonding glue or
bonding glue-induced immunoglobulin E- that fade as other groups develop. Hives near adhesive is not for you. Be aware of itching,
mediated reactions associated with hair alter- the eyes, lips, or genitals swell a great deal, bumping or irritation at the scalp surface. If
ations. and can be alarming, but usually go away in you notice this reaction, remove the source of
Probably because the products made twenty-four hours. The most common causes the problem right away.
from latex are increasing in number, reactions of acute hives are: foods, medicines, insect There are non-allergenic and fragrance-
to latex have become more common. Latex is bites, and sunlight. Chronic hives are much free products on the market for those who
found in balloons, rubber bands, condoms, less common. They may linger as long as six have skin allergies or scalp conditions. In ad-

elastic bands, bathing suits, underwear, waist- weeks, and the cause may remain unknown. dition, treatment is usually with over-the-
The effects of severe scalp allergies can counter antihistamines, such as Benadryl or
be particularly troublesome because of the cortisone.
presence of hair over the lesions that must be As a general rule, a health provider
cut to properly treat the scalp, or where the
hair actually breaks off at the base, leaving
bald spots. Most people are somewhat self-
conscious about the appearance of their hair.
A simple treatment that brings relief for any
case of dermatitis is to bathe with a mild soap
in cool to lukewarm water to relieve the itch.
Sometimes an ultraviolet light, a sunlamp, or
cortisone is recommended
Call Pauline There have been several recent cases
where women have had severe allergic reac-
917-776-5689 tions to hair bonding glue. A prime example of this type of reaction is where a 37-year-old
woman developed systemic anaphylaxis upon

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the beholder and the
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Maximum Volumes Inc. Beauty Salon Try FREE: 800-492-1317
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914-371 1550 (B) 914- 843 2913 (C) 18+

Twenty-five persons Got Patersons

225th Anniversary Awards
Broker Gets
54 months I
Paterson: Paterson, americas first planned indus- Youth Leadership: sarai Perez, student, Mont-
n celebration of its 225th anniversary on trial city, was founded by alexander Hamil- clair state University

July 4th, the City of Paterson recognized 25 ton on July 4, 1792. Lifelong Commitment to Paterson:
individuals who have contributed greatly to the Paterson 225 award recipients are Pat Kramer, former Mayor of Paterson
Paterson and its residents. as follows: Congressman Bill Pascrell

I am pleased to acknowledge this in- education: Dr. steven rose, President, Passaic senator nellie Pou
credible group of men and women who have County Community College Charles Hirsh, Chairman, accurate Box Com-
dedicated so much of their time, talent and Business: alfonso Daloisio Jr., President, rail- pany

