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An in-depth look at Trumps attack

on transgender service members. PAGE 05

DNC stands with trans service members Will & Grace cast on shows return Dunkirk an epic adventure with cast surprises


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Trans military ban halted by war threat

LGBT groups le lawsuit
as White House reportedly
nalizes guidance


It took the threat of nuclear war with

North Korea to reportedly get the White
House to put a hold on the policy re-
instituting the ban on open transgender
service in the military.
A White House source, who spoke to
the Blade on condition of anonymity, said
A Guidance Policy for Open Transgender
Service Phase Out which had been
certied by the White House Counsels
Oce after repeated advice that it would
result in lawsuitswas expected to be
sent to Defense Secretary James Mattis
sometime during the week starting Aug. 7.
However, according to a Pentagon
source, after President Trump and North
Korean dictator Kim Jong-un got into a
ery verbal sparring match on Aug. 8,
the Defense Secretary sent a message to PRESIDENT TRUMP caved to pressure from religious conservatives and announced a ban on trans service members.
major U.S. commands letting them know BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY

that the threat by North Korea was his

overriding priority and that other issues
were to be temporarily sidelined. North Korea. Trump and his advisers had As I said, they will be met with re, fury when a military leader would want the
Additionally, the Pentagon source says been warned by President Obama and and frankly power the likes of which this ability to deploy all available troops.
that Mattis intends to put a hold on all National Security Adviser Susan Rice that world has never seen before. Meanwhile, GLAD and the National
personnel matters, though disciplinary Kim Jong-un was developing a threatening North Korea threatened a preemptive Center for Lesbian Rights led a Doe v.
issues such discharges will continue. nuclear programa fact made more strike creating enveloping re against Trump lawsuit on Aug. 9 in federal court in
However, anything that aects military concerning when the Washington Post Guam, a sovereign U.S. territory thats D.C., seeking an injunction against Trumps
strength and readiness, specically troop reported that North Korea has developed home to combined Navy and Air Force directive to reinstate a ban.
numbers, will be put on hold. Meanwhile, a miniaturized nuclear weapon that can forces at Joint Region Marianas, with President Trump is needlessly
the Pentagon conrmed to the New York t on top of an ICBM, which is capable of 6,000 service members, a port for nuclear attacking courageous transgender service
Times Aug. 9 that it has not yet received reaching the United States. Los Angeles, submarines and other major military members who put their lives on the line
the trans guidance. considered a prime target, is 5,935 miles forces and more than 162,000 Americans. for our country, GLAD and NCLR said in a
More pressing is possible nuclear war. On from North Korea. Last June, Guam held its rst LGBT Pride press release.Trumps eorts to reinstate
Aug. 5, the United Nations Security Council North Korea best not make any more parade with 150 people, including Guam the ban are already harming service
imposed tougher economic sanctions on threats to the United States, warned Legislature Speaker Benjamin Cruz. members, who have been blindsided
North Korea after the isolated country Trump from his golf club in Bedminster, While Mattis did not specically mention and are scrambling to deal with what
tested two intercontinental ballistic N.J. They will be met with re and fury tabling the transgender service ban, it can this means for their families and their
missiles. China and Russia voted with the like the world has never seen. He has be extrapolated that dealing with such a futuresincluding the loss of job security,
United States, something of a diplomatic been very threatening beyond a normal major policy change would be exceedingly
coup, considering Chinas connections to statement, Trump said of Kim Jong-un. disruptive during a time of crisis, especially CONTINUES ON PAGE 06
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Advocates le lawsuit against trans military ban

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 05 community come to this point, especially service after the academy. while further study and congressional
after then-candidate Trump promised to On May 21, USA Today reported on a May guidance is obtained. The most
protect the LGBT community? 8 memo from Deputy Defense Secretary problematic policies in this category
retirement benets, healthcare, and other Thank you to the LGBT community! I will Robert Work instructing the service are those addressing the presence of
serious harms. ght for you while Hillary brings in more secretaries and chiefs of the armed services transgender individuals in the military.
The two LGBT-focused law rms note people that will threaten your freedoms to assess the militarys readiness to begin That was enough to motivate a number
that the military has already carefully and beliefs, he tweeted on June 14, 2016. accepting transgender applicants on July 1, of religious Republican conservatives in
studied the ban, which led to former Then there was his acceptance speech 2017. Their assessments are due May 31. the House led by Rep. Duncan Hunter
Defense Secretary Ash Carter agreeing at the Republican National Convention The personnel policies of this of California and Rep. Vicki Hartzler
to lift the ban on open trans service on July 21, 2016. Only weeks ago, in Department are designed to enhance the from Missouri to launch a series of
in June 2016 after a RAND Study he Orlando, Florida, 49 wonderful Americans warghting readiness and lethality of the amendments to the NDAA.
commissioned indicated there would be were savagely murdered by an Islamic force that protects our country, Work By now, Freedom Caucus chair Mark
no problems either with service or limited terrorist. This time the terrorist targeted wrote. We do not intend to reconsider Meadows of North Carolina, Mo Brooks
costs for medical care. Thousands of trans our LGBT community. As your president, prior decisions unless they cause readiness from Alabama, Steve King from Iowa, and
service members subsequently came out I will do everything in my power to protect problems that could lessen our ability to Trent Franks from Arizona were involved.
and have been serving openly without our LGBT citizens from the violence and ght, survive and win on the battleeld. Meanwhile, Perkins, along with his
incident. The rms represent ve of those oppression of a hateful foreign ideology, Brad Carson, a top Carter ocial for colleagues Ken Blackwell and Lt. Gen. Jerry
active duty service members. Trump said. military personnel and an advocate for lifting Boykin (ret), went to Vice President Mike
The lawsuit asserts that Trumps But that promise clashed with another the ban, told USA Today he was concerned Pence who agreed to step in and help
tweeted directive violates the equal promise Trump made to his more reliable about how the other ordinary memo, for a if he could, according to a source with
protection and due process guarantees base, the evangelical community, led by new administration, could be interpreted. knowledge of the situation.
of the Constitution, discriminates against Vice President Mike Pence and Family This could be seen as an opportunity The LGBT movement leadership
one group with no legitimate purpose and Research Council President Tony Perkins. to reconsider the policy, Carson said. It knew what was going on but tried to
contradicts the militarys own conclusion The specic drive to repeal and is certainly possible, and it would invite keep everything quiet. We were trying
that there is no reason for the ban. replace the open transgender service litigation. I do have full condence in desperately to get to May 31 because
Transgender service members also commitment started behind the scenes (Defense Secretary) Jim Mattis to do the we knew at that point the accessions
relied on the continuity of the policy after with a series of anti-LGBT nominations in right thing here. policy would be locked into place by the
Mattis Jan. 12 conrmation hearing in March and April, with the growing sense He was right. The articles exposing the Pentagon, said a source who asked to
which he assured lawmakers that he would that some military ocers were pressing loophole in the accessions policy and remain anonymous. Then it was just
not roll back the Obama administration the chiefs to roll back the policy through the May 8 memo, triggered a Religious a simple matter of letting it ride until
rules. Sen.Mazie Hirono(D-Hawaii) asked an amendment to the National Defense Right chain reaction, with the Heritage Secretar Mattis signed o on it.
specically if Mattis thought there was Authorization Act. They found an opening Foundation reaching out to the Military The LGBT coalition quietly working on
anything innate about being a woman when on May 10, USA Today reported on Times to follow up. This was also during this were condent (if they could get to May
or LGBT that would disqualify them from two transgender cadets at the Air Force the same period that there was much 31) because there had already been one
serving in a lethal force, Mattis said, No, Academy and at West Point. That exposed coverage of Chelsea Manning in the year of open service without incident for an
The Hill reported. a glaring loophole in the accessions policy, media. On May 16, 85 conservative estimated 15,000 trans service members in
We are heartened by Gen. Mattis the procedure for accepting new troops leaders, many like Tony Perkins, head of all ve branches of service, and because of
stated commitment during his testimony into service. the Family Research Council, and scores of the assumed power of the RAND Study.
not to reverse the profound progress Currently, there is an Air Force Academy retired anti-LGBT military ocers, issued a But Hartzlers focus on the Pentagon not
we have made in ensuring LGBT service cadet who has identied as a transgender statement opposing transgender service. paying for what Hartzler called transition
members and their families are able to individual, said Lt. Col. Allen Heritage, an Conservative leaders urgently suggest surgeries, as well as hormone therapy,
serve our nation with pride, American academy spokesman, told USA Today. The that the Trump Administration review became a media talking point. The job
Military Partner Association President cadet can graduate. But, per the current and rescind the Obama-era policies that of Congress is to ensure that our military
Ashley Broadway-Mack and OutServe- (Defense Department) transgender policy, hinder military readiness and overall is the most eective, ecient and well-
SLDN Executive Director Matt Thorn said this cadet cannot commission into the eectiveness, the statement said. funded ghting force in the world. With
in a joint statement. Air Force. However, we are strongly Politically correct policies have been the challenges we are facing across the
So how did the White House, the recommending this individual for Air Force imposed largely through administrative
Defense Department and the LGBT civil service as an option for continued at. They can be removed in like manner CONTINUES ON PAGE 07
CO V E R STO RY W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A U G U ST 1 1 , 2 0 1 7 0 7

Transgender military ban: How did we get here?


globe, we are asking the American people

to invest their hard-earned money in
national defense. Each dollar needs to be
spent to address threats facing us, she
said in a July statement.She threw out wild
estimate that the surgeries would cost a
billion dollars over the next ten years.
The RAND study at contradicted
that, underscoring that not all of these
transgender service members would
be expected to seek medical treatment
related to their gender status or become
Only a small portion of service members
would likely seek gender transition-related
medical treatments that would aect their
deployability or health care costs, saidAgnes
Gereben Schaefer, lead author of the study
and a senior political scientist at RAND.
RAND estimated that between 30
and 140 new hormone treatments could
be initiated a year and 25 to 130 gender Secretary of Defense JAMES MATTIS was
reportedly caught o guard by President
transition-related surgeries could be Trumps tweets on the trans military ban.
utilized a year among active component
service members. Additional health care
costs could range between $2.4 million and
$8.4 million, representing an approximate amendment to the bill on House oor. While Trump was on his way to a rally by the tweets. And everyone was caught
0.13-percent increase. Speaker Ryan agreed. in Ohio, Pence, Dearborn, Steve Bannon, o guard by the swift backlash from such
Hunter, Hartlzer, Brooks, Franks and Hunter and Hartzler, Brooks and Franks and others held a conference call with conservatives as Sens. Orin Hatch of Utah
Meadows approached White House lined up as many votes as they could get, the Republican legislators. At some point, and Joanie Ernst of Iowa. The consensus
Deputy Chief of Sta for Legislative Aairs as did the pro-LGBT side. the source says, Pence made a call to the was that this is not how policy is done.
Rick Dearborn to get involved. Dearborn The day before the vote, on Wednesday, plane and discussed the situation with Reversing the policy of inclusion for
has the ear of Vice President Pence. So he July 12, the Pentagon source says Mattis Trump. About ve hours later, Pence transgender service members has been
and the VP talked about it, the source said. reached out to Hartzler herself. Late that called the plane again as it was on its way a priority of Pences basethe religious
This same week, there was a meeting night, the source said Hartzler, in a very back to Joint Base Andrews. rightsince the ban was lifted on June 30,
of evangelical leaders at the White House polite way, told him to fuck o. The issue was brought up again the 2016.Just because of the possibility of war,
and they briey discussed the transgender The LGBT side needed all the Democrats next morning during the morning brieng a lawsuit seeking an injunction against the
issue. But when Pence got back to his and at least 25-30 Republican moderates and 25 minutes after that came the rst expected White House guidance, and the
oce, he made a call over to Meadows to cross over, which happened after it was tweet. There was a nine-minute gap, then fact that Mattis does not want the anti-trans
and they had another discussion about it, conrmed that Mattis had lobbied against came the second tweet, and then that was policy should not mean the LGBT community
the source says. the amendment. Though it was a narrow quickly followed by the third tweet. should drop its guard. Trans service may be
It was at this point that Rep. Pete vote214-209the amendment was Mattis and the Pentagon were told constitutional but its still under attack in a
Sessions, who is chair of the House Rules defeated. But the issue didnt die, even after something was going on the day before, war of the Religious Rights making.
Committee, was basically saying were Mattis spoke directly to Ryan and others. but not what it was. They were told to The Blade is producing a detailed timeline
not going to let it in on the nal rule, Hunter, Hartzler, and Meadows would not stand by for a change of direction in policy. on the transgender military issue that will be
its basically going to have to go as an take no and eventually went to Pence. They were all reportedly caught o guard posted online.
0 8 A UGUST 1 1 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

