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Keyboarding and PE 2017-2018

Coach Randy Salsbury

(479) 756-1140 x 4248

Learning Objectives and Course Format

This class provides students with the opportunity to learn proper keyboarding skills that will enable them to
create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and databases. This class also will be participating in Physical
Education. In Physical Education we focus on kids learning to work together at the chosen activity for the day.

Rough outline of this class

August to November- we will focus on PE, with some Keyboarding days sprinkled in.

November to March- we will focus on Keyboarding with some PE days sprinkled in.

March to End of School- we will focus on PE, and finish our Keyboarding unit.


Keyboarding- We will be using the Edutyping website

PE- Please have students put some tennis shoes in their locker.

Learning Activities and Assessments

Assignments are to be completed daily, on pace with the rest of the class.


Class assignments will be given and graded to evaluate understanding of the material and improvement of the skill.

Work Ethic/Attitude

This class is designed to equip students with skills necessary in other classes and as they continue into life. To be
successful in either, students must have good work ethic and a good attitude toward all they encounter. God
rewards those who work diligently. Students may be assessed a penalty or assigned extra work for not working
their hardest or for having poor attitudes in class.

Late Assignments

Personal time management is important in all aspects of life, not only in this class. Students will be asked to
maintain an even pace with the other students in the class. Assignments are due on the date given. Anything turned
in late will be assessed with a penalty, unless otherwise stated. Assignments not completed during class time will
be assessed a 20% penalty if turned in within one day of the assignment date given. Anything turned in more than
a day late will be assessed a 50% penalty, and assignments will not be accepted if they are more than 1 week late.
Late assignments must be turned in prior to the final day of school.
Make-Up Tests

The following guidelines are used by all secondary faculty regarding the giving of and the make-up of exams.

- Exams will be announced on the syllabus at the beginning of the semester. Any adjustments to the exam
schedule will be communicated to the students at least one week in advance.
- All students will take scheduled exams on the day it is given. An absence from class prior to the exam will
NOT exempt the student from the exam on the day the exam is scheduled to be given.
- The only scenario where a student will not take an exam on the day it is scheduled is if the student is
physically absent from class. In such a case, the student will be expected to take the exam during the class
time on the first day back in class after the absence.
- Failure to abide by the above guidelines will result in a non-negotiable zero (0) for the exam without the
possibility of another make-up exam.

Attendance Policy

Any time a student is absent, he/she will be expected to make up all missed work. Whenever a student is absent
from class, their absence will fall under one of three categories.

1) Excused Absences An excused absence as outlined by the Student Handbook will result in 100% credit for
all make-up work completed within the allotted time frame.
2) Unexcused Absences Unexcused absences as outlined by the Student Handbook will result in 0% credit
for all missed work, including exams.
3) Planned Absences A planned absence with parental permission as outlined by the Student Handbook will
result in 100% credit for all make-up work completed within the allotted time frame.


Four tardies per semester in the same class is considered excessive. The fourth tardy will constitute an assignment
of morning detention.

Course Values and Etiquette

Respect for Divergent Viewpoints

Students and faculty are to show appropriate respect for each other even when divergent viewpoints are
expressed in the classroom. Such respect does not require agreement with or acceptance of the divergent

Plagiarism and Cheating

Students who pass off ideas or words of another person as their own without crediting the source of the idea or
words are guilty of intellectual theft or literary theft better known as plagiarism.

- If you use information found outside your brain, dont take credit for it. Cite your source.
- Do NOT copy and paste an assignment. This will result in a 0% for the assignment and being written up.

Special Needs
If you need special seating accommodations in order to see the board or the screen during class, I will be happy to
adapt the seating chart as necessary. Please notify me of any special needs as soon as possible so that I can make
those accommodations.

Technology Guidelines


- Hardware or software problems should be reported immediately.

- Windows or computer settings should not be changed without permission.
- Do not introduce any viral or other destructive elements to any computer.
- Keep your password secure. Students are responsible for any actions committed under their password.
- Do not attempt to access any other students folders or files or any other restricted documents.
- Do not enter or access any vulgar, violent, harassing, or offensive material.
- Do not hack into anything.
- Request permission before using the computer for anything other than your assignments.
- Students must log off computers at the end of each class period.

Cell Phones/Tablets:

- Cell phones are not permitted for use at any time during Keyboarding or PE. There will be times where
students will be permitted to use computers or tablets for activities, but students must have permission in
order to do so.

Grading Scale

The final grade for the course will be based on the total accumulation of points as indicated under Learning
Activities and Assessments converted into a percentage. The following grading scale will be used to assign the final
letter grade.

Percentage Grade Letter Grade

90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

60-69 D

Below 60 F

Any student who receives a score below a 60 will receive an F and may need to retake the course.