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The 7.0 release of MineSight removes the limits on the size of the model. It is now possible to create
models exceeding 1000 row/column by 400 benches. The storage is now allocated dynamically. This
means that there are no fixed limits to the model size (but there will always be a practical limitations
caused by computer resources, mainly memory size). The expanded model is supported by all MineSight
programs, except for the obsoleted ones (m819v1,v2,v3, m829v1,v2; m650* and few others).

With this release, MineSight also adds the 64-bit support for MSDA and MSTORQUE.

As of MineSight 3D v.7.00, how you access the helpdoc has changed. The MS3D help is no longer
distributed in HTML format. Except for the MSBasis doc, the documentation for all of the MineSight
products is now distributed in CHM compiled help format. The MSBasis documentation continues to be
released in PDF format, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open those files.

Once you have installed MineSight on your system, the helpdoc files will be directly accessible from the
MS3D Help pulldown menu. If a particular MineSight product is not installed, then that help file will not
be displayed on the Help menu in MS3D. For example if MSSO is not installed on your system, then
"MSSO Help" will not be listed on the MS3D Help menu.

Other improvements include MSPD speedup, new MSPD Manager, direct access to File 15 and interface
improvements for MSDART and more.

MineSight 3D (MS3D) version 7.0

Increased model size support
Added open view in data manager to see lists of loaded objects
Improvements to plotting
MSPD access speedup
Improvements to IP
Improvements to Compass
Direct model access in MSDART

Increased model size support
Interpolation programs
o Removed artificial limit of 64,000 on number of composites to interpolate a row in most of
the programs
o Expanded MSTorque access to include blasthole composites.

MSDA 2.80
64-bit support
Increased model size support
Inline style serialization

MSEP 2.50
Increased model size support

Cycle time database

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
Integration with MSSO

MSSO 4.00-01
64-bit support
Equipment scheduling
Canvas for defining flowsheet
Volume constraints
Volume reports
Truck/Shovel hour constraints

MSSP 3.2
Increased model size support
Estimate mill ore tonnage for auto mapping
No split option for auto mapping production classes
Any stockpile to any mill destinations for manual mapping
Production class split for manual mapping
Switch between auto mapping and manual mapping by period
Consolidated end-of-period map plotting

MSTorque 2.1
64-bit support
New General Importer
Database Merge Engine

MINESIGHT Windows Installation Instructions

This DVD can be used to UPDATE or make a NEW installation of MineSight. As an UPDATE, existing
files are overwritten if they match files on the DVD. New files are added to the directories and old files
with no matching DVD files are left untouched. As a NEW installation, all MineSight files will be written
into the selected directory.

In order for all installation options to work properly you will need to log on as a user that has permissions
to install software and system drivers. This will generally be a user with Administrator permissions.

BACKUP your existing MineSight installation. Do this especially if you intend to install over a previous
version as certain outdated folders will be cleared before installing the newer folders.

CHECK YOUR DISK SPACE. NEW installations require approximately 2 GB of disk space (this includes
required third party installations). MineSight alone requires about 1.5 GB of disk space. UPDATE
installations require less disk space since previously installed files are not added but rather updated.

SAVE SITE-SPECIFIC FILES. Skip this step if you are making a NEW installation. Otherwise, if you have
site-specific files (e.g., plot.inf, digit.inf, medlist.bat) copy them to a save directory.

START THE INSTALLATION. Normally, simply loading the DVD will automatically start the installation in
the default, 32-bit mode. The installation can also be started in any of the following ways:
click Start, click Run, and enter d:\install\Setup_x86 for the 32-bit installation or
d:\install\Setup_x64 for the 64-bit installation,
from Windows Explorer: double click on file d:\install\Setup_x86.exe or
From DOS: at the command prompt, enter d:\install\Setup_x86 or d:\install\Setup_x64,

where d: is your specific DVD drive containing the DVD.

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
A new package license is required to run the 64-bit programs.
To find out how you can step up to superior 64-bit versions of the available MineSight programs,
discuss licensing options with Mintec marketing:

Web: <>
Email: <>
Tel: 1-520-795-3831.

The installer wizard allows for the following types of install

Custom Allows the user to choose specific components,
Regular install by default enables typical components for standalone installation,
Network client install by default enables components needed by network clients.

SENTINEL COMPATIBILITY ISSUES. The Sentinel SuperPro version 7.4.0 key driver we install is
developed by SafeNet and is reported to be compatible with all 32 and 64 bit computers with the
exception of the Intel Itanium processor. Upon startup of the MineSight programs, information is
obtained from the attached Sentinel hardware key and delivered to the program being executed.

Visit the SafeNet website at for further information

regarding Sentinel driver compatibility and/or downloading.

RESETTING ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES. The install program automatically sets the necessary
environment variables in either the User or System section as specified above. Environment variables
MEDEXE, METLIB, and DEFIL will be set. The directory you are installing to is assigned to MEDEXE and
is prepended to the PATH variable. METLIB and DEFIL will not be changed if they already exist. If you
want to change these environment variables, you may do so using Control Panel\System.

MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2008R2 EXPRESS w/ SP1. MineSight AP, IP, Haulage and Torque
utilize the SQL Server. If you do not have this installed, we do provide an SQL Server 2008R2 Express
installer in the \3rdParty\SQL directory on the DVD. For installation instructions, please refer to the
ReadMe.txt in that folder.