want or serve in the military, well be there. And wherever theres a straight guy who
doesnt know how to cu his pants, well be there, said Mutchnick.
Over at the Beverly Hilton, the GLAAD panelists included Lena Waithe, of Master Of
PRESIDENT OBAMA greets the New York None, Stephanie Beatriz, of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Danger & Eggs, Wilson Cruz of
City cast of Hamilton. In Los Angeles, two-
time Tony Award nominee Joshua Henry My So-Called Life, and 13 Reasons Why, Emily Andras, Wynonna Earps executive
will play Aaron Burr, Michael Luwoye producer), and creator and EP, Pete Nowalk of How To Get Away With Murder as well as
will be Alexander Hamilton and former
Book of Mormon star Rory OMalley will GLAADs Director of Entertainment Research & Analysis Megan Townsend.
assume the role of King George III.
Cruz, a former GLAAD board member, talked a lot about the value of LGBTQ actors
being out and visible on TV.
Twenty-ve years ago when I came out ... I was adamant about being out, Cruz said.
Cruz will be featured as half of the rst gay couple in the history of the show, when CBSAll
Hamilton comes to the Access premieres Star Trek: Discovery next month.
Therewasnt anybody out on TV at the time playing a series regular character,he added.
Hollywood Pantages Theatre I wanted to send a message directly to young people that they could be themselves, have
a wonderful life and love someone of the same sex.
The Tony-winning historical musical Hamilton about Americas Founding The second panel was titled Transgender Trends on TV Today, and was hosted by
Father Alexander Hamilton comes to the Hollywood Pantages Theatre starting Nick Adams, GLAADs director of Transgender Media & Representation. GLAADs research
Aug. 11 running through Dec. 30. Ocial opening night is Aug. 16. shows there are merely 11 transgender characters on broadcast, cable, and streaming
The story could not be more relevant. Defying stereotypes, the cast is intentionally television series and three are on the Amazon hit show, Transparent.
diverse both as the historic characters and in real life: openly gay, openly HIV-positive The panel featured Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black, Alexandra Billings, of
actor Javier Muoz replaced Hamiltons brilliant creator-star Lin-Manuel Miranda. Transparent, Jill Soloway, creator of Transparent and I Love Dick, Shadi Petosky,
But Miranda wrote the musical to reect society, and that includes a bit of a gay love creator of Danger & Eggs, and Rhys Ernst, producer and director of Transparent.
story and a woman who cross-dressed in order to ght for the Continental Army. Hamilton Eighty-seven percent of people know someone who is lesbian, gay or bisexual and only
fought alongside General George Washington, became the new countrys rst Treasury 16 percent know someone who is trans, Adams said. And everything they know about
Secretary and died scandalously in a duel with fellow revolutionary Aaron Burr in 1804. the trans community, they are getting it from media, which is why we need authentic
Oh, and by the way, Hamilton was an immigrant from the West Indies. representation.
For information on Hamilton, visit, www. Adams, a transgender man, talked about the constant focus on the transition narrative,, and comparing it to non-LGBTQ being constantly inculcated with stories about puberty. My life got way more interesting after I transitioned, Cox added.
KAREN OCAMB Cox spoke passionately about how important it is for the stories of trans people to be
told; saying essentially its about life and death.
With 16 murders of trans women of color so far in the U.S. in 2017, We have to tell
these stories because lives are on the line, Cox said.
During a recent episode of radio show The Breakfast Club, activist Janet Mock
Gay white men still dominate was ridiculed and comedian Lil Duval, made the comment that he would kill a
LGBTQ representation in lm, TV transgenderwomanif hed unknowingly slept with one.
Billings said the radio show represents the feminization of the American male and
When it comes to LGBTQ characters on the small screen, theres still a lot of work to be done. the stigma attached to the trans community that fuels ends up dangerously fueling
On July 28, GLAAD hosted two panels with the Television Critics Association (TCA) to transphobia.
discuss LGBTQ representation in television. If you want us to come out as who we are, create a space where when I divulge my
According to GLAADs recent research, of the 895 series regular characters on broadcast, history so I dont get killed, said Billings.
cable and streaming platforms, only 278 are LGBTQ 71 on broadcast television, 142 on Theres never an advantage of killing trans people, said Cox. Theres a lot of
cable, and 65 on streaming platforms with the majority of them being gay white men. misconceptions about who trans people are. Its crucial to have representation on TV to
Last week, NBC announced also the return of the hit show, Will & Grace. go beyond those tropes and its a crucial part of making policy.
NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt, executive producers David Kohan and Master of None writer and actor, Lena Waithe, the rst African American woman
Max Mutchnick, executive producer and director James Burrows and the Will & Grace ever to get an Emmy nomination for comedy writing, says too many LGBT characters are
cast Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes gathered as Los treated like props. Treat us as people, like everybody else.
Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti read a proclamation announcing Will & Grace Day. Waithe says it isnt important for gay people to be perfect, obviously she says, gay
Its so important to bring back the characters represented on this show now more than people, like everyone, are simply humans.
ever, said Garcetti. No one makes change by yelling at the news coming through their I want the freedom as a writer to let all these characters be interesting and layered and
Facebook feed. They make it by embracing and celebrating the diverse face of America. complex. ... When they can start seeing us literally as equals, thats when we can move
Wherever there are two men married who cant get a cake with two grooms on top, forward.
well be there. Whenever theres a transgender person who is not able to pee where they REBEKAH SAGER
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A U G U ST 1 1 , 2 0 1 7 0 9

A new look for Equality California

LGBT civil rights
organization rebrands,
opens oce in D.C.


Change is a rejuvenating theme in the

California LGBT political community and
this week, Equality California announced its
changing, too, boosting its mission and prole.
Equality California was born in 1985 as the
LIFE AIDS Lobby, in response to the horric
AIDS crisis. In 1998, with the new miracle
HIV medications kicking in and a Democrat
nally winning election as governor, the
community thought life would becomes
less fraught with hatredand LIFE Lobby
ran out of money and folded.
EQUALITY CALIFORNIA has a new mission, a new logo and an expansion into Washington, DC.
Out of the ashes, with an anti-gay
marriage ballot initiative looming in the PHOTO COURTESY OF EQUALITY CALIFORNIA

distance, California Alliance for Pride

and Equality (CAPE) emerged with the LGBTQ people, said Rick Zbur, executive and federal level. and oering itself as an organizational
late longtime San Francisco politico Jean director of Equality California. Equality California remains dedicated model and to help other LGBT organizations
Harris as executive director. Geo Kors, Equality Californias new logo represents to achieving full lived equality and social fulll their missions, as well
a graduate of Stanford Law School and a the leadership role California is playing in justice for all LGBTQ people, wherever Equality Californias new mission
lawyer in private practice in Palm Springs, advancing LGBTQ civil rights and social they live, says the press release. LGBTQ statement rearticulates our guiding
sat on CAPEs Board of Directors and justice for Californians and for the rest of people still face stark disparities in objective to create a world that is healthy,
was talked into taking over when the the country and world, says a press release. health and wellbeing compared to the just, and fully equal for all LGBTQ people,
organization was in trouble. The new logo embeds an equal sign general public, including widespread and how we accomplish that work. Namely,
In 2002, Kors joined the wave of statewide and the letters e and c in an icon shaped discrimination and lack of acceptance, by bringing the voices of LGBTQ people
LGBT lobbying organizations changing their like California, says a press release. The higher rates of depression, substance to institutions of power in California and
name, logo and mission to Equality. Kors icon also can be seen as a speech bubble abuse, suicide, homelessness, violence across the United States. Equality California
built Equaity California up and created a or microphone, symbolizing Equality and interaction with the criminal justice advances civil rights and social justice by
model for other state equality organizations. Californias role in amplifying the voices system, and lower rates of health inspiring, advocating and mobilizing through
After some ups and downs after Kors left, of the LGBTQ community and taking insurance coverage and school and an inclusive movement that works tirelessly
attorney Rick Zbur is now at the helm and them to institutions of power in California, economic success. These disparities are on behalf of those we serve.
on Monday, August 7, announced another Washington, D.C. and across the country. even greater for LGBTQ people who The rened mission, the press release
major change: a new logo and a new visual The phrase for all indicates the LGBT are also people of color, immigrants or says, reects the organizations existing
identity, as well as the adoption of a rened movements own intersectionality and transgender. Our new tag line reects programmatic focus which includes work
mission statement and tagline. therefore the necessity of focusing on our organizations determination to work in California, Washington D.C. and in
Our new logo, mission statement and social justice for all communities where vigorously on the signicant priorities that states outside California.
tagline embrace Californias leadership as LGBT people live. remain to be accomplished. With about 800,000 members, Equality
a beacon of hope for LGBTQ people and Equality Californias new taglineis Until While logos and tag lines might change California has already helped with phone
the role Equality California has played and the work is done, underscoring that there over the years, mission statements rarely do. banking and other political grassroots
will continue to play in creating a world is still much work to be done to achieve Here EQCA is rening their mission to reect campaigns and lobbying eorts in other
that is healthy, just and fully equal for all equality and basic civil rights at the state the fact that the organization is expanding states in 2016and is gearing up for 2018.
1 0 A UGUST 1 1 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

