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SJSU Program Planning

Program Planning Departmental Action Plan Proposal

2013/14 Action Plan Proposals

1. College and Deans Name:

2. Department Submitting Action Plan:

3. Contact Person(s)/Action Plan Leader(s)/Department Chair:

4. Date of Initial Action Plan Proposal:

5. Pre-Action Plan Description (100 words or fewer):

6. Pre-Action Plan Link to Program Review (DISCUSS how the Action Plan
Proposal is linked to Program Plan goals, objectives and/or quality improvements):

Specific examples include:

7. Strategic Goal(s) and 2013 Objective(s) specific to the Action Plan

The Pre-Action Plan addresses the following Goals and Objectives:
Goal 1
Goal 2
Goal 3

Final Action Plan Meeting

8. Key Performance Indicators specific to the Action Plan during final Action Plan
meeting with Provost:

9. WASC Accreditation Standard(s) specific to the Action Plan for review (please
see WASC rubric packet):

10. Data supporting the intent of the Action Plan (refer to Program Required Data
Elements or other attached data):

11. Intended Action Plan Outcomes (include baseline data where applicable):

12. Action Plan Activities and Proposed Timeline:

13. Is the Action Plan an inter-unit project (more than one program in your
department)? If yes, briefly describe.

13. A. Contact information of involved stakeholder(s) (name, title, email, and phone)

Action Plan AY 2013/14 Program Planning

SJSU Program Planning

14. Identify any additional organizational areas that may be impacted or involved in this
Action Plan:

15. Identify the impact on resources and anticipated costs of the Action Plan.


(Name and Specific IMPROVEMENT (Evidence to show
Title) Dates (What we will do) completion)

Team Member Title Signature Date

For Office Use Only

Date Action Plan submitted to Department Team for Provost Meeting:

Date of scheduled Provost Meeting:
Action Plan Assigned:
Action Plan Draft Received:
Final Action Plan Filed:

Action Plan AY 2013/14 Program Planning