SITE-SPECIFIC CONSIDERATIONS. Retrieve any site-specific files you saved earlier. Copy the proper
site-specific plotting programs to m122v1.exe and plotv1.exe. To deter-mine the proper version of
M122xx and PLOTxx, check page 122-3 in the M120 Programs section of the documentation. (E.g., if you
have an HP plotter that doesn't use HPGL/2, copy m122hp.exe to m122v1.exe and plothp.exe to

If you have any questions about this installation, contact Mintec Technical Support.

Release Notes
MineSight 3D (MS3D) v.7.00S
Added support for CHM help system in MS3D. (#17666)
Added MineSight product help files to the MS3D help menu. (#17762)
Add the hot keys to use for switching between grid planes on a Spanish keyboard. (#18723)

Blast Pattern Editor, fixed issue with the Global Edit option. (#18409)
Fixed issue with 3D rose diagrams in a Drillhole View where a hole has 0 assay information.

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
Support for modulus and if else logic in expressions used by MSDART and item filtering in MS3D.
The option to not create the intervals was added to Drillhole Spear's Create Geometry. (#13261)
Fixed query on dip meter tadpoles. (#12578)
Fixed right click menu behavior in the Data Manager folder tree. (#8287)
Enabled mouse wheel for folders, lists and tables in the Data Manager. (#8288)
Data Manager - added Open View to see the list of loaded objects, and added Visibility and
Selectability state icons. (#10002)
Fixed Data manager tree views to recognize all button click events. (#8322)
Data Manager, fixed the vertical scroll bar to remain in place, and not reset to the top. (#16160)
Fixed Data Manager | Properties on new projects for project settings object. (#17834)
Fixed issue with linking to an object that no longer exists. (#18342)
Made user-interface changes on the Object Properties dialogs. (#16305)
Slice view now works for LGOs and GSFs. (#13893)
Enhanced Geometry View Properties with visibility and filtering options. (#13763)
Fixed refresh to ignore project settings objects found in the project other than in the root folder.
Fixed to properly save the list of MineSight sessions. (#9806)
Fixed DSS uninstaller to not delete the folder it is run from. (#11546)
Replaced MSDLLCHECK with the MineSight Runtime Environment. (#14645)
Writing to the database for many common operations has been sped up. (#14621)
Opening IP sets and Geometry Views was made much faster. (#14758)
Point Editor and Point Query now use the number of decimals that are specified in the Project
Settings. (#11756)
Improved behavior of Create at active angle function while in a 2D view. (#12954)
Fixed Element | Copy, Element | Move, Element | Rotate and maybe some other functions to
properly drag text elements. (#12990)
Delete duplicate elements function was sped up dramatically. (#13504)
Fixed Element | Rotate to not rotate elements relatively when there isn't an axis defined. (#14455)
Element | drape now fully supports Geometry Views. (#9991)
When filtering selection by length, Polylines and Polygons will be the only geometry affected.
Added 'Color By Azimuth Angle' to the Surface menu. (#13168)
Color a surface by its elevation. (#14837)
Fixed a Point Editor issue which could cause a crash. (#17637)
Fixed Polyline Substring Smooth's problematic arrow selection on filled polygons. (#17680)
Fixed Solid Intersections tool, Explode Tool, Surface Intersection tool and Surface Clip tool to
work properly with Geometry View objects. (#17936)
Made "Free Format" partials to be default option in Calculate Partials and Calculate reserves
tools. (#17997)
Model View bounding boxes and query highlights are now clipped in 2D views. (#1253)
Corrected issue with "Group By" not working with named elements with the same model code.
GSM and GSMSUM models are now sliceable using the slice view tool. (#17458)
Fixed Model View rendering to prevent a crash in plotting. (#17508)
2D Labels on Model Views can now be used in any order. (#17675)
In Model View coding, free format is now the default when creating partials. (#18057)
Changed to allow the model and drillhole selection dialogs to be resized. (#18181)
In the Message Window, added separators between messages. (#3382)
Added a viewer option to split a viewer into three viewers. (#9537)
Fixed viewer presets so that azimuth is preserved for those views that are looking directly up or
down. (#9931)
Fixed Alt-Mnemonic mismatch when the viewer is maximized. (#5164)
Added color tinting of dimmed dynamically sliced data. (#5891)
Changed to more accurately show the selected snap modes. (#13061)
Added snap a horizontal edit grid to one point. (#17677)
Fixed viewer popup menu item's enabled/disabled state. (#15394)

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
Fixed the behavior of setting the lights and hidden surfaces when you are in 3D mode and planes
or fences are removed from the viewer. (#14882)
In the Walkthrough Tool, improved the synchronization of the camera and target path. (#1826)
Fixed Walkthrough Tool to not be choppy. (#3933)
Label | Label Line has been upgraded to Label | Label Polyline which provides more functionality.
Fixed to properly save the dialog settings to dialogs.ptf for Import Variogram dialog, Export
shapefile, Import shapefile to Geometry, and Import shapefile to MSPD. (#9240)
Fixed issue with import a Shapefile to an MSPD that has an existing attribute with the same name
but is a different type. (#11636)
Fixed to correctly import Shapefiles that have polylines with gaps. (#11829)
Fixed issues with Shapefile import/export with certain folder paths. (#13812)
Enhanced the Import MS3D folder dialog to make it resizable. (#13894)
Fixed problems with data not being found on shapefile import. (#18295)
Survey import and output speed has been sped up. (#12178)
Fixed Export to Shapefile to exit properly on CANCEL. (#15979)
Fixed import of multiple Datamine objects. (#18202)
Added multi-file DXF import. (#13014)
Export Selection is disabled when there's no selection made. (#15002)
Autoslicer can now generate polygon slices when slicing through solids. (#10395)
MSSP Period Maps can now be calculated within an optional boundary. (#3865)
MSSP Period Maps now supports LGOs as input or output. (#9685)
Changed Plot Layout to include Legend and Title Block creation and be more user-friendly.
Added Margin Percent for company logos on legend properties. (#11929)
Allow the bringing up of the properties dialogs for title blocks and legends plot layout areas from
within the plot layout dialog. (#16530)
Fixed a plot layout issue where the calculated page could end up being too small. (#17704)
Added rotate options for company logo legends and titleblocks. (#5888)