United Healthcare drops harmful PrEP policy

Pushback from AIDS
activists helped
spark change


The pushback against UnitedHealthcare

went viral after James Krellenstein posted
an outrageous letter to an HIV-positive
man denying him a renewal for his Truvada
prescription because of his presumed
High risk homosexual behavior.
The request for coverage for Truvada
is denied. This decision is based on health
plan criteria for Truvada. The information
sent in shows you are using this medicine
for engaging in High risk homosexual PHOTO COURTESY OF THE CITY OF DUBLIN, OHIO

behavior, the letter on United Healthcare

(UHC) letterhead read. This determination dierent, and your behavior is not within April 4, asking for a meeting and urging the treat people with HIV. Without insurance,
is considered to be a determination that our moral code. insurance giant to reverse the utilization PrEP costs about $1300 per month, plus
the requested coverage is not medically Ciganko took the letter to ACT UP New management requirements that took the added expenses of oce visits and lab
necessary under New York State Law for York and Treatment Action Group, which eect July 1, 2017 for PrEP. work. But most insurance providers cover
the purposes of your appeal rights. spread the word. Krellenstein started Specically, continued the letter from at least part of the drugs cost, since it is
HIV activist Jeremiah Johnson pointed a petition to the New York State Health the HIV healthcare advocates, we believe generally cheaper to pay for prevention
out the insurance carriers new policy Commissioner asking for an investigation. requiring detailed documentation to than to cover the costs of treating people
created several barriers to access the If nothing is done to stop request prior authorization every three infected with HIV, PBS reported in 2015.
best known FDA-approved treatment and UnitedHealthcares blatant homophobia, months for Truvada prescribed for PrEP This proves activism and resistance
prevention to reduce the risk of HIV. we will allow a dangerous precedent to and requiring all members to use UHCs works. If our community gets involved
This was a malicious attempt be established, Krellenstein wrote on his mail-order pharmacy, BriovaRx, violates and we stick together and advocate
to discourage PrEP (pre-exposure Facebook page. There is no justication the Aordable Care Act (ACA)s non- for ourselves, we can achieve victories,
prophylaxis) uptake by people who need for denying a patient access to Truvada discrimination protections and federal and we can ensure these unnecessary
it most, Johnson, of the Treatment Action because of their sexual orientation or and state laws barring mandatory mail restrictions will not be there, Krellenstein
Group, told Raw Story. Johnson also gender identity, except simple bigotry. In order policies. told NBC News.
noted that the mans doctor appealed fact, because gay guys and trans people are The reaction to UHCs barriers to access But, he added, we might have won this
and the drug was eventually covered. But more vulnerable to HIV infection, Federal for PrEP prompted a swift apology and battle, but the war isnt won.
the intricate doctors reports, ordering and State guidelines explicitly recommend retraction: We need to at some point deal with the
Truvada online and having it delivered prescribing PrEP to these populations. In a statement, UHC National base cause of these restrictions, which is
through the mail is an enormous barrier And he added ominously, We dont Communications Director Lynne High said, abusive pricing practices, Krellenstein said.
for some people, he said. know how many other people have been We apologize for the insensitive language UnitedHealthcare is also the preferred
The controversy raged for a month denied PrEP by United (or other health appearing in the letter and regret any diculty insurance carrier for AARP members on
after Thomas Ciganko, the New York insurers) due to their sexual orientation or it caused. We have corrected our letters, Medicare, many of whom are both HIV
man whose physician-prescribed pre- gender identity. removed the prior authorization requirement positive and HIV negative baby boomer
authorization was denied on July 11. The HIV Healthcare Access Working for Truvada and members can ll their survivors of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the
Ciganko told NBC News that he was very Group of the Federal AIDS Policy prescription at the network pharmacy of their 1980s. But UnitedHealthcare does not
angry after reading the UHC letter. I felt Partnership, which includes APLA Health, choice. This is eective immediately. include sexual orientation or gender
like they were saying, You people are sent a letter to UnitedHealthcare Friday, For 10 years, Truvada has been used to identity in its non-discrimination policy.
AUG. 14


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1 2 A UGUST 1 1 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM I N T E RN A T I O N A L N E W S

Theyre baaaack!
Anti-LGBT groups resurgent such as the (gestating) transgender military
ban and the Justice Departments legal
with Trump in White House
brief arguing against sexual orientation
discriminations being encompassed within
By CHRIS JOHNSON the 1964 Civil Rights Acts prohibition of sex-
based discrimination.
Social conservative advocates and These anti-LGBT actions would
groups seeking to undermine LGBT be unheard of during the Obama
rights once thought to be waning in administration, which sought over the
inuence appear to have experienced course of eight years to enhance LGBT
a resurgence with President Trump in the rights and never acted to inhibit them
White House. (although the progress was sometimes
The growing power of anti-LGBT too slow for LGBT rights supporters
groups, such as the Family Research demanding immediate change.) To nd
Council, Alliance Defending Freedom and similar anti-LGBT policy, one would have
the Heritage Foundation, can be seen in to look back to the anti-gay administration
the policies enacted by Trump against of former President George W. Bush, who
the LGBT community as well as the close IVANKA TRUMP and notorious homophobe RALPH REED together at the White House. used his bully pulpit to advocate for a
interaction between social conservatives nationwide ban on same-sex marriage.
and his administration. Moreover, these anti-LGBT acts from the
Prior to his August vacation, Trump Trump administration subvert the will of
announced his intent to ban transgender seeing that legislation pass, Perkins said. come soon and the U.S. government will be the public at large, which consistently voices
people from the U.S. military in any Although Trump despite entreaties on notice that they have to respect religious majority support for LGBT rights. On the issue
capacity, unilaterally instituting the anti- from social conservatives hasnt freedom code for social conservatives to of transgender military service, for example,
LGBT policy after the U.S. House under signed an executive order circulating mean anti-LGBT discrimination. a Quinnipiac poll earlier this month found
Republican control, no less rejected among federal agencies and advocacy Also in line with the goals of anti-LGBT U.S. voters say by a margin of 6827 percent,
a narrower measure to undermine groups that would enable sweeping groups was the recent ling by the Justice including 5539 percent among voters in
transgender service by denying military anti-LGBT discrimination in the name of Department asserting lesbian, gay and military households, that transgender people
funds for transition-related health care. religious freedom, he did pen his name bisexual people have no protections should be allowed to serve.
Trumps declaration came after intense to a directive empowering U.S. Attorney under Title VII of the Civil Rights of Act. Also seeing a rise in inuence among
lobbying by anti-LGBT lawmakers and General Je Sessions to issue guidance That voluntary brief rejected a growing anti-LGBT groups is Heidi Beirich,
groups, who threatened to withhold ensuring religious liberty. consensus among federal district courts and intelligence project director for the
support from major defense spending Critics say thats a red herring that could the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Southern Poverty Law Center, which has
legislation unless the White House acted. lead the U.S. government to give the OK for that sexual orientation discrimination is a included groups like the Family Research
That bill includes funds for Trumps wall discrimination among federal contractors, form of sex discrimination. Council and Alliance Defending Freedom
on the U.S.-Mexico border. private employer denial of family and Daniel Pinello, a political scientist at the among its list of hate groups.
Tony Perkins, president of the Family medical leave to same-sex couples and City University of New Yorks John Jay College There is no question that they have
Research Council, said in a statement after federal workers refusing to process of Criminal Justice, is among those who say access to this administration and are
Trumps announcement on transgender paperwork for LGBT people. Sessions had theres a resurgence of anti-LGBT-group getting policies passed that are their
service his organization would withdraw already stated the directive would be based inuence under the Trump administration. preference in a way that we havent seen
its opposition to border wall payments. on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, People like Tony Perkins of the maybe ever, Beirich said.
Now that we are assured that the a 1993 law meant to preserve the rights of Family Research Council gure far more Invoking Trumps own unique terminology,
Defense Department has its scal religious minorities thats now used as an prominently in White House policy making Beirich said, If anybody is winning big-ly from
priorities in order, Family Research Council excuse for anti-LGBT discrimination. now, Pinello said. Indeed, Perkins Trumps policies, its these folks, right? Its the
withdraws our opposition to increasing It remains to be seen when the personally crafted the Republican Partys anti-LGBT hate groups and their various allies
the budget of the Department of Defense administration will issue the guidance and the 2016 national platform with regard to social among conservatives.
through the Make America Secure nature of the policy. On his weekly radio show issues. President Trump is delivering on
Appropriations Act and looks forward to late last month, Perkins said action would that documents promise through actions CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM

Okla. gay man sues town for allowing house to burn down
Family faced threats minutes from a town council meeting
in which ocials threatened to burn his
based on anti-gay bias
house down were in his home, adding
and racial enmity words to the eect of, I guess that takes
care of that.
By CHRIS JOHNSON The named defendants in the lawsuit
are Blaine County Sheri Tony Almaguer,
A gay man in Oklahoma raising a black Under Sheri David Robertson, Edsall and
son has led a civil rights lawsuit against townspeople that allegedly threatened
his local sheri for allegedly allowing Gamel-Medler. The lawsuit calls on the
fellow residents to burn down his home in court to assess damages Gamel-Medler
an attempt to run him out of town. incurred as a result of the threats and loss
The complaint, led on Aug. 3 and made of his home as well as punitive damages
public Sunday, was led in federal court against the defendants.
by Randy Gamel-Medler, who formerly Troy Stevenson, executive director of
resided in Blaine County, Okla. Freedom Oklahoma, said in a statement
The town clerk, Gamel-Medler lived in the threats to Gamel-Medler and the loss
the City of Hitchcock with his seven-year- of his home demonstrate after years of
old adopted son whom he brought there progress, crimes of bias still exist.
in August 2016. The citys population is just The allegations in Hitchcock are horric,
121, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. and show the intersection of hate aimed
Gamel-Medler alleges he faced continual at both the African-American and LGBTQ
RANDY GAMEL-MEDLER (left) with his partner Ralph and son.
threats of violence based on anti-gay bias communities, Stevenson said.
and racial enmity after moving his son PHOTO COURTESY OF FREEDOM OKLAHOMA Stevenson said the threats and property
to Blaine County because of his sexual loss Gamel-Medler faced also demonstrate
orientation and his sons race. These throat, the lawsuit says. Hitchcock Mayor Rick Edsall, took no the need for Oklahoma to pass legislation
threats came before an apparent eort Afterwards, Gamel-Medler went to action, the lawsuit says. Blaine County against hate crimes. A federal hate crimes
by locals to burn down his home as they the oce of Blaine County Sheri Tony Undersheri Dave Robertson allegedly law, the Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr.
looked on upon its destruction. Almaguer to le a report, but the sheri wouldnt allow the ling of a police report Hate Crimes Prevention Act, is in place as a
According to the lawsuit, Meradith allegedly refused to take it and told him, after the incident. result of former President Obama signing
Norris, a trustee of the Town of Hitchcock, Thats just how they how they are out In May 2017, Gamel-Medler, who had the measure in 2009.
upon learning Gamel Medler had a black there and its free speech. just sent his son to a neighbors house, The lawsuit asserts federal court is the
son, said at a town meeting in the presence Other actions were allegedly taken heard a noise in his garage like glass appropriate jurisdiction for adjudication
of city ocials, Whats going to happen against Gamel-Medler. They include breaking and called the sheris oce to under the Fourteenth Amendment
when your house burns down and we gravel being thrown at his home by a report a burglary, then saw a re in his because of a 1983 federal law making
dont send out the re trucks? Afterwards, townsperson on a motorcycle; the erection garage and called for the re department. local ocials liable for denying civil rights
Gamel-Medler led a police report with near a post oce where Gamel-Medler Although Gamel-Medler lived one block to U.S. citizens. The lawsuit also makes
the former sheri of Blaine County, but no and his son walked of a three-by-four-foot from there station, the re department claims under other federal laws against
action was taken, the lawsuit says. sign reading The town clerk is a fucking allegedly did nothing for an extended conspiracy and denial of equal protection
Months later, when Gamel-Medler queer; and a physical altercation after a period of time, resulting in his home of the law.
was performing his duties on the road townsperson ran Gamel-Medler and his burning to the ground. Gamel-Medler also asserts claims
as town clerk, he was allegedly assaulted friend from the road. While Gamel-Medlers house was under state law against assault, battery,
by convicted felon Jonita Pauls Jacks who Deputy Sheri Bob Kissimee allegedly burning, three townspeople Patsy destruction of property and intentional
came up to Gamel-Medlers truck and tried took Gamel-Medler aside after the last Meier, Kenny Meier and Joey Pauls iniction of emotional distress.
to enter it. When Gamel-Medler locked the incident and warned him, These people allegedly watched nearby. The mayor and The sheris oce for Blaine County
door, Jonita Pauls Jacks started shaking are serious. Theyre going to kill you, his family were allegedly watching from referred Blade inquiries on the lawsuit
the truck, called him a fucking queer, theyre going to kill your son and theyre their lawn chairs, the lawsuit alleges. A to Blaine County District Attorney Mike
and said, Im going to grab your little boy, going to burn your house down. person believed to be the re marshal Fields, who didnt immediately respond to
rip his nigger head o, and shit down his Other town authorities, including allegedly told Gamel-Medler the recorded a request for comment.
1 4 A UGUST 1 1 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM I N T E RN A T I O N A L N E W S

TONI REIS (second from left) with his children after their baptism at a Roman Catholic
cathedral in Curitiba, Brazil, on April 23.