road Construction Company Leonard Zax, President, Hamilton Partnership
treasures to making Paterson the great city it
Law enforcement: alex Cruz, President, Pa- for Paterson
is, said Paterson Mayor Jose joey torres.
taBernaCLe: these winners have given much to Pa- terson PBa Victor Cruz, Chicago Bears
ierre Chainey, 42, tabernacle, new non-Profit: Paterson Habitat for Humanity rev. Msgr. Mark J. Giordano, rector, Cathe-
terson, and the occasion of our citys 225th dral of saint John the Baptist
Jersey, was sentenced to 54 months in anniversary is the perfect backdrop to recog- (Barbara Dunn, executive Director)
prison for his role in a mortgage fraud Government: assemblyman Benjie Wimberly anthony Coscia, Chairman, Board of Direc-
nize their contributions. tors, amtrak
scheme that caused $2.7 million in losses. arts: nicholas rodriguez, Inner City ensem-
Chosen through a city-wide call for nom- Vera ames, former Councilwoman
Chainey previously pleaded guilty be- ble
inations, those selected have distinguished Maria Magda, former Councilwoman
fore U.s. District Judge noel L. Hillman Community service: Mike adams, Carolina
themselves in a particular field of endeavor, eli Burgos, retired City Business administra- P
to one count of conspiracy to commit wire or have made exceptional contributions that tor
Law: Bernice toledo, Passaic County surro-
fraud and one count of money laundering. define a lifelong commitment to Paterson. gate Frank Blesso, retired City administrator
Judge Hillman imposed the sentence on Winners were recognized at the Paterson Healthcare: sisters of Charity of st. elizabeth Jean Wiart, artisan, Les Metalliers Champ-
July 7, 2017, in Camden federal court. 225 Dinner Dance, which will be held on sat- & st. Josephs Healthcare system enois t
according to documents filed in this urday, July 1st at the Brownstone House in Faith-Based Leadership: rev. Dr. John a. al- Dr. Joseph Fulmore, retired Paterson school s
case and statements made in court: Paterson. gera, Pastor, Madison avenue CrC administrator
In november 2005, Chainey estab-
lished Universal Lending solutions LLC,
a mortgage brokerage company in north-
field, new Jersey, and served as chief ex-
ecutive office of the company until 2008. AVAILABLE ANYWHERE
He was also a loan officer for the com-
From november 2005 through at
least January 2008, he conspired with oth-
ers to profit from the sale and purchase of
properties in new Jersey by obtaining
mortgage loans for unqualified borrowers
using fraudulent loan applications, HUD-
1 settlement statements and other docu-
In addition to the prison term, Judge
Hillman sentenced Chainey to three years
of supervised release; restitution will be
determined at a later date.
acting U.s. attorney William e. Fitz-
patrick announced the sentence and cred-
ited special agents of the FBI, under the
direction of special agent in Charge tim-
othy Gallagher, and special agents of Irs-
Criminal Investigation, under the direction
of special agent in Charge Jonathan D.
Larsen with the investigation leading to
todays sentencing.
the government is represented by
senior Litigation Counsel Jason M.
High-Speed Performance
richardson of the U.s. attorneys office
Criminal Division in newark. Available Anywhere

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Ways to keep your relationship exciting and fresh

By Amy Morin
he excitement that stems from a
new relationship can make you
feel on top of the world. As the new-
ness wears off, the relationship can
feel like its growing stale. You arent
doomed to remain in a dull and bor-
ing relationship, however. There are
some steps you can take to keep a ma-
ture relationship fresh and exciting.

1. The Element of Surprise Alive

Surprise your partner from time to
time in a variety of ways. Arrive
home with a small gift, cook your
partners favorite meal or book a sur-
prise weekend getaway. These types
of surprises will keep the excitement
alive and prevent you from getting
stuck in a relationship rut.

2. Send Romantic Text Messages

When youre apart, send romantic
text messages to one another. This The hottest place
can build anticipation for when youll to meet Latinos!
see each other again. Use texting to
send short messages of love, admira- citing. Take a Chinese cooking class, you talked about your hopes and
tion, and encouragement. Dont be volunteer at a soup kitchen, or take dreams. However, over time, those
afraid to send some sexy text mes- golf lessons together. A willingness to sorts of conversations can fall by the
Try FREE: 888-411-7538
sages to spice things up. It is a simple learn something new can help you wayside. Set time aside to continue to
and easy way to keep the romance in grow together as a couple. discuss your dreams for the future
your relationship.
and support one another in making
6. Spend Time with Other Couples those dreams a reality.
3. Schedule Regular Date Nights Spending time with couples who
Most couples go on dates regularly have healthy relationships can be
during the initial phase of their rela- good for you. Look for couples who
tionship. However, going out to din- share your values and who have a
ner often gets traded in for sitting on strong relationship. It can help rein-
the couch. As a result, the relationship force the importance of commitment
can become a little dull. Schedule and help remind you to keep the rela-
regular date nights so you can spend tionship exciting.
quality time together as a couple.
7. Establish Goals Together
4. Verbalize Your Loving Feelings Create some goals that you can work
Dont forget to use your words to ex- on together as a couple. It may in-
press your feelings. Sometimes peo- clude a financial goal, such as saving
ple forget all those mushy things they a certain amount of money to go to on
used to say to one another once the a vacation. Or, it could include a fit-
relationship matures. Say, I love ness goal, such as running a half
you, often and dont shy away from marathon together. Working toward
words that truly express how you your goals can help you feel like a
feel. team and gives you new things to talk
about and do together.
5. Try Something New Together
Participating in a new activity to- 8. Discuss Your Hopes and Dreams
gether can keep the relationship ex- Its likely that when you were dating,