Added the ability to interactively select element(s) from a python script. (#3447)
Added a helper routine for shifting planes and option to always shift planes by the specified vector
when retrieving geometry from the grail data.geometry module. Added a shift plane routine to the
ag module. (#8396)
Added ability to create Virtual Elements using Python. (#10433)
Enhancements to Grail MSTorque module. (# 16538 & #18066).

Enhanced to work with increased model limits. (#12219)
Variable columns are now labeled with the proper index when a value is inserted or deleted. Also,
"Insert column" and "Remove column" operations now work if a column header is selected
instead of a cell in that column. (#2972)
Multi-run now has the option to export and import variables to and from an ASCII CSV file.
Added the option to rename a multi-run package and changed to save all response sets (not just
the currently opened response set) if the package is saved under a new name. (#3353)
Fixed the hot key for "insert procedure", Ctrl-P. (#3869)
Added the ability to edit items when cloning a compressed model file 15. (#10100)
Multi-Run | Variables Tab | Variables table fixed to no longer copy variables to empty cells with a
left click. (#12818)
Fixed issue with Multi-Run | Edit | Append Procedure | open files button. (#12820)
Fixed issue with canceling out of a procedure setup putting a misleading message in the
msAudit.txt log. (#14015)
Added the ability to create a compressed model file 15 when cloning a model file 15. (#16153)
Added the ability to choose a new area when cloning a compressed model file 15. (#16221)
Fixed multi-run to display a notice when an invalid procedure is listed. (#17599)
Discontinued creation of old-style compressed models. (#17714)

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
Imported cuts are now processed in the same order they were selected in. (#3518)
Added option for ORE% 0-1. Default is 0-100. (#3647)
Added option to allow use of SG for Waste in a block. (#4772)
Enhanced Attrib Import Tab to map MSPD Attributes to cut attributes when importing geometry
from Geometry Views. (#5918)
IP Cut Design | Scripts tab revamped which includes a behavior change; the 'Run on Save' and
'Accumulation' scripts will now be run in their listed order. (#9230)
Attributes can now have the current date and\or time assigned as their default value. (#11206)
Quick Attrib can now be applied to cuts selected on the Cuts tab (#12362)
Total number of cuts is now displayed on the cuts tab (#13488)
Fixed to properly replace material mapping columns when overriding duplicates. (#15141)
Fixed memory isuses inside of MSIP. (#16256)
Adding attributes in the design cuts window is now much faster. (#16991)
Increased the number of allowed grade items to 99. (#17306)

Fixed issue when accessing license module details. (#8850)

Utilities | MSPD | MSPD Manager now launches the new MS Database Manager (MSDBM)
Fixed to ensure Access will continue to operate for base MSIP cases. Otherwise, Access is no
longer supported. (#17897)

Upgraded to use MSTorque v.2.10. (#18014)

Standalone Engines
MSCODE enhanced to work with increased model limits. (#15131)
MSCODE changed to use free field format by default when outputting partials. (#18056)
MSX & MSXW are new standalone programs that allow you to load MineSight components.
VOXEL changed to output partials in free field format. (#18039)

Fixed issue with taking extra coal when reporting from separate pits. (#18337)

Adjusted format to accommodate for increased model limits. (#18507).

Adjusted format to accommodate for increased model limits (#18507).

Adjusted format to accommodate for increased model limits (#18507).

Interpolation programs, M522V1, M524v1, M620V1, M620V2, M621V1, M624V1, M624IK, M624MIK:
Removed restriction on the maximum number of composites the program can handle for a single
row. (#12881)
Changed to allow access of blasthole and other composite types from MSTorque in interpolation
and kriging programs (#18111)

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
Extended limits beyond 1000 columns & rows and 400 benches. (#16126)
Applied IOP7=1 to all files (including 8, 9, 11 & 12) to copy all items from source to target file
which have identical label names. (#15762)

Made sure all buttons are responsive. (#17776)

Added logic supporting dynamic bench limits so that benches beyond 400 can be processed.

Added logic supporting the extending of block limits beyond 2**31-1 blocks in model. (#18617)

Adjusted partials format to accommodate for increased model limits. (#18467)

Adjusted partials format to accommodate for increased model limits. (#18469)

Allowed storing of up to 340 items. (#15920)

Changed to double precision. (#14412)

Adjust format to accommodate increased model limits. (#18468)

M208V1.OBJ, M508V1.OBJ, M612B1/D1/DB1/E1/V1.OBJ, M612B2/D2/DB2/E1/V2.OBJ,
M708B1/D1/DB1/E1/V1.OBJ, M708V2.OBJ
Added new object modules and libraries with dynamic allocation of arrays based on model limits.
Added new batch files, bldusr-compaq.bat and bldusr-intel.bat to compile user subroutines with
those libraries and object modules for Compaq and Intel Fortran compiler. (#18178)

Added drop-down list for "MSTorque Sample Site Type". (#18354)

Removed LSORT command; mspart.out file is already sorted. (#18182)

Adjusted partials formats and/or LSORT statements to account for increased model limits.