KHUDOBERDI NURMATOV, a gay reporter for the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta who writes
Pope congratulates gay couple under the pen name Ali Feruz, says he would face torture in his native Uzbekistan if Russian
authorities deport him.


Pope Francis has congratulated a gay Brazilian couple for baptizing their three
adopted children in the Roman Catholic Church.
Russian court stops deportation of gay journalist
Toni Reis and David Harrads three children Alyson, 16, Jessica, 14 and
Felipe, 11 were baptized on April 23 at a cathedral in the city of Curitiba, which A Russian court this week stopped the deportation of a gay journalist who claims he
is located in southern Brazil. would be tortured in his native Uzbekistan.
Reis, who is president of Grupo Dignidade, a Brazilian LGBT advocacy group, Police on Aug. 1 detained Khudoberdi Nurmatov, a reporter for the independent
told the Blade this week that he sent a letter and pictures to Francis telling him Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta who writes under the pen name Ali Feruz, in Moscow.
about the baptism in June. Reis, Harrad and their family then took a month-long Novaya Gazeta reported Nurmatov, who was born in Russia but grew up in Uzbekistan,
vacation to Europe. ed the former Soviet republic in 2008 after authorities kidnapped him from his home
Reis told the Blade a letter on ocial Vatican letterhead with a signed picture and tortured him because of his political views. Nurmatov has been trying to receive
of Francis were waiting for us when he and his family returned home. asylum in Russia for more than two years.
The letter was dated July 10. The European Court of Human Rights on Aug. 4 blocked Nurmatovs deportation,
Pope Francis wishes you happiness, invoking for your family the abundance pending the outcome of his appeal. Radio Free Europe reported the Moscow City Court
of divine graces in order to live steadfastly and faithfully as good children of God ruled Russian authorities cannot deport Nurmatov until the European Court of Human
and of the church, wrote Monsignor Paolo Borgia of the Vatican Secretariat of Rights issues its ruling.
State in Portuguese. Russia, which is a member of the Council of Europe, is a signatory to the European
Borgia also wrote that Francis asked Reis and his family to pray for him. Convention of Human Rights that created the European Court of Human Rights. A law
We are extremely pleased to have received this unexpected message and that President Vladimir Putin signed in 2015 allows Russias Constitutional Court to decide
what it means for families with same-sex parents, Reis told the Blade. whether the country should comply with rulings from the European Court of Human
The Vaticans tone toward homosexuality and other LGBT-specic issues has Rights and other international judicial bodies.
become more moderate since Francis became pope in 2013. Nurmatov last week reportedly tried to take his own life inside the courtroom after
The Argentine-born ponti in July 2013 told reporters in response to a question a judge ordered his deportation, but bailis stopped him. Novaya Gazeta reported
about gay priests as he returned to Rome from a trip to Brazil for World Youth Nurmatov has been beaten, Tasered and insulted with anti-gay slurs at the detention
Day that gay men and lesbians should not be judged or marginalized. center outside of Moscow in which he is being held.
The church last December rearmed its ban on gay men in the priesthood. Nurmatovs lawyer, Philip Shishov, on Tuesday in a statement said he saw huge bruises
The Vaticans position on marriage rights for same-sex couples, homosexuality on his clients body. Shishov added Nurmatov has formally accused a police ocer who
and other LGBT-specic issues has not changed under Francis papacy. escorted him to the detention center after his arrest of beating and Tasering him.
A Vatican ocial on Tuesday told the Catholic News Agency the letter that Reis Shishov also said Nurmatov fears for his life and provocations that would lead to
received was a standard model of courtesy response that the Vatican sends to reports of his alleged suicide.
all the people who write to the pope. The ocial added it was not a letter (that The authorities must clearly ensure his security, said Shishov.
was) expressly thinking about them. Novaya Gazeta in April began reporting on the anti-gay crackdown in Chechnya, which
MICHAEL K. LAVERS is a semi-autonomous Russian republic in the North Caucuses.
Nurmatov will remain in custody until the court rules in his case.
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Its the demographics, stupid

310-230-5266 x8080 (o), 917-406-1619 (c)
310-230-5266 x8095
history occurred when Congress passed For Republicans, it is imperative to reverse
GOPs new immigration the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. That these trends. Change our immigrants,
310-230-5266 x9459
policy is about elections law was implemented because, much like change America seems to be their mission. BRAD FUHR, 760-813-2020.
Latino workers today, Chinese workers That the rhetoric around this approach NATIONAL ADVERTISING
were being blamed for taking the jobs appeals to white nationalists in the GOP RIVENDELL MEDIA
of American-born workers and bringing base is a not insignicant incentive., 212-242-6863
down wages. The fear by some that places There is an important reason to oppose STEPHEN RUTGERS
like California would be overrun by non- these Republican proposals. Throughout, 202-747-2077 x8077
Europeans with a very dierent culture our history, people eeing persecution, MANAGING EDITOR
was also a driving force. famine, war and other calamities have KEVIN NAFF
The ocial preference for white found refuge in the United States. Each of, 202-747-2077 x8088
immigrants continued well into the 20th them has brought his or her unique talents KAREN OCAMB
LESTER F. APONTE is a lawyer and an activist. century. Before 1965, U.S. law severely and contributed to the rich diverse culture
He is a founding member of the Latino Equality INTERNATIONAL EDITOR
restricted immigration from most Asian and that is the real America. To refuse so many MICHAEL K. LAVERS
Alliance and was recently elected president of
the Stonewall Democratic Club. Pacic Island countries and immigration that refuge now would be to abandon
from Latin American countries was subject them to terrible fates and deprive our CONTRIBUTORS
President Donald Trump on Aug. 2 to strict quotas. Then Congress adopted nation of their unique perspectives. ROSHAN, HOLLY HUGHES, KIT WINTER, BRAD LAMM,
threw his support behind a proposal by a system based on family reunication, LGBTQ people, in particular, would be DAVID EHRENSTEIN, STEVEN ERICKSON, LILLIAN
two Republican senators to reduce legal which allowed U.S. citizens to sponsor severely aected. They are discriminated ROBIN TYLER, CHRIS AZZOPARD, ALLEN ROSKOFF,
immigration to the United States by half. not just their immediate families but against, persecuted, and often murdered JOHN PAUL KING, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MELODY
Trump wants to: 1) limit the types of their extended ones and applied a similar in many countries throughout the world MUNDY, ROBERT WILLIAMS, DAN ALLEN, BRAD FUHR,
family members of American citizens and standard to refugees. and many are desperately trying to come MACKIE, JOEY DIGUGLIELMO, CHRIS JOHNSON, LOU
legal residents that can be brought to Over the last several decades these here. Transgender people are at particular CHIBBARO JR., MARIAH COOPER, ABBY DEES, REBEKAH
policies led to a dramatic increase in risk for violence, often sanctioned or even SAGER, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MIKE CIRIACO
the U.S. to primarily spouses and minor PHOTOGRAPHY
children, 2) eliminate the international the number of immigrants from Latin carried out by their own governments. BOB KRASNER, JON VISCOTT, MICHAEL KEY
diversity visa lottery, and 3) limit the America and Asia. As a result, the share America is not perfect of course. But it is CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
number of annual refugee admissions. of the U.S. population that is Latino and a lifeline and a hope for them. Unless they DISTRIBUTION
The proposed bill would also implement a Asian has continued to rise. And, while have spouses here, or are the children of CHRISTOPHER JACKSON, 562-826-6602
merit-based system that grades possible the percentage of Latinos and Asians who current US residents, their hopes would All material in the Los Angeles Blade is protected by federal copyright
law and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Los
immigrants based on their skills and ability are registered to vote and do vote still lags be forever dashed. Angeles Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers,
writers and cartoonists published herein is neither inferred nor
to speak English. behind their respective shares of the U.S. Conventional wisdom says these implied. The appearance of names or pictorial representation does not
necessarily indicate the sexual orientation of that person or persons.
In announcing the policy, White House population, these groups are becoming proposals do not have enough support Although the Los Angeles Blade is supported by many ne advertisers,
we cannot accept responsibility for claims made by advertisers.
spokesperson Stephen Miller claimed that a larger and larger percentage of the in Congress to become law anytime soon. Unsolicited editorial material is accepted by the Los Angeles Blade, but
the paper cannot take responsibility for its return. The editors reserve
these changes are necessary to protect electorate. But similar proposals have long been a the right to accept, reject or edit any submission. A single copy of the
Los Angeles Blade is available from authorized distribution points, to
U.S. workers, protect U.S. taxpayers, and These trends have not gone unnoticed staple of conservative politicsand the any individual within a 50-mile radius of Los Angeles, CA. Multiple copies
are available from the Los Angeles Blade oce only. Call for rates. If
you are unable to get to a convenient free distribution point, you may
protect the U.S. economy. in Republican or Democratic circles. It is Republican Congress is facing increasing receive a 26-week mailed subscription for $195 per year or $5.00 per
single issue. Checks or credit card orders can be sent to Phil Rockstroh
But the real motivation is about the long- a common refrain in politics today that pressure to fulll promises to its base. at Postmaster: Send address changes to
the Los Angeles Blade, PO BOX 53352 Washington, DC 20009. The Los
term cultural and political implications demography is destiny, and, in recent The White House may also use its power Angeles Blade is published bi-weekly, on Friday, by Los Angeles Blade,
LLC. Rates for businesses/institutions are $450 per year. Periodical
of Americas changing demographics. years, Democrats have been counting to interpret and implement immigration postage paid at Los Angeles, CA., and additional mailing oces. Editorial
positions of the Los Angeles Blade are expressed in editorials and in
The true goal is to drastically reduce (perhaps too much) on the increasing policy under current law or issue additional editors notes as determined by the papers editors. Other opinions are
those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinion of
immigration by low-income and minority ethnic diversity of our nation to deliver executive orders. So speaking out, being the Los Angeles Blade or its sta. To submit a letter or commentary:
Letters should be fewer than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer
workers, especially from Latin America them victories. After all, 66 percent of vigilant, and pressuring members of than 750 words. Submissions may be edited for content and length, and
must include a name, address and phone number for verication. Send
and Asia, and to increase immigration by Latino voters and a similar percentage Congress to reject these proposals is submissions by e-mail to

wealthier, mostly white European workers. of API voters voted for Democrat Hillary desperately needed.
Sadly, this eort, with its racist Clinton in 2016. The very nature of who we area
undertones, nds echoes in our history. Younger ethnic voters are even more compassionate nation or a selsh nation
One of the most shameful chapters in that likely to support a Democratic candidate. is at stake. 2017 LOS ANGELES BLADE, LLC.
V I E W PO I NT W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A U G U ST 1 1 , 2 0 1 7 1 7

Im sick of the Trump circus

Longtime attorney
wonders, Wheres the
LGBT leadership?