Diaspora Members Make

Donations To Education Sector
KINGSTON, July 27 (JIS): ran their own fundraising exercises during
embers of the Jamaica Diaspora the Conference.
made donations to the education sec- Some 14 schools at the primary and
tor at a session of the Jamaica 55 Diaspora the secondary levels are slated for repairs
Conference, at the Jamaica Conference by the end of the year through the dona-
Centre, downtown Kingston, on July 26. tions.
The session was addressed by Minis- People like to see when others have con-
ter of Education, Youth and Information, fidence in something, and Pledge 2 Build
Senator Ruel Reid, who highlighted the is an initiative than can make a difference
needs in the education system, and gave an in the lives of thousands of children, the
update on the Governments investment in NET official told JIS News.
the sector. Director at the Onecare Health Serv-
Senator Reid also urged the members ices Inc., Carlton Darby, made a pledge of
to partner with the Government to improve $250,000 for the West Kingston-based
the education system. Tivoli Gardens High School.
He said a major focus of the Ministry Darby informed that he, along with
is taking over a number of privately run several past students, will, in a few weeks,
early childhood institutions that need up- start the implementation of a project to
grading. support the school, which includes the
We will need the Diaspora to continue to mentoring of students.
give support to improve the infrastructure
as much as possible, the Minister told
Retired educator, Dr. Hermine Speck-
les, donated US$2,500, noting that her
contribution is a giving back, as the Ed-
ucation Ministry helped her with an over-
seas scholarship.
Representative from Caribbean Food
Delights, Janice Julian, contacted her sen-
ior managers, and got the approval to do-
nate US$2,000.
Public-Private Relationship Manager
with the National Education Trust (NET),
Latoya Harris, informed that other partners
on the agencys Pledge 2 Build initiative

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Mothers from the community
pose with their babies in front of
a new Mamava Breastfeeding Pod
at NYC Health +
Hospitals/Queens, the first Baby-
Friendly hospital in the Borough
of Queens. The Pod, a gift from
the NYC Department of Health
and Mental Hygiene, was un-
veiled during a World Breastfeed-
ing Week event held at the
hospital. The modular lactation
suite is designed to accommodate
breastfeeding moms on the go by
providing them with a private,
clean, relaxing and dignified
place to pump/nurse their babies.

Protect yourself and your
family from mosquito bites
Use Insect Repellent are Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus
Use Environmental Protection Expedition and SkinSmart. By GLORIA BENT, MS, RD, CDN
Agency (EPA)-registered insect re- Tips for Everyone
pellents with one of the active in- Always follow the product label
Questions & Comments:
gredients below. When used as instructions.
directed, EPA-registered insect re- Reapply insect repellent as di-
pellents are proven safe and effec- rected.
tive, even for pregnant and Do not spray repellent on the skin
breastfeeding women. under clothing.
A chart showing examples of If you are also using sunscreen,
insect repellents broken down by apply sunscreen first and insect re-
active ingredients and product pellent second.
brands that contain those ingredi-
ents. Tips for Babies & Children
The first active ingredient Always follow instructions when
listed is DEET. Some examples of applying insect repellent to chil-
brand name products containing dren.
DEET are OFF, Cutter, Sawyer, Do not use insect repellent on ba-
and Ultrathon. bies younger than 2 months old.
The second active ingredient Do not apply insect repellent onto
listed is Picaridin, also know as a childs hands, eyes, mouth, and
KBR 3023, Bayrepel, and icardin. cut or irritated skin.
In order to

Some examples of brand name Do not use products containing

maintain your weight

products containing Picaridin are oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) or

Cutter Advanced, Skin So Soft Bug para-menthane-diol (PMD) on
Guard Plus, and Autan, which is children under 3 years old.
found outside the United States. Natural insect repellents (repel-
The third active ingredient listed is lents not registered with EPA)
Every extra 3500