Adjusted partials formats and/or LSORT statements to account for increased model limits.

Adjusted partials formats and/or LSORT statements to account for increased model limits.


Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
Adjusted partials formats and/or LSORT statements to account for increased model limits.

Adjusted partials formats and/or LSORT statements to account for increased model limits.

Adjusted partials formats and/or LSORT statements to account for increased model limits.

Adjusted partials formats and/or LSORT statements to account for increased model limits.

Removed LSORT command; mspart.out file is already sorted. (#18182)

Adjusted partials formats and/or LSORT statements to account for increased model limits.

Adjusted partials format to accommodate for increased model limits. (# 18467).

Removed LSORT command; mspart.out file is already sorted. (#18182)

Replaced LSORT with copying of already sorted partials file, mspart.out. (#18465).

Adjusted partials formats and/or LSORT statements to account for increased model limits.

Adjusted partials formats and/or LSORT statements to account for increased model limits.

Menu changes
Moved procedures that run an M650-program to the Obsolete Group. (#18149)

MSDA 2.80
Built-in support for text projects (e.g. CSV files) was necessary along with the update to 64-bit.
The new parser is faster as well.
Easier access to file maintenance from within MSDA.
Several improvements to chart style handling.
Improved style handling and other fixes in multi-chart viewer.
Larger numbers of histograms or cumulative probability plots can be combined on one set of
Can now assign labels to filter categories in custom reports.
Minor fixes in almost every tool.

Disabled Test All Button in Calculate Options Tab when expression list is empty. (#7590)
Added File 15 model access for both input and output. (#9415)
New Dialog to reprioritize codes (#9729)
Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
Enhanced to work with increased model limits. (#14400)
Changed output column reordering to use drag and drop. (#14834)
Reblock tab has been reorganized to make it more user friendly. (#15069)

MSEP v.2.50
Fixed to work properly in a multi-run. (#12372)

Added logic expanding model limits beyond 2**31-1 blocks. (#17638)

Fixed to properly calculate block tonnages when using "take ore first". (#15436)
Changed to reset the missing and zero's values for DENSITY items to default values for the
corresponding DENSITY items (#17007)
Increased the accuracy of the MSOPIT calculations for 32-bit and 64-bit versions (#18069)
Fixed to work correctly in case when the resource option is used (IOP52 > 0) (#17436)
Improved the screen output reporting the progress of retrieving model data. (#18113)
Fixed issue with some MULTP cases when the number of tries exceeded the maximum number
of phases. (#18521)
Corrected the test for the cutoff calculation in multiple phases (multp) when factor = 1. (#18678)

Fixed error in finding the number of processes. (#17337)

Fixed issue with "Save as" option in "Destination by Cutoffbin" in the Reserves report was not
saving the settings to an ASCII file. (#16860)
Fixed an issue when a template of sum file with multiple cases is loaded, not all the cases were
retrieved. (#16861)

Added the cycletime database for integration with MSSO (# 9846).
Added trolley distance option to CSV output (# 14757).

MSSO 4.00-01
Integrated with MSHaulage so MSSO can load destination/life/subzone/capacity, equipment set,
and cycle time/distance data from MSHaualge (#13925)
Revamped GUI to provide dockable and more user-friendly panel and better look-and-feel and
usability (#12699)
Added Canvas for setting up mining areas, destinations and material routing graphically and
intuitively (#12521)
Added truck and shovel constraints (#8767)
Added volume constraints (#9630)
Added volume report (#13750)
Made significant speed-up enhancements to MSPD update (#17849)
Added more advanced Material Mapping option (#15919)
Added filter to Material Mapping dialog (#0725)
Added dialog for defining destination/lift/subzone and related parameters (#8768)
Fixed a couple of installer-related issues (#15805)

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
Fixed an issue with ARC where Save AS a project did not copy ARC custom templates (#16355)
Added advanced notes-taking option (#17003)
Fixed an issue with Advanced Constraints dialog where the advanced constraints dialog did not
get refreshed after reloading cuts or re-calculating digline/direction (#17079)
Added support for Lindo API v6.0 and v7.0 (#17181, #10157, #18143)
Fixed an issue with infeasibility analysis where it took a long time to stop the infeasibility analysis
after the user clicked Stop (#17826)
Added options to archive and retrieve projects (#17901)
Fixed an issue with schedule calculation where it took a long time to stop the schedule calculation
after the user clicked Stop (#18144)
Added 64-bit Lindo API support (#10213)
Provided 64-bit package (#10517)

MSSP v.3.20
Interface - msSTGPlan
Increased phase, destination, truck & shovel labels from 5 to 10 characters. (#10415)
Added Constraint Range fields (PAR403-PAR406) on the "Miscellaneous Options" panel.
For new projects, allowed import of an ASCII file containing data for more than one model.
Allowed deleting a waste destination from panel 'Define Destinations' specifically after removing
it's dependency in panel 'Define Production Classes'. (#15470)
Unloaded the Find dialog upon clicking X and provided Find options. (#15654)
Relaxed material validation for auto-mapping, fixed phase import problem, and fixed phase bench
array issue. Fixes made in SP 3.10.01. (#16436)
Restructured stockpile reclaiming data and interface panels. Added Excel support for stockpile
reclaim panels. Added IOP49 haulage option. (#16594)
Added IOP65, IOP75, IOP76 & IOP77 mining options. (#17132)
Allowed precedences to be set among different waste types. (#17190)
Allowed panel "Define Stockpiling Requirements Manually by Period" to always be accessible.
Added split column to panel "Define Schedule Materials" and exported/imported it to/from
resource and file 14. TESTNG: Test that new Split field is only enabled if Lindo is enabled. Test
that values are exported/imported properly to resource and file 14. Ensure sorting & Excel buttons
still works as expected. If Lindo is disabled, "YES" is the only valid Split value. (#17434)
Fixed runfile import issue which arises when not all ore production classes have been assigned to
cost classes. (#17623)
Supported beyond 400 benches. (#17902)
Added Target Change option (IOP73) to panel "Target Constraints". (#17992)
Added Mine Cutoff Percent (PAR27) to panel "Miscellaneous Options". (#17994)
Fixed problems associated with widening and closing the left explorer pane. (#18059)
Applied uppercase to grade, destination, phase, truck & shovel names imported from runfile.
Renamed panels for stockpile reclaim and widened text on a haulage panel. (#18146)