The other night I had dinner with a

friend of mine. I hadnt seen her since
shortly after the election last year.
How are you doing? I asked. Any better?
No, she said. I still cant believe it. I
still cant sleep. I keep asking myself how
did this happen? I cant believe we lost the
election! Now what?
Indeed, now what! We all keep following
the new reality series The Trump Circus,
waiting to talk about, write about or tweet
about the next outrageous Trump tweet,
the next betrayal of a Trump supporter, the
money being made by the Trump family,
the undying support of his followers, the
Trumpettes, Fake News, or the changing
of the guard in the Trump White House.
But while the media and the public are
fascinated by the Trump Circus, were
missing the real news thats impacting our
real lives.
Attorney/activist DIANE ABBITT speaking at a marriage equality rally in West Hollywood.
Personally, Im sick of the Trump Circus LOS ANGELES BLADE PHOTO BY KAREN OCAMB
and Im looking for leadershiptrue
leadership! But where?
If youre like me and youve registered as Ann Kirkpatrick, Bill Nelson, Judy Chiu, feared a gabby accountant, too. By 1979, realize how much until the Trump Circus
a Democrat or given money to an LGBTQ Alex De Ocampo, etc, etc, get our group had become so successful, not announced via Twitter that he was
organization or an LGBTQ endorsed the idea. I know a few of these people. A only did candidates openly accept and banning open transgender service in the
candidate, youre probably receiving daily few Ive even supported. But for the vast solicit our money, but Gov. Jerry Brown military. Something that was almost a
emails from every LGBTQ organization, majority of them, I have one question: keynoted a major fundraising roast for gay done deal was suddenly taken awayby
every supporter of LGBTQ rights and, if WHO ARE YOU and what have you done mega-donor, Sheldon Andelson. Twitter! Lives were ruinedby Twitter.
youre a lesbian, every womens rights to earn my support? In the early 1980s, we started a new And no one in LA marched or got arrested
organization. The lists are overwhelming In the old days, before marriage equality, group, The Book Club, where we met or did anything.
organizations that are doing good work: before Equality California and before AIDS monthly to talk about AIDS and how to All that money I contributedfor what?
Human Rights Campaign, The Victory decimated the community we loved, there pressure elected ocials into becoming And now, this Tuesday night, Aug. 8, the
Fund, NARAL, EMILYs List, the Democratic was a small group of friends who knew advocates for research into AIDS drugs Trump Circus has brought us to the brink
Senatorial Campaign Committee, the each other and worked together in the and ending discrimination. By the late of war with North Korea. No marches. No
BOLD Democrats, Planned Parenthood, rst PAC (political action committee). It 1980s, we started speaking out loudly protests. No leadership. But at least the
Equality California, Honor PAC, the LA was the 1970s and we were devoted to and demanding political recognition from trans military ban is on hold so those brave
LGBT Center, Gay Mens Chorus of Los achieving civil rights for the gay and lesbian presidential candidates as an organization service members can ght and maybe die
Angeles, The Trans Chorus, Vox Femina, community by making and changing city named ANGLEAccess Now for Gay and for the countrythat still treats them like
GLAAD, and The Williams Institute. laws and in defeating the horrible anti- Lesbian Equality. There was ACT UP, second-class citizens, just like the rest of
Im sure Ive left some out, but Im too gay Briggs initiative. We called ourselves Queer Nation, LIFE Lobby, the Center, us LGBs.
overwhelmed to check my deleted emails. MECLA, a non-descript acronym for the MCCand us, the checkbook activists at What now? Indeed. I dont think Ill sleep
And lets not forget the candidates running Municipal Elections Committee of Los ANGLEand we all marched together and tonight, either.
for oce and the electeds running for Angeles so people would feel comfortable got arrested over AIDS, the veto of AB 101,
reelection all sincere supporters of in writing a check to a gay group their and Dont Ask, Dont Tell. DIANE ABBITT, an attorney based in West
LGBTQ rightsGavin Newsom, Kamala accountant wouldnt questionchecks we I miss those days, those associations, Hollywood, is former co-chair of MECLA, co-
founder of ANGLE and former PAC Chair for
Harris, John Chiang, Kosper for Congress, would bundle for a pro-gay candidate who that LGBT and AIDS activism. I didnt Equality California.

DNC stands with transgender Americans

Grassroots organizing
can stop Trumps
trans military ban


One of the rst campaigns I ever worked

on was in Colorado against a woman who
thought nothing was more important
than preventing gay people from getting
married. She won that race. And for a
time, she used her position of power to
stand in the way of marriage equality.
But thanks to countless organizers and
activists who have worked over many
years to advance LGBTQ rights, last fall I
returned to Colorado to marry my wife.
Elections always have consequences for
us all. Progress, if taken for granted, can
be undone. Every day were seeing the
tragic consequences of the 2016 election.
With a recent tweet, President Trump
used the power of the presidency to
launch a new assault on the LGBTQ
community a sudden announcement
that he would ban transgender Americans
from our military without any consultation
from military experts.
Like most LGBTQ Americans, I was
deeply saddened but not shocked by the
presidents decision. Under President
Obama, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter
welcomed trans people in the military PHOTO BY PELLEBO; COURTESY OF BIGSTOCK
to come out of the shadows and serve
openly. The DoD also announced it would
begin studying how it could eectively
incorporate openly trans recruits into protections for transgender students; Americans. Our support for trans rights together, not as Democrats or Republicans
our ghting forces, once and for all theyve argued in court that a landmark has been enshrined in our party platform but as Americans, we can do the same to
dismantling the militarys previously civil rights law doesnt protect gay and for years now. And last summer, Sarah this transgender ban.
sanctioned discrimination. lesbian people from discrimination in the McBride, a transgender activist, made Go to
More than two million Americans workplace; and now they want to kick as history on stage at our national convention militaryban and let your member of
serve in the armed forces. Some of them many as 15,000 capable service members in Philadelphia. Congress know that you support an
happen to be transgender, but all of them out of the military because apparently But we can always do more. Thats amendment to the National Defense
regardless of their gender identity these brave warriors are a burden in why Im calling on you to join me in this Authorization Act that rearms the rights
ght every day to protect our country Donald Trumps eyes. ght. Grassroots organizing helped stop of transgender Americans in our armed
and its citizens, including Donald Trump Weve come too far to let this the latest eort by Republicans to take forces. Congress has the power to do
and Mike Pence. Those soldiers deserve administration trample on the rights of health care away from millions. Now we what is right. But its up to us to hold them
better, and so do the other members of our friends in the transgender community. need to summon that same energy to accountable and to ensure that were
the LGBTQ community who have been We need to keep mobilizing, organizing, push back against the presidents latest standing up for those who are willing to
treated with nothing but hostility by this and lifting up the stories and voices of discriminatory actions. sacrice everything to protect us.
administration. trans service members. We already defeated the anti-trans
Over the past seven months, the Trump Here at the DNC we are determined Hartzler amendment with a bipartisan
JESS OCONNELL is CEO of the Democratic
administration has withdrawn federal to achieve equality for transgender majority last week. And if we stand National Committee.
Join us for these
#BHHealthyCity activities & explore BOLD Beverly Hills

Acro-Yoga S.O.U.L. Session with Travis Brewer & Leah Russell

Sunday, August 13 11 a.m.
Beverly Caon Gardens
241 N Caon Dr., Beverly Hills
Bring a hat and a yoga mat. This is an outdoor event; for security, please do
not bring large backpacks and bags to the program.
Please RSVP at
First two hours free parking is available in the City structure at
241 N. Caon Dr. - 242 N. Beverly Dr.

Bike with the Mayor

Sunday, August 20 9 a.m.
Crescent Steps of City Hall
450 North Crescent Dr., Beverly Hills
The ride will depart from City Hall and end at the Farmers Market.
Bring your bike, a helmet and a water bottle. For information on the Citys
bike share program visit
Please RSVP at

Its like Will & Grace never left
16 ne w epi s ode s set for fall 2017


A U G U S T 1 1 2 0 1 7 V O L U M E 0 1 I S S U E 1 1 A me r i c a s L G B T N e w s S ou r c e L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M 2 1

Did somebody say encore? A decade after their unforgettable eight-season run, comedys most fabulous foursome is back. Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes
reprise their infamous roles as Will, Grace, Jack and Karen in a 16-episode season.

photos courtesy of nbc

Hollywood loves nostalgiahead to female best friend (Debra Messing) and Messing, McCormack, Sean Hayes and I think funny happens when you take
Youtube or Netflix and you can stumble ran on the network from 1998 to 2006. Megan Mullallytalked about how good it risks. I like to think of the four of us as I
onto a variety of much loved shows from How could this unprecedented revamp felt to be together again at their first table think of comedy as musicEach one of
yesteryear. But what if your much loved, possibly happen? It all started when the read. us is a different instrument. And when we
much missed show could actually return cast reunited for a 10-minute episode When we sat down together, it just play together, were at our best, Messing
to television? Thats exactly what has about the U.S. presidential election, as came to life in a way that I had never acknowledged.
happened with NBCs successful series the two candidates, Donald Trump and experienced with anything else or since, The veteran actress likened the
Will & Grace, which in its heyday 11 years Hillary Clinton, were about to debate. An said Messing. Because we all started experience to coming home.
ago, had 83 Emmy nominations and 16 outpouring of love from the fans came in out in the theater and we sort of grew We laughed so hard. For the last year,
wins for Best Comedy. and prestothe show was brought back as artists, as collaborators, it very quickly its been a confusing time and I havent
The successful series followed a gay to life. became a place that was very safe to try
man (Eric McCormack) and his straight, At the TV Critics Press Tour, the cast things and to fail. ContinueS ON page 30
2 2 A UGUST 1 1 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM 2 0 G A Y Q U E ST I O N S F O R: R O B E R T G A M B O A

