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1. State keplers laws 1, 2 and 3?

2. List the six orbital elements?

3. Argument of perigee and RAAN?

4. What is a Sub satellite point?

5. What is Sun transit outage?

6. Give the necessity of station keeping?

7. What is a Geo-synchronous orbit? / [list the types of satellite orbits?]


1. List out various satellite subsystems?

2. What is a transponder?

3. Define intermodulation noise?

4. What is a sky noise?

5. What is a TWTA?

6. Define input and output backoff with its relation equation?

7. What are the 3 axis of a orbital satellite?

8. What is EIRP? (study its problem too)

9. Saturation flux density?


1. What is ROTV, MATV, CATV?

2. What is AML, FSL, RFL?

3. What is Noise figure and Noise factor?

4. Ku band and C band?

5. [Noise temperature problem/ equation]


1. Define AM, FM, BPSK, QPSK, PCM?

2. What is DAB?

3. What is DVB?

4. Define Spade system?

5. What do you mean by spread spectrum?

6. What is pre-assigned and demand-assigned FDMA/TDMA?


1. What is VSAT?

2. Expand and define INMARSAT?

3. What is a GRAMSAT?

4. Expand DTH, DBS and BTV?

PART-B (16 marks)


1. Explain Antenna look angles with problem? (16m- theory/ 8m- problem)

2. Explain limits of visibility? (8m- theory and problem)

3. Launching procedures/ steps /types of vehicles (expandable and reusable)?


4. Launch vehicle (with rocket engine diagram)and propulsion ? 16m/8m


1. Explain in detail about attitude and orbit control? (16m)

2. Explain thermal control and propulsion? (16m)

3. Explain telemetry, tracking and command? (8m)

4. Explain in detail about propagation charecteristics? (8m)

5. Describe the system reliability of a satellite? (8/16m)


1. With neat diagram explain ROTV (16m), MATV, CATV? (8m)

2. Exlpain in detail about transmit and receive earth segments? (16m)

3. Exlpain various transmission losses in detail? (16m)

4. Explain Link power budget equation in detail? (8m)

5. Explain various sources of noise in satellite systems? (16m)

6. Explain in detail about satelite uplink and downink? (16m)


1. Explain in detail about analog and digital txn systems? (analog-AM, FM,
FDM/DIgital- BPSK, QPSK,PCM, ADPCM.. dont take too long these are just basics)

2. Explain DVB in detail?(8m)

3. Explain channel assignment techniques in satellite communication[pre/demand

assigned FDMA, TDMA]?(16m)

4. Explain spread spectrum in detail? (16m)

5. Explain compression and encription in detail? (8m)


1. Explain in detail about various Mobile satellite services [GSM/GPS]?(16m)

2. Explain in detail about DTH?(16m)

3. Explain in detail about DBS?(16m)

4. Explain VSAT and its purpose in detail? (8m)

5. INTELSAT series, INSAT series, BTV, Special services and world space services are
frequently asked in split marks of 4/8m)