Engine - m821v1.exe

Auto mapping
Added option not to split a production class to multiple schedule material types, this option uses
Mixed-Integer Programming directly, thus requires 3 party optimization engine, e.g., LINDO
(#17434, #17435).
Added option to exclude stockpile reclaim from total mining tonnages, default is to include
stockpile reclaim in the total mining tonnages (#17209).

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
Added option to relax one stockpile per type for the same mill ore type. For example, the
stockpile materials for Type 1 mill ore are sent to Type 1 mill ore stockpile Types 1, 2, and 3
indiscriminately. Which stockpile is used depends on shorter haulage cycle times (#16822).
Added more details for economic calculations (#16810).
Added using estimated economic breakeven Ore for pit and bottom bench enumerations

Manual mapping
Added reclaiming any stockpiles to any mills (#17328, #17361).
Allowed reserve bins to be split (#16463).
Added option to exclude stockpile reclaim from total mining (#18040).
Removed non-user defined constraints checking & messages (#18073).

Auto mapping/Manual mapping

Added option to allow switching between auto mapping and manual mapping by period (#18040)
Allowed number of benches beyond 400 (#17902, #17639).
Redesigned end-of-period map so that the cumulative mining fraction of a bench from period 1 is
used for end-of-period map plotting (#16810).
Added option for user defined bench mining% cutoff for end of period map (#17994).
Improved grade items as additional processing costs and mining costs with price and recoveries
being applied (#18049).
Split precedence constraints out of pit enumeration to avoid duplicate feasible solutions but still
honor normal pit enumeration processes (#15706).
Added more precedence constraint analysis (#17184).
Honor AFTER precedence constraints even if DONT MINE is defined for a higher priority pit
Added option for mining phases in consecutive order (#17132, #17184).
Added option to allow precedence constraints to be set among different types of waste dumps
Added option for whether to allow total tonnage adjusted by MSSP (#17992).
Added stockpile reclaim with recovery for stockpile deterioration with time. Implement stockpile
profitability check for auto mapping and solution enumeration so that Ore and Total mining
include profitable materials only (#17681).
Conform the output format to 10-letter labels for phases, trucks, shovels, and destinations
(#15965, #16810).
Report destination usage in standard report when there is no stockpile defined in a project
Output messages in standard report file besides in detailed audit file when there is no feasible
solution (#15934).
Provide number of feasible solutions found during enumeration process (#18040).
Added messages to the audit file to clarify when a phase is added or dropped because of
precedence constraints (#14672).
Allowed deleting a waste destination from panel Define Destinations specifically after removing
its dependency in panel Define Production Classes (#15470).
Unloaded the Find dialog upon clicking X and provided Find options (#15654).

Problem Fixes

Convert lower case labels to upper case when run file is imported to the interface to avoid invalid
phase precedence constraints (#18060).
Fixed problems associated with widening and closing the left explorer pane (#18059).
Fixed a problem with Type 2 mill ore stockpile reclaim not reported with manual mapping and
automatic stockpile reclaim option (#18125).
Fixed a problem with incorrectly reporting non-optimum solutions stockpile reclaim which resulted
over shooting the period total mining target (#17820).
Fixed a problem with waste destination spread dumping at destination level (#17828).
Fixed a problem with not filling stockpile lift due to reclaim in the same period (#17809).
Fixed a problem with MSSP continuing execution to following periods even though all feasible
mining layouts failed material movement in the current period. Removed ?NEWSYS: ERROR in
Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
program setup message caused by one of the feasible mining layouts failing material movement
from standard report (#17733).
Fixed a grade constraint problem due to newly added SPLIT option. Fix a problem with
mismatching grade factors between reserve and targets in manual mapping solution enumeration
check (#17652).
Fixed a problem creating a run file due to Ore Class definition entries (#17623).
Fixed a stockpile reclaim header reporting format crashing problem (#17209).
Fixed a problem with Mine To/Mine Tonne not producing correct mining results when a Type 2
Ore Crushed Leach is defined (#17537).
Fixed a crushed leach token keyword mismatch problem between MSSP interface and engine
(M821V1) (#17519).
Properly import ROM leach costs for case where no crushed leach process is defined.
Implemented recovery for parsing resource files corrupted due to having extra characters inserted
Fixed a problem with manual mapping missing waste in detail summary file for spread sheet (File
34) (#16843).
Fixed a problem with end-of-period map plot file with incorrect 0 elevations (#16463).
Relax material validation for auto-mapping, fixed phase import issue, and fixed phase bench
array problem (#16436).
Fixed problems with incorrect mill hour (mineral content) constraint for manual mapping and a
problem with stockpile mining reporting (1#6038).
Fixed a problem with HINDE (DEPENDS ON) constraint. Tightened up HINDE constraint so
that if the higher priority pit is mining at elevation A, raise a flag as long as the lower priority pit is
going to be lower or at the elevation B which is the HINDERed elevation (#15270).
If there is no dump to be plotted for a period, dump plot entries will be omitted for the period to
avoid a MS3D import error (#15031).

