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(Treys Resource Project//TRP pronounce TARP) List of Surgeons & Trans Men Who Went To

**Eventually ask the bros if they want to give a review of their surgeon and a picture of their chest, create
a google form or something for that.** (Eventually put this in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) *=pre-op
1. Dr. Orlando Delucia 10. Dr. Peter Raphael
Hartford, CT Plano, Texas
Reference: Logan M. Reference: Kaion E. @kaion_elijah_f
Reference: AJ Jones (fb)
2. Dr. Bruce Mast Reference: Jordan Finley (fb)
Gainesville, Florida *Reference: Ty M. @iamtylerchase
Reference: Savion P. @kinggsav Reference: Noah G @jollysailorb0ld

3. Dr. Lou 11. Dr. Meltzer (ftm/mtf surgeries, top/bottom)

San Marcos, Ca Arizona
Reference: Lyan M. @lyan_finally Reference:

4. Dr. Daniel Kwan 12. Pr. Dr. Schwarz

Providence, RI Reinbek, Germany
Reference: Jaiden R. @elrey.jaiden Reference: Darren @transforming_d

5. Dr. Ayoub Sayeg 13. Dr Alan Dulin

Chicago, Illinois Plano, Texas
Reference: Xavier R. @xavier.rivera21 Trans Man: Jahzmere @papilew22
Reference: MJ @mx_mj_jones
6. Dr. Josef Hadeed
Beverly Hills, Ca 14. Dr. Javad Sajan
Reference: Trey P. @treystorm Seattle, WA
Reference: Darien @sc0ttydotcom
7. Dr. Garramone
Davie, Florida 15. Dr. Elizabeth Smedik
Reference: Aiden M. @aiden.mathew Seattle, WA
Reference: Uncle Li Reference: Daevion J. @daevion_jordan
Reference: Kayden C. @advokayden
Reference: Caedyn @caedyn 16. Dr. Simmon
Reference: Nico @scholar_poop Northampton, Mass.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida Reference: Jaiivon P. @_therealjaiivon
Reference: Roar Shack @roarshack
17. Dr. Scott Mosser
8. Dr. Paul Weiss San Francisco, Ca
New York, NY Reference: Connor J. @guardianangel_4_everyours
Reference: @tpszn
Reference: Josiah 18. Dr. Unknown*
Veterans Hospital (special circumstances)
9. Dr. Michael Brownstein Reference: @cockyflytransguy
San Francisco, Ca
Reference: Anthony (brother) @k1ngmakaveli 19. Dr. Thomas Satterwhite
San Francisco, Ca
Reference: Meehaun W. @meehaunio
20. Dr. Medalie 29. Dr. Cori Argarwal
Cleveland, Ohio Salt Lake City, Utah
Reference: Devyn N. @devynnunez Reference: Dre Cristian Medrano (fb)
Reference: Rob Mount (fb) Reference: Keldy Zabriskie (fb)
Reference: Lashon T. @shon1010
Reference: Blake A. @specktacular__ 30. Dr. Kenneth Wolf
Reference: @mr.davisspeaksout Commerce, Michigan
Reference: Maddox Reed (fb)
21. Dr. Melissa Johnson Reference: Danny D. @offthewall78
Springfield, Mass
Reference: Jazz @japanesebuddistmonk 31. Dr. Sassani
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
22. Dr. Hugh McLean Reference: Evan A. @imjust.e
Toronto, Canada Reference: Kayden K. @kaydenkeyser
Reference: Ethan Kincaid (fb) Reference: Dominic @thedom__
Reference: Nicky @nicocanadia
32. Dr. Crane
23. Dr. Shelby Brantley San Francisco, Ca
Flowood, Mississippi Reference: Tayden Haile (fb)
*Reference: Jestyn K. @cash2418 Dr. Curtis Crane
Greenbrae, Ca
24. Dr. Craig Hurst Reference: Nyo @justnyo1
Tucson, Arizona
Reference: Landyn H. @_alien_kiing_ 33. Dr. Sherman Leis
Bala Cynwyd, Pa
25. Dr. McLean Reference: Mo Laracy (fb)
Mississauga, Ontario
Reference: Landon @landontyler13 34. Dr. Sukit
Yanhee International Hospital, Thailand
26. Dr. Most Reference: Hunter S-J. @fcknfckary
Savannah, Georgia Reference: Max @proudanimals
Reference: Enix Landon (fb)
35. Dr. Kahn
27. Dr. Gurjala Palo Alto, Ca
San Francisco, Ca (kaiser permanente) Reference: Ray @ediablechef
Reference: Say Tay @saytaymusic
36. Dr. Hope Sherie
28. Dr. Beverly Fischer Charlotte, North Carolina
Baltimore, Maryland *Reference: @verypeppery
Reference: Tyelor @kings.jurnee
Timonium, MD 37. Dr. Cassidy Mitchell
Reference: Eli Strong (fb) Lincoln, Nebraska
Reference: Derek Zaffke (fb)

38. Dr. Albert Musolas

Barcelona, Spain
Reference: Alex L. @alexftmfl
39. Dr. Shin 50. Dr. Brian Cicuto
Lebanon, New Hampshire Lititz, PA
Reference: Theodorus @brown_sugar_unicorn Reference: Jacob P. @justjake.lba

40. Dr. Emerson 51. Dr. Kryger

Gastonia, North Carolina Thousand Oaks, Ca
Reference: Khristian @gxld.caviar Reference: Devan A. @dev.awakened.soul
Reference: P. Munoz @ethicalpunk
41. Dr. Navin Singh
Virginia, MD 52. Dr. Sara Yegiyants
Reference: Tierney @pewmew92 Bakersfield, Ca/Santa Barbara, Ca
Reference: Julian W. @julianjoseph310
42. Dr. Monstrey
UZ Gent in Belgium 53. Dr. Jens Berli
Reference: Nate @natevdv Portland, Oregon
Reference: Casey D. @superrman7
43. Dr. Brian Eichenburg
Temecula, Ca 54. Dr. Singh
Reference: Jayhan Cortez (fb) Atlanta, Georgia
Reference: BJK @mx.kaspar Reference: Elijah JaDon @kingeli_thedon

44. Dr. Ereso 55.

Mountain View, Ca
Reference: Caden @nowwearefreeforever

45. Dr. Liza Wu

Philadelphia, PA
Reference: Cassuis Hall (fb)

46. Dr. Mangubat

Tukwila, WA
Reference: Kalisto Nanen (fb)

47. Dr. Davis

Raleigh, NC
Reference: Tyler Beauchamp (fb)

48. Dr. Yuan Liu

San Diego, Ca
Reference: Oliver Zirbel (fb)

49. Dr. Zinsser

Richmond, VA
Reference: Jayime Snellenberger (fb)