Oil of lemon eucalyptus or para- We do not know the effectiveness

calories = 1
menthane-diol. of non-EPA registered insect repel-
pound of weight
An example of a brand name lents, including some natural repel-
product containing Oil of lemon lents.
eucalyptus is Repel. The fourth and To protect yourself against dis-
final active ingredient listed is eases spread by mosquitoes, CDC
BMR (Basal

IR3535. and EPA recommend using an

Metabolic Rate)

Some examples of brand EPA-registered insect repellent.

means the number

name products containing IR3535

of calories your body While a person sleeps their body
keeps working and burning
burns on its own. It Ex.
is always less than calories. Sleeping 8 hours burns
the number of on average 380 calories. Those who
get a full 8 hrs of rest each night, generally
calories your weigh less!
supposed to eat in a
For people who weigh
between 88 and 132
pounds, walking
10,000 steps a day will
Burning burn only 200-300
Chores Excess calories! So, vary your
routine to include all
types of exercise!

By: Sharon Puello MA, RD, CDN in Collaboration with Gloria Bent MS, RD, CDN NYC H+H North Central Bronx

Eight Tips to Protect Taxpayers from Identity Theft

Highlighting the opportunities and challenges of local business

I dentity theft happens when someone steals

personal information for financial gain.
Tax-related identity theft happens when
5. IRS Letters. If the IRS identifies a
suspicious tax return with a taxpayers stolen
SSN, that taxpayer may receive a letter ask-
someone uses another persons stolen Social ing them verify their identity by calling a spe-
Security number (SSN) or Employer Identi- cial number or visiting an IRS Taxpayer
fication Number (EIN) to file a tax return to Assistance Center.
obtain a fraudulent refund. 6. IP PIN. If a taxpayer is a confirmed
Many people first find out they are vic- ID theft victim, the IRS may issue them an
tims of identity theft when they submit their IP PIN. The IP PIN is a unique six-digit num-
tax returns. Thats because the IRS lets them They should only provide their Social Secu- Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit. Print ber that the taxpayer uses to e-file their tax
know someone else already used their SSN rity number if its necessary. Protect personal the form and mail or fax it according to the return. Each year, they will receive an IRS
to file. information at home and protect personal instructions. Include it with the paper tax re- letter with a new IP PIN.
The IRS continues to work hard to stop computers with anti-spam and anti-virus soft- turn and/or attach a police report describing 7. Report Suspicious Activity. If tax-
identity theft with a strategy of prevention, ware. Routinely change passwords for online the theft if available. payers suspect or know of an individual or
detection and victim assistance. So far, the accounts. File a report with the Federal Trade business that is committing tax fraud, they
agency has stopped millions of dollars from 3. Dont Fall for Scams. Criminals Commission using the FTC Complaint As- can visit and follow the chart on
getting into the hands of thieves. often try to impersonate banks, credit card sistant. How to Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activ-
Check out these eight tips on how to companies and even the IRS hoping to steal Contact Social Security Administration ity.
protect against identity theft: personal data. Learn to recognize and avoid at and type in identity theft 8. Service Options. Information about
1. Taxes. Security. Together. The IRS, those fake communications. Also, the IRS in the search box. tax-related identity theft is available online.
the states and the tax industry need every- will not call a taxpayer threatening a lawsuit, Contact financial institutions to report The IRS has a special section on de-
ones help. The IRS launched The Taxes. Se- arrest or to demand immediate payment. Be- the alleged identity theft. voted to identity theft and information for
curity. Together. awareness campaign in 2015 ware of threatening phone calls from some- Contact one of the three credit bureaus victims to obtain assistance.
to inform people about ways to protect their one claiming to be from the IRS. so they can place a fraud alert or credit freeze Avoid scams. The IRS does not initiate
personal, tax and financial data. Learn more 4. Report Tax-Related ID Theft. on the affected account. contact using social media or text message.
at Heres what taxpayers should do if they can- Check with the applicable state tax The first contact normally comes in the mail.
2. Protect Personal and Financial not e-file their return because someone al- agency to see if there are additional steps to Those wondering if they owe money to the
Records. Taxpayers should not carry their ready filed using their SSN: File a tax return take at the state level. IRS can view their tax account information
Social Security card in their wallet or purse. by paper and pay any taxes owed. File an IRS on to find out.