MSTorque 2.1
Added a new importing tool, called General Importer for loading collar, assay and survey data
from any tabular data structure.
General importer currently supports ODBC Data Sources.
General importer has improved user interface, logging and validation compared to the existing
Import Wizard.
General Importer parameter sets are managed through a new Import Manager.
Simple invocation of parameter sets through Command-Line Interface.
A new standalone UI version allows saving large data sets to the database without hitting
memory limitations of the platform or system.
Implemented a new database merge engine with additional features for faster saving, updating
and deleting MSTorque data.
New database merge engine is used directly by the standalone version of General Importer.

Known Issues

Running MS3D in MSW mode on a machine with an NVIDIA video card and an outdated driver
may cause viewer freeze; you should run in OpenGL mode. We recommend you keep your
video card driver up-to-date (#8456).
In OpenGL (only), resizing the Cutoff dialog can cause MS3D to have a problem (#10225).
For better rendering performance when transparency settings are enabled, use ms3d_stereo.
Ms3d_stereo is a stereo graphics build of ms3d. While providing better rendering performance, it
may have problems with plotting.
Utilities | MSPD | Edit MSPD Attributes and Element | MSPD Edit Element Attributes should
not be used at the same time. The edits done in one may be overwritten by changes in the other.

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
Imported data (e.g. Gemcom data) stored in a geometry object is minimized to remove duplicate
points, or points close enough to be considered the same point in MS3D. Minimization may result
in fewer faces.
Survey data with a large number of break lines may cause a significant performance loss in
triangulation (#10861).
Object property dialogs may not properly disable options when displaying properties for a read-
only object (linked objects and objects that are read-only on the file system). It may appear to be
possible to make changes to these object, however the changes will not be saved in the object
Polyline | Clip Polylines, Polyline | Intersect Polygon Tool, and Polyline | Self-Intersecting
Polylines do not work with Geometry View objects (#6620).
You may not be able to refresh an MSTorque Drillhole View if another user modifies Project
Setup data while your view is open (#11218).
The geometry in a Ring Design object should not be modified (edited) outside of the Ring Design
Tool. If you do so, using such an edited object in the Ring Design tool may cause ms3d to close
(# 13606).
Accessing MSEP | Programs from the MineSight menu in ms3d while using the old version of
compass.mnu will no longer limit the menu to the Pit Optimization MSEP group. Update
MSBasis to use the latest version of compass.mnu.

MSDA 2.80
Text file parser cant handle very long lines or large fields. (#18670 and #18672).
Drillhole list in DH Variogram tool is sometimes empty. (#17085).
The Swath Plot tool doesnt work properly if the Min and Max Level settings in the DAS Block
Model Filter are not the default values. (#18750).
The Swath Plot tool is disabled after loading a block model project in the Open Recent menu.

When exporting an advanced summary report to Excel, there may be some extra blank columns
or rows. You can delete them without any problems. It does not happen consistently (#14130).
Generation of PIVOT report using RES files in MSEPc requires at least two items in the DATA
AREA for the item labels to show in the report.

In MineSight IP, the Autoslicer is not available when new cuts are constrained by surfaces and/or
clipped (#15955)
Period Map Tool can give bad results when using an initial surface with large, flat areas.
Running old versions of with blank attributes will corrupt the IP Plan.
Contact Tech Support to fix.
For custom attribute text fields to be automatically upgraded to the expanded limits, you must
have permission to modify the database when starting MSIP.
If a plan was upgraded to use expanded limit text attributes and you save the changes in MSIP
v.4.60-09 or lower, all text values will be truncated to 50 characters.
In the Period Maps tool, for a very large start surface and/or a very large number of periods, it is
recommended to generate a few period maps/solids at a time and use the Ignore cuts
preceding Start period option. Generating all period maps/solids with this kind of data in a single
run will require significant system resources and may produce incomplete result.
In Material Sets | Zone Names, zones with _A and "_B" are not permitted as they are reserved
for internal use to track material percents (#15008).

Reload Haulage Data option does not work with projects that were created with earlier versions of
MSSO (earlier than v4.0). To use the haulage data (cycle time, equipment set, etc.) in these
existing projects, you need to re-create the projects in MSSO v4.0 and higher.
Reset Database Connections does not reset the database connections for Destinations.
Therefore, if you move a MSSO project from one computer to another computer, and the
database connection was changed during this move, then you will not be able to reload the cycle
Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
time data because we cannot reset the database connection for Destination in this version of
MSSO. This issue will be resolved in the next release.
Refresh ARC may through an exception (not always). If it happens, please close ARC and restart

Using more than 100 production classes when the number of grade items is large (e.g. more than
8 grade items for 300 production classes) may produce an error if MSSP cannot allocate
sufficient memory. Try reducing the number of production classes or grade items.
Cycle time file cant be used in conjunction with FIFO/LIFO stockpile reclaim. The scheduler will
use the average cycle time for stockpile reclaim.

MS Scripts
The CTRL+A selection shortcut does not work when an embedded script is open/running from
ms3d (# 11828).
Due to the new user interface of the ip-Diglinegenerator.pyz script, the old ip-DiglineGenerator.ini
files are no longer valid. Delete the ip-DiglineGenerator.ini file located in the settings folder of
your project if an older version of the script was previously run in that project.

