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Case History

WindowMaster G2 Hydraulic Whipstock

System Dramatically Reduced Rig Time
Single-trip casing exit/rathole milling operation was completed
in 75% less time than previous methods

To increase oil production from a mature

field, an operator in Mexico was using
casing exits to access additional payzones.
Baker Hughes offered the client a time-
window milling through saving solution that integrated a portfolio
two casing sizes saved two trips and
of wellbore intervention and
25 hours of rig time
drilling systems.
Background and challenges
Used casing exit technology to access The key enabling technology was the
additional payzones in a mature field WindowMaster G2 hydraulic whipstock
system. In one trip, the G2 system can
Set whipstock and mill window in
be run in hole, oriented to the new hole
9 / -in. and 133/8-in. casing in a
5 8

single trip direction, and anchored in place to

completely mill a window. No change in
Baker Hughes solution and results bottomhole assembly is required. As a
Casing exit completed in a single trip result, at least two round trips that would
be required with other window cutting
Rathole of 30 ft drilled in same trip as WindowMaster G2 hydraulic whipstock system
casing exit systems are eliminated with the G2 system.
completed operation in 7 hours in a single trip
Window milling and rathole
After having designated a verification Following the casing exit, mills were
completed within 7 hours versus
average of 32 hours for each of three well for the G2 system, experienced field measured at surface and found to comply
previous operations engineers prepared for the job, assembed with wear parameters. A Baker Hughes
and calibrated the tools, and shipped them directional drilling assembly was then
No need for second trip to confirm
window size to the rig. used to drill through the new window with
no issues. Based on the success and time
The whipstock was tripped downhole in savings of this job, additional projects
the 95/8-in. casing. At the programmed have been scheduled.
depth, orientation was performed with a
gyro, and the anchor setting sequence was
carried out. After anchor set was proven. MEXICO

A 17 ft long full gauge window was milled

through the 95/8-in. and 135/8-in. casing Campeche

strings. Finally, 30 ft (10 m) of rathole was

drilled. The entire operation was completed
in 7 hours in a single trip. Each of the three
previous casing exit operations required
three trips and 32 hours.
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