Dont Fall Victim to Financial

Distress Caused by Credit Card Debt
Credit counseling is the easiest, most effective way to explore the options for
credit card debt and identify the best solution for your needs.
ments go toward your debt instead of
adding more interest which means
you can get out of debt faster. Every
financial situation is different, but
most people see their total monthly
debt payments reduced by up to 30
to 50 percent as they get out of debt
faster. The program is usually com- youre able to build a positive cred-
pleted in around 40-60 payments, it history while reducing your overall
so you can be debt-free in just a few debt level. As a result, some people see
HIGH MONTHLY CREDIT CARD CREDIT COUNSELING IS THE years instead of taking decades to their credit score even increase over the
PAYMENTS combined with even EASIEST, MOST EFFECTIVE WAY eliminate everything you owe. course of their time with a credit coun-
higher interest rates can make it al- TO EXPLORE THE OPTIONS seling service.
most impossible to maintain control FOR CREDIT CARD DEBT AND Its the fastest and easiest to
over your credit card debt. Even with IDENTIFY THE BEST SOLUTION FREEDOM FROM DEBT IS
your monthly payments you may not FOR YOUR NEEDS. Speak with a
get professional financial POSSIBLE! Dont spend another
see much of a reduction in debt no certified credit counselor at no charge advice without incurring sleepless night worrying about your
matter what you do. to analyze your debt and budget. They another bill to do it. debt problems, or another day stressed
will review your options to see what about your bills instead of focused on
Whats more, as your credit card bal- solutions may work best for you. Your your family and life.
ances increase, it can also cause prob- credit counselor may be able to lower Build a Positive Credit History Call Consolidated Credit now at
lems for your budget you end up jug- high interest rates or even eliminate Additionally, consolidating debt-
gling bills, choosing between expenses, them while consolidating your credit through a certified credit counseling 1-800-721-4370
and putting off important purchases. card debts into one easy payment service may help save your credit score to speak with a certified credit
Luckily, theres a way you can find the through a debt management program. from additional damage. You stop fu- counselor today.
solution that works for your unique fi- ture penalties and prevent further dam-
nancial situation and even better, it Get Out of Debt Faster age from missed payments and over-
wont cost a thing to get the informa- As a result of those lower interest drawn credit lines. Even better, as you
tion you need. rates more of your monthly pay- work your way through the program, (Fees may apply for voluntary participation in debt management - all
counseling services are free.)

Pheffer Amato Celebrates Civil Rights Icons 90th Birthday:

Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato (D-Rockaway Beach) presented a proclamation this past
Sunday to Lovette Glasgow, a retired schoolteacher, hero of the Civil Rights movement and the
former President of the Rockaway NAACP, in honor of Glasgows 90th birthday. Glasgow dedi-
cated her life to equity through education, helping found the local Head Start program and serving
as a Parent Programmer with the New York City Department of Education for 30 years.

KaSheba Releases 5th Video:

9\Zfd\Xe<DK Dancehall Diplomat, KaSheba, has released her 5th dance video. Shot in the studios
of New York City, KaSheba, joined by Casja and Yuchi, entertains you from start to
finish. Showcase dancehall dancing at its finest, these ladies brings a powerful energy

and movemement to Rapper Tyga's hit song, "One on One." Check out their video -
Start June 14, 2017 
cover_people. Attached are the press release and pictures from the video/photo shoot.
What is so amazing about the video and photos is that it was all done in two hours!
These professionals are setting the pace at the highest level. Want excitement at your

next event? Book KaSheba to entertain your guests. For more information and book-

ings, visit

Golding Child


ave you ever heard the saying what's

Call for more information 7188557366
old is new? Golding Child is a new
artists that brings a timeless fever of style
to Dancehall. Golding Child, born Clive
Golding, is ready to share his talent with
the world. Here's how you can be part of
the big reveal.
Three new releases are attached for
your listening pleasure are Sweet Cream
(lead track), Ging Bang and Me Pray To
God. Sweet Cream is a song about finding
international love. Ging Bang is an impor-
tant message for women, especially the
young ones. Me Pray To God is Golding
Child's spiritual message to God. Golding
Child's song writing skills are unique.

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