MS Tools
MSPDConvert does not copy the MSHaulage groups tables and lift design grade (#9686).

MSTorque 2.1
Cannot use drillhole report when project contains many sample attributes. (#18192).
Cannot save composite data when project contains many sample attributes. (#18193).
General importer has some minor rendering issues on Windows XP. (#18715).

Appendix 1


The object modules and libraries were updated for increased model limits.
To new object modules that access models (m612d1, m612db1, m612d2, m612db2,
m708d1, and m708db1) require modified subroutine calls to account for the
variable length the arrays. Please check MSBasis documentation for the syntax.

With this release, the object modules and library files (libusrdyn.lib and
libusrdynb.lib) required to build user subroutines are installed to
%medexe%\user\compaq\32 directory for compaq fortran version and to
%medexe%\user\intel\32 for Intel Fortran (version 11 and up).

The batch files to compile user subrottines: bldusr-compq.bat for compaq

version and bldusr-intel.bat for Intel Fortran are installed to %medexe%\intel.

Appendix 2

These lists of DLLs are relevant for the current Client

Release Version.

MS3D DLLs and other files in \MineSight
Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
Filename Version Information
AGDM_FULL_131811.MDF N/A Mintec, Inc.
AGDM_FULL_131811.LOG.LDF N/A Mintec, Inc.
ARCLibrary.v1.0 Microsoft Corp. 2010
ATL80.DLL 8.0.50727.4053 Microsoft Corp. 2005
ATTRIB13_17.MDB N/A Mintec, Inc.
BCGCBPro1510u80.dll 1510.0.0 2000-2011 BCGSoft Ltd.
BCGPStyle2010White1510.dll 1510.0.0 1998-2011 BCGSoft Ltd.
Build_model_rex.cmd N/A Mintec, Inc.
DevExpress.Charts.v11.1.Core.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.CodeParser.v.11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.Data.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.OfficeSkins.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.PivotGrid.v11.1.Core.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.Printing.v11.1.Core.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.Reports.v11.1.Designer.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.RichEdit.v11.1.Core.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.Utils.v.11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraBars.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc
DevExpress.XtraCharts.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraCharts.v11.1.Extensions.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraCharts.v11.1.UI.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraEditors.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraGrid.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraLayout.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraNavBar.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraPivotGrid.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraPrinting.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraReports.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraReports.v11.1.Extensions.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraTreeList.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DevExpress.XtraVerticalGrid.v11.1.dll 2000-2011 Developer Express Inc.
DMFILE.DLL 1.0.1435.0 2003-2004 Datamine Software
DXF634.HDI N/A 1986-2007 Tech Soft America, Inc.
DXF1411.HDI N/A 1986-2007 Tech Soft America, Inc.
DYNCOM0EXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
FTNIOEXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
GEOMAP.GM N/A Mintec, Inc.
GM.EXE 2001 Mintec, Inc.
GRIDCONTOUR-VC8.DLL N/A 2003 John Coulthard
GVIEW.EXE 192002 GVIEW MFC Application
HOOPS634.DLL 634.5.0.0 Autodesk, Inc.
HOOPS1411.DLL 1411.1.0.0 Autodesk, Inc.
HPGL634.HDI N/A 1986-2000 Tech Soft America, Inc.
HPGL2634.HDI N/A 1986-2000 Tech Soft America, Inc.
HPGL1411.HDI N/A 1986-2000 Tech Soft America, Inc.
HPGL21411.HDI N/A 1986-2000 Tech Soft America, Inc.
ICONV.DLL 1999-2003 GNU Library General Public License
ICSHARPCODE.SHARPZIPLIB.DLL 2011-2010 Mike Krueger, John Reilly
IJL11.DLL 1.1.2 1999 Intel JPEG library
LIBEAY32.DLL N/A 1998-2008 The OpenSSL Project
LIBPNG1.DLL 1998-2000 Glenn Randers-Pehrson

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
LIBXML2.DLL N/A 1998-2003 Daniel Veillard
LSAPIW32-7-0.DLL 1997-1999 Rainbow Technologies, Inc.
LSAPIW32-8-0.DLL 2006 SafeNet, Inc.
MAPTEKDEVAEXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MESHDLL.DLL Trevor Coulson
MFC42.DLL 6.0.8665.0 1993-1998 Microsoft Corp.
MFC80.DLL 8.0.50727.4053 Microsoft Corp.
MFC80U.DLL 8.0.50727.4053 Microsoft Corp.
MFCM80.DLL 8.0.50727.4053 Microsoft Corp.
MFCM80U.DLL 8.0.50727.4053 Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft.VC80.ATL.manifest N/A Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest N/A Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft.VC80.MFC.manifest N/A Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft.VC80.OpenMP.manifest N/A Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest N/A Microsoft Corp.
MineSightPluginManager.exe 2010 Mintec
mintecLIBAG-x86-vc9.DLL N/A N/A
mintecLIBATTRDB-vc9.DLL 2000 Mintec
mintecLIBMESHx86-vc9.DLL N/A N/A
mintecLIBCORE_MSUIx86-vc9.DLL 2008 Mintec
mintecLIBCORE_WINx86-vc9.DLL 2009 Mintec
mintecLIBCOREx86-vc9.DLL N/A N/A
mintecLIBDHMSRx86-vc9.DLL 2004 Mintec
mintecLIBDIALOGx86-vc9.DLL 2005 Mintec
mintecLIBDIGITIFx86-vc9.DLL N/A N/A
mintecLIBDMx86-vc9.DLL Mintec
mintecLIBDSSx86-vc9.DLL 1998-2004 Mintec
mintecLIBENGINEx86-vc9.DLL 2007 Mintec
mintecLIBIMGIOx86-vc9.DLL 2008 Mintec
mintecLIBMSCIx86-vc9.DLL 2007 Mintec
mintecLIBMSDALx86-vc9.DLL 2007 Mintec
mintecLIBMSTABLE_STEREOx86-vc9-h1411- 2001 Mintec
mintecLIBMSTABLEx86-vc9-h0634-05.DLL 2001 Mintec
mintecLIBMSX-vc9.DLL N/A N/A
mintecLIBSE-vc9.DLL N/A N/A
mintecLIBSIROTIFF2-vc9.DLL 2004 Mintec
mintecVULCANCONV-vc9.DLL N/A Mintec, Inc.
MSDH.LibraryLoader.DLL N/A Mintec, Inc.
MSTorqueCApi.DLL 8.0.50727.4053 Microsoft Corp.
MSVCM80.DLL 9.0.21022.8 Microsoft Corp.
MSVCM90.DLL 6.0.8168.0 Microsoft Corp.
MSVCP60.DLL 7.10.3077.0 Microsoft Corp.
MSVCP71.DLL 8.0.50727.4053 Microsoft Corp.

