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Membership Application


For faster processing, join PMI online using a credit card.

By joining PMI, you agree to adhere to the Project Management Institute Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Tips for completing this form:

Hand-write your information clearly in blue or black ink onto a printed form and submit it by postal mail.
Type your information into the PDF. If you have PDF-editing software like Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader, you can save your
data. Otherwise, you will only be able to type your information, then print out the form and send it to PMI.

Select your membership option

Individual Membership Student Membership

(Students must provide proof of current full time enrollment. Please do not send separately. Student
membership enrollments are subject to verification.)

Have you previously been a member of PMI?

No Yes Year of last membership _______________ If yes, what was your previous ID#? ________________________

Preferred language
Arabic Chinese Dutch English French German Italian
Japanese Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish Other

Contact Information
Prefix (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.): First Name (given name): Middle Name:

Last Name (family name, surname): Suffix:

Please print name as you want it to appear on your membership certificate:

Job Title:

Primary E-Mail: Secondary E-Mail:

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By supplying the fax information above, you consent to being contacted by PMI at the fax number provided.

BRA-027-2016 (08/16)
Membership Application

For faster processing, join PMI online using a credit card.

By joining PMI, you agree to adhere to the Project Management Institute Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Home Address Preferred mailing address

Street Address: City: State/Province/Territory:

Country: Zip/Postal Code:

Business Address Preferred mailing address

Street Address (Business): Business Name:

City: State/Province/Territory:

Country: Zip/Postal Code:

How many years have you been practicing project management? ___________________

Is project management your primary profession?

Project management is my primary profession
Project management is a service i provide as part of another
Neither of the above. I am simply interested in project management
I would like to:
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Please note: Digital New Member Kit is available through myPMI.

Membership Application

For faster processing, join PMI online using a credit card.

By joining PMI, you agree to adhere to the Project Management Institute Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

What is your organizations primary business activity What category best describes your job function? (Check one)
(industry)? (Check one)
Engineering-Chemical Engineering
Accounting and Finance Engineering-Civil Engineering
Aerospace and Defense Engineering-Electrical Engineering
Agriculture Engineering-Electronics Engineering
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Engineering-Environmental Engineering
Automotive Engineering-Industrial Engineering
Business Services Engineering-Mechanical Engineering
Chemical Engineering-Other Engineering
Construction Management-Communications Management
Consulting Management- Configuration Management
Distributor Management-Contract/Procurement Mgmt
Education Management-Corporate/Administrative Mgmt
Energy (gas, electric, oil) and Utilities Management-Cost Management
Engineering Management-Critical Chain Management
Financial Services and Insurance Management-Earned Value Management
Food and Beverage Management-Human Resources Management
Government Management-Information/Computer Management
Healthcare Management-Materials Management
Information and Communications Technology Management-Project/Program
Information Technology Management-Quality Management
Insurance Management-Records Management
Legal Management-Risk/Safety Management
Management of Enterprises Management-Scope/Technical Management
Manufacturing Management-Site/Facility Management
Media and Publishing Management-Time Mgmt/Scheduling/Planning
Mining/Iron/Steel Other Job Functions-Consulting
News/Information Other Job Functions-Distribution
Nonprofit Other Job Functions-Finance
Not Applicable Other Job Functions-Financial Services
Other Other Job Functions-Legal
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Other Job Functions-Marketing/Business Devmt/Sales
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Other Job Functions-Other
Real Estate and Property Development Other Job Functions-Production
Retail and Wholesale Other Job Functions-Project Accounting/Audit
Telecom Other Job Functions-Public Relations
Training Other Job Functions-Research/Product Development
Transportation Other Job Functions-Service and Outsourcing
Other Job Functions-Teaching/Training
Other Job Functions-Web Strategist/Technologist
Membership Application

Dues Information: One full year membership Amounts in U.S. dollar and euro.
U.S. Dollars Euros

Option 1 PMI Individual Membership

PMI Individual Member Dues $ 129.00 $ 105.00

Option 2 PMI Student Membership

PMI Student Member Dues
*All applicants must attach verification of current full time enrollment in a degree-granting program. PMI is unable to process
student membership applications without verification documentation. Please do not send separately. $ 32.00* $ 26.00*

Dues Calculation (Enter amount from option 1, or 2 above)

Membership Dues $________ ________
Application Fee (Applies to new and rejoining Individual Memberships. Student Memberships excluded.) $ 10.00 10.00

Chapter Fees (Visit for chapter list and fees)

PMI Chapter Name(s) _______________________________________________________________________________ $________ ________
Optional Air Mail $60.00 / 50.00 (For PMI publication mailing outside North America, not available for Student Membership) $________ ________
Optional Donation to the PMI Educational Foundation $________ ________
If applicable, calculate Canadian Tax (see below) $________ ________
Total Amount Enclosed $________ ________

Method of Payment
Payment must accompany application. Purchase Orders not accepted. We accept cheques made payable to PMI in euro or U.S.
dollars drawn on a U.S. bank, bank transfers or the following credit cards:

Check MasterCard Visa Bank Transfer American Express Diners Club Discover
Credit Card #: Exp. Date:

Signature: ________________________________________

Do not send cash. Please remit total payment in one currency, U.S. dollar or euro.
For faster processing, join PMI online at using a credit card.
PMI is an individual membership organization. All membership fees are nonrefundable, nontransferable and subject to change.


In accordance with Canadian tax laws, taxes are collected on member dues and application fees relating to PMI and the following chapters: Canadas Technology Triangle (CTT), Canadian West
Coast Chapter, Durham Highlands, Lakeshore, Levis, Manitoba, Montreal, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, North Saskatchewan, Northern Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ottawa Valley, Regina/S.
Saskatchewan, South Western Ontario, Southern Alberta, Southern Ontario, and Vancouver Island. The rate of tax charged varies depending on the province address you use. Tax rates by province
are as follows: 15% for Nova Scotia; 14.975% for Quebec; 14% for Prince Edward Island; 13% for New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Ontario; and 5% for all other provinces. If
your employer is paying for your membership and has been granted tax exempt status by the appropriate Canadian authorities, you will not be able to submit your application online. You will need
to mail or fax your membership application along with a tax exempt certification meeting the specifications of the Canadian government.
GST/HST registration: 89794 4807 RT0001 QST registration: 1202723001 TQ00001


India Permanent Account Number: AAHCP6606M

Return completed form with US dollar payment to:

Project Management Institute, 14 Campus Blvd, Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA Or fax to +1 610 819 0746.

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