How long have you been out and who On what do you insist? Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
was the hardest person to tell? That everyone has amazing potential to Beautiful Thing. Its a British coming of
Ive been having sex with men my whole bring each other up. age love story between two young men
ROBERT GAMBOA life but came out to my friends when I growing up in hard times. I saw it many
was 22. No one was surprised, except my What was your last Facebook post or years ago. It melts me every time.
ex-girlfriend. My mom was the hardest Tweet?
person to tell. Chaos? What chaos? Nothing to see here. Whats the most overrated social
Move along. All is ne in Trumplandia. custom?
Whos your LGBT hero? LOL #DominoesFalling #WhosNext? I hate it when people wait for someone
Harvey Milk is my LGBT Hero. Harvey Milk #ScaramucciOut was my last Tweet with else to make the rst move. Just do it
had that ne balance of eective activism, a picture of dominoes falling. already.
charisma, and civility.
If your life were a book, what would What trophy or prize do you most
Whats Los Angeles best nightspot, the title be? covet?
past or present? A Blessing Is Not A Blessing Unless Its My most prized possession is my
I dont drink alcohol. But I do like to go Shared saxophone. My dad bought it for me in
out to the Eagle, Faultline, Oil Can Harrys, 9th grade. We didnt have a lot of money.
Bullet and The Abbey from time to time. If science discovered a way to change It took him many years to pay it o. My
Sometimes I just wanna let loose and sexual orientation, what would you do? twin brother was always mad at me
shake it down. I hope Im not too old to LOL! My attraction to men is so strong, because our rst car ended up being a
still do that. LOL not even the smartest scientists or most lemon instead of a nicer car because of
powerful of the gods could take me away that saxophone. My dad made a lot of
Describe your dream wedding. from men. I love men. I love everything sacrices to get me that sax because he
My dream wedding would be looking into about men. The physique. The smell. knows how much I love playing it and
my husband-to-bes eyes, saying I do and The sex. The love. The romance. The making music. I still play it to this day, 25
being totally and completely in love with heartbreak. The butteries. The intimacy. years later, and have had some pretty
him. The kindness. The crazy. The power. I love incredible performances and experiences.
By TROY MASTERS it all. Besides, science cant x what aint If there is one thing I would take with me What non-LGBT issue are you most broken! to the grave, it would be my saxophone.
passionate about? Mostly because it was given by my
Robert Gamboa knows what happens Healthcare. HIV/AIDS. Homelessness, What do you believe in beyond the fathers love and what it means to me.
when you lift people up and help them get substance abuse, mental health. physical world?
on the road to life again. Immigration. Public safety. They all I believe there is some kind of central What do you wish youd known at 18?
With a slight twinkle in his eye, the intersect at some point. energy that connects all living things. To not eat so many burritos.
minute you meet him you know him and #PutYourHandsUpAnd
you can feel pretty sure he loves you. Hes What historical outcome would you Whats your advice for LGBT movement StepAwayFromTheTaco! LOL!
just that kind of guy. \New Yorkers would change? leaders?
call him a mensch. In LA, hes just about I wish Trump hadnt been elected DO SOMETHING! Use your powers for Why Los Angeles?
the best person you could hope to meet. president. America isnt perfect. But the good and help our community become I used to hate Los Angeles. I never wanted
Gamboa has his hand in everything mess Trump is making now seems to be even stronger. to come here. A small-town Texas boy like
West Hollywood: HIV/AIDS advocacy, growing exponentially. me didnt want anything of the supercial
sobriety, healthcare, homeless youth, What would you walk across hot coals and crazy LA lifestyle. But I got a great job
social services, LGBT issues, and more. Whats been the most memorable pop for? oer in 2004 that I couldnt refuse. So, I
Hes simply and sincerely an advocate culture moment of your lifetime? #TrueEquality. left San Francisco and came to LA. I fell
for whats right. Marching with the Lesbian and Gay into a near-fatal addiction. Life was pretty
One prominent WeHoan, who asked Band Association in President Obamas What LGBT stereotype annoys you grim. But, in 2009, I got sober. I made a
not to be named, said, Robert is the one inauguration in 2013 and playing my most? ton of friends who showed me a quality
person in West Hollywood I would trust saxophone for the president. He st That we are weak and less than. The of life I had never known. They gave me
with my life. Hes a powerful and loving pumped as we were passing by with a strongest people I know are LGBTQ and purpose. There is so much awesomeness
man and I am grateful to him for all that beautiful smile. We played Lady Gagas everyone better move out of our way. and opportunities in this beautiful town.
he has done and does. Edge of Glory and Pitbulls Tonight. Ill So, I love LA. =) <3
We agree. never forget that experience.
O U T & A B O UT W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A U G U ST 1 1 , 2 0 1 7 2 3

Trinitys tricks of the trade



Trinity Taylor, one of the nalists from TRINITY: Oh, no thats the rst time we
season nine of RuPauls Drag Race, is on see it. Whats shocking is Ill give Alexis
the War on the Catwalk tour, which is as an example. On the show, Alexis didnt
slated to stop in LA. I liked Alexis, she was not annoying at
The queens come to LA on Aug. 12 all, I didnt see this like person who made
at Orpheum Theatre. Trinity spoke with excuses and blamed us for not doing well.
the Blade by phone from her home in For some reason it didnt click in my mind
Orlando, Fla. while I was there that she was complaining a
BLADE:Where are you right now? lot like that. And then watching the episodes
TRINITY TAYLOR: Im in my bedroom. Are Im like, Dang, she really tried to come in
you gonna ask me what Im wearing next? for us. And so seeing it from a dierent
perspective from actually being there, it just
BLADE: Sure, why not? registers dierently. And also seeing how
TRINITY: A grungy T-shirt and were everything is edited together. Not that they
leaving it there (laughs). edited stu that was not true, but just seeing
how it all tells a story, its very interesting.
BLADE: Tell us about the tour.
TRINITY: Yeah, well, I was very fortunate TRINITY TAYLOR (aka Ryan Taylor) says her season was one of the tightest competitions in the BLADE: On Untucked theres often
that they asked me to host the tour which history of RuPauls Drag Race. notes for the girls who are leaving in
is kind of nerve wracking because Ive the workroom but it looks like theyre
hosted tons and tons and tons of shows taken in there as soon as they get their
but this is a major tour this season nine good for the show and whatevers good for the were done and when we were picked up. But makeup o. When do you have time to
tour, so theres a lot more pressure. So shows gonna be good for me. when you had your alone time in the hotel write notes if youre it appears still
hopefully I do OK. I am, you know, Ill do rooms, you did have to make sure you knew out there on the main stage?
what I do best show my tuck, hopefully BLADE: Charlie Hides said during the your lip sync songs, make sure if you had TRINITY: Um, what happens, um I
make some people laugh and the biggest reunion she only got two hours of sleep anything last minute you needed to work on, dont know if Im allowed to tell you this but
thing is just entertain because thats what one night. Is the competition really that prepare for, you know, all thats on your own Im gonna tell you anyway what happens
I am, an entertainer. intense? Did you sleep well during the run? time. So for her to say she didnt have enough is after they have the person sashay away,
TRINITY: So, um, Charlie, I love Charlie, sleep, thats really on her. that person goes and is sequestered for a
BLADE: I thought Trixie was hosting. but the reason why Charlie was saying all short period of time, not long. For us to lm
TRINITY: Were both hosting. Maybe these excuses was people were putting her BLADE: Could you tell she was the rest of it when she says, If you cant
certain dates. I dont know that shes doing on the spot for her terrible lip sync. So she phoning it in on that lip sync or were love yourself and then they play music
the whole thing. was just grasping at straws. As far as sleep you too busy concentrating on your and we leave. When we leave, we go directly
goes, rst of all, this is a competition. Youre own performance to realize that? back to the work area, take o our makeup
BLADE: How did you like the format not signing up to go to a weekend spa. When TRINITY: Until I watched it on the episode, and thats when we are allowed to do the
for the Drag Race nale this year? they say it is RuPauls Drag Race, it is really I didnt know what she did. I kind of just notes. Then we leave and then the person
TRINITY: Well obviously I thought it was a race. You have very little time, the schedule zoned out, I was just like, Im in the bottom, whos eliminated is allowed to come back
terrible because I didnt make the top two is grueling, the challenges are not easy. If Ive got to stay, and it didnt matter who I and thats when they actually pack to leave.
(laughs). Im just kidding. I think it was great youre watching it and you go, Yeah, I could was lip syncing against, I was going to stay, But the reason why we get our makeup o
for the show. Its something the show needed do that, well yeah, you maybe could do that that was my focus. So she wasnt even there is they still have lming to do and they want
because the show was very predictable the past if you had the time but when youre on a to me, I was just performing. to get us out of there quickly because we
couple of years, you know, the person who wins time crunch, you dont have a lot of time and have to be up the next morning.
the most challenges wins. So this was denitely so, you might not do your best. Or you may BLADE: What struck you most
something that was shocking and something do phenomenal, but it is a race. So as far as watching the show vs. experiencing it WAR ON THE CATWALK
dierent which is good, change is good. I think sleep goes, you got plenty of hours to sleep in person? Do you see it at all before it Aug. 12, 8 p.m.
Orpheum Theatre
it got a lot of attention and exposure and thats because there was a schedule of when we airs or you see it with everybody else? Los Angeles
2 4 A UGUST 1 1 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM F I LM

Hope and despair in wartime



Christopher Nolan may be one of the but equally important is Hans Zimmers
most prominent modern lmmakers, but remarkable electronic score, which blends
he is surprisingly old fashioned. the thundering, sternum-shaking noises
Consider his newest lm, the highly of combat so seamlessly into the ever-
anticipated WWII drama, Dunkirk. In ascending music that it creates a kind of
tackling a war movie (one of the oldest aural cocoon in which inner and outer
cinematic genres imaginable), he relies realities merge. This, combined with
mostly on tricks of the trade established the expert editing by Lee Smith, allows
since the silent era, eschewing dialogue Nolan to deliver a movie which avoids
in favor of visual storytelling and favoring overt manipulation and sentimentality yet
practical eects over computerized ones. oers sublime moments of accumulated
He continues to champion the use empathy that may require a tissue or two
of lm over digital cinematography. from some viewers.
Dunkirk is one of the rare contemporary As for the cast, its a true ensemble, in
lms to be shot on widescreen lm stock which established stars (Tom Hardy, Mark
and presented in 70 MM format, delivering Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy)
an experience that feels like one of those serve side by side with lesser-known faces.
classic big screen extravaganzas of old. BRIAN DARCY (left) and KENNETH BRANAGH in Dunkirk. The entire company deserves equal praise,
Despite his tried-and-true approach, but for reasons of space I will limit myself
though, Nolan also brings his own to singling out One Directions Harry
contemporary perspective to the mix; with his son and a young deckhand; and in make them distinctly and unmistakably his Styles, in his rst screen role as one of the
this combination results in not only the the third, British ghter pilots attempt to own. He has always been preoccupied with soldiers awaiting rescue, who belies any
most immersive, visually impressive war fend o attacks against the rescue ships time in his movies, so its no surprise that notion of stunt-casting with an ego-free
lm in recent memory, but also the most and stranded troops by engaging Nazi he brings this obsession into Dunkirk. performance that stands on its own merit
thoughtful and challenging. planes in dogghts above the beach. If one doesnt like Nolans trademark blend alongside those of his on-screen cohorts.
For those who need a brief history Through these separate plotlines, Nolan of mind-bending narrative style and coldly Dunkirk has received some criticism
lesson, Dunkirk is a town on the French raises the individual stakes within each philosophical thematic underpinnings, one is for its lack of diversity. While the majority
coast of the English Channel where story while building the tension that drives likely to nd all of his movies unsatisfying. For of personnel involved in the real-life
hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers the larger narrative, providing a cumulative that reason, Dunkirk will almost certainly evacuation were undoubtedly white
were trapped in the summer of 1940. payo when they nally come together for frustrate those who are unimpressed with its men, there were also men of color
Surrounded by Nazi forces, these the climactic sequence they all share. directors creative quirks. on that beach, none of whom appear
combined English, French, and Belgian Its this structure where Nolan most For those who appreciate Nolans onscreen. In addition, though the lm
troops awaited evacuation on the beach notably breaks from traditional style. vision, Dunkirk is a truly magnicent lm does feature a few eeting glimpses of
while being pummeled from air and Although the interwoven narrative possibly his best work to date which women, they are more or less relegated
sea. Nolans lm tells the story of their is not, in itself, an unusual device, the embraces the form of the traditional war to the background. Its necessary to take
miraculous rescue from this dire situation. director adds an extra layer by playing picture while simultaneously re-inventing note of such oversights as part of the
Challenged with the task of capturing tricks with the passage of time. The result it. Its full of tropes, but the complexity important ongoing conversation about
such an epic event in a way that brings it is a disorientation which contributes to with which Nolan infuses them makes whitewashing in the lm industry.
to his audience as concisely as possible, the overall sense of being in the midst them feel fresh, allowing him to use them
Nolan has chosen to split his movie into of battle. Its a challenging conceit, and as comfortable touchstones as he takes CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM
three interwoven stories. although Nolan plainly sets up the rules us on an intense journey through the
In one, we follow a young English soldier early in the lm, some viewers are bound harrowing and hellish landscape of war. DUNKIRK (Warner Brothers, Syncopy
on the beach as he struggles to survive; in to nd it confusing. That journey would certainly not Productions)
Written and Directed by Christopher Nolan
another, a civilian boat captain answers Like any auteur lmmaker, Nolans be possible without the sheer scope Now playing at Arclight Cinemas (Hollywood
the call for private vessels to assist in the entire of body of work explores recurring and size of his imagery (captured by and Sherman Oaks), TLC Chinese Theater, AMC
Universal Citywalk, AMC Century City, Vintage
evacuation and sets sail across the Channel themes and repeated elements which cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema); Vista Theater, others.
THEATER W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A U G U ST 1 1 , 2 0 1 7 2 5