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
MSVCP80.DLL 9.0.21022.8 Microsoft Corp.
MSVCP90.DLL 7.10.3052.4 Microsoft Corp.
MSVCR71.DLL 8.0.50727.4053 Microsoft Corp.
MSVCR80.DLL 9.0.21022.8 Microsoft Corp.
MSVCR90.DLL 6.1.9359.0 Microsoft Corp. 1981-1999
MSVCRT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKBLOCKEXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKDATABASEEXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKDESIGNEXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKEXPORTEDAPI_READONLY.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKEXPORTEDBLOCKMODEL.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKEXPORTEDDGDEXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKEXPORTEDGRID.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKEXPORTEDTRI.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKGEOMETRYEXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKGRIDEXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKIMPORTEXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKPASSWORDEXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKPROPERTIESEXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
MTKTRIANGULATIONEXPORT.DLL Copyright 2011 Maptek Pty Limited
OG1200ASU.DLL N/A 1986-2000 Tech Soft 3D, Inc.
POSTSCRI634.HDI N/A 1986-2000 Tech Soft 3D, Inc.
POSTSCRIPT1411.HDI 2.5.4150.1013 2001-2008 Python Software Found
PYTHON25.DLL N/A Mintec, Inc.
ReportControl.dll N/A N/A
rd_Default.txt N/A N/A
register_datamine_api.bat 2010 Mintec Inc.
ReportControl.dll Rogue Wave Software, Inc.
RWUXThemeS80.DLL Rogue Wave Software, Inc.
RWUXThemeSU80.DLL 1999-2008 Rogue Wave Software
SFL500ASU.DLL 2009 Maptek Pty Limited
SIROTIFF.DLL 2003 Rainbow Technologies
SX32W-6-3.DLL Released to public domain
System.Data.SQLite.DLL 2.1.2008.605 2006 Intel Corporation
TBB.DLL N/A 2005-2009 Intel Corporation
TBBMALLOC.DLL 8.0.50727.4053 Microsoft Corp.
VGALAXY8.VR 1995-2004 Jean-loup Gailly & Mark Adler

Additional DLLs and other files required for acQuire in \MineSight\acqlib

ACQDIRECTX.OCX Acquire Software Pty Ltd. 1997-2011
ACQLSAPI.DLL Acquire Software Pty Ltd. 1997-2011
ACQLSAPI8.DLL Acquire Software Pty Ltd. 1997-2011
ACQUIREEMB.DLL Acquire Software Pty Ltd. 1997-2011
ACQUIRELIB4301.DLL Acquire Software Pty Ltd. 1997-2011
ACQWRITE.OCX Acquire Software Pty Ltd. 1997-2011
GEODISTACQUIRE.DLL 2008 - Oasis montaj (tm)
GEOPJ.DLL 2008 - Oasis montaj (tm)
LTFIL15U.DLL 1991-2008 LEAD Technologies, Inc.
LTKRN15U.DLL 1991-2008 LEAD Technologies, Inc.
MAPINFO.DLL Acquire Software Pty Ltd. 1997-2011
MFC80.DLL 8.0.50727.762 Microsoft Corp.

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011
MFC80U.DLL 8.0.50727.762 Microsoft Corp
MFCM80.DLL 8.0.50727.762 Microsoft Corp
MFCM80U.DLL 8.0.50727.762 Microsoft Corp
Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest N/A N/A
Microsoft.VC80.MFC.manifest N/A N/A
MSRACCESS430.DLL Acquire Software Pty Ltd. 1997-2011
MSVCM80.DLL 8.0.50727.762 Microsoft Corp
MSVCP80.DLL 8.0.50727.762 Microsoft Corp
MSVCR80.DLL 8.0.50727.762 Microsoft Corp
OC900AS.DLL 1999-2006 Quovadx, Inc.
OE900AS.DLL 1999-2006 Quovadx, Inc.
OT1000AS.DLL 1999-2006 Quovadx, Inc.
RWUXTHEMES80.DLL 2002, 2006 Rogue Wave Software Inc.
SFL400AS.DLL 1999-2006 Quovadx, Inc.
XERCES-C_2_6.DLL 2000 Apache Software Foundation
XEVENTMESSAGE.DLL 2003 Hans Dietrich

Copyright 2011 Mintec, inc. All Rights Reserved | MineSight is a registered trademark of Mintec, Inc.
November 2011