Curious Incident sparks magic



Based on its title alone, you might the piece squarely on his young shoulders
assume that The Curious Incident of the with clarity and consistency and never lets
Dog in the Night-Time is a detective story. it slip for a moment.
You would necessarily not be wrong. Maria Elena Ramirez, whose Siobhan
Indeed, within the rst few pages of exudes patience and compassion yet
Mark Haddons bestselling novel, upon never becomes cloying, delivers an
which this multiple Olivier and Tony exceptional performance. Gene Gillette
Award-winning play is based, its 15-year- and Felicity Jones Latta negotiate subtle
old narrator, Christopher (who says he complexity with their respective portrayals
never lies), states quite plainly that it is a of Christophers father and mother, whose
detective story. heartbreakingly human drama lies at the
It may not be a lie, but its not quite the core of the incident.
whole truth, either. For Christopher is Its that familiar humanity that makes
himself the detective, and the case he sets The Curious Incident of the Dog in
out to solve will only lead him into a mystery the Night-Time so much more than
he nds much more perplexing, because he just a clever and creative exercise in
faces challenges most of us do not. L-R: MARIA ELENA RAMIREZ as Siobhan, GENE GILLETTE as Ed (rear) and ADAM LANGDON as stagecraft. For underneath all the
Christopher Boone in the touring production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time..
Although his condition is never specically PHOTO BY JOAN MARCUS; COURTESY OF AHMANSON THEATRE entertaining and intricately plotted fun is
stated, he exhibits the behavioral and a sense of melancholy, a longing. Through
cognitive quirks of someone on the autism Christopher we can recognize our own
spectrum, with symptoms most closely the method he chose to turn Christophers the world. They create and inhabit every frustration with the sometimes seemingly
resembling Aspergers Syndrome. Although story into a sort of multi-layered puzzle situation in which Christopher nds insurmountable obstacles we face in
he is highly intelligent enamored with box presented as a play-within-a-play himself, whether an amusing fact-nding connecting to each other; and when he
math, equipped with an encyclopedic array succeeds in the highest degree. expedition through his neighborhood or retreats into the comfortable security
of knowledge, and adept at using logic to Played out on Bunny Christies the terrifying London Underground, with of facts and numbers, with their reliable
solve complex problems he is at a loss innovative, theatrical set, Stephens clear specicity and theatrical panache. constancy and their inability to present
when it comes to human connection. Unable smartly funny script takes us through a Lastly, the whole package is expertly themselves as anything other than what
to relate through empathy or to read non- journey that begins as Christopher nds a staged by Marianne Elliott, earning her Best they are, who among us cannot relate?
verbal signals, he nds himself continually neighbors dog murdered in a garden and Director in both London and New York; she We all need a safe space, after all.
confused and mistrustful of others, and their decides, against his fathers wishes, to nd takes all the swirling threads of Christophers However, retreat is not the answer, and
contradictory behavior and statements seem out who killed it. world and arranges them into a visually Christopher knows it. His detective story
an existential threat to him. Elaborate animated projections arresting and engrossing multi-media game, ultimately teaches us that the only way to solve
To put it simply, he is completely (created by Finn Ross) illustrate the young in which the audience is invited not only a problem is to make an eort, no matter how
bewildered by the world of human beings. protagonists thought processes, with to investigate the titular mystery (which is impossible it may seem to us. To connect, we
The brilliance of Curious Incident in its some help from a spritely techno music really not dicult, after all, for those of us must communicate, and if Christopher can
original book form was that it managed accompaniment (by Adrian Sutton); and not facing the same perceptual obstacles as learn to do it, with the diculties he faces,
to convey the unique perspective of this the clever use of primary colors in the Christopher), but to root for this young man what excuse do any of us have?
character, an outsider to the normal lighting (Paul Constable) and costumes as he struggles to comprehend the deeper In the end, Curious Incident is not
world which most of us take for granted, (Bunny Christie) help to organize things enigmas in his own life story. a play about broken connection, but a
by communicating in his voice and allowing into the kind of clear patterns that help Adam Langdon delivers an outstanding play about nding ways to repair it. Life-
us to be inside his experience of that world him make sense of the world. performance. His Christopher is arming, profound, and joyful, its a
one which confuses and terries him An ensemble of players, most stepping mesmerizing; capturing the physical and triumph of theatrical imagination and an
with its deception and inconsistency. In in and out of multiple roles, helps him vocal peculiarities of the character as he
adapting it for the stage, playwright Simon to act out his story while his para- conveys a full spectrum of emotional NIGHT-TIME
Stephens was faced with the challenge of professional mentor, Siobhan, guides him response, from terror to exuberance Aug 2 - Sept. 10
Ahmanson Theatre
recreating this eect in a dierent way, and through the confusing task of navigating (sometimes within a heartbeat), he carries 135 N. Grand Ave.
2 6 A UGUST 1 1 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM G O SSI P

Kathy, Olivia, Aaron, Trump and other tawdry bits



Yeah, were still friends. Look, I said what

I said...I didnt think what she said was
appropriate. I wish her the best and I hope
she bounces back and is back on the road.
Shes incredibly funny, and a lot of people
love her. - Anderson Cooper tells Andy
Cohen about the status of his friendship
with Kathy Grin.
Its over - our great national tragedy is
coming to a close. Kathy Grin is back.
Well, not back as in working. But back as
in ready to work. I am no longer under
federal investigation. The case is closed. I
have been completely exonerated. Finally,
tweeted the funny lady. The statement was
meant to shoot down a report that Grin
was not only still under investigation but
also facing jail time. KATHY GRIFFIN is back and bald!
Although shes not in the big house,
shes having trouble with a big house.
Although she recently moved into palatial this when he headlined LA Pride in June! case to court - and quickly. Her lawyers Rudin. There has been an embargo on
digs within spitting distance of Kim and I grew up in this entertainment industry have requested a speedy trial: Based any clips of Bette in the role - the rationale
Kanye, her old house, Wings (which was at a very young age and when I was around on her unusually advanced age, Olivia being, if you wanna see her, spend $600
featured in her D-List show), has been 13-years-old I started to nd boys and girls de Havilland moves for preference in and buy a ticket. But, the wait is over.
in limbo. Nothing squelches sales like a attractive. There were years that went by the setting of trial of this matter under There are a couple of tantalizing videos
Secret Service investigation. Kathy paid that I thought about it, but it wasnt until I California Code of Civil Procedure and on Well, the word
$2.85 million for the house in 2004, so she was 17-years-old, after a few relationships asks the Court to set this case for a jury video might be a misnomer. Yes, there
listed it for $6.5 million. Then the scandal with girls, I had an experience with a trial in November 2017, or in any event on are eeting images of Midler, but most
happened, and she took it o the market. male that I had an attraction to who I a date within 120 days of the granting of of the time shes onstage, the spotlight is
Now, its for sale again, for the marked- also worked with and grew up with. Let this motion. The case has been assigned so bright it almost completely washes her
down price of $5 million. the guessing game begin. My moneys on to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Holly out. Still, you can hear her perfectly and
Aaron Carter is making lots of someone with the initials PS. Kendig, who will formally hear the motion see glimpses of a ghostly Divine Miss M on
announcements for someone with virtually Screen legend Olivia de Havilland is on Sept. 13. Were told de Havilland, our website. And if you want to see Bette
no career. A few weeks ago, he tearfully eager to have her day in court. As you who lives in Paris, will not be attending. in Dolly in person, you better act fast -
told Entertainment Tonight he has an know, the 101-year-old, two-time Oscar Perhaps shell send Catherine Zeta-Jones! she leaves on Jan. 14.
eating disorder and actually gets llers in winner was less than thrilled with the Our brief Ask Billy question comes When our answer to an Ask Billy
his face - and if thats what he looks like way Ryan Murphy and the FX Network from Justin. Thanks for the video of both question is You Bette, its denitely time
with llers, it must be REALLY bad. I have portrayed her in Feud. She led suit parts of Angels in America from London. to end yet another column. Your best bet
a hiatal hernia. I have a stress condition its against the network and the auteur for an But, heres one better - Bette Midler in Hello, is to check out -
an eating disorder....How would you feel undetermined amount. The network shot Dolly! Nobody has any footage. If anyone the site that never holds anything back.
every two seconds seeing a Tweet, You back, saying, The law on this is very clear: can get it, you can. Of course, keep sending your questions
have AIDS. Go die. Oh, look at this meth No permissions of any kind were required I can, and do. Many people have to me at and I
head. Oh, meth kills. Crack kills. Im not a in order to tell the tale. Docudramas, attempted to lm clips of Bette Midler promise to get back to you before Caitlyn
meth head. Ive never touched it in my life. such as this one, are original narrative in Dolly. Those who posted footage Jenner replaces Bette Midler in Dolly!
Then this week, another revelation - hes works, based on real, veriable facts and online found it quickly removed due to So, until next time, remember, one
bisexual. He might have considered revealing events. Undaunted, Livvy is moving the the vehemence of pit bull producer Scott mans lth is another mans bible.
AUTOS W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A U G U ST 1 1 , 2 0 1 7 2 7

Fun, four-door sedans



In this town of celebs and powerbrokers,

sedans are a perfect match. They mix
four-door functionality with professional
panache, especially when automakers
add special trim levels like Executive,
Premium orin the case of the new
Lincoln ContinentalBlack Label. But
such buttoned-down monikers dont
prevent these rides from being lots of fun.


Mpg: 23 city/34 highway
0-to-60 mph: 7.7 seconds
While VW oers an Executive trim level
for its CC agship sedan, the high-end
version of the midsize Passat is called the
SEL Premium. The Passats styling is a bit
datedthe latest design debuted in 2012
but it still holds its charms. Thats also true
inside, where the layout is clean yet aunts
many Audi-chic elements. The bolstered
seats, especially, are a delight. Theres also
plenty of headroom and legroom, even in
the backseats. But the touchscreen is dinky,
and the infotainment system isnt very skinny-jeans vibe: its form tting, with a version, the Q50s other engines arent as products. Yet the new Continental proves
intuitive. Still, theres a choice of two ne tight and sassy rear. This shapely sedan fuel-friendly as what many competitors how silver foxes can reinvent themselves.
engines: a fairly quick four-cylinder turbo drives just as nice, too, with solid handling oer. But this Inniti still scores when it With a stunning grill and other styling
or a more spirited V6 that lets the Passat and superb body control. A four-cylinder comes to the long warranty, aordable borrowed from Bentley, the Continental
scoot from 0 to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds. The engine comes standard. But its hard to price, and top-notch ratings for safety and is much more than a replacement for
German engineering also shines through resist choosing one of the two zippier V6 reliability. the MKS sedan. This is a full-size agship,
on the road, with responsive steering optionsone of which comes with 400 hp measuring 117.9 inches in length and
and braking. Another plus: a long list of to help rocket the Q50 from 0 to 60 mph LINCOLN CONTINENTAL BLACK LABEL weighing a hefty 4,555 lb. Luckily, any of
standard features, including heated seats, in just 4.5 seconds. There also are four $65,000 the three available V6 engines have plenty
LED headlights/taillights, power-folding trim levelsbase, Premium, Signature Mpg: 18 city/27 highway of pep to power this land yacht. And there
mirrors, automated parallel-parking and Sportwith various mix-and-match 0-to-60 mph: 5.5 seconds is opulence everywhere, with the much-
system, hands-free trunk opener with foot packages. But all trims come with push- Many millennials probably dont ballyhooed 30-way power seats, rear-seat
sensor, high-end Fender stereo and more. button start, smartphone-app integration understand the hoopla surrounding the climate controls, dual sunroofs and all
and an infotainment system with voice rebirth of the Lincoln Continental. After the latest safety gear. The four trim levels
INFINITI Q50 recognition. The backup camera also all, its been 15 years since this sedan include a base-model Premier, Select,
$34,000 oers a 360-degree, birds-eye view that basically an also-ran for rental-car Reserve and high-end Black Labelwhich
Mpg: 19 city/27 highway really helps when parking. While there companiesgraced dealer showrooms. also comes with a concierge program for
0-to-60 mph: 6.9 seconds are other nicetieslike an eight-inch And it doesnt help that Lincoln has a pickup and delivery, complimentary car
If the old-school exterior on the VW upper touchscreen and seven-inch lower confusing lineup: MKC, MKS, MKT, MKX, washes (anytime/anywhere) and other
Passat evokes a dad jeans sensibility, touchscreenthe interior hasnt kept up MKZ (and the giant Navigator SUV), which services. Perhaps the only thing this car
then the Inniti Q50 is channeling a with the times. And though there is a hybrid are basically gussied-up versions of Ford doesnt do is pump your gas for you.
2 8 A UGUST 1 1 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM CA LE N D A R

piano playing, Diana Krall returns to the Center, corner La Cienega and Beverly
Hollywood Bowl to mesmerize you with Boulevards). Dont miss The Glitter Run
her take on the American Songbook. Kicko Party on Thursday, August 17
Tickets are $29 - $72. at the Macys Men Store at the Beverly
Center with special guests, tantalizing
AUG. 13 refreshments, and so much more! The
Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser for fabulous Glitter Run is nally here and at
Trans*Unity @ 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM. (Founders Beverly Center it will start sparkling with
Metropolitan Community Church, 4607 wild color just like Macys reworks. Free.
Prospect Avenue). Founders MCCs
Transformation*Unity group, in cooperation AUG. 19
with Azania, will host a festive pancake Walking to Wellness Class at Los
breakfast - complete with bacon, scrambled Angeles LGBT Center Learning Curve
eggs and other tasty morsels! All proceeds @ 1 PM - 3 PM (The Village at Ed Gould
will benet the Christine Daniels Scholarship Plaza, 1125 North McCadden) A class that
Fund. Requested donation, $10. guarantees a fun, supportive setting for
Calient Nude Pool Party, @ 12 PM - increasing physical and mental wellness
6 PM (Villa Valhalla, 6026 St. Augustine through walking and learning to adopt
Drive, Riverside, CA) Its denitely hotter healthy habits. Free.
in Riverside than it is in Central LA, so
mens only nude pool party just might be AUG. 20
the place to be. Enjoy nakedness (or not) The Glitter Run, @ 8:30 AM - 12 PM.
on this lush tropical estate where there (Hollywood Boulevard and Highland to
are lots of nooks and crannies to hide out La Brea). The Glitter Run is not a timed
with someone special. Youll love the pig competition, its a run/walk thats fun for
roasted BBQ! Door policy, $20. people of all ages, sizes, and abilities. The
Think of Glitter Run as a gay Holi Festival but with sparkles and fabulosity at breakneck pace. 5k route will take you through seven glitter
Hollywood Boulevard will glitter with more than just stars. See Aug. 20 listing below.
AUG. 15 stations where volunteers will sprinkle a
YPC:Queens - The Business of Drag @ dierent color of non-toxic, washable and
7:30 PM - 10 PM. (Village at Ed Gould Plaza, fabulously vibrant glitter on you and the
E-mail calendar items to Monica Blvd). Remember the board game 1125 North McCadden Place). Fiercer than thousands of other participants. Clue? Remember the 1985 movie? Thirty ever, YPC:Queens will feature some of the West Hollywood Dance Festival, Aug
two weeks prior to your event. Space is
limited so priority is given to LGBT-specic years later, the mystery murder, screwball most iconic drag superstars in Los Angeles, 20 - @ 9 AM - 4 PM. (West Hollywood Park,
events or those with LGBT participants.
Recurring events must be comedy is a cult classic. The Los Angeles and explore what it takes to be dedicated Santa Monica Boulevard at San Vicente
re-submitted each time. LGBT Centers outdoor summer lm series to the profession of drag. Moderator Jason to Melrose). The West Hollywood Dance
and the Los Angeles Womens Network Wimberly will present a thoughtful (and Festival (or WHDF) explores concert
and Young Professionals Council present a outrageous) discussion with some of the most dance as contemporary dance. Enjoy free
AUG. 11 screening on the lawn in Hollywood Forever well-known local queens around. Donation. community workshops, a contemporary
HAMILTON, Aug 11 - Dec 30 - @ 8 Cemetery, a spooky-cool place where dance intensive for professionals and
PM (Sat/Sun matinees, 2 PM). (Pantages half the cast is buried! Except Lesley Ann AUG. 16 aspiring professionals, and public
Theater, 6233 Hollywood Boulevard). Warren, who will be there to liven things Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Chamber performances. The week-long festival
HAMILTON is already a legendary up. Enjoy a picnic and DJ performance of Commerce Networking Luncheon, @ celebrates all things dance. Free.
Broadway sensation. And it is the story before the mystery begins. Tickets are $25. 11:30 AM - 1 PM. (Ocean Prime Restaurant,
of our time, told in todays voice, about 9595 Wilshire Boulevard). Featured AUG. 22
one of Americas Founding Father AUG. 12 Speakers: Jennelle Hamilton & John AIDS/LifeCycle Taco Tuesday, Aug 22
Alexander Hamilton. Featuring a score The B-52s @ 8 PM. (Pershing Square, Erickson of LA World Airports on How to - @ 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM. (Mi Centro LGBTQ
that blends hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap, R&B, 532 S. Olive Street). Join the whacky stylings Do Business with LAX. Each attendee is Boyle Heights, 553 South Clarence Street).
and Broadway, HAMILTON is the story of of Fred Shneider, Cindy Wilson and Kate allowed 60 seconds to tout their business. Latino Equality Alliance and Mi Centro
America then, as told by America now. Pierson set against the famed strumming Ticket includes meal, up to $40. present a taco fundraiser for the famous
Tickets range from $85 to $750. of guitarist Keith Strickland. Free. fundraiser. Come learn about the bike ride
Los Angeles LGBT Center Out Under Diana Krall @ 8 PM. (Hollywood Bowl, AUG. 17 from SF to LA and how you can make a
the Stars Presents: Clue, @ 8:30 PM. 2301 N. Highland Avenue) With her The Glitter Run Kick-o Party @ 6 world of dierence in the ght against HIV/
(Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa sultry, expressive vocals and evocative PM. (Macys Mens Store at the Beverly AIDS. RSVP at
3 0 A UGUST 1 1 , 2 0 17 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A RT S & E N T E RT A I N ME N T

Will & Grace set to return for new season

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 21 Calling the ending more or less a So what we were able to address at anything anybody has done so far. People
fantasy, Mutchnick said that the last the time was LGB. We stopped at B, and fear that which is dierent. Now theyre
episode was a projection into the future. my hope is that now we can nish the beginning to understand.
laughed very much, and to come back One of the things when we thought alphabet. And with gender identity, theres Since the show aired, Hayes has publicly
together and to laugh out loud and to about bringing this back was what was it so many things that are being discussed in come out as gay.
be surprised by one another and to have that we missed? And I think we missed the our culture now, she said. About Hayes being in the closet while
new stories to tell and to have another dynamic between the four of them more Added Mutchnick: This show is always the show was on air, Mullally said: Its
opportunity to do it, its a no-brainer. than we missed the possibility of seeing about inclusionthats what we started nobodys business what anybodys sexual
McCormack was thrilled by the response what their lives would be like as parents. with and thats the type of people they orientation is, and I felt that Sean really
from the fans and co-creator/executive During the panel, a critic brought up areI think when we come back, we will took a lot of heat and was under a great
producers, Max Mutchnick and David Kohan. that the show has often been credited get to it again. amount of pressure to come out. And I
Theres been a very non-cynical, non- with educating TV audiences about the But its just going to be about trying to was oended by that on his behalf.
judgmental response, just a positive glass LGBT community. make the funniest shows that we can with I just dont have the DNA at the time, I
more than half full response that made Weve always said that the good eects these characters passing through the life didnt have the DNA to speak for an entire
me think, well, then, we have a place for that we had were fantastic gravy, that we that you all know that is taking place out community, said Hayes. I didnt know
this show. Were not going to be ghting set out to be funny to be a sitcom that there right now. how to do that, and I wish I did. But now I
an uphill battle, And I thought, Why not? brought as many people in as possible, In 2012, Vice President Joe Biden made nd words come easier.
Why would we not? noted McCormack. headlines when he endorsed equal The Will & Grace reboot is in production
But dont expect the series to pick up When the series rst started, it was marriage rights for gay and lesbian people, for 16 episodes and has already been
where the show left o during the nale considered revolutionary to have two and said the show did more to educate renewed for a second season. Check out
all the characters will be single. gay characters, said Messing. the American public more than almost its NBC premiere on Sept. 28.
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM A U G U ST 1 1 , 2 0 1 7 3 1

Looking for a good old-fashioned house

party to meet mature men 35+?
HOS is hosting a private party.
Open bar and food buffet.
If youre interested in M4M
meeting face to face, come to this
Singles Party 2017.

Sept. 23 7 pm - 1 am
South Plainfield, NJ
Close to all public transportation from NYC/Newark airport.
This is a nationwide invitation.
Contact Tony for more information!
Call or text: (908) 930-9204

You must register to be invited